Top 10 Best Buffet Servers in 2020 – Review and Guides

When serving guests at parties or events, food is what’s most important. The food presented need to be delicious; and for certain foods, they need to be well presented and served hot. That’s when buffet servers come in. Buffet servers are life-savers for hosts; and we all have to own good quality buffet servers at our home.

Hence, with plenty of choices available on today’s market, in order to make your selection hassle-free, let our team help you. We have done our research day in and day out, and we have broken down the best buffet servers of the year. Whatever your needs are, you will find the right buffet server in our list below.

List Of Top 10 Best Buffet Servers in 2020

10. Tru

If you need/want a top rated buffet server of 3 inserts, you should consider this pick from Tru. The 3 inserts of this buffet server comes in the size of 2-1/2 quart. Their heat are controlled independently. There are 3 heat settings built in as well. Those include, warm, low and high. Materials used are rust-free, too, so this guy really will serve you for quite a long time.

With 3 inserts, you can cook many dishes easily. The buffet server consumes the power of 420 watts. For the user’s safety and ease in transporting the item, cool, safe-to-touch handles are attached. With every purchase, you will get glass lifs, lid rest and spoons for free as well. And, it is simple to clean the item as well since all parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

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9. Giantex


Giantex has been long reputable for the quality kitchen appliances they produce. This Giantex buffet server features a tough glass great for durability and warming food. Multiple dishes can be placed on this guy. The buffer server features a modern look which is appealing when placed on just about any table counter.

This size is ideal for serving a family meal. As of energy-efficiency, this one intelligently sets its heat to 266℉ to heat the food properly and climb down to 212℉ by itself to warm it. And, for your safety, it is featured with overheat protection as well. In terms of craftsmanship, the glass is tough and there are stainless steel accents to protect the edges.

The handles are always cool, letting you touch them safely. That also eases maneuverability. The red light indicator lets you know when the item is powered and working. Get yours and just be ready to serve dazzling buffets with this baby.

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8. NutriChef

Another well reviewed triple buffet server is from NutriChef. This one is also suitable for all kinds of occasions. The food serving containers are removable. It is nice looking without sacrificing on durability. You can control the temperature using the rotary control equipped. Be noted that its highest heat is at 175℉. And, better than most buffet servers out there, this one operates quietly.

This buffet server is also stain-free. The socket’s power is of 120 V. To transport, you can make use to its handles; plus, this one has a lightweight. It is not too big; so it won’t take up to much space to store. Clean up can be done in a snap. Prep and serve conveniently with NutriChef.

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7. SuperDeal

Next, we have SuperDeal. This buffet server provides quite a decent serving plate of 8 quarts capacity. It comes in a universal size. It is well-made from stainless steel. Even used everyday, the buffet server will still hold up well. It looks classic yet not boring. To impress guests, this top quality buffet server features a mirror finish on its body and lid. And, the stainless steel used is anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

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Clean up is easy thanks to the rounded corners. The handles are handy and always cool to touch. These guys can be stacked onto each other, so that saves a lot of space in your kitchen. This one is a buffet server set; so with just a purchase, you will be really to serve glorious buffets. The set includes a buffet server, water pan, frame, lid, food pan and 2 fuel burners.

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6. Elite Platinum

If you look to replace your old buffet server, check out this pick from Elite Platinum. This one has a serving size of 2.5 quarts. The material chosen is stainless steel. It is coated with enamel for added durability. The size of it is not too big or too small; suitable for just about any kitchen.As you can see, there are 3 inserts with 3 clear lids provided. The temperature is certainly adjustable and easy to control.

The power it consumes is 200 watts. There is a 7.5 quart capacity for the stainless steel pan. The handles are made from silicone, which are convenient to carry. And, featuring a light indicator, you will always know whether the buffet server is on.

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5. ZenChef

This buffet server are durable stainless steel buffet servers that come with the serving size of 8 quarts. They are ideal for all sorts of occasions. Being design-led, the chafer of this buffet server can hold its lid upright for the eater’s added convenience. The handles equipped are light and easy to carry. Thanks to its beleved legs, this buffet server is very stable to stand on its own, too. To keep food warm for as long as you’d like, you will find that there are 2 fuel burners on the bottom tray.

The mirror finish gives the item an elegant touch. This guy comes in different package quantity that you can choose. Those include 2, 4, 6 and 8. And, these are all stackable on top of each other to save space. Stock up on these buffet servers, and be ready to host the next buffet party hassle-free and in style.

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4. Party Essentials

This is a great option if you are looking for a big set of buffet serving tools because this option includes 33 pieces of them (serving utensils and chafing kits). The forks, tongs, spoons and pans provided are disposable. There are pans made from aluminum as well.

The gel fuel cans that come with the kit are capable of burning for about 2 hours. They have about 190 g of fuel in them. Noticeably, this kit is also offered at a great price and great value. If you get the kit, you’ll love it since the very first use.

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3. Oster

Add a refined appeal and professionalism at your next buffet serving event with Oster. This affordable buffet server provides the serving size of 2.5 quarts. They are great at keeping food hot and well-presented at all occasions. It comes with 3 food plate inserts; each measure 20 inches x 13 inches. As of the item’s durability, material chosen if stainless steel. There are clear lids, and nice handles, too. The lids are great at entrapping moisture and heat.

The temperature rotary lets you control the heat with ease (low, medium and high). The handles are always cool-to-touch for the user’s safety. And, be noted that the lids and pans can be tossed into the dishwasher for cleaning. And, overall, clean up is an easy task.

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2. Serve-Rite

Serve right with Serve-Rite! This buffet server set from them ranks among the best for plenty of its desirable features, but we’ll keep it short to just the main features since you have known a lot about the best buffet servers already. This set is available in 2 size options: foldaway and standard. They comes in 2 package quantity options as well: 8 piece and 30 piece. The material chosen is durable and made of stainless steel. Each set includes wire racks (chrome plated), water pans, pans and lids, serving spoons, forks, and serving tongs.

The set is suitable to use in all events. In short, if you are looking for more quantities of chafing buffet set on a budget, this option is probably the best one out there.

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1. Cooper

Cooper is an excellent option for those who adore copper kitchenware. This one is different from other 9 buffet servers mainly because of its appearance as this one is a skillet. Yet, this is not your ordinary skillet. This one comes with a heat control thermostat that you can set according to your needs and different meal heat needs. This thermostat can be detached. Featuring a glass lid, the buffet server can have all the flavors and nutrients well-kept.

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It may look small, but you cannot underestimate its capacity. But, be noted that this size is more suiting for serving s family-sized meals rather than serving a lot of guests. The buffet server has a serving size of 6 bug chicken breasts at once. And, clean up is made easy because this skillet is non-stick. Plus, being non-stick, that means it uses less oil for a healthier cooking, too. 2 sizes are available: 12” and 16”.

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These picks above are the top 10 best buffet servers in 2020. We are fond of them for their high functionality, desirable quality, durability and the convenience they provide. So, now it’s time to feast your eyes at some handy buying guides you should bear in mind when you are about to select a buffet server best suited for your needs.

Size: Always opt for a buffet server in a size that you need. You need to decide whether you need to use the buffet server for a small family, big family or plenty of guests. The bigger the buffet server, the heavier it is as well. So, make sure you know how to transport it.

Quantity of Utensils: Most buffet servers come in a set. Know in advance the things you’ll need. Those include chafers, pans, lids, spoons, forks, wire racks, fuel burners, etc. So, determine your needs first before shopping.

Handle: When serving buffet meals, it can get really hectic. So, for your convenience, you may want to get a buffet server that comes with a handle. This handle should be safe-to-touch. With handles, clean up and transporting the buffet server are made simpler, too.

Heat Control: Almost all high quality buffet servers let you heat the food with their built-in temperature control. So, check whether the heat can be controlled easily, the number of heat options (low to high), and how long the burners can last (if the buffet servers use burners).

Cleaning: Lastly, after all the fun, there comes the cleaning time. Non-stick materials make clean up easier. It’s even better if the parts are anti-rust or/and anti-corrosion and if the parts can be washed in the dish-washer.


Allow your food to stay warm without the need to cook it further with these buffet warmers. They are absolutely essential during special occasions to keep your guests satisfied.  Enhance your next catered event with one of these top 10 best buffet servers in 2020. It’s a convenient and elegant way to serve large gatherings, events, buffets, and self-serve settings. Pick yours soon.

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It’s important to serve your guests with warm delicious meal.  Some particular food is served when hot or need to be warm; that is when buffet servers come to play. Since, there are countless kitchen equipment products out there to keep your food warm, it is not easy to find the right one for your needs. Therefore, this article will guide you through the top 10 best buffet servers in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Buffet Servers in 2020

10. TRU Triple Buffet Server with 3 1-1/2-Quart Oval

TRU Triple buffet server comes with three 1.5 qt. oval removable inserts, suitable for small family gathering. Each one has its own independent heat control, from low to high heat. Further than that, it features built-in lid rests to minimize clutter on your counter top as well as safe serving.

With this triple slow cooker, your versatility in meal preparation will be increased. And, it will always look good while display in any kitchen. It comes in a stainless steel finish.

9. Super Deal Pack of 6 Stainless Steel Buffet Warmer

Super Deal commercial round chafer reduces the amount of storage needed. It has an overall size of 16”L x 13.2′ ‘W x 11’ ‘H. Combined with an attractive design, it will hold and warm your food, keeping it ready to serve at banquet tables, buffet counters and other event. The mirror finished is shimmer in the ambient lighting of your venue. Plus, the high quality finish, the chafer allows you to present your dishes with class.

Technically, the elevated shelf positions heat close to the water pan, maintaining your food’s temperature for hours. It also minimizes the exposure to the flame, ensuring safety.

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8. Nostalgia TSC15 Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Server

Next on the list is, Nostalgia TSC15 Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Server. It’s smartly designed for your convenience with its smartly designed built-in lid rests and spoon rests. Also, it makes serving hassle and mess free. You can easily refill each ceramic cooking (1.5 quart) as it can be removed and makes cleanup easy as well. Three individual cooking dials control on each pot allow you to set the perfect temperature.

Other features are the cool-touch knobs and handles, stylish copper accents and clear tempered glass lids for easy viewing of your dishes.

7. NutriChef Hot Plate Food Warmer & Buffet Server

The NutriChef PKBFWM21 Food Warmer & Buffet Server provides convenient and hassle-free food prep ability. It also provides flexible usage with its 2 in 1 feature, it can be used as a buffet food warmer to prep food or remove the sectional warming trays to use it as a hot plate. This is an electric food warmer; it’s very easy to use. Just simply plug in the buffet server, place food into each warming trays and adjust the temperature to the desire heat (Temperature adjustments from 140F to 175F).

Keep the food warm by covering the trays with included lids. The stainless steel tray is easy to transport with its convenient handles, and easy cleaning.

6. Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer with Glass Lid

This heavy duty 4 quart buffer chafer from Artisan guarantees to maintain proper food temperature for the best cuisine. By placing your heat source in the fuel holder, and fill the lower pan (for evenly distribute heat) and place your food in the pan. It is made with stainless steel therefore; it has superior strength and corrosion resistance.

This chafer keeps food warm with a large pan and transparent lid with a steam release vent on top. This pack includes the welded rack, cover, water pan, food pan, and fuel holder measuring 13 inches in diameter and 10.25 inches tall.

5. Chefman Electric Warming Tray

Chefman electric warming tray has an adjustable temperature control for quick heat up and the fuse of overheating. So, you can keep your food warm throughout the day with this family size warming surface tray (21”x16”). With its size, it allows fitting several dishes at once and is suitable for family dinner, or any big parties.

For convenient transport and safety, cool touch aluminum handles are attached. It has a sleek space saving design with black tempered glass top and stainless steel looks. Plus, the revolutionary glass plate design makes cleaning a breeze.

4. TigerChef 8 Quart Full Size Stainless Steel Chafer

TigerCheft8 buffer console constructed of stainless steel with a mirror satin finished and is NSF certified .The foldable frame provides an easier way to store and is also easy to set up, as well as saving the storage space. It comes in a complete set, consist a water pan, a full size pan, a lid with a plastic cool-touch handle, 2 chafing fuel holders with lids, and even 6 chafing fuel gels with 3 stainless steel serving spoons. It is capable of holding large amounts of foods (21″L x 12 7/8″ W x 2 1/4″ H), which is perfect for events.

3. NutriChef 3 Tray Buffet Server & Hot Plate Food Warmer

This kitchen server has 3 pots, each one is 3.5 quart. With this tray food warmer, your guests will never know when the food was made. The stainless steel construction of the product provides durability, and its quiet operations makes food preparing and serving mess free. It is also stain resistant and easy to clean. For serving, just place on the removable containers and plug it in (120V socket).

This product features a rotary control temperature setting with maximum temperature of 175 °F. It equipped with carry handles and lightweight easy to transport.Top of Form

2. Cuisinart 7BSRT-31 Classic Entertaining Collection

Cuisinart offers you to serve food in a rectangular 5 quart which is the perfect size for entrees and desserts for a crowd. The pan length including the handles is 16 1/2″. It is 3″ high and 11″ wide. The cooking surface does not discolor, react with food, or alter flavor. It has solid stainless steel riveted handless stay cool on the stovetop, eliminates hot spots.

The aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly with tight fitting stainless steel covers seal in moisture and nutrients. You can keep your food warm with tea lights keep food warm and a glass lid keeps it fresh

1. Oster CKSTBSTW00 Buffet Server

Ideal for those who love to entertain, this convenient Oster buffet server makes a great party entertainment.  The products provides three separate 2-1/2-quart buffet pans, allows keeping up to three different dishes warm at the same time. Three dome-shaped transparent lids come included to trap in heat and moisture, each with a grip indentation on top for removal.

For added versatility, the stainless steel base with its 20 by 13 inch heating surface works well as a stand-alone warming tray for appetizers, side dishes, and more. It also features, variable heat control and power indicator light. Lastly, it’s a dishwasher safe buffet pans.

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