Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers Reviews In 2021

We understand how hard it can be to maintain a swimming pool, especially during the winter months. You don’t want your pool to be dirty, hence, a pool cover can save you from such a mess. Above-the-ground pools are quite popular because of their portability. They are convenient and have multiple functions. Hence, it is important to make sure that the pool is covered for proper safety and storage. As winter is approaching, it is time to cover your swimming pool so that it does not get contaminated. Plus swimming pools can attract bugs, dry leaves, especially in winter. To prevent that, it is always wise to invest in above ground pool covers.

So, after extreme research, we have come to the final decision. So, below are the above ground pool cover manufacturers that will keep your pool as good as new. Hence, check the available options.

Table of the Best Above Ground Pool Covers Reviews

10. Robelle 3524-4 24 ft Winter Round Above Ground Pool Covers

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With the aid of 8X8 scrim per inch, this round above ground pool cover makes sure that it renders 360-degree protection. The solid and dense structure made of polyethylene material also presents this cover remarkably enduring. So, be sure and confidently utilize this product for years.

The additional 4-feet overlap tightens the cover upon the pools. Also, this product attains a diameter of 28-feet and constitutes a UV-resistant coating. This shields the pool from severe and harsh sunlight.

Key Features:

  • The product incorporates a winch and cable. This assists users to install and fix the cover on the pools without any difficulty.
  • Its bolstered grommets also retain the cover in position during heavy wind movement.
  • Given that, the opaque bottom blocks the build of algae in the water.

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9. Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover for 24-ft Round Above-Ground Swimming Pools

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Thanks to this 24-foot pool cover that has the potential to cover alike sized pools with slight overlap protection. Incorporating a reversible design, this ensures there is no incorrect way to place this pool cover on. Besides, it is further featured with Vinyl-covered cables and a winch. These two things keep the cover secure.

It is manufactured to guard your swimming pool against adverse weather conditions. To prolong the durability of the material, it is advisable to remove the excess water during the off-season.

Key Features:

  • Including a 3-inches overlap, you will surely have an excess of material to ensure you fasten your pool for the winter.
  • There are grommets placed after every 3-inches. This enables you to knot the cover to your pool.
  • This reversible above ground pool cover is 24-ft and will certainly cover a large area.

8. Blue Wave Bronze 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

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Blue Wave is known for manufacturing products with tough and durable construction. This above-ground winter pool cover has the potential to withstand severe weather conditions and challenging environments. It incorporates a bronze appearance that delivers an excellent and classy look. We can guarantee that you will admire the way it embraces the whole pool. It is intended to enable comfortable fitting and removing, hence saving a lot of your time.

The rip-proof grommets guarantee your pool is always shielded under the cover. It is further enhanced with UV protection that warrants the cover will resist the sharp rays of the sun. On the other hand, the black underneath hinders the growth of algae.

Key Features:

  • The product highlights a heavy-duty cable and a winch which allows you to bolt the cover in place.
  • It has a construction in such a way that it reduces the pressure on your pool walls. A great thing about this pool cover is that it comes with an 8-year warranty.
  • It is extremely lightweight and you can install it yourself with ease. The product is priced fairly and we can assure you that you will love the service.

7. Blue Wave 15-ft x 30-ft Oval Winter Pool Cover

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This product by Blue Wave is an excellent one and as mentioned earlier, the brand is known for its sturdy construction. We can assure you, you won’t regret buying this product. This durable winter pool cover holds a 4ft overlap. Hence, it won’t exhibit any stretching, shredding, or ripping. Its solid endurance shields your pool from the sun, snow, and rain. This cover can even endure blizzards.

As a matter of fact, this stops any algae from developing in the pool. You will get a clean pool when you remove the cover.

Key Features:

  • The outside of the product is blue and incorporates black on the inside.
  • It is very airy and easy to place and remove.
  • This guarantees to last for a long time, even through the most troublesome storms as it stays in place.

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6. Winter Block Rectangle Inground Pool Cover

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If you don’t cover your pool properly, then it can bring trouble to you when you again intend to use it. This pool cover by Winter Block is one of the most affordable ones available in the market. The product is composed of laminated polyethylene that makes it resistant to harsh heat and other adverse weather conditions. Next, the high-density material used in its construction makes it a strong and durable one.

As a matter of fact, it can easily cover pools which have a diameter of 18 ft. It will make sure that your pool remains in good and healthy condition throughout the winter months. This is a rectangular above ground pool cover that will cover the entire surface.

Key Features:

  • The diameter of this pool cover is 21 ft that is pretty huge.
  • Incorporating a lightweight structure, it is simple to install.
  • It includes all the essentials like perimeter grommets, steel cable, and winch so that you can fix it yourself.

5. In The Swim 24 Ft Round Winter Pool Cover for Above Ground Pools

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This product is one of the best swimming pool covers available in the market. It is solely because this product can retain your pool in clean condition, no matter what the weather condition is. The construction is done utilizing the laminated polyethylene sheeting intertwined with compact polyethylene stitching. It conclusively ensures outstanding tensile strength and tremendous stability.

The measurement of the cover is 27-feet diameter and it comes in the color blue. It measures comprised of a 3-feet of extra overlap. Hence, it can easily secure the pools altogether. Finally, the 3-layer laminated polyethylene material of this pool cover makes it UV-resistant as well.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for most of the 24-feet round pools, this cover defends them from severe environmental factors.
  • With the aid of 8X8 scrim per inch, this cover extends protection against rain and snow. You don’t have to worry about your pool anymore.
  • It also comprises a cable and turnbuckle which help users to adjust the cover against the pools with zero difficulties.

4. Swimline 24 Ft Round Above Ground Winter Pool Cover 

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If you own an above ground pool, then it is more compelling. But during winter breaks, it is important to cover them properly. Embracing a classy round shape, this pool cover by Swimline is quite simple and effortless to use. When employed, you will notice its perfect fitting. Constructed from polyethylene material, this cover lengthens the lifespan of the whole product. The dense, interwoven polyethylene stitching also warrants the sturdiness of the product.

Furthermore, it also has a UV-resistant upper layer that extends shield against harsh direct sunlight, weathering, and tearing.

Key Features:

  • This product is ideal for most of the 24-feet round pools.
  • The cover also successfully manages and keeps away the rubble, wind-blown dirt, and leaves away from the pool.
  • It is also immune to chlorine and other harsh chemical blemishes.

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3. Swimline PCO834 30 Ft Round Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Cover

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After removing the cover, one may unwrap it to find that it is dipped with mold. A lot of things can result in this, the most prominent one being when you kept it away, it wasn’t cleaned enough. Swimline PCO834 saves you from such things mainly because of its durable construction and impressive features. It is constructed of compact, high-density polyethylene stitching. Hence, keeps the adversities of nature away. Also, it is extremely repellent to perforations, rips, chlorine, or other chemical drips.

The cover measure 34 feet, hence, it will be a perfect fit for most of the pools within that range. Finally, it includes metallic grommets, cable, and ratchet which enable you to install it without any difficulty.

Key Features:

  • The product is suitable for any pool that is within 30 feet round above the ground.
  • UV rays will cause no harm to the product and even not the quality of water.
  • This is pretty thick and going to keep the pool clean.

2. Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Here is one innovative product from the brand Pool-Mate. The Pool-Mate Sandstone cover has been devised for above-the-ground pools and highlights an overlap measuring 4-feet. The product makes sure that it is easy to settle onto the pool. Throughout the whole winter season, it will aid to eradicate all kinds of wreckage from penetrating the pool.

The overlap is outfitted with grommets, four feet distant from each other. This enables you to inject the cable carried in the package then stiffen with the winch for a reliable seal-off.

Finally, this heavy-duty above ground pool cover is of special heavy-duty polyethylene material. Hence, the quality of the product will keep the pool unharmed.

Key Features:

  • All the joints are heat-sealed to yield better performance
  • It comes with a warranty of 15 months that is enough for fixing any defects.
  • Also, the cover reaches a length of 25 feet that is a lot of coverage.

1. Yankee Pool Pillow Round Pool Cover for Above Ground Pools

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This impressive product by Yankee Pool Pillow promises to protect your pool no matter what. Your pool will not become a swamp if you utilize this pool cover to protect it. Spare yourself the worry and invest in this product and let us assure you, you won’t regret it. This product is made in such a way that it won’t get ripped that easily. The seams are being reinforced and embrace a thick density along with a super-tight weave.

Furthermore, the winch included in the package is created with aluminum alloy and encompasses a more fluid turning mechanism. This makes it easy to use and serves for a long period of time.

Key Features:

  • The grommets are strengthened as well so that you can properly encase your pool.
  • It can fit a pool that is a maximum of 24-ft that is pretty wide and large.

Made up their mind to protect the above ground pool during the winter months? Then you will surely need an above ground pool cover installation to avoid any kind of mess in the future.

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