Top 10 Best Balance Boards in 2022

Balance boards are training tools which are used in a variety of exercising purposes like athletics, musical training, balance training and for recreation among others. Tracing their use, over 60 years ago, these boards are excellent ways of enhancing body workouts especially for people who love skating, skiing, snowboarding and related sports. Just as the name itself, they are helpful for perfect balancing, whereby they consist of a stepping board and an unstable pivoting base.

Now, balancing is one of the important exercises. Having a solid board enhances adequate exercising, with minimal injury risks. Many sportspersons are finding balance boards great due to the ability to boost their muscles and general body strength. Regardless of the size and type of balance board, we can’t overlook their importance.

In connection to that, we have a list of the top 10 balance boards in 2022 reviews and a buying guide to ensure you get best of the best.

List of Top 10 Best Balance Boards in 2022 below:

10. Simply Fit Board Core Workout Balance Board

Simply Fit Board Core Workout Balance Board

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If you are looking perfect way to tone your muscles, this balance board from Simply Fit makes an excellent selection. It’s a uniquely created board with a curved design, unlike others which come with independent pivots which ensure easy balancing. As a result, this makes exercising with this board simple even for non-experienced. The design provides efficient training to maintain and strengthen your legs, abs and other muscles.

The ability of this device accommodates heavy weight gives it a thumb up. Amazingly, it can support up to 400 pounds while it weighs only 3 lbs. So, portability is superb as well as compact size for storage. Above all, the board is accompanied by workout instruction DVD hence no struggling. Therefore, it’s a great product for all body types.


  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Great product for all bodies
  • Ideal for heavy people


  • It gets scratches easily

9. Carrom Balance Board

Carrom Balance Board

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It’s time to switch from your current training method and get yourself a decent balance board. It’s not a complicated matter; Carrom balance board is the answer to your woes. Unlike other boards, this one features high-quality hardwood which is treated against damage by UV light. Further, the surface is designed to be anti-skidding which provides proper grip when training. This allows training without experiencing accidents due to unexpected slipping.

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With a vast range of usage, the board is ideal for kids above 13 years and adults. It provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn to balance without complications. Additionally, you can use it in a variety of styles such as when standing, kneeling or any other convenient position. It can manage weight up to 300 pounds, and some assembly is required. Carrom balance board is ideal for snowboarders, skaters, surfers and other sportspersons.


  • Indestructible wood construction
  • Perfect s anti-skidding surface
  • High weight support capacity
  • Elegantly looking


  • Comes with a big price tag

8. Vew-Do Flow Balance Board with a Roller

Vew-Do Flow Balance Board with a Roller

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Vew-Do Flow Balance Board is a great product for training like a pro. It’s not like any other board out there, the designing and strength makes it exceptional. Bearing sleek shape and vivid finish, there is no doubt the board will inspire your training. The device is ideal use by people who are in the intermediate riding levels s to sharpen their skills.

On the other hand, Vew-Do Flow boasts strong body constructed from high-quality materials to support weight range from 50-450 pounds. This makes a perfect choice for the family use as kids and adults can use it comfortably. When purchasing, it comes featuring flow deck and a roller. It provides an inspiring and soulful training for unmatchable full body conditioning.


  • Beautiful and strong deck
  • Great weight range for kids and adults
  • Versatile usability for the whole family


  • Leaves marks on the floor
  • A bit challenging

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7. Fitterfirst Bongo Balance Board

Fitterfirst Bongo Balance Board

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It is among the known products due to its high performance combined with durability. Fitterfirst bongo balance board is an exceptional product which training enthusiast should own. If you are especially a cyclist, skater or snowboarder, you will find this board useful as it considerably improves your general body balance. Designed from hard plastic, it means that board is hard to break while significantly cutting the overall weight.

Apart from improving the overall balance, working with this bongo board helps in the development of increased coordination and body responsiveness. At the bottom, it has a secured roller with plastic stoppers which guarantees controlled movement for the safety of the user. The surface is soft and skid-proof which allows comfort when training while colorful graffiti makes your exercising an appealing one. The bongo balance board is a perfect selection for ultimate balancing and core training.


  • Ideal for whole body workouts
  • Has plastic stoppers for safe training
  • Durable and lightweight construction plastic


  • Takes time before mastering it
  • A bit pricey

6. 5280 FITGENX 5 in 1 Wobble Balance Board

5280 FITGENX 5 in 1 Wobble Balance Board

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Having right balance board is enough to guarantee complete body workouts without a hassle. The 5280 FITGENX 5 in 1 Wobble Balance Board makes a great consideration when you are shopping for training equipment. The board aims at improving your arms, legs, abdomen and the core which brings ease of exercising direct to your house and in style. On the other hand, utilizing this board for your workouts ensures improved body coordination and balancing enhanced by the twisting motions.

For the structural strength, there is no doubt 5280 FITGENX balance board is durable and strong to withstand heavy usage. Its construction features highest quality materials to prevent s breaking. As a result, it can accommodate up to 400 pounds which are ideal for weighty people. Besides heavy duty construction, the board is lightweight and compact thereby easing storage as well as portability. It’s strong board which ensures that you get a full body workout quickly and easy.

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  • Strong non-breakable material
  • Perfect design for full body workouts
  • Lightweight and high portability


  • None

5. Rolo Balance Board Original -Training Package

Rolo Balance Board Original -Training Package

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It’s time to give your training some uplifts by acquiring this balance training board and get best results. The Rolo balance board is the ideal solution for people who like to improve body balancing as well as general coordination. Unlike many boards which come featuring plastic boards, this one is manufactured from maple hardwood which is sturdy and lightweight. For enhanced protection, it boasts a sleek, high-quality finish which renders the board extra durable.

For added convenience and performance, you can bet on this board since it comes boasting two rollers. They are robust and durable which allows the rider to experience rail to tail and nose to tail movements. The versatility of this balance board is commendable as it’s usable with either one or both rollers hence improving the versatility than any other balance board on the market. Above all, Rolo Balance Board is a great option for beginners and intermediate to train without tiring.


  • Sturdy and stylish design
  • Durable, versatile board and dual rollers
  • Beautiful and inspiring finish


  • Expensive than rivals

4. Revolution Balance Boards Core 32 Board

Revolution Balance Boards Core 32 Board

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For adequate balance training, Core 32 from Revolution balance boards will suit your working correctly. This equipment is superbly created to make sure that you have all the freedom needed to train effortlessly and safely. To ensure this, it is built from premium durable maple hardwood which is hard to break even when under extreme use. For added sturdiness, it also features incorporated composite materials which strengthen the board to support heavy weight without getting compromised.

Having it for your training brings freedom and agility unlike with other brands. This is because the board features an innovative design which enhances smooth roll control. The roller is great in ensuring that performing your tricks, kickflips, Shuvits and 360 flips are easy and secure. With perfect weight balancing, it renders this board an ideal training equipment one should own for added convenience when training. It’s ideal for use by intermediate and advanced level riders.


  • Highly flexible and freedom of control
  • Ideal for core training
  • Strong construction combination materials


  • Roller is sluggish

3. TheraBand Stability and Balance Trainer Board

TheraBand Stability and Balance Trainer Board

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Once you need a multifunctional balance board, TheraBand stability and balance trainer is your best companion. It is a premium and highly crafted board by experts to suit multifunctional activities. The board is great in ensuring that use achieves complete workouts due to the 30-degree deflection angle which allows it to provide balancing and core exercises comfortably when indoors. Unlike the heavy boards which are tiring and offers limited maneuverability, this one feature durable lightweight molded plastic which has anti-skidding properties on top for a comfortable experience.

Apart from offering ideal training platform for experts, TheraBrand balance board is ideal for people recovering from medical conditions. So, if you are recovering from surgery or injury, it’s a perfect for rehabilitation. To prevent severe movements like in other boards, it offers controlled movements on the reverse, forward and side balancing. Above all, this board incorporates sports specific activities for effective training.


  • Multifunctional utilization
  • Easy to master and use
  • Extra lightweight construction


  • Board is too small and weak than wooden ones

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2. Indo Board Balance Trainers Board with Roller

Indo Board Balance Trainers Board with Roller

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There are no doubts that training with this balance board from Indo Balance Trainers, you will get exceptional workouts and satisfying results. Featuring an authentic design, the board is one of its kind on the markets regarding construction and finish. Featuring large surface, it gives you a peace of mind hence perfect for all your workout needs.

Accompanying the board is a plastic roller which is indestructible which facilitates a variety of tricks without endangering your health. With the strong board and roller, the board offers best chance to improve balance, core strengthening, stability and lower body workouts. Instruction DVD comes together with the balance board, hence easy to train. The Indo balance board is repeatable and famous among many sportspersons; thus, you can join their league instead of buying knockoffs.


  • Heavy-duty, durable roller
  • Comes with training DVD instructions
  • Ideal for conducting workouts


  • Hefty priced
  • Challenging to newbies

1. Revolution Balance Boards 101 Trainer

balance boards

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Nothing is satisfying, like when having a reliable balance board which will not compromise your safety. The Revolution Balance Board 101 trainer is the training equipment you can get on the market. The idea behind its construction is to people who love skateboarding, snowboarding and other board sports to achieve outstanding balancing. Additionally, it’s a great piece of equipment when it comes to maintaining your body fitness. The board boosts your core, abdomen, lower body and other body muscles efficiently without a struggle.

The construction of this board allows it to be gentle on your feet when training. It has a Dura-soft top which is incorporated on bombproof 11 ply hardwood for extended durability. To add comfort, the roller is extra smooth to eliminate friction, vibration, and sound. Versatility is the key in this board as it is ideal for people of all ages including kids and adults as well as beginners and intermediate level riders.


  • Extra soft surface covering layer
  • Super durable and strong wood construction
  • Relatively cheaper than rivals


  • Not suitable for hard wood flooring

Factors to consider when buying balance boards

There are many things a buyer can look when buying a balance; but, we are going to look some of the most important ones.

Type of a board

Looking for the right balancing board ensures proper training without much hassle. On the market, we have over hundred types thus it becomes complicated to say which one is the best. However, these types can be lowered and bundled into 5 classifications which include;

  1. Rocker boards
  2. Wobble boards
  3. Sphere-and-ring boards
  4. Spring boards
  5. Rocker-roller boards

Each type in this category is suited to different type of training

  • Board design: The design of a balancing board is vital, and one needs to be careful when buying. Because of different requirements, these boards are created featuring various design. For people who want to concentrate on improving body balancing, muscle strengthening and healing an injury will use different balancing boards. This eliminates strains associated with using the wrong balance board.
  • The size of a balancing board: The size of a board goes hand in hand with the level of experience. A beginner will choose a device which will is a bit �stable’ to enable him to train without complications. The board should large and strong to withstand heavy utilizations and give enough control. Size also differs for experts depending on the type of the board.
  • Board Weight limit: Weight limit another essential requirement that a shopper should look when buying a balance board. If you have a board with low weight support, chances are it will easily break even if it hasn’t achieved recommended weight. With a board rated higher weight support, it is stronger thus hard to break.


With balance boards, we can say are vital in improving general body health besides enhancing body balance. Although many people might overlook them, they are absolute personal improvement equipment that everyone should have. They provide hassle free exercising direct in your home, unlike other training methods. Therefore, with either of the above products, it’s now easy to boost your training or rehabilitation with minimal risks.