Top 10 Best Aviation Headsets in 2021

Top-notch aviation headsets can cost thousands of dollars. However, after spending hours of research, our team has found out that there are actually affordable aviation headsets out there that are just as good! Therefore, we’ve made this list of the 10 best aviation headsets in 2021 for you to choose from.

List Of Top 10 Best Aviation Headsets in 2021

10. Avcomm

The first aviation headsets brand that comes into our list is Avcomm. It is a reliable brand which is built to offer the best experience for the pilot. There are many great features that can be found in this aviation headset. First off, you can conveniently control the volume of your headset independently; therefore, it can even offer privacy when you are flying in group. For ensuring the best for the user, this product is built in with the “active filtering” chip. This smart technology can increase the effectiveness in communication and reduce the unwanted noise.

The materials used for producing this headset are soft ABS and durable stainless steel. It is well recognized to be the lightweight headset for the pilot. More than just having great features, you can have confidence on its quality. The good news for the user is, you will also get a 5-year warranty. The headset carries the total size of 9 x 6 x 11 inches.

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9. Nflight Technology LLC

The next deal of the day is the NflightMic Universal Microphone headset. This pick aims to offer only the best for the user; therefore, you know that you will love its noise-cancelling feature. This aviation headset is specially produced for giving the convenience for the pilot. The volume of the headset can be adjusted to suit your listening condition. Please be noted that this device is applicable with all the smart devices that have 2.5mm audio input port.

On top of the features mentioned above, this model is designed to have 3M dual lock too. If you are new to this product, concern no more since the operation process of it is very simple. With this incredible headset by your side, we bet that your communication will be improved. And, a lifetime warranty is offered as well.

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8. SpiderWireless

SpiderWireless is here to introduce to you the Aviation Headset which is specially designed for the pilot. With this one, you can have great communication even when you are thousand feet in the air. The item has received many great reviews on the high-quality that it adopts. This product is great for using with many smart devices such as MP3, iPhone, iPad and more. We know that you wish to get the clear sound during your communication time, so the noise reducing feature is built in with this item. As a great result, you can exchange the information with your co-pilot even better.

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Thanks to the superb design of the headset, you will never experience discomfort even when you use it for many hours. In terms of quality, let us ensure you that you can have your trust on this headset. The product is made from stainless steel and soft foam, so you will get both utmost comfort and durability. Lastly, this 7.9 x 3.9 x 5.1 inches headset is backed by a lifetime warranty, too.

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7. CRAZEDpilot

We have spotted another incredible headset which is highly recommended for pilots. It is one of the  CRAZEDpilot products that carries many amazing features. First off, you can lock the mic in position, so you will have free hand to perform other tasks. You can also find the integrated switch between stereo and mono too. Another great benefit that you get to enjoy is the noise-canceling feature of it, which can effectively block the unwanted outside noise and allow you to communicate even better.

Adding more convenience for the user, the materials used for making this product are the user-friendly ones. You can even wear the headset for many hours without any discomfort. The size of this smart-looking headset is 10 x 7 x 4 inches. Last but indeed not the least, you will also get a 1-year warranty when you make a purchase.

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FARO G2 ANR, an exceptional noise reduction headset, carries the total size of 8 x 4 x 9.5 inches. This aviation headset is great for working with all types of input such as Mp3, radio, iPad, helicopter adapter and more. Adding to that, it is designed to meet the standard that works universally. Since we mentioned earlier that the headset can reduce noise, we bet that you will only get the smooth talking time. Unlike other headsets that are uncomfortable when you wear them for many hours, this one is attached with the large soft cushion.

What’s more, the durability of this headset is just as desirable. With the use of this superb headset, you will get to listen to talks without any disturbance.

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5. ASA

The combination of durability and comfort are the key features that bring this product here today. ASA is an aviation headset which guarantees to offer the crystal clear sound when you are flying. It is also designed to have the noise-canceling features that can effectively reduce the noise up to 23 dB. It is the great choice to choose since ASA headset allows you to communicate with your co-pilot without any interruption.

With this pair, you will be able to keep your situation in check. For your information, for ensuring the convenient talking time, the gold-plated microphone is also installed in this product. You can freely use it anywhere you want since it resists the corrosion. The size of this product is 12 x 12 x 8 inches. If you are currently looking for a product that comes with great quality, this is the right item to invest in.

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4. Cadence

We reckon that you are here to look for a durable and light headset, this is a high-quality aviation headset that you can get from Cadence Aviation. One of the problems that you are likely to face during flights is disturbing noises. Worry no more; this product is ready to solve your concern. With the noise-cancelling feature of these headsets, we are pretty sure that you can get crystal clear sound during your talking time. It is also attached with the microphone which is totally adjustable.

If we take a look at the ear part, it is designed to have soft leather. The fair is great since it can stay in place and comfortable around your head. For adding extra convenience for the user, the total weight of the headset is very light too. For your information, the input of it is applicable for using with MP3, iPad, iPhone and many other devices. The size of this product is 9.9 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches.

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3. Rugged Air

The next affordable headset that you should get is Rugged Air RA200. First of all, the size of this product is 9.7 x 7.2 x 5 inches; therefore, it is the right choice for every pilot. It is designed to provide only the best sound quality even when you are flying. More than this, the noise-reducing feature of it, it can reduce 24dB of noise without any problem. In addition, the size of the audio speaker is 50mm, a standard size which is very safe to use. When we take a closer look at the input of it, any smart devices which have 3.5mm input jack are applicable with this headset. As a great result, you can even use this headset with many other smart devices without any concern.

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The soft form is attached, so your ears will still be comfortable even when you wear it for many hours. If you wish to spend money on the right product, let recommend this one to you. With all the outstanding features mentioned, do not wait any longer.

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For those who are looking for a pair headsets which is built in with the noise reducing features, you are coming to the right place. This aviation headset from KORE AVIATION is designed to carry the total dimension of 9.8 x 9 x 5.1 inches. Better than many other choices, the Y-block switch allows you to switch from mono to stereo with ease. This premium-quality headset can effectively reduce 24db of noise; therefore, you can communicate even better. You can safely keep and exchange the information with your co-pilot.

For ensuring that the users get the utmost comfort from the headset, this headset is attached with the gel seals. The mic is adjustable as well. It doesn’t matter who uses it, everyone will sure love it. This user-friendly item has a 3.5 mm input, so it is perfect for using with various devices.

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1. Bose

The last best item in the list today is Bose A20 Aviation Headset. This product aims to offer the best to the user in terms of both quality and superb features. Better than other choices, this headset is designed to have Bluetooth feature; this way you can access it to other devices much easier. It can also reduce the outside noise up to 30%; therefore, you will get only the crystal-clear communication. If you are new to this product, worry no more since this one is very easy to use. There is no software needed; you can just plug it and get ready.

With this product, you can communicate with your team in a safe, effective way.  For your information, this headset is attached with the dual switches, and those are Mute and OFF. The total size of this product is 10.8 x 7.2 x 6.2 inches. If you are interested in this product, get yours while stock lasts

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The very first feature that you should take a look at is the noise-reduction feature of the headset. Since the use of aviation headset is for flying time, it is a must to carefully check this point. For increasing the sound quality, we do recommend a model that can effectively reduce up to 30% of the outside noise. This way, you will sure to get crystal-clear sound when you are communicating with your co-pilot. This point is very important as you need to keep your flying status and navigation in check.

· Comfort and Convenience

It can get uncomfortable after wearing a pair of headsets for many hours; especially if you get a low quality pair. For that reason, we are here to remind you to take a closer look at the materials used in this headset. The soft cushion pad allows you to comfortably place it around your ears. At the same time, you should also look for a lightweight product as well. With the fact that you are flying thousand feet in the air, this point shouldn’t be overlooked.

·  Sound Quality

When it comes to the best headset, you will sure to focus on the sound quality of it. Many great headset models these days is well designed to have dual switches; therefore, you can adjust the volume without disturbing other pilots. Adding to that, you can even choose to mute or switch if off when needed, too.

· Input Jack

For ensuring that you get to use your headset with all types and models of smart device, it is wise to look at the size of the input jack. For most models, a great input jack has the size of 35mm. If you own a tandard aviation headset, you can even use it with MP3, iPad, iPhone and more too.

· Additional Features

Rather than just spending money on a random aviation headset, it is highly recommended that you get one with bonus features. Some models have Bluetooth; this way the easy accessibility from this headset to other devices is ensured. If you need to record your conversation, we do advice you to choose a headset that can record voices.

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· Warranty

The last buying tip that you should not overlook is the warranty of the headsets from the company. Since aviation headsets can be costly, it is a must to ask for a warranty card after you purchase any products. If you are new to this item, be noted the warranty and other services from the company can offer you many great benefits.


Now that you’ve seen all of the best choices with reasonable prices, you should be able to choose your new aircraft headset companion with just a click of a button! Search no further; take a look at these goodies and good luck with your next flight!


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9. FARO G2 ANR Premium Pilot Aviation Headset

This aviation headset is engineered in the United States. With its premium pleather ear protection, it offers you up to 52db of noise reduction. Plus, with its premium noise cancelling, it makes communication in aircrafts crystal clear. Not only that, it’s compatible with MP3, radios, iPods and iPads.

Keep in mind that this comes with a 3-years replacement warranty as well and its Pilot Care Service Center is in the U.S.

8. Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset

This aircraft headset is another one to keep in mind, it is easily connected to cell phones with Bluetooth. This aviation headset uses 2 AA batteries giving you 40 hours of operation although you don’t have to worry about wasting those 40 hours since this headset also comes with an auto shut-off system as well. Plus, there is a battery status indicator, too.

7. Rugged Air RA900 Black General Aviation Stereo Pilot Headset

Rugged Air RA400’s pilot headset is quite outstanding with 24db noipse reduction and with its noise reflective cup microphone is great for communicating during flights. Its microphone has got a flexible broom as well. It’s also got 50mm performance audio speakers with inline stereo and mono switch. With all that, you can also control the volume with its dual volume control dials.

Plus, its input jack for music devices is 3.5mm.

6. David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset

One of the popular choices is David Clark. This aviation headset will keep you comfortable with super soft, double foam head pads and not only that, it also has a new comforting gel and undercut ear seals. Along with all that, it also comes with an exclusive M-74 which is the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone that’s currently available. Plus, it has a convenient low-profile volume control knob with detent settings
If you’re worried about the product breaking, David Clark provides a 5-year guarantee as well!

5. KORE AVIATION P1 Series PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

This pilot aviation headset has the noise reduction of 24db which is incredible for hearing protection. It’s also equipped with acoustic foam ear-cups attached to a wire boom mic. This headset comes with an on-ear volume control and also a 3.5mm port for MP3, iPhones, iPads and Androids.
You can purchase this product without worrying since you’ll get the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth Dual Plug Cable

Bose A20’s aviation headset has 30% greater active noise reduction than most and 30% less clamping force than others as well. It’s also equipped with active equalization keeping a nice and clear audio. With all of that, it also has Bluetooth audio making it easier to communicate and navigate.
Notice that you can also customize audio priority and you can mute an audio signal when receiving two mixing communications.

3. David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset

This David Clark’s aviation headset is made for comfort! It’s designed to provide a lightweight, yet rugged platform and it’s fully adjustable to personal preferences. Aside from that, this aviation headset has ultra-soft leatherette head pad and also has breathable, vented designed to keep the head cool during long flights. There is also adjustable suspension is to keep you comfortable as well.

This pilot headset comes with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty.

2. ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset

This ASA HS-1 is made with an advanced technology and comes with a very sleek look for you to look on point while doing your job! It’s super comfortable as well!
With its lifetime manufacturer’s warranty will keep your worries about it breaking down far away from you! And all that for a very reasonable price as well!

1. KORE AVIATION KA-1 Premium Gel Ear Seal PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

This pilot aviation has amazing noise reduction rating of 24db. Its ear-cups is made from ultra-plush silicone gel ear deals and acoustic foam for maximum breathability and comfort so you don’t have to worry about your ears hurting during long flights.
It also comes with dual volume control on each ear and also includes a 3.5mm ports for MP3, iPhone, iPads and Android. Aside from that, there is also a mono/stereo Y-block switch and gold plates plugs. Plus, it’s made to be easy carry and protection!

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