Top 10 Best Bamboo & Wood Bed Trays for Serving Breakfast In 2021

There are many things you miss when staying in a hospital bed. These include enjoying your meals and being able to keep up to date with work assignments. But there is a solution out there, bed trays. These trays make taking breakfast and working on the bed more exquisite without sacrificing comfort. The design and quality of bed trays aren’t the same. That means the level of comfort differs from one-bed tray to another.

Making the right choice is quite crucial. However, this is a tricky process if you are making your first purchase. The good news is that we are here to make the whole experience less troublesome. Below, we look at some of the best bed trays you might want to give a try.

Table of the Best Bed Trays Reviews

10. Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk & Flip Top with Drawer

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This versatile bed tray is designed to double as a laptop desk or workstation. The desk is made of solid wood for durability. A walnut finish gives it a nice antique look. The top is divided into two portions. The large portion can be flipped up to hold your laptop in a perfect position. A wood retainer keeps the laptop from sliding off. There is a pull out drawer on one side to keep your items within easy reach. This desk has foldable legs, which let it collapse flat for space-saving storage and easy transportation.

9. Greenco Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Table

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This multifunctional table is solid and durable. It is made of natural bamboo to give a more beautiful look. The top of the table takes the form of a tray. Lips along the edges of the tray keep items from sliding off, especially when placed on the uneven surface. Built-in handles make it easy to carry the table. The legs can be folded flat to switch from a table to a serving tray. The table is easy to clean for easy maintenance.

8. Winsome Wood Bed Tray with Foldable Legs

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This is an oversized bed tray with a contemporary look. This tray is crafted of wood and finished with a dark espresso stain. It has carved handles that make it easy to pick. The tray sits on legs that widen at the base for increased stability. The legs are designed to fold into a compact, space-saving size that can be transported with ease.

7. Winsome Wood Sedona Bed Trays with Large Handle

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This is a traditional bed tray made of solid wood to give sturdy support and maximum durability. Nice curved sides add a cool design twist to this bed tray. The tray is enclosed on all sides so items don’t fall off. The large built-in handle makes it easy to pick up the tray. The legs fold to create a compact size that stores away easily. This tray has a walnut finish that gives a warm antique look. You can wipe with a damp cloth for easy cleanup.

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6. Sofia & Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray

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You can use this laptop bed tray for many different tasks, such as reading, eating, or gaming. The tray section fits laptops up to 18 inches and there is a slot to accommodate your smartphone device. The top is adjustable to position your laptop or computer at a comfortable angle. A stopper is integrated into the top to keep your laptop from sliding off when the top is in a tilted position. Foldable legs make this bed tray a portable workstation you can use anywhere. There is an integrated drawer to keep items secure and within easy reach. A low-profile design makes this bed tray easier to use from the comfort of your bed.

5. SONGMICS Bamboo Adjustable Bed Tray with Top Drawer

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The bamboo construction used on this laptop desk adds a natural traditional look to your space. It has a strong bearing to withstand a great amount of loading. This bed tray is built to give great convenience. It has a drawer unit for storage. A built-in magnet unit comes in handy to keep the drawer from rolling out. The top has two portions. The large portion is tiltable to give better viewing experience when reading or gaming. A wooden stopper holds your laptop or book in position at a tilted position. You can adjust the height and width of this laptop desk for additional comfort. The legs are foldable for increased portability and easy storage when not in use.

4. Winsome Wood Breakfast Bed Tray with Foldable Legs

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This bed tray is a real beauty with durability to match. It is made of solid wood and has plenty of usable space for use during parties. The surface of the tray is covered in a smooth, easy to clean melamine. The white finish of the melamine surface bends well with the natural wood grain finish on the frame and legs. Large built-in handles give a good grip when carrying the tray. The legs spread out at the base for increased stability. You choose to fold the legs for compact storage and easy portability.

3. HOMFA Bamboo Adjustable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray

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This is a bamboo bed tray that has a nice retro look. It feels more solid than a plastic laptop desk yet remains lightweight for easy portability. Apart from serving, the tray can be put under many uses, such as reading and eating. The top is divided into two sections where the larger section can be tilted to a comfortable viewing angle. The height of the desk can be adjusted for great convenience. A side drawer is included to help keep items within easy reach. The legs can be folded flat making transportation and storage much easier.

2. Winsome Wood Adjustable Lap Tray/Desk

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Winsome adjustable laptop tray makes light reading and writing less of a hassle. It is a lightweight wooden laptop tray with a natural wood grain finish. The surface of the tray is covered in melamine for easy cleanup and maximum durability. The top flips up as one piece to give a comfortable tilted position for reading and writing. Trim pieces enclose the tray on all sides to prevent items from sliding off. Carved handles make it easy to transport. The legs of the desk can be folded flat for compact storage.

1. Adjustable Bamboo Breakfast Serving Bed Trays

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This is a bamboo bed tray with an exquisite look. A subdivided top with one tiltable section means you can put it under many different uses. The tiltable section holds your laptop to 5 different positions. A wooden baffle keeps your laptop from falling off. A drawer is included to give a secure and convenient place for storage. The desk is adjustable both in width and height to give a comfortable position for eating and working. The legs can be locked or folded for added convenience during storage and transportation.

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