Top 10 Best 3 Ton Floor Jacks – Buyers' Guide

Floor jack is one among the common tools that you see in the car garage and it is also an essential equipment that the garage must have. So, what are the benefits of floor jack that make it so necessary for all mechanics? As a matter of fact, the impressive advantage of floor jack is that it helps the mechanic to lift heavy loads to the height that they wish.

Another advantage to be noted is that when you are working with vehicles, you will definitely need someone to assist you, but by having a floor jack, you do not need to have a lot of people to assist you because floor jack alone can replace their work. Therefore, in case you are here to find a floor jack for your home use or business, this review will help you get the ideal and perfect floor jack that can fulfill your needs.

List Of Top 10 Best 3 Ton Floor Jacks

10. Torin – Trolley Floor Jack

At the beginning, let’s start with one of the best floor jacks, that is trolley floor jack from Torin brand. In case you need a floor jack that can be used with both sport utilities vehicles and trucks, Torin is the right choice for you. In terms of dimension, Torin is 26 x 11 x 8 inches and it also has a very long neck that enables you to save time and lift the vehicles easier and higher. What even more special than this is that this Torin floor jack is constructed to be capable of lifting the load up to 3 tons.

While regarding its capacity lift range, Torin is able to lift from the height of 6 inches to 21 inches. This best floor jack will provide you a convenient experience in both using and after using time owing to the fact that it is designed with 360-degree swivel casters which is very easy when you need to mobilize it.

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9. Pittsburgh Automotive – Heavy Duty Floor Jack

This is another great heavy duty floor jack that ranks in the 9th place in our review list. It is from Pittsburgh Automotive brand. Our number 9 item here is an aluminum floor jack that is constructed with a dual parallel pumping system. Equipped with this great system,  Pittsburgh Automotive is able to lift most heavy load in just 3 pumps. More special than this, this aluminum floor jack is capable to handle the load firmly du to the fact that it has 2 piece of knurled aluminum handles.

And you do not have to worry that it could damage your vehicles because Pittsburgh Automotive is designed with a foam bumper that can prevent scratching when you use it to lift the vehicle.  While with regard to its lifting height, this heavy duty floor jack can lift loads from 5 inches to 18 inches.

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8. Craftsman – 3 Ton Floor Jack

Let turn your attention to another powerful 3 ton floor jack that is from Craftsman brand. If you are currently looking for a low profile floor jack, you can choose this one. So, if you are wondering why this Craftsman receives number 8 in this list, here is the answer. First of all, this low profile floor jack is capable of lifting the vehicles from the height of  5.5 inches to 19.25 inches. More than that, with its 6,000 lb hydraulic lift cap, it becomes a powerful workhorse that can lift many kinds of vehicles such as trucks, mini van, sport utility vehicle, and trailer.

In addition to that, you can rest assured when you are working under the vehicles because this Craftsman floor jack is equipped with sturdy stable twin jack stands that lift the vehicle firmly and ensure your safety. The point that you need to take note is that, once you purchase this jack, you will also receive a 36 inches creeper with rolling casters that allows you to work under vehicle easier.

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7. SUNCOO – Rapid Pump Floor Jack

Here comes an ultra low profile floor jack that you need to take a look. Our 7th rank item is brought by SUNCOO. If you need a super low profile floor jack that can reach under most show vehicles, don’t waste time finding another, SUNCOO is the best option for you. On top of that, this floor jack is constructed with extra-wide steel casters that can provide better stability. Right after using it, you will find that SUNCOO floor jack is your amazing assistant.

With its exclusive dual parallel pumping system, this floor jack is capable to lift loads quickly and easily in just fewer pumps. In addition to that, it can also ensure your safety when you repair any vehicle because with its universal joint release, it is able to handle load in any position. And its lifting height rangs from 2.95 inches to 19.6 inches which is ideal for sport utility vehicles.

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Moving on to the 6th place item that is aluminum service jack from Sunex Tools. In comparison with other heavy duty floor jack, Sunex Tools is better and more special owing to the fact that it is super light in weight which is only 58 pounds. On top of that, this aluminum service jack is designed with thick frame side plates that is able to provide more strength to lift arm. Its 2 pieces handle is also attached with bumper pad that can protect the vehicles from damaging.

More importantly, Sunex Tools has the capacity to lift load to the height that ranges from 3.75 inches to 18.125 inches. On the other hand, this jack has the ability to lift vehicle weighting up to 6000 pounds. And if you want to know the dimension of this aluminum floor jack, it is 28.7 x 13 x 6.6 inches. Its lift capacity is at the maximum of 3 tons. Meanwhile the design is also cool as it comes in silver and orange.

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5. JEGS – Professional Low-Profile Jack

The best aluminum floor jack that stands in the middle of our review list is from JEGS. The design of JEGS professional floor jack is very cute because it comes in yellow, black and silver. You will find this jack amazing after you use it due to its intelligent features and functions. It is constructed to be very light, but do not worry even though it has ultra light weight, it is capable of lifting load up to 3 tons. JEGS is professional jack that is attached with a low-height saddle which is good for low-clearance vehicles.

Another special feature of this aluminum floor jack is that its saddle can rotate 360 degree. The saddle is equipped with a rubber lift pad that can prevent your vehicle from marring. Whereas its lifting height ranges from 3 inches to 19 inches. Other than that, this floor jack has dual side handles that can maintain position of the jack as well. JEGS is able to offer you a better experience in lifting owing to the fact it has wide track wheels that enable you to move this floor jack easier. Also, you can rest assured when you use this aluminum jack because it had been tested to meet all types of safety standards.

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4. K Tool International – High Lift Floor Jack

Let us introduce our number 4 item that is also one of the best floor jacks that is commonly used in many car garages. It is high lift floor jack by K Tool International. The outlook design is very attractive and looked modern because the jack is covered with premium-quality steel wrapped in red color. The lifting capacity of this K Tool International is 6000 lbs that is also the same as previously mentioned items. This floor jack has come with the wide front-wheel and rear caster construction which provides a great stability and easy mobility. Another great feature of K Tool International is that it is also built-in with valve system preventing from overusing beyond the jack capacity.

In terms of the lifting height, the minimum height that K Tool International can lift is 5.5 inches, while the maximum height is 18.75 inches that is ideal for pickups. K Tool International can also help you save time to lift your vehicle quicker in seconds by just pumping a few times.

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3. Blackhawk – Service Jack

Right now, you will read a description of Blackhawk’s service jack that ranks in the 3rd place of our review. Blackhawk is a high profile jack that fits perfectly with any vehicle that has body frame ranging from 5.5 inches. Talking about lifting height, the highest point that this  service jack can lift is 22 inches, on the other hand, the lowest point is 5.5 inches. Regarding the outlook of Blackhawk jack, it is designed to be in red and black that is very cool.

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The dimension of this lifting tool is 30.1 x 15.8 x 6.9 inches while the weight is 85 pounds. What make it different and more special than other is that it is capable of lifting vehicles up to 3.5 tons. Blackhawk also features the swivel saddle that helps you to position the jack easier. In addition to that, the heavy duty steel construction of this service jack makes it durable and safe in using.

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2. Arcan – Quick Rise and Steel Jack

Up next is a quick rise and steel floor jack from Arcan. Our number 2 item here is very popular owing to the fact it receives a lot of good feedbacks from customers. Arcan is a technologically advanced jack that is designed to be really up to date. Its outlook comes in green and black which is very trendy. Arcan jack weighs 76.8 pounds. And, don’t worry, this jack has metal wheel, so you can easily move it anytime without lifting.

Meanwhile with regard to its lifting height, Arcan can lift to the height in minimum 3 inches and in maximum 19.72 inches. Just like some of the previous items, this floor jack has dual pump pistons that can help you to lift load faster and easier.

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1. Arcan – Qick Lift Jack

It is now the right time to announce our 1st rank item, that is another 3 ton floor jack from Arcan. To compare with above mentioned Arcan jack, the design comes simply in silver for it is made of lightweight yet durable aircraft-quality aluminum. Other than that, this quick lift jack is attached with 2 pieces handle that helps you to grip better and convenient for storage. Furthermore, Arcan is also furnished with rubber pad and foam bumper to ensure that the vehicle will not get damaged or scratching while you lift.

Another amazing feature of this jack is that it has dual pump system that is able to save your effort while lifting because by just pumping a few times, the vehicle will be lifted up. Arcan is the best for placing under lowered vehicle because its minimum lifting height is 3.75 inches, and its maximum lifting height is 18 inches.

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To make sure that you get the best product, below here are some guides that you need to consider before purchasing a floor jack.

Mobility: it is true that some floor jack is heavy, so you need to choose any jack that has wheels or casters that help you to move it easier without lifting.

Lifting range: it is important to take a look at its lifting range because you need to ensure that the jack can fit with lower body frame cars and also high enough for you to work under it.

Capacity: you need to choose the jack that can lift the load that you wish it to. So, it is essential to consider its capacity. Moreover, you need to check whether it is able to handle the vehicle firmly or not in order to ensure your safety.

Foam bumper or rubber pad: you need to be aware of this point because if the jack does not have pad, it can damage the vehicle anytime.

Dual pump system: you have to find any jack that is equipped with dual pump system so that it can save your time and effort.


So, all of the above mentioned items are all best 3 ton floor jacks in 2020 that we believe can fulfill all your requirements. And before you purchase any jack, don’t forget to take this buying guide into account, so you will definitely get the right item without regret.


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Car users will definitely need at least one floor jack in their house, but which one should they spend on while there are hundreds of products to decide? This is why this list existed, and we are here to help you choose the floor jacks that is worth every penny of yours.

List of Top 10 Best 3 Ton Floor Jacks

10. 3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Car Auto Floor Jack

First on the list, this Aluminum floor jack can lift! This powerful lightweight floor jack can hold firmly up to 6000lbs. The saddle is designed for 360° rotations and the minimum saddle height is 3-12″ (best for low-clearance vehicles) while the maximum saddle height is 19-1/4″. With just a few pumps, you can see your car flooding in the air already.

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9. NOS NSJ0202 2-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

Looking for a lighter yet stronger floor jack? Allow me to introduce to you the NOS NSJ0202. Made of ultra lightweight aluminum, this one is just 53-Pound. The model gives lift capacity up to 4000 Pounds (2 Tons) and the height range between 3.5 inch to 19.5 inch. 2 pieces handle with bumper pad is also included. To ensure the safety of the user, Safety valve is added to avoid overloading accident. Quite impressive with what this little floor jack can do, but can you resist?

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8. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Another ultra lightweight floor jack on your list people! Well-matched with works like tire changes and diagnoses to address mechanical problem underneath the vehicles. Made from aluminum alloy, this floor jack will stay around for more than you could ask for. Staying at only 57 Pounds, the Neiko brands does lift up to 3 tons. With dual plunger structure, this one works at faster speed from 3-3/4” min, and the maximum height for this model is 19-1/4”. Rubber dotted saddle pad will make sure that not a single scratch nor dent will be on your vehicle. For protection, this floor jack has equipped with safety valve to keep it from overloading. You can carry this floor jack around effortlessly thanks to the dual sided handles and for better positioning under your car, Swivel rear caster got it!!!

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7. Goplus 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Garage Floor Jack

As one of the fan favorite floor jacks, Goplus has earned their spot as number 7 on this list. Built in with lifting capacity up to 3 tons (6614lbs) and the lift range from 2.75” the lowest to 19.88” the highest, this one knows how to get it done! A trade off for better quality, the Q235 steel has made it a bit heavier with the weight of 71.7lbs but the durability is surely in place. The floor jack also has rear wheels’ swivel for great positioning and plastic padded saddle to protect your vehicle frame. Dual plunger will make the pumping look like a piece of cake!

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6. 3-ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Straight to what it needs to be told, this heavy duty floor jack is designed with dual parallel pump system to save your energy by allowing you to lift your vehicle with just 3-1/2 pumps. The overall dimensions are 27-1/2″ L x 13-1/2″ W and the weight is 68.9lbs. The extra-wide steel casters have been used on this product for more stable lifting with minimum saddle height 5″ to Maximum saddle height: 18-1/4″. Why wait when you can get it now?

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5. NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

Our list is stacked with many great floor jacks, but this one surely knows how to outshine the other! Not just a typical 3 tons (6000 Pounds) lifting capacity, this powerful floor jack can handle sport car or even truck. The height range of this model is 3.75 inch the lowest to 18.125 inch the highest and your vehicle is lifted with good care as the rubber saddle pad and foam handle bumper will make sure that there is no harm to your beloved vehicle. Aluminum gives this floor jack the ultra lightweight you could never ask for with just 58 Pounds. Safety valve can also be found on this model which allows you to get underneath your car without fear.

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4. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty

Specially designed with excellent quality to serve under hardcore automotive and mechanical purposes, Pittsburgh low profile floor jack is here to work! It has extra-wide steel caster for more stable lifting, and exclusive dual parallel pump system to elevate your vehicle up with just a few pumps. Two pieces knurled steel handle to hold your vehicle tightly. And, it also has foam bumper for great protection to your vehicle. Let’s not forget that this thing can lift 3-ton object and it doesn’t shake at all!

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3. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

It keeps getting better and better! Let’s meet our number 3 on the list, the Arcan ALj3T floor jack. This one is made of Aluminum with just 56 pound and 3 ton of lifting capacity. A little upgrade on the lift arm for more strength, chassis torsion control and durability. For faster rising action, dual pump pistons have been added to make it goes from 3.6″ to 19.4″. Bypass and overloaded valves have also included to prevent any over-extension and overloading usage. Last but not certainly not least, an extra protection from Piston dust shields on hydraulic contamination.

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2. Torin Big Red T83006 Steel SUV Service Jack

How about the red floor jack this time? Beyond its bright color, this steel floor jack can lift up to 3-ton which is perfectly matched with any work on trucks or SUV. The lift range is 6″ to 21″ and to make it more convenient with higher vehicles, Torin has added longer neck into this model.

And guess what, with just 49 pound, this is probably the ultra lightweight floor jack you have ever found!

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1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Keeping the best for the last, no one deserves to be the number one on this list more than the powerzone aluminum and steel floor jack. This model is designed with standard lifting capacity of 3-ton, and lift range from 4 inch to 18.1.4 inch. Rubber padded saddle is added for more protection on vehicle frame along with rear wheels’ swivel for a better movement and positioning. Designed to be the best, quick lifting hydraulic system allows the user to save time and energy on pumping while safety valve prevents any overloading usage. For quality, Powerzone is made of lightweight aluminum frame to cute off some weight, and heavy duty steel lift arm to increase strength and durability of the product. This floor jack is highly recommended not only from us, but also from other customers as well.

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By having this list on you, there is no fear on choosing your future floor jack anymore. Thousand floor jacks can be mentioned here, but what we just gave you will never disappoint you!! Do enjoy your purchase!

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