Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents in 2020

We all need to detox our mind with nature after a little while. Whether you are going camping on a road trip or you have just hiked half a mountain, at the end of the day, sleep is just so precious. That said, we need to make sure that the tent we brought a long can affirm your comfort and safety.

Today, we are looking into some of the well rounded and top rated backpacking tents available on the market. Here’s a look at the top 10 best backpacking tents packed with outstanding features that just about anyone desire.

List Of Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents in 2020

10. Clostnature

Available in 2 colors, this Clostnature tent is a lovely backpacking tent that has a lot to offer. It sleeps 2 people (tall persons) comfortably. In addition to being waterproof, the tent is strong against all sorts of weather. It is well-sealed to keep you warm and dry all the time. It is lightweight for easy maneuverability. Weighing merely 6 oz, it can go into one’s backpack with ease. When setting up, you will find 2 aluminum poles attached to the tent.

Air flow inside the tent is well-promoted as well thanks to the mesh walls equipped. For the sleeper to get in and out easily, the tent is made with two D-shaped doors. Plus, two vestibules lets you store your stuff conveniently, too. For each purchase, you will get a tent, a carry bag, ropes, aluminum poles, aluminum stakes, and a handy repair kit.

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9. Marmot Best Waterproof Tent

This green tent from Marmot is available in 2 choices (2 person tent, and 3 person tent) for you to select. As of the total space it provides, that is 42 square feet. The durable, sturdy craftsmanship ensures your peace of mind when you are sleeping in the tent at night. It is waterproof, yet air circulation is great. Yet, if you still find it hot on the inside at times, there are vents can be opened for achieving increased airflow. On the overhead, you will see 2 vestibules for storage.

The total weight of the tent is about 5 and 1/2 lbs; that’s why it is one of the best backpacking tents. The D-shaped doors are made for giving the user’s easy access into the tent. Plus, with a floor that is seam-taped, worry no more about potential leakages even when it rains or storms.

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8. Coleman

You probably have heard of Coleman. Coleman is a reputable brands that invents camping gear of exceptional quality. This backpacking tent from them is no different. This backpacking tent 2 person can fit a queen-sized airbed in it comfortably. It packs in a snap, and can be set up in a breeze. There is a handy storage on the inside (off the floor) that lets you keep your essentials neatly and within reach. You can also hang a light with it. Featuring quality seams and corner welds, the tent keeps you dry and warm always.

There is a hooded rainfly attached to the tent as well, so you can lounge in the tent even with the windows open when it rains. To prevent overheating, there are 2 big windows and a vent on the ground which promotes air circulation very well. 2 person tent comes in the color of navy/grey.

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7. Weanas

This sought-after tent from Weanas has a lot to love. It is available in 3 colors — blue, green and yellow, and 3 sizes suitable for 1, 2, 3, and 4 persons to sleep in. The material chosen to make the tent is polyester. It comes with 2 doors for easy access. It can be used in all seasons and weathers. That is because the tent has water-resistant fabric, and tough skeleton. For your safety, the tent can prevent you from insects, too, thanks to the reliable mesh and fabric wall.

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There is a light hook on the inside. It is seam-taped to fully prevent leakages. For added durability, the tent is SPF proof as well in addition to it being specially coated and highly breathable. Installation can be done in a snap (even by one person). It is lightweight to ease the packing and carrying process. Equipped with heavy duty aluminum poles, the tent is a beast.

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6. Teton Sports

If you find yourself loving spending time outdoors with nature, you indeed need to own a high quality tent. This top rated tent from Teton Sports comes in 4 options for you to choose. It is lightweight, making it an ideal option for backpacking. The set up is easy peasy. One person can set it up easily. Other noticeable features include durable craftsmanshop, waterproof rainfly, anti-leakage floor, etc.

It is super stable – thanks to the 1500 footprint provided. The total weight of the tent is about 8.2 lbs. For maximum breathability, the tent features many vents. It has 2 doors. To prevent you from insect bites, the tent features Micro-mesh tents. That also promotes increased air flow. A carry bag is included for every purchase. And, you can always contact the company whenever you have questions or doubts.

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5. Moon Lence Camping Tent

Enjoy the full view of milky way with this high-performing tent from Moon Lence. This tent comes in 2 persons style. To make backpacking it easy, the tent is small enough and it features foldable poles. Indeed, it is super light; you barely notice its presence in your backpack. For durability, the 2 person backpacking tent is made of 190T PU material combined with a large section of Mesh. As you may already know, the mesh is anti-insects, too.

The tent is ideal for using all year round. As of the tent’s provided space, it has unfolding size of 86.6*55.1*47.2in. The door is in 2-D shape. Set up is a breeze. There is some handy storage pockets on the inside of the tent. All purchases provide you a carry bag for free.

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4. Hyke & Byke

Be well-prepared for your next camping trip with Hyke & Byke. This tent comes in a lovely color selection. The colors include blue, green, blue, and white. For the user’s convenience in bringing it to the camping site, the tent is ultra light yet super sturdy. It features mesh walls that are great for protecting you against harmful insects. The alloy stakes are made of aluminum. The rainfly and floor are crafted from non-stretchy polyester. 2 doors and 2 vestibules are equipped to the tent.

Air flow in the tent is also great. The tent is roomy enough to accommodate 2 pax. There are loft pocket and footprint provided for free. The floor is taped to keep you safe and dry when it rains. Plus, Hyke & Byke is responsible for all product defects and takes pride in their products by offering you a lifetime warranty over this superb tent. Best yet, the company is doing such humanitarian acts. They donate 10% of all their sales into funding microloans all over the globe.

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3. Featherstone

Stargaze in a safe and comfortable space with Featherstone. This tent from them has an exceptional blend of lightweight, breathability and high durability. It features fabrics that are water-resistant and anti-tear. The mirco mesh attached promotes extra air flow and prevention from insect bites. It sleeps 2 people comfortably. 2 doors and 2 vestibules offer easy access in and out of the tent and lets you keep your essentials safely and conveniently.

The rainfly is coated. Suitable to use in all kinds of weathers, the tent’s floor is well taped. Set up can be done quickly and hassle-free. What’s more, the company backs it with a lifetime warranty, too. This is one of the best backpacking tents offered at great value indeed.

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2. Clostnature

Clostnature tents are nice-looking tents that do not compromise on durability. It has no issue with waterproofing either. The tent offers you 2 color choices: grass green and orange brown. It features a rainfly made from 210T Polyester. The PU coating of 5000 makes the tent super steady. It is lightweight (5.8 lbs) as well for easy backpacking. The tent is designed for 2 people to sleep in. Yet, it is more spacious than typical 2-person backpacks.

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Setting the tent up can be done in a snap. The tent is made with two D-shaped doors and mesh walls for breathability. There are 2 vestibules for storage. Every package includes a repair kit for all the buyers as well.

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1. Hyke & Byke

Another tent from Hyke & Byke ranks the best among the best for its plenty of desirable features. The tent has been tested in extremes of weather, and it still holds up strong. More than 40,000 customers swear by its durability and performance. This high quality tent is light in weight, making it ideal for backpacking. It weighs barely 3.2 lbs. The mesh attached offers great air ventilation. Be noted that this mesh can be detached easily.

For the user’s easy access, 2 doors are equipped to the tent. Just like the other Hyke & Byke tent mentioned above, this one offers you a footprint and pocket for free, too. Every purchase comes with a carry sack as well. Plus, if you would like to be involved in the company’s humanitarian deeds, this tent is a good option for you. And, if you are overdue for the lightest backpacking tent out there, this is it.

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These are fantastic entries when it comes to the best backpacking tents available on today’s market. They are dependable for their quality in terms of lightweightedness, durability, the protection they offer, functional designs, and easy set up. These qualities are what you should look into when shopping for a backpacking tent. Let us elaborate more in the buying guide below.

Weight: It goes without saying that a backpacking tent should be light. That lets you travel conveniently and hassle-free. With a light tent, setting it up is not too difficult as well.

Protection: Even when you are camping, you should always sleep in a place that ensures your protection. Hence, the tent should have no-see-um mesh for protection from insects and air ventilation, taped floors for leak-proof, and coated for affirmed durability.

Space: If you are planning to use 1 tent for many people, you shouldn’t be too tight on budget. Yet, be noted that backpacking tents typically are designed for 1 to 2 persons use only. Do opt for a tent of the right size.

Design: For the user’s added convenience, some of the top rated tents have more features than others. They provide you vestibules for storage, a foot print, 2 doors, folding poles, an emergency repair kit. Hence, check your needs before hand.


We have given you insights about various types of the very best camping tents already, now it is your turn to choose the product that you love. They are both durable and waterproof tents. There is no need to hesitate because none of these backpacking tents will ever disappoint you.


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Are you a traveler who wishes to get the best out of your camping experience? One of the elements in achieving that is to own a great backpacking tent. Today, our team has come up with this useful list of the top 10 best backpacking tents in 2020 to give you some ideas about various types of the best camping tents and make your travels more meaningful than ever.

Top Best Backpacking Tents in 2020

10. Backpacking Tent for Two Persons with LED

First off, we would like to draw your attention to this Backpacking Tent for Two Persons with LED. This camping tent comes in the form of a main ventilating inner tent and waterproof and anti-wear outer rain fly for a double protection. This backpack tent is highly recommended if you plan the camping trip during rainy seasons.

What’s more, this backpacking tent is well equipped with a detachable waterproof LED USB light strip for convenient uses at night. The special thing about this product is it is extremely portable so it is suitable for various outdoor activities. Please note that this waterproof tent purchase will come with 1 main tent, 1 rain fly, 2 pouch bag and 2 wind ropes.

9.Camping Tent, Portable Folding Waterproof Outdoor Tent

Here comes another waterproof camping tent; ideal for various outdoor activities. It has the total dimension of 82.7 x 55.1 x 43.3 inches. This camping tent is designed with double layers – inner and outer layer, which provides ample ventilation for usage. Since this product is well made by the top quality coating fabric material, it is water and moisture resistant.

With the special C shaped interior design, this waterproof tent is spacious, so we bet you will get the maximized comfort with it. Adding to these features, the tent also has an expandable rain fly that can provide more covering ground, plus this rain fly can also be used separately as a trap, too. How practical!

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8.Camping Tent Outdoor Backpacking Family Dome Tent

Next, it is the Camping Tent Outdoor Travelite Backpacking. This best camping tent is well made from the high quality materials such as polyester walls and polyethylene bathtub style floor. Moreover, for the sturdiness of it, the tent is designed with the sturdy fiber glass pole frame preventing the tent from collapsing.

Another special feature of this camping tent is, with its unique folding capability, it can be stored anywhere. Please note that this product is recommended for use in Spring or Summer season as it is water resistant not waterproof.

Here comes another high quality backpacking tent, TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent. The material used for making this product is full screen tent, which is soft and durable. And, with the use of micromesh fabric, the backpack tent allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of your camping site.

Additionally, this mountain ultra-tent comes with rainfly, allowing you to use its during rain, snow or high winds. One great feature of this high quality tent is it has the durable footprint that can effectively protect your tent floor. Last but not least, this camping tent is light, well-built, and water resistant. Please note that this tent also has limited lifetime warranty, too.

6. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent

The next product that we are going to give the recommendation on is the ultralight backpacking tent, ALPS Mountaineering Meramac. With the special design of polyester fly with 1500mm coating, it can resist the UV damage. More importantly, this tent is designed with zippers on both doors for extra durability.

If you are worried about getting hot or wet during the camping, fear no more, since this special camping tent is weatherproof, so it provides an awning over each door. Having 2 doors is convenient and useful as you can either close them in inclement weather or keep them open for excellent ventilation.

5. Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent

This is another durable camping backpacking tent with carry bag, from Yodo. This backpacking tent is made from the durable polyester with PU coating that can effectively shield you from the UV or rain. More than this, it also has rain fly vented roof, 2 durable glass-fiber poles and 4 mental stakes which makes this camping backpacking tent sturdy.

This lightweight tent has an easy entry front door with two-way zippered mesh window, and the large mesh at the top of the tent that provides excellent ventilation and star gazing. Please note that this product package has a carrying bag for easy traveling and relocate camps.

4.WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

Here, we would like to introduce to you this outdoor camping tent, WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent. This tent is suitable for hunting, hiking and adventure travelling, and it can accommodate 1 to 4 people in 3 seasons. With the super classic interior design, you can open both doors of the tents from the inside and outside.

Moreover, this 3 season tent also has the brace type window at the outside tent top for skylight viewing. We bet this product will give you both the luxury and comfortable lifestyle. The special feature of this great product is it has been tested for rain and water resistance. Lastly, the camping tent is light, yet it can stand high pressure.

3. Mountainsmith Morrison

Here is another great lightweight tent, which is suitable for 2 people, and it can be used for 3 seasons. This best camping tent is made by many top quality materials such as mesh wall panels for improved ventilation, detachable ceiling loft for storage pockets, clip-pole attachment for reduced weight and improved breathability, and more.

This ultralight backpacking tent has 2 doors, which is very convenient. Furthermore, the tent fly also includes adjustable ventilation windows. We would like to remind you that the company of this product is willing to offer you a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty defects in materials and workmanship.

2.ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

Our 2nd top best product goes to ALPS Mountaineering Lynx. This camping tent has received outstanding reviews on the easy assembly and great ventilation. This best-selling camping tent has one door entry, one vestibule and half mesh walls which is perfect for sight-seeing. What’s more, it also offers you the weather protection too as it is well equipped with the factory sealed fly and floor seams. With the total dimension of 32x90x36”, this product is well made by 7075 Aluminum Stakes, Guy Ropes, Mesh Storage Pocket, Gear Loft.

1.Stansport Scout Backpackers Tent

As we always save the best to the last, we would like to highlight the key features of this Stansport Scout Backpackers Tent. This awesome backpacking tent is made by the polyurethane-coated nylon, which is light and durable. With the height of 5” and the width of 15” wide, this tent can accommodate 2 people, and it is suitable for using in 3 seasons.

Since it has aluminum poles, you can set up this tent quickly, plus it also includes ropes and stakes for when conditions turn windy. With all these great features, choosing to go camping with this tent is the right choice.

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