Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in 2020

If you are a music lover and true athlete searching for the most comfortable headphones for your exercising routine, here are the top 10 headsets that hit the best-selling, so you should look at them. Imagine wearing the most comfortable Bluetooth headsets and the feel the beat of high quality sounds, would it make your intense work out such a satisfying job? Yes, it does. Absolutely!

Hence, we want to help you choose what you really need in your daily running or other sport activities. Below is the information of the best headphones from various brands. Let’s have a look.

List Of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in 2020

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Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof Wireless headphones, Bass+ HD Stereo Wireless… Buy on Amazon
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo… Buy on Amazon
LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Sport Earphones, HiFi Bass Stereo… Buy on Amazon
Avantree HS134 Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds for Small Ears Canals with Mic for PC Cellphones, Super… Buy on Amazon
MULTITED MX10 Wireless Headphones iPhone Bluetooth Earbuds – Designed for Running and Sport Workouts… Buy on Amazon

10. Letsfit

First, let’s take a look at this best bass headphone which is the perfect choice for gym running or workout time. IPLX7 is well-designed to be a pair of waterproof headphones that is sweat-resistant. With the modern technology of noise cancellation, this headphone works great at preventing any disturbance from outside environment. Also, this one comes with various sizes of ear tips, so that there are options for you to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Additionally, long life battery is one of the special points of this headphone. After charging for 2 hours, the battery can be used up to 8 hours. Moreover, the remaining percentage of the battery can be seen on the phone display. What is so special about IPX7 is that it produces high quality sounds, so you can enjoy with nice music for long without feeling distracted. Furthermore, the Bluetooth is very easy to connect to other devices.

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9. POP Design

With POP design, you almost forget that you are wearing headphones because they are so comfortable and impartially light. Moreover, featuring high quality sound, you can feel the beat of music with perfect smooth audio all day. Never forget about its long lasting battery life that allows you to use them up to 8 hours. It is not only durable and affordable, but also compatible with various types of devices.

Plus, it is featured with a strong 30ft connection distance. Thanks to its neckband that could keep the headphone safe on your shoulder even you make the hard move like running or do pushing up. Additionally, this set provides a lot of extra things, including a beautiful case, a cord manager, and 18 of gel flex earbuds that coming with 3 different sizes and colors (green, red, and black). Its waterproof and high-fidelity acoustic system allow you to feel the deep bass too. Also, with noise reduction technology, clear sound is delivered without the any interference.

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Any exercises would be more fun with this best Bluetooth headset. This one comes with high level of water and sweat resistant. Thus, TOZO headphone is best option for sporting. A single battery charge offers you 3.5 hours of playtime. This one seems to different from previous products because of its charging case that allow for wireless charging, so that it is more convenient way in case the headphone run out of battery along the way. TOZO T10 is equipped with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound quality, so that the sound transmission is so stable with great bass. Also, its Bluetooth connection is so fast.

And more, its waterproof system allows you to wash the earbuds and its base as well. Besides, it is supper stylish, light-weight and comfy, so that you can wear them on without feeling any burden. This headphone works effectively in reducing the unwanted sounds. With its technology innovation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it will give you the best natural in-call stereo sound.

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If you are a music lover searching for best Bluetooth headphone that allows you to feel the real world of music everywhere even in the loud area, PASONOMI will be your great friend. Built with Hi-Fi sound system, the excellent sound quality is what you get whenever the earbuds is turn on. Its one-step pairing technology enables fast pairing and easy connection. Moreover, the long life battery is what you will experience with this wireless earbuds. The charging case provides flexible charging methods. The earbuds will be charged automatically once you place it in the case. Also, this case can also be used to charge the phone as well.

Amazingly, the headphone can work up to 60 hours if it is charged fully. Featuring well-equipped water protection, the Bluetooth headsets still work fine when it is accidentally soaked in water and sweat. It would be the best option for doing sports, travelling, or gifting someone.

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6. Phaiser

This is another great performance headphone with the built-in microphone. With this function, picking up phone calls with the headsets is possible anytime. The music will be paused automatically whenever there is a call coming in, and be resumed again when you end the call. Also, the phone numbers will be read out for you through the headsets. Its HD sound comes with the Bluetooth 4.1 and 10mm speakers that together they produce such perfect bass for better listening experiences.

Similarly, like the previous products, this one is designed to be free from water damage. Under the sweaty and rainy situation, Phaiser headphone still can comfort you with smooth soundtracks. Plus, the waterproof system durability is guaranteed, and the battery life is workable for 11 hours per one time charging.

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5. Mpow

Mpow headphone would offer listeners superb sounds of music. This is the most comfortable wireless in-ear headphone with its lightweight. The ears hook function effectively in securing the headphone from falling down, keeping the headphones in place firmly, and making you feel more confident in running, jogging, etc. The package provides additional ear tips and cord clip for different sizes of your regular fit. With only 1.5-hour of charging time, the battery life can stay up to 7-9 hours.

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More, it can be paired quickly with easy step to smartphones or others MP3 players. Designed with a stylish look, perfect soundtrack and deep bass provided, and IPX7 waterproof protection system, Mpow Flame is the best recommendation.

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Here, we want to introduce to the best wireless sport earphone from SENSO that offer you the true feelings of music. This one features the advanced technology Bluetooth 4.1 that provide impressive sounds with powerful bass and smooth high-pitched. It comes with attractive designed that cares about the safety and comfy of the listeners. Thus, thanks to is elastic ear hooks that featuring with gel Flex silicone earbuds. The headphone is guaranteed to stay firmly in place even when you are performing fast movements.

The battery life is up to 8 hours if you use it continually, and it can stay connected with devices’ Bluetooth up to 30ft. What is more, the noise suppression technology helps to add more enjoyment of your music without distraction from any external vibration. And with a 1 year warranty, there is nothing to concern about purchasing this one.

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Let’s enjoy with your favorite melody with LETSCOM headphone. Coming with waterproof and noise cancellation system, your intense exercises under sweaty condition is not the problem anymore. Nothing can hold you back with this amazing Bluetooth headsets. It works out well in delivering incredible sound quality in every high and low volume. Thus, any types of music are all suitable with LETSCOM. Making calls during busy day is also possible. The voices are ensured to be super clear and smooth.

2 hours charging give you the long audio playtime of up to 8 hours. More, this one is very secure to wear in any circumstance, and comfortable all day long with its lightweight, soft ear hooks, and gel ear tips elements.

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2. Avantree

Workout, gym, cycling, hiking, or any training is going to be more enjoyable with the support from the Avantree HS134 Sport Headphone. With Bluetooth capacity of 5.0 and IPX7 Waterproof property, music world is there for you. These mini size earbuds offer you highly comfy feeling like not wearing headphone at all. It gives you no or less burden. Its cable clip is used to adjust the length of the headsets. Also, Avantree includes different 3 sizes of ear loops offering comfortable plugs in your ears.

There is a controlling button for a more convenient use in adjusting the volume, changing the music, or answering the calls in just one click. The battery life can stay up to 10 hours if you use it for talking on phone, and up to 9 hours for audio playing.

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1. MultiTed

MultiTed produces great sounds for the best work out. Let’s push yourself to the max of intense exercise while feeling the beats of the extreme sound of music from MultiTed MX10 Bluetooth headphone. Featuring with the CVC 6.0 noise cancelling and IPX7 waterproof, real world of music is all what you get. This headphone is compatible with apple iPhone, Android Phone, and many others model of MP3 players.

Its long-lasting durability is surely guaranteed, and its battery power lasts up to 10 hours. Plus, it is designed to make it easier for you when receiving calls with its built-in microphone. MultiTed package provides you a lot of additional accessories. A 1-year warranty is included.

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In conclusion, as we listed 10 best Bluetooth headphones, we believe that each product descriptions will assist you in finding the most favorable pair for your needs. With different designs, highly practical functions, affordable price, and warranty of each headphone, any of these picks will serve you well. Get yours soon.

In addition to making sure that the headphone is of high quality and can produce great sounds, there are a few other main factors you should look into when shopping for the best Bluetooth headphones for running as well. Read more below.

Waterproof: It is a no brainer that the headphones should be waterproof. Being waterproof, you can run with peace of mind knowing that the headphones will not be damaged when you sweat or when it rains.

Earhooks: It is recommended that you should get a pair of headphones that has earhooks if you run fast. With earhooks, it ensures that the headphones stay put and firm in your ears, and that they won’t fall off.

Noise cancellation: When we’re running, we run pass all sorts of noise; car honks, people chattering, etc. Hence, your headphones should be able to cancel the outside noise in order to let you enjoy your music.

Battery Life: Most headphones come with a rechargeable battery. When the battery is charged fully using a certain duration, it is offer a certain duration of playtime as well. Opt for a pair that has a battery life which offers the duration of audio play time you need.

Connectivity to Other Devices: These headphones can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity works between a certain distance range. So, keep that in mind. Check if the pairing can be done fast according to your preference. And, check if you need a pair of headphones that comes with a microphone so that they enable you to pick up incoming calls.

Number of ear tips: Some headphones come with plenty of ear tips for you to choose. Not all ear tips are comfortable in your ears. So, the more ear tips there are, the better it is. On a side note, flex silicone earbuds are the kind of earbuds that provide great comfort for the user.

Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only – Read More

Coming in black, blue, green, and red, these wireless headphones is perfect for workout sessions. It keeps you accompanied while running or gym as you get to enjoy 5 hours of continuous music. Talking about quality, it is top-notch. This pair of Bluetooth headphones for running is specially designed with ceramic antenna that can improve signal strength and help prevent outside noise and enable clearer microphone sound. Furthermore, it is easy and fast to pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Tip: you can put the earphone around your necklace when you do not need to use them. It is convenient if you want to carry them around.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

What about a Bluetooth headphone like SENSO? Surprisingly, it is only 0.2 ounces. Moreover, it produces an absolutely amazing sound, so that you can really enjoy and relax while working out. To ensure the quality and convenience, this product is designed with a flexible ear hook. Runners like you will not regret owning one! And, if you happen to go to a crowded environment of loud noises, this headphone will block noise from the outside and calm you down with the good sound quality it produces.

VAVA MOOV Wireless Sports Earphones

Do you want to be entertained while jogging, running or working out? This product sure is the best choice for you. The design of this wireless earbuds is magnificent as it is IPX5 Splash proof Build. You do not have to worry even if you are sweating or running under light rain. Moreover, it can be used up to 8 hours only after 2 hours charging. It withstands wear and tear. It sure meets your expectation.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The next best Bluetooth headphone for running is the Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. Sony company has built up this model of headphone, especially for the sports and music lovers. It is available in variety of colors include black, pink, yellow or white. Moreover; the wireless can automatically connect to your mobile phone or any type of electronic devices.

It truly provides you high quality sound. It likewise comes with noise canceling feature. What is more, this earphone is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry while you’re passing through the rain or getting sweat. Indeed, it has a speedy Bluetooth connection that directly to your smartphone just a few seconds. The quality of its battery is also noticeable which can play out for more than 9 hours per full battery life.

2020 Top Quality Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

You wouldn’t feel any regret choosing this 2020 Top Quality Wireless Bluetooth Headphones if you love doing exercise and listen to music at the same time. This best headphones for bass have a portable structure which can be folded into a small piece for easily storing. Its capacity does not limit to any model of phone or electric devices.

Instead, it offers you a worldwide wireless user that can connect to smartphone in a very short time. 
This is the best earbuds since you can enjoy your favorite song and doing exercise at one time with your hand free. The earbuds are additionally equipped with a soft material that cause no any harm or hurt your ears. It is safe to use as well.

Rowkin Bit Stereo w/earhooks Wireless Earbuds

Next, let us introduce to you this Rowkin Bit Stereo w/earhooks Wireless Earbuds. This best bass wireless headphones appear to be the most useful earphone with super great quality and its multiple functions. In terms of its quality, it is built with water resistant feature which makes sweating not a problem.

It is additionally constructed with a tough and durable battery life along with a foldable charger to make your carrying much easier. Its battery life allows you to play music for more than 3 hours. Moreover, the sound quality is clear and smooth, and also it would not allow other noisy sounds to distract you with its noise cancelling function. 

Besides listening to music, this headphone lets you receive phone calls with auto disconnecting your music. Lastly, it is capable of connecting with all devices including iPhone, Samsung, laptop or smart TV.

MRtech S500 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

When we’re talking about the best running headphone that is durable, water-resistant and has the capacity to play music for long hours, we think of this MRtech S500 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones. This best headphone for running has a strong connectivity with 4.1 Bluetooth speed that can connect with any type of electronic devices, regardless of the model. And also, the connection is effective for more than 10 matters far. Plus, it can play up to 8 hours per single charge.

Crazybaby Air Nano True Wireless in-Ear

Crazybaby Air Nano True Wireless in-Ear is another favorite and best running headphone for us. This model of earbuds comes in many colors for your choice. The colors that are available include black, pink, purple, atlantic green, blue, and more. More than that, with only a small pocket can be fitted with the size of these earphones since these are designed with a foldable feature.

Bluetooth speed of this earphone is 5.0, a strong and stable connectivity. The operation is quite simple and easy to control. The duration to playback the music is in between 8 to 12 hours. And, it also comes with waterproof function too.

Jaybird X3 in-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

Next, we have this Jaybird X3 in-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones. The sort of battery that powers this earphone is likewise reliable and tough. Furthermore, to make you feel entertained with your most loved music, this earphone has outlined with a fantastic material that can convey you a great sound, smooth and clear. This best running headphone allows you to set on the level of sound based on your preference. It is the most convenient earphone to wear.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

The last and best headphone for running is this Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones. The features of this earbuds are similar to the previously mentioned. It is made with the waterproof function that can keep the headphone dry always and can be used for a long time. Moreover, the weight is super light, so you’ll feel comfortable to wear and carry the headphones. You will sure love these goodies.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Running Headphones

Second on the list, here is another stunning pair of wireless ear buds waiting for you. So far, this is the most comfy and lightweight wireless earbuds of Mpow as it is made of premium light and soft materials. Hence, it weighs only 0.46 oz! Not to mention, the design is fabulous. It has a soft silicone ear hooks to keeps it in place even if you are running or jogging.

Additionally, it can connect to any Bluetooth devices within 33 feet. Besides, it can switch between music and call! It can do more than you expected, so you will be impressed.

Note: the product is has a 18-month warranty.

Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

Another shinny headphones for a good runner like you. The product comes in pink, black, blue, and green and it comes with a Nano-coating sweat proof technology. This pair of Bluetooth headphones for running can prevent sweat as you exercise or gym. The product is designed to be stable and comfortable for you as a user to experience this perfect headphone.

In addition, it is known to be light as feather and it is very flexible so that it can help you feel more relax. More than just listening to music, this wireless headphone also receives call. The price is also excellent, and this is just perfect for you!

Otium Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic

The Otium Wireless Sports Earphones is not only waterproof; it has perfect ear tips ranging from small to large sizes. So, you can have a wonderful journey despite any activities you are in. With the most modern design, even when you are in a very noisy environment, these wireless headphones will help filters out background noise. You really shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones with Mic

Do you sweat a lot while you are running? Choose this Hussar Magicbuds wireless earphone to solve the problem. That is because these most comfortable headphones are made of premium soft smooth silicone gel surface that is sweat proof. What’s more, it also reduces outside noise so that you can focus on listening to your favorite music while running.

It has superior sound, which is crystal clear and perfect with a heavy bass beat. With such incredible design, this pair of waterproof Bluetooth headphones will definitely meet your needs.

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Here is the most favorable wireless Bluetooth earbuds in store. These wireless earbuds from SoundPEATS have a special design for ear hooks that prevent ear buds from falling out while you are running. Plus, the product is only 0.64 ounces, and it is sweat resistant. With this simple design, the product is actually a very unique and durable item for a good runner like you.

Not only with a perfect sound that runs in your ears, these most durable earbuds are absolutely comfortable in whatever activities you are doing. Build your lively and amazing lifestyle while you are running with this soundPEATs wireless headphone.

GLOUE Headphones, Wireless Earphones Stereo

GLOUE Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earphones Stereo is a stand-out Bluetooth headphone brand that can bring the most joyful moment for the runners. These earbuds are capable of delivering you the high quality of sound with noise restriction feature that allows you to stay focused and be free from all the disturbing sounds. Indeed, this wireless headphone for running comes in a very lightweight. Therefore, it doesn’t put much weight on your bag.

And also, you would feel comfortable rather than pressured around your head or ear when you’re wearing it on. Aside from that, it is built out with a durable quality of battery which can be able to use more than 5 to 6 hours. It uses a rechargeable battery that would take only 1 to 2 hours to fully charge. 

With the advanced technology, this headphone is made with V4.2 which is the latest innovation of Bluetooth. It offers you many functions which you can connect to a variety of smartphones.

Bluetooth Headphones, VISMERA

Our next favorite are the Bluetooth Headphones by VISMERA. This best headphones for bass look so cool with the design of aluminum color. It is a well-made headphone that comes with a speedy Bluetooth of 4.1 which allows you to easily connect to either TV, smartphone or your laptop. In addition, it has a special capability in noise reduction and can provide you high quality, smooth, and clear sound to enjoy your favorite music. This headphone uses only high standard of materials that is soft and convenient to wear all day long.
It has a very lightweight, and the battery’s quality is built for long lasting use. Furthermore, its battery life has a high performance which can serve you for more than 8 hours and can standby for almost 175 hours.

Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With this Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Losei, you will never lose your cool even while you’re doing exercise. This best around the neck bluetooth headphones has a brilliant design that looks so fashionable. It is built in with few noticeable features. The first one is its waterproof capacity. It can guarantee that the earbuds stay dry though you are sweating or running during the rainy season.

More than that, the strong wireless allows you to run with hands free, and you can even receive phone calls as well. Another feature is its ability to restrict the external noisy sound when you are at a crowded place.

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