Top 10 Best Carpet Shampoos in 2021

Keeping your carpet free of stains, sand, and other debris is impossible. And this is because you and your family step and walk on it all the time. In addition, your carpet is likely to become odorous, especially if you have a pet. It can also contain other allergens that may not go down well with your health. Well, the most convenient way to clean your carpet is to use the best carpet shampoos. Known to clean and deodorize, a carpet cleaning shampoo is all you need to remove stains, blood, vomit, and dirt from your carpet.

They will also help improve the life of your carpet by nulling the effects of stains and dirt. In addition, most carpet shampoos are made with all-natural formulas, meaning they will not have any harmful effects on your kids, pets, and the environment. A good number of them do not just clean the carpet but also leave it scented. Additionally, carpet shampoos work with several cleaning machines such as Hoover, Bissell, and more. We believe that they are exactly what you need not just for your carpet but also for your upholstery or automotive furniture. So, check out the reviews we have listed below to find a suitable brand.

Check out Top 10 Best Carpet Shampoos in 2021

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If you value convenience or like good things, this extractor carpet shampoo is for you. Formulated with quality ingredients, the carpet shampoo does a good job of cleaning. In fact, those who have used it have stated that it cleans like a machine. This carpet shampoo cleaner also leaves behind a pleasant smell that will delight anyone who gets into the room. Despite its performance, the carpet shampoo is reasonably priced. And this means you will not dig deeper into your pocket to get it. Moreover, it comes in a large bottle; hence, you will be able to use it season in season out. We believe that it is exactly what you need to keep your carpet sparkling clean.

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9. Puracy 4X Concentrated Natural Carpet Detergent

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Professional results can only be achieved by using a powerful detergent like the Puracy Natural Carpet Detergent. This carpet cleaner contains plant-based formulas, and this means it will not cause any adverse effects after you are done using it. Furthermore, it deodorizes rapidly to keep your carpet smelling fresh. Because of its unrivaled concentration, this detergent removes soil, stains, and even odors. Plus it does not just clean the carpet, but also it can be used on upholstery, rugs, and other washable fabrics. Its formula is concentrated, but this does not mean it is harmful. On the contrary, the formula is safe and effective. The concentrated formula is also cost-effective since you only need a small amount to get big results.

8. Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Shampoo

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The reason why we have included this carpet shampoo is that it works effectively and within a short time. Its formula goes deep into the fibers of upholstery and carpet to remove both new and old stains. The formula also does not spare allergens and odors. And this, therefore, means your carpet will be amazingly clean once the cleaning process is over. Besides, the carpet shampoo features low-foaming professional strength formula, which is meant to be used by the water-based rug cleaning machine of any manufacturer. It also contains bio-enzyme odor locking technology for superior and permanent odor removal. Another formula contained here is the color-bright formula, which gives carpets the brightness they need. This package comes in two styles, which are Tropical Boom and Unscented, which is for people who do not like any smell.

7. Sunny & Honey Carpet Cleaner and Deodorize Solution

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Stains and lingering odors can be annoying. That’s why you need this cleaning solution to remove them. Made to work on all surfaces, this solution promises to clean your carpet, upholstery, rugs, and even automotive furniture. Ideally, we love the fact that it is made of children, pet, and earth-friendly materials. This means that the solution will not cause any devastating effect when used. Another thing we love about it is that it works with several machines including Bissell, Kenmore, Rug Doctor, Hoover, and Carpet Express. The solution is a versatile cleaner that does not just clean carpets and upholstery but also deodorizes them. By so doing, it leaves them in a great condition. The manufacturer has covered it with a 100-percent guarantee to give you peace of mind during buying.

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6. Bissell 78H6B 2x Concentrated Carpet Shampoo (48 Ounces)

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Bissell prefers to make quality products. That’s why it is not a surprise to note that their carpet shampoo contains at least two times the cleaning agents compared to most formulas. For this reason, expect it to leave carpet clean and looking really neat. The carpet shampoo also helps contribute to the longevity of carpets by keeping them in the perfect condition. It contains Triple-Action formula, which deep cleans, protects, and removes stubborn odors. Ideally, we are thrilled by the fact that it is EPA certified, as this justifies its quality and safety. Its formula is not harmful, and this makes it safe for families, pets, neighborhood, workplaces, and, of course, the environment. The cleaner is compatible with BISSELL, Rug Doctor, and Hoover.

5. Biokleen 64oz Carpet & Rug Shampoo Concentrate

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Biokleen has formulated this shampoo concentrate with natural substances because they understand the need to keep a clean and safe carpet. The natural substances used are also gentle on fabric but promises to cut through stains and remove them all. Since the formula of this shampoo concentrate does not contain phosphate, alcohol, butyl or glycol ether, it is perfect for home and office use. You can also rely on it for commercial use because it does its job perfectly. For better results, Biokleen advises that you use it according to the instructions provided. The cleaning solution is available in three quantity packages including 1, 2, and 4. Therefore, be sure to choose a quantity that suits you well. Its price is, however, a little higher, but this should not be a concern because it is worth it.

4. Chemical Guys CWS_103 Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

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This stain remover shampoo is considered one of the fastest and strongest on the market. It combines an enzyme odor eliminator with a superior biodegradable degreaser to give an immediate odor control. The powerful combination also gives long-lasting and deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology. The carpet and upholstery shampoo is not made of toxic chemicals, bleach, ammonia, solvents or color-damaging detergents. As such, expect it to leave your carpet or upholstery in the perfect condition. Its naturally-occurring microbes degrade the organic compounds, which cause odor, thereby, getting rid of them completely. Your carpet or upholstery will, therefore, have a fresh scent. This cleaning shampoo is available in 16 ounces, 16 fluid ounces (Single Unit), and 128 fluid ounces (Single Unit).

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3. Kirby 237507S Foaming Carpet Shampoo (Lavender Scented)

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What’s so great about the Kirby Foaming Carpet Shampoo (Lavender Scented) is that it cleans and deodorizes in one step only. It is made of heavy-duty formula enzymes, which attack and remove odors and stains within a cinch. Furthermore, it works perfectly without leaving behind any dirt-attracting residues. Despite its concentration and strength, this carpet shampoo is safe for kids, pets and the environment. Moreover, it not only deals with stains and odors but also it helps control pet dander and allergens. The Kirby 237507S Carpet Shampoo comes in two sizes, which are 1 pack and Shampoo/Bag/Belt Bundle. Plus it works with all Kirby Carpet Shampoo sprayers and systems. We are certain that you will love everything about it, from its lavender scent to its ability to leave behind a clean carpet.

2. Hoover AH30575 Carpet Cleaner and Upholstery Detergent Solution

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This 50-ounce cleaning container promises to remove tough stains within a cinch. It is a powerful solution that works conveniently on both the upholstery and carpet. At 50 ounces, the container is large enough to last for quite a while, making sure that you have a reliable source for keeping your carpet super clean. Since Hoover has formulated it to be versatile, the upholstery cleaner removes grass stains, vomit, pet accidents, and blood, among others. It also brings in a fresh linen scent to keep your carpet smelling great and in a good condition. The shampoo is compatible with all Hoover carpet cleaning machines as well as Bissell and Rug Doctor. Its professional-strength formula is approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

1. Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

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We have never come across a carpet cleaner with as many uses as the Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner. This particular solution cleans and revitalizes carpet fibers, prolongs the life of the carpet, restores color and texture of the carpet, removes all odors including the ones left by pets, and improves indoor air quality. It also reduces allergens and bacteria buildup as well as eliminating soil from heavy traffic areas. The carpet cleaner is perfect for home use, and it can be used in Hoover, Bissell or any other cleaning machine. Because it is powerful, you only need an ounce of detergent per gallon of water to create a cleaning solution. It is well formulated and the manufacturer believes in it. That’s why they have backed it by a 100-percent money back guarantee.


A dirty carpet may not be good for the health of your family. This is because it is likely to contain allergens and other dirt that may compromise the well-being of family members and pets. To solve this, you a need a high functioning carpet shampoo like the ones we have listed above.

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