Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers in 2017 Reviews

Beards are amazing, and they help improve your looks. Ask any man out there and they will tell you every good thing that beards bring. However, beards are only nice-looking if you know how to maintain them. When left unattended, beards can grow wildly and turn people off. Well, you surely don’t want to turn anyone off, do you? Then this editorial is for you. The best way to maintain good-looking beards is to trim them.

This is where a beard trimmer comes to play. Featuring powerful blades and motor, a beard trimmer will help you maintain great beards. Furthermore, a good number of them are versatile; thus, are also ideal for mustaches, goatees, head, and even the body. Some beard trimmers also have rechargeable batteries that last longer for ultimate convenience. Since getting the best one can be difficult, we bring you the following top 10 best beard trimmers in 2017 reviews.

10. Philips Norelco MG3750 Series 3000 Multigroom

This all-in-one trimmer comes with everything you need for ultimate convenience. It features tempered steel blades that are not just self-sharpen but also will not rust. Ideally, the 13 attachments include a full-size steel trimmer; 3 hair cutting guards; 1 stubble trimming guard; steel detailer; 3 beard trimming guards; nose and ear trimmer; and a storage bag. Moreover, this multigroom is protected by a 2-year warranty and comes with a 45-day risk-free trial.

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9. Remington 8 Pieces PG6025 Grooming Kit

The Remington 8-Piece PG6025 Grooming Kit gives you the opportunity to experience the power of precision with complete versatility. It is one of the best units to consider for great grooming results. The 8-piece set includes a full-size trimmer; a storage/travel pouch; foil shaver; ear, nose, and detail trimmer; three beard & stubble combs; and hair clipper comb with 8-length settings. Also, there is a rechargeable lithium battery that gives you up to sixty-five minutes of powerful, cordless runtime.

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8. Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer

Designed to last for ages, the Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer is equipped with a high-impact polycarbonate casing that helps protect its powerful and highly functional interior. Furthermore, this unit has a powerful motor that drives optimum power to the effective precision ground blades to ensure a 2X faster performance compared to the previous units from Remington. The 15-piece kit comes with blade oil and guards; length-adjusting combs; a beard brush & styling comb; and a storage pouch.

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7. Remington PG6171 11 Pieces Beard Trimmer

Have total control over how you look with the help of the Remington PG6171 Beard Trimmer. Boasting 3 hours of powerful, cordless runtime, this unit makes sure you get months of reliable trimming before you need a recharge. It is 100% waterproof, meaning you will be able to comfortably use it in the shower as well as clean it easily. The turbo mode allows you to power through even the thickest hair within a cinch. Trim your beard, mustache, and goatee with this versatile trimmer.

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6. Remington HC5550AM Beard Trimmer

Here are some of the reasons why you should go for the Remington HC5550AM. First, this unit boasts a pro power motor that delivers an outstanding cutting performance, which is twice as fast as most models in the same class. As if that is not enough, this trimmer has self-sharpening titanium-coated blades, which are efficient and worth relying on for noticeable results. The HC5550AM comes with 2 adjustable attachment combs to make sure you lack nothing.

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5. Philips Norelco QG3330/49 3100 Multigroom – Best Beard Trimmers

Are you looking for a functional tool to help you craft and maintain your look? Then the Philips Norelco QG3330/49 3100 Multigroom is for you. It is versatile; hence, you can use it for your head and face. Ideally, it has self-sharpening blades that are crafted from finely ground Chromium steel to ensure lifetime performance. It also features rounded blade tips and combs to help prevent skin irritation. The Philips Norelco QG3330/49 is backed by a full 2-year warranty.

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4. Pure Enrichment TRYM II Beard Trimmer

You will realize that most men prefer to hide their beard trimmers perhaps in drawers or hesitantly place them on the bathroom’s counter. Well, this needs to stop, as new models are now in town. One of these models is the Pure Enrichment TRYM II Beard Trimmer whose sleek, contemporary design makes you want to place it where everyone can notice it. The design is also ergonomic; thus, perfect for trimming beards, hair, body, and mustache.

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3. Remington MB4045A Beard Kit

Tame your face with the Remington MB4045A Beard Kit. Equipped with a powerful lithium battery, this unit has a cordless runtime of up to 120 minutes. It is also equipped with precision-cut blades as well as detail trimmer to make sure you have an easy time to deliver second-to-none results. Ideally, there is an XL grooming comb that keeps your full beard at an adorable length. You will also be able to create any signature you want; thanks to the unit’s length-adjusting combs.

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2. Wahl 9686 Grooming Kit

One great thing about this grooming kit from Wahl is that it comes equipped with precision stainless steel blades that stay sharp for a long period. Because of this, you will be able to rely on it to create various cuts for an extended period of time. It is a combination of a heavy-duty detailer, clipper, and trimmer. This means you will have everything for great grooming experience.

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1. Wahl Professional 8655-200 Clipper/Trimmer

Stylish and functional, the Wahl Professional 8655-200 Clipper/Trimmer should be a frontier for you. It is designed for professional use only, so expect it to deliver the sharp performance that professionals always demand. This trimmer comes with such accessories as red blade guard; 4 attachment comb cutting guides; instructions, cleaning brush, and oil. It also has a 7-foot professional-grade, chemical-resistant cord.

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Tame your beards with these highly functional beard trimmers. Equipped with self-sharpening blades, these units will get any trimming job done in no time. They come in different sizes and designs, meaning there is something for everyone. With them, you will be able to trim your beards, head, mustache, and body. Therefore, be sure to get one today.

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