To 5 Best Frameless Shower Door Sweeps Reviews In 2021

The average person visits the shower at least twice a day. Despite the small size, the shower deserves the same level of attention given to other parts of the house. For instance, you want to keep it virtually sealed from rain, draft, dirt, and noise. You might say that there are countless ways in which you can achieve that; most of which require you to dig deeper into your pockets in terms of utility bills. What if I told you there’s a more energy-saving way of achieving that? Well, what you need is a shower door sweeps designed to create a perfect seal without compromising the overall look.

Searching for the best shower door sweeps might turn out to be quite tricky. That’s because there’s a lot to put into consideration ranging from size, shape, material, to ease of installation. So how do you get to avoid such frustrations? I think we might just have the answer to that; a list of the best shower door sweeps you should consider on your next purchase.

Top 5 Best Frameless Shower Door Sweeps Reviews

5-Prime-Line Products M 6258 Frameless Shower Door Seal

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This is a cut-to-fit shower door sweep measuring 36 inches long. The sweep is fabricated from clear vinyl; a flexible and durable material that’s tough enough to stand up to heavy use. The sweep provides durability for the cost, thanks to its excellent water and stain-resistant properties. It’s designed to fit 3/8-inch glass doors and provides the convenience of an easy slip-on fit. That means you don’t require any adhesive to secure it in place. This door sweep is a great option for those having frameless shower doors.


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This shower door sweep is fabricated from clear polycarbonate; a lightweight material that holds up well to extreme temperatures. The clear finish means that it doesn’t compromise the natural lighting or the frameless look of your shower door. The sweep makes use of translucent vinyl seals that minimize leakage to a great deal. It has a deflector that sits at a 45-degree angle to ensure that water remains in the shower. The sweep is 36 inches long and is specially designed to fit glass shower doors with a thickness of 1/4 inches.


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Have a thick glass shower door? Well, this door sweep might just be what you’re looking for. It measures 36 inches long, though you have the option of cutting down to size to get a perfect fit. Made of translucent polycarbonate material, the sweep provides no obstruction to the natural lighting that floods your shower. It literally sits flush with your glass door to retain that frameless look. There’s a drip rail that helps keep the water within your shower. That means no spill to other parts of the house. The sweep is designed to fit 3/8-inch glass doors.

2-Showerdoordirect 12COBS36 Frameless Shower Sweep

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This sweep comes in handy to provide a perfect fit on medium-size glass shower doors. The sweep is made of clear polycarbonate; a tough yet flexible material that can easily be cut down to size. It sits flush with your frameless glass door to provide a clean, seamless finish. The material doesn’t obstruct natural lighting to save you some bit of lighting costs. The sweep is 36 inches long; a size that fits most door sizes. It slips onto 1/2-inch glass doors with ease to eliminate the need for tape or silicone during installation. There’s a drip rail that confines the water within the shower.

1-Shower Door Seal, Durable Weatherproof Silicone Seal

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This shower door sweep is among the most budget-friendly on the list. But that doesn’t mean it comes cheap in terms of quality. It’s a durable sweep fabricated from a tough and watertight silicone material. The seal is virtually weatherproof and has been tested to comply with waterproofing and soundproofing standards. The silicone used is highly transparent to save lighting costs. It has an artistic look with super-aging resistance. This sweep can last for long and withstand temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius. The sweep is noncorrosive and holds up well against impact.

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