Top 10 Best Car Plug-in Air Purifiers in 2020

Car plug-in air purifiers just like those for house use are vital in keeping the air clean. They are compact but useful gadgets which are reliable in the elimination of odor, alleges, pollens and other pollutants. However, although air purifiers are great for keeping the air in the vehicle clean, they aren’t effective in capturing viruses and bacteria. But they are ideal to have to ensure quality breathing air.

Now, with a plug-in car air purifier, the menace of poor quality air is over. And, unlike the large household purifiers, these are compact and consume less power. You only need to have a cigarette lighter port to plug these devices. Now to buy a good and reliable purifier, one needs to have the correct information regarding which one will suit their needs. Below we have to 10 best car plug-in air purifiers and a buying guide.

What to consider when buying plug-in air purifiers?

  • Ease of use: Buying a purifier, one should consider how smooth the operation is. Of course, no one needs a gadget which will be a nut to crack regarding the operation. Most of the purifiers come with 12 volts adapter to plug in the lighter plug. However, the mounting methods nowadays differ. Some plug directly while others require cable as they have USB connecting ports.
  • Ease of maintenance: To keep your air purifier performing properly, you need to give it regular maintenance. Whether yours come with ultra-performing filters, it needs cleaning or replacement. Therefore, having reusable or replaceable depends on the purifier manufacturer. But generally, look for a purifier with easy to replace filters.
  • Cleaning mechanism: Looking for an ideal air purifier for your vehicle, the cleaning mechanism matters a lot. However, depending on brands, each differs on the featured technology. For ionizing purifiers, they produce a stream of negatively charged ions which counters dust and other impurities. On the other hand, HEPA filters work by filtering out dust before re-circulating filtered air.

Best Car Plug-in Air Purifiers in 2020

Preview Product
OxPower Car Air Freshener Ionize Air Purifier - Professional Smoke Smell Dusts Remover, Odor eliminator ideal for Auto & RV & Car Gift | CE, FCC and RoHS Certified
Tanxih Cool Mist Humidifier Ultra-silence Mini Portable Diffuser Personal Air Purifier for Car Travel and Baby (Pink)
Swizze Beatles Cool Mist Humidifier, 260ml Home Car Aroma Ultrasonic USB Portable Air Diffuser Purifier Atomizer with LED Light,Cartoon Design Creative (Red)
Car Air Purifier Ionizer Automobile Air Cleaner Plug-In Lighter Socket Freshener Food Odor Eliminator - Removes Cigarette Smoke Pollen Pollutants and Pet Smells for Auto Trucks RV (Piano Black)
YJY Car Diffuser Humidifier, USB Essential Oil Diffuser, No Need Sponge Wicks/Ultrasonic Air Purifier 7 Colors LED Light for Vehicle Home Office Truck Travel(Black)
kadision Ozone Car Air Purifier 12V Car Air Freshener by KDS| Ozone Generator Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors for Your Auto or RV
HDE Car Air Purifier Ionic Air Freshener Cleaner Removes Bad Odors Food Smells Cigarette Smoke Pollen Dust Pollutants and Pet Smells for Auto Cars Trucks SUV and RV
**MOST HEALTHY** Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home/Office 12V Electricity Adapter. Removes Cigarette Smoke, bacteria, unbearable odor, removes bad smells from - a cigarette, pets (dogs, cats, fish etc.), trash, gas, dust, gasoline, mold, etc. Minimize the risk of Bird Flu, Avian Influenza i.e H5N1, H7N9 and even helps to decrease stress, blood pressure and skin temperature. Also known as - Auto Small Gadget Pure Air Smoke Odor Cleaner Eater Eliminator (Remover) for Room, Home, Office, Car.(If you need an indoor adaptor, write to us to get one at Special Rate) (Gold)
Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier/Purifier With Car 12V and wall plug in Adapter (Black)
Healthy Car Air Purifier| Freshener | Ionizer | Absorb Odor | Neutralize | Eliminate | Remove Cigarette Smoke, Smells, Viruses, Bacteria, Pollutants, Pet & Food Odors | Allergy & Asthma Relief | Eliminator & Remover ~ Great Gift!

10. OxPower Car Air Freshener, Ionize & Air Purifier

OxPower Car Air Freshener, Ionize & Air Purifier

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Oxpower air purifier for vehicles is the ultimate product for all car owners. Featuring professional design, it’s perfect for busting air impurities. With a direct cigar port plugging, it means that no modifications or special adapters needed. Once plugged, the device ensures that no smoke or dust, hence keeping interior smelling fresh. To enable this, it produces a stream of powerful negatively charged particles which helps in neutralizing impurities. With this, the purifier eliminates allergens in a matter of seconds. As a result, it is perfect for people with breathing disorders and also to keep the body healthy.

Now, apart from high performance, structurally this purifier is excellent. It possesses a sleek design with an elegant casing which is attractive. Thereby, plugging it ensures that your dashboard looks appealing. It performs purification through the production of Ozone particles hence safe for everyone. The blue LED light on the device indicates it is working correctly. Oxpower air purifier is a real air cleaner which busts all harmful elements in the air.

9. Tanxih Cool Mist Humidifier Ultra-silence Mini Portable Air Purifier for Car

Tanxih Cool Mist Humidifier Ultra-silence Mini Portable Air Purifier for Car

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Enjoying fresh and healthy air is not restricted to home only. With a portable and pluggable purifier, it’s possible to make your vehicle a sanctuary. The Tanxih cool mist mini portable air purifier for cars is a significant consideration for a variety of uses. With the multipurpose application, it is ideal for vehicles, offices, and also homes. Additionally, it serves various purposes to make your life even more enjoyable. It can be used as a humidifier, diffuser, and air filter. To make ideal for users across different fields, it has a silent operating mechanism.

The mist humidifiers prevent air from drying hence no suffocations. And, to facilitate refreshing and healthy mist, it boasts ultrasonic technology for super fine mist stream. This ensures the alleviation of dry nose, eyes and cracked skin and air purification around you. Using this device is simple as you just need to fill the cup with water. Then, plugging it to the power source requires you to have a USB enable a cigar adapter. The 12-hour auto shut features prevent this device from running dry.

8. Swizze Beatles Cool Mist Home and Car Humidifier, Air Diffuser Purifier Atomizer

Swizze Beatles Cool Mist Home and Car Humidifier, Air Diffuser Purifier Atomizer

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Get one of the sleek and creative air purifiers and humidifiers on the market today. This cartoon designed Swizze Beatle cool mist humidifier is a great consideration to make. Intended for use at home and in cars, it is highly portable and efficient. Forget about purifiers, which only removes dirt and leaves air dry. With this one, it’s possible to breathe moisturized and clean air. The mist humidifier utilizes water to create a conducive condition, free form dryness. Additionally, it can rotate and tilt in any direction.

Manufactured featuring ABS plastic, this diffuser is durable and lightweight. Unlike the dry air purifiers, this one has a refillable water tank. Therefore, when refilling water, you can use aromatic oil to freshen your surrounding air. Consequently, it helps to kick out bad odors and smells. With the USB port, it can utilize power from various sources. When at home, it can use AC power while in the car you can plug on USB enabled cigarette lighter adapter.

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7. Bullsone Car Air Purifier Ionizer Air Cleaner Plug-In Lighter Socket

Bullsone Car Air Purifier Ionizer Air Cleaner Plug-In Lighter Socket

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Bullsone car air purifier is the best way to ensures your vehicle has unlimited fresh air. Created by professionals, this purifier ensures that no more irritants or harmful odors. With the capacity to generate 2 million cubic centimeters of anions no more harmful impurities. Anions are known to improve lung performance. As a result, this keeps blood sugar and pressure in check. Besides cleaning the air, this device comes boasting cypress membrane fragrance. So, plugging it into your car cigarette plug, it keeps your vehicle smelling fresh.

The design is stylish, which complements your vehicle. The purifier is adjustable in either 90 or 180 degrees whichever suits your setting. Having it in your dash ensures it looks classy. Hence, no more large air purifiers which prove inconvenient when driving. With efficient filters, no more passive cigarette smoke, bacteria, or dust. No modifications needed to plug this purifier making mounting a piece of cake. The product enjoys extended warranty and money refund policy for quality assurance.

6. YJY Car Humidifier Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Air Purifier for Car

YJY Car Humidifier Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Air Purifier for Car

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The air inside your vehicle is not healthy. It usually consists of a combination of many impurities such as dust, smoke, and microbes. That is why it’s important to take precautions and fix a purifier. YJY humidifier and car air purifier is an ideal way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh. It allows you to mix essential oils to deliver sweet-smelling scent. The mist controls dust particles while oxygen anions keep off harmful microbes. As a result, no more dry eyes cracking dehydrated skin and throat.

When mounting this plug-in car purifier, no complexities. It comes accompanied by a USB charger to plug into the cigarette adapter. Unlike other adapters, this has additional ports which allow phone charging. YJY car humidifier operates silently with minimal noise to ensure total concentration. With low power consumption, it means no overheating. The water has ample capacity to keep your vehicle smelling fresh for over 2 hours. Once the tank is dry, it has an auto-shut which prevents damage.

5. Kadision Ozone Car Air Purifier 12V- Car Air Freshener

Kadision Ozone Car Air Purifier 12V- Car Air Freshener

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Kadision Ozone Car Air Purifier is designed primarily to clean the air. It does so by removing odor-causing pollutants from the air. Unlike others, this one eliminates odor-causing particulates rather than covering the bad odors. It acts by producing pure ozone, which has been certified and is generated within the international standards of 0.08 ppm over 8 hours. Its portable size makes it ideal for use in cars or any other small-sized spaces.

The unique features of this air purifier allow it to bring a lot of convenience in any application. It features a 12V power rating, and the car cord is fuse protected against any electrical malfunction. Besides, it is highly energy-efficient as it uses a current of less than 100mA. The installation is easy as the product comes with a 3-legged mounting bracket, and there is an instructional manual for guiding you through the installation process.

4. HDE Car Air Purifier Ionic Air cleaner and Freshener

HDE Car Air Purifier Ionic Air cleaner and Freshener

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Basing its functionality on ionic technology, the HDE air purifier remains to be the solution to all your air freshening needs. This device can remove all contaminants, which include pollen, pet odors, smoke, and all unfriendly bacteria by 99 percent efficiency. It features a blue LED light which indicates when the device starts to operate. Besides that, maintenance of this device is a breeze as it contains no filter that may require changing.

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The model is stylish and hence compatible with most modern car interiors. Installation is simple and quick as all you have to do is to connect it to a cigar adapter that is 12V rated. By applying the latest air cleaning technique, this equipment produces 4.8 million negative oxygen ions per centimeter c.u. This is a steady rate that guarantees clean air in the cabin. You can now say no to smoke stale, smells, musty odors as you let this neutralizing ionic technology to all the work for you.

3. M GOODEES Car Air Purifier Ionizer

M GOODEES Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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Apart from the innovative technology applied by M GOODEES Car Air Purifier Ionizer, it also boasts great versatility. That said, many people continue to purchase it in a bid to remove all air contaminants in homes, offices, and their cars as well. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven to be a reliable preventive measure against bird flu, avian influenza and also helps in reducing blood pressure, stress, and skin temperature.

Just like other top-rated air purifiers, this device functions on the concept of ionic technology. It produces negative oxygen ions at the rate of 4000000 PCS/cm3, and ozone concentration is 6 mg/h. Further, this system usually functions as long as the temperate range is 14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Voltage is 12 V so that it remains to be energy efficient and works with all car models that exist. For quality assurance, this air purifying device is Federal Communications Commission certified as well as Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

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2. Arospa Electric Car Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier, and Air purifier

Arospa Electric Car Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier, and Air purifier

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Nothing is fulfilling than having a reliable air purifier such as the Arospa Electric Car Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier/Air purifier. This is a necessary car device than just a luxury, considering the various contaminants that we encounter while in the cabin. It provides an Aroma therapy as well as a humidifier. It also allows choosing your favorite essential oil so that the atmosphere gets fresh. The simplicity is a key concern in any device. That’s why this air purifier and oil diffuser boasts simple functions to help you get what you want and not otherwise.

Its simplicity provides easy functions. In connection to that, you can set the mist level high to low and vice versa depending on your convenience. And with just two simple ingredients which are water and essential oil, you can enjoy the aroma and take it wherever you want. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, which harnesses the power of ultrasonic vibrations. So, what sets this air purifier device apart from others, is the fact that itself is an Aroma diffuser as well as a humidifier.

1. Earth-Air Healthy Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Freshener

Car plug-in air purifiers

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Are you worried about getting breathing problems due to dust and other air impurities? Your worries should come to an end by using this Earth-Air air purifier. With this device, it means no more unhealthy aerosols. Designed to deliver negative anions, it is perfect for the removal of a range of particles like dust, smoke, and viruses. Whether you are traveling with a smoker, you will have a peace of mind. This device is very active and eliminates smoke within minutes. Therefore, you don’t worry about passive smoking.

Boasting patented air cleaner, Earth-Air air purifier the device can ionize, freshen, and purify the air with ease. Unlike others which needs you to have modified adapters, this plugs directly. With this, its renders it a user-friendly and convenient way to keep your car fresh. The overall design is compact and comfortably fits in your pocket for ease of carrying. For quality and safety, this purifier enjoys FCC and RoHS certification. It is ideal for all people, especially those with breathing problems.


Keeping air fresh inside the vehicle should not be seen as a luxury. It’s essential for everyone to ensure proper health. With mechanisms of enhancing fresh air, car plug-in purifiers prove to be the best ways. Many of our reviewed devices, it’s now easy to go for best to keep your respiratory system fit. In conclusion, we can confidently recommend you to buy a car plug-in air purifier.