Top 10 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes in 2021 Reviews

I grew up in a neighborhood where riding bikes was our favorite hobby. There was nothing much to do since it was a suburban type of setting. Today we are going to check out the best beach cruiser bikes in the market. The best beach cruiser bikes can be used by children to elder individuals.  Not only are they fun and comfortable but they make a great way to exercise. You will be killing quite a number of birds with one stone. Moving around has never been this entertaining, not to mention convenient.

List of Top 10 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes in 2021 Reviews:

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Fito Anti-Rust & Light Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame, Modena II Alloy 7-Speed for Women 26″ Wheel… Buy on Amazon
Cycle Force Cruiser Bike, 26 inch wheels, 18 inch frame, Women’s Bike, Black Buy on Amazon
Retrospec Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser Buy on Amazon
Huffy 26″ Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike (Women’s, Gloss Blue) (Gloss Blue, Women’s) Buy on Amazon
Kent Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike, Mint Green/Silver Buy on Amazon
Schwinn Perla Women’s Cruiser Bicycle, Featuring 18-Inch Step-Through Steel Frame and 7-Speed… Buy on Amazon
Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike, 26-Inch, Blue Buy on Amazon
sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 7-speed, 26-Inch, Teal Blue with Black… Buy on Amazon
sixthreezero Women’s 1-Speed 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle, Scholar Cream w/Brown Seat/Grips Buy on Amazon
Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 24-Inch, Mint Green Buy on Amazon

Factors to consider when buying a beach cruiser bike:

Weight capacity of the bike: Some bikes can’t carry riders who exceed a certain weight limit. This is why you need to ensure your weight and the bike’s limit are compatible.

Terrain:  Before making your final decision, think about the kind of terrain you will be on. A single speed bike is best for smoother terrain, while multiple speed is best for rougher terrain.

Price: As with other products, some beach cruiser bikes will definitely cost more than others. You need to work with the price range that you can afford. However, expensively priced bikes tend to often be of better quality.

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10. Anti-Rust & Light Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame – Beach Cruiser Bike

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By: Fito Beach Cruiser Bikes

This beach cruiser bike is made using aluminum alloy. This is what makes the bike light. I would recommend it to women who are approximately 4’11” and 5’10” in height. The bike’s weight limit is about 200lbs. this 7-speed beach bike is worth every penny. The alloy rims and the twin-bolt stem are both made from an aluminum alloy as well. You won’t have to worry about issues such as rusting thanks to the kind of materials used. This bike will serve you for a long time without being exposed to such kinds of the tear.

When you make this purchase, you will get it when its 85% pre-assembled. The remaining parts for installation will include; the front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals. Make sure that the wheel, brakes, and gears also get some proper adjustment. If you have the knowledge required to assemble it fully, you can do so. However, taking the bike to a professional assembly service is the best recommendation.


  • The beach cruiser bike weighs about 32lbs.
  • The bike has 36 stainless steel silver spokes.

9. Cycle Force Cruiser Bike,26-Inch Wheels, 18 inch Frame

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By: Cycle Force

The cycle force beach cruiser bike is available in 5 different colors. The 5 color options are black, pink, blue, red and white. You don’t have to settle for something that you feel doesn’t suit you. Have fun with it and go for your favorite color. The frame and fork of the bike are both made of steel. This specific one in question has whitewall tires which are 26 x 2.125 inches in size. Thanks to this, the bike now has a cool vintage feel to it.

When it comes to brakes, you are also in great hands. You will love the bike’s smooth stopping power. The bike’s rear coaster break sees to that. The bonus items that come along with your purchase include a chain guard and custom decals.


  • This is a single speed beach cruiser bike.
  • It has a large spring saddle.

8. Critical Cycles Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser Bike

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By: Critical cycles Beach Cruiser Bikes

If you are looking for the best beach cruiser bikes for men, you need not look any further.
With critical cycles you’ll get exactly what you need. The frame has been constructed to have a classic appeal to it. It measures about 26 inches and the handle bars are designed to be high. The reason behind this is that it helps improve the rider’s posture. This is because he will constantly be riding in an upright position.

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This beach cruiser is a step ahead of its competitors. It will offer you exemplary shock absorption unlike its counterparts. Even the ride itself will feel softer. The main reason is because the frame is made of steel and is hand made as well.


  • The bike’s tires are wide.
  • The beach cruiser bike has a cushy saddle.

7. 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike – Beach Cruiser Bikes

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By: Huffy Beach Cruiser Bikes

Huffy offers a beach cruiser bike which has crème cruiser tires. The tires are about 26″ x 2.35″ inches in size. What makes this bike popular is its rim’s all-weather performance. You will have peace of mind even when you are not sure about the weather changing or not. The bike will also keep you dry thanks to its fenders. Most consumers love how it is also easy to handle.

Dual-density grips on the cruise handle bar were designed to help achieve this. I would recommend this for women who are still getting a handle on their riding. The way they handle the bike will be sure to improve.


  • The bike has a padded spring bike saddle seat.
  • The seat has embroidery.

6. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

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By: Northwoods Beach Cruiser Bikes

Northwood has just the bike for tall women. The beach cruiser bike is compatible with anyone whose 5.3 feet to 6 feet tall. This is definitely a cool looking bike and it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. You will definitely stand out from the others. The beach cruiser’s Shimano Rear Derailleur is also worth noting. The handlebar is Ergo fit steel and has twist shifters. I like the fact that it has custom-design cruiser tires. The Steel 36 Spoke Wheels are 26 inches in size.


  • This bike has a full cover chain guard.
  • The cruiser seat is quite comfortable.

5. Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26″ Wheels

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By: Schwinn

Schwinn has come up with a bike that will ensure your riding position, is always as recommended. From the beach cruiser bike’s frame to the fork, they were all designed to ensure that you are comfortable. This Schwinn bike is 7 speed and has some really quick shifters. The brakes it has guarantee you of sure stops. They are Alloy V brakes and are reliable.

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  • The bike has full fenders for weather protection.
  • The seat is padded, to soften the ride.

4. Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike – Beach Cruiser Bikes

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By: Kent Beach Cruiser Bikes

Your purchase will get you a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive train. This beach cruiser’s bike is definitely a high-quality tandem bike. It has a very durable frame which is also cruiser-style. You will find the stand-over heights are easy to access. You and your partner will surely have the time of your lives riding together. The saddles are spring gel and will be extremely cozy. It even has two water bottle holders.


  • The front frame is 18 inches.
  • The bike’s rear frame is 17 inches.

3. sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike

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By: sixthreezero Beach Cruiser Bikes

For those looking for a curvy beach cruiser bike, this is a great option. Riding around the neighborhood has never been this comfortable. Your shoulders and back will remain at ease all through. This is thanks to the upright riding style. The cruiser handle bar is wide enough and the great thing about it, is that it has foam grips.

It’s the kind of bike that can handle being ridden from short to long commutes. The 7-speed Shimano external hub makes it capable of that. Most users will acknowledge how cushioned the rides are. It was designed with large waffle tread tires to ensure that.


  • The components are black to make it stylish.
  • It has a rear rack.

2. sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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By: sixthreezero Beach Cruiser Bikes

Sixthreezero makes another appearance on our review. This specific one has a KT Coaster Brake and is a 1-speed steel frame cruiser. This beach cruiser bike is actually glossy cream in color. It has orange alloy rims which accent it nicely, not forgetting the Kenda white wall tires. The bike’s saddle comes in gentle brown and has complementary color stitching. You will also like the matching grips. The pedals are also very comfortable and are made of rubber block.


  • The frame is 17” in size.
  • It has wheels which are 26 inches.

1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle – Beach Cruiser Bikes

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By: Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bikes

Firmstrong offers the widest variety when it comes to beach cruiser bikes. From style to color, you can have a more personalized choice. The women the bike was designed for are those between 4 feet to 5 feet, 2 inches tall. For additional comfort, the bike’s seat was designed to be oversized. On top of that they also have dual springs. This 24” cruiser will offer you the most relaxed riding experience. It is very user friendly and easy to operate.


  • The bike is single speed.
  • This bike comes in mint green.

Buyer’s Guide:

Our top selection is the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. Its entire design is based on making the rider’s experience better than ever before. From ease of operation, cushioning, added comfort and reliable coaster brakes. It definitely deserves to be at the top, of the Top 10 Best beach cruiser bikes in 2021 Review.

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