Top 10 Best Climbing Harness Reviews In 2021

Climbers have developed a certain affection for heights. Losing one’s hold during a climb is not uncommon and the results are often tragic. Therefore it makes sense to be well equipped before making that climb; whether it’s canyoneering, competition, rescue, or big wall climbs. Besides shoes, belay device, and chalk bag, a climbing harness comes in as one of the essentials of any well-equipped climbing gear. It’s a relatively inexpensive gear but making the wrong choice can have a big impact on your climbing experience.

That said, you need to get the right climbing harness; one that sports a perfect blend of safety, durability, and comfort. Just to point out, climbing harnesses come in many different types ranging from sport or gym harnesses, traditional (trad) harnesses, ice harnesses, to alpine/mountaineering harnesses. This means that there is a harness specially designed for a particular climbing activity. Getting a good climbing harness is not a straightforward task and might take lots of your time. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the best climbing harnesses to save you some time and cash.

Top 10 Best Climbing Harness Reviews

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Black Diamond Momentum Harness, Medium, Graphite Buy on Amazon
Climbing Harness, Oumers Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Tree Climbing Outdoor Training Caving… Buy on Amazon
GHB Climbing Harness Safe Seat Belt for Fire Rescue High Altitude School Assignment Caving Rock… Buy on Amazon
Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness, Moroccan Blue, Medium Buy on Amazon
PETZL – CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness, Size 1, Gray Buy on Amazon
Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness Orange M-XL for Climbing Gym & Rope Course Buy on Amazon
Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package, Graphite, Large Buy on Amazon
Camp Energy Harness – XL – Blue Buy on Amazon
Climbing Harness,Ounuo Protect Leg Waist Wider Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Outward Band Fire… Buy on Amazon
YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness for Garden Art Clip, Tree Clip,… Buy on Amazon

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10-Black Diamond Momentum Harness

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This ice harness is designed to cope with winter conditions. It sports a duo core construction optimized for comfort. The time needed for waist adjustments is reduced by a pre-threaded speed adjustment buckle. The leg loops sport a TrakFit technology that adjusts to your fit for easy customization. This climbing harness has an elastic riser that’s adjustable for added convenience in case nature calls. It has 4 gear loops that are pressure molded to safely support your winter gear. The harness can be used for climbing, sport, and trade.

9-Climbing Harness, Oumers Safe Seat Belts

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Sporting a traditional mountaineering design, this climbing harness provides all-season versatility. The harness distributes the weight evenly to eliminate pressure points. A breathable mesh lining comes in handy to keep you cool in warm temperatures. The harness has manual double-back buckles that allow easy on and off in a single movement. It’s designed to support weights of up to 230kgs. This climbing harness can be used for just about any form of climbing ranging from mountaineering, rock climbing, to rescue.

8-GHB Climbing Harness Safe Seat Belt for Fire Rescue

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This half body harness comes in a traditional styling that can be used for more than just sports climbing. It can be used for rescue and is designed to distribute pressure uniformly to provide lots of comfort while climbing. With a breaking strength of 23kN, this harness is quite tough. All webbing and connections are very sturdy and sport reinforced ends. This climbing harness supports users weighing up to 230kgs without a hitch.

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7-Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness

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This harness is specially designed to fit a woman’s physique and provide unique comfort characteristics. Waist belt adjustment won’t eat more of your time. The process is made a lot easier and quicker via a pre-threaded speed adjustment mechanism. User comfort is guaranteed in any given situation, thanks to a duo core construction specially designed for comfort. There’s a TrakFit feature that gives you an easy time when adjusting leg loops. This harness is a handy choice for all-around female climbers.

6-Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

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Regardless of the type of climb, this harness is sure to hold up well. It offers all-season versatility while managing to remain lightweight. A durable construction comes in handy to cope with any summer or winter activities. Double-back buckles provide easy hassle-free adjustment and make getting in and out of the harness a whole lot easier. The leg loops are adjustable to provide a perfect fit regardless of your body shape and type of clothing. The harness comes with 4 gear loops to facilitate easy carrying and organization of your gear.

5-Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness Orange

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This is a multi purpose rental harness ideal for climbing gym and rope courses. This climbing harness comes strong yet lightweight enough for easy adjustment. You get a 3-position adjustment made possible by 3 fast pass buckles. The harness is adjustable from medium to extra-large size for added versatility. Each tie-in is reinforced for extra durability. This harness has a maximum breaking strength of 23kN and supports weights of up to 5,000 pounds. The reflective orange color adds some element of safety in the harness.

4-Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package

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This harness comes ready for the climb. It comes in a complete package including a rappel device, locking carabiner, and chalk. This makes it an ideal option for all-round climbers. It’s an amazing value package that provides the comfort of padded leg loops and waist. The harness has four gear loops to hold your essential gear. It sports a duo core construction; one that maximizes comfort while providing a solid balance. The abrasion-resistance shell gives a versatile performance and you get a soft breathable lining that keeps you cool.

3-Camp USA Energy Harness

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Rock climbers at all levels would do great with this climbing harness. It’s a versatile, sophisticated, and lightweight harness used in a range of activities from the gym, sport to trad climbs. The harness is fitted with thermo-formed padding; a feature that lets it mold to your body to provide exceptional comfort. The leg loops sport unopenable sliding buckles that adjust easily to provide a precise fit. You get an auto-lock buckle on the waist to save you time. The harness has four gear loops reinforced for added strength.

2-Climbing Harness, Ounuo Protect Leg Waist Wider Safe Seat

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The half-body design of this guide harness provides lots of comfort ideal for just about anyone. This harness comes in a universal size that fits all. The buckles on the waist and legs are adjustable to provide a precise fit. The harness is made of a super-strength polyester material that holds up to 230kgs with ease. It has a single gear loop ideal for those not looking forward to carrying lots of gear during a climb. This harness stays lightweight and has a breathable mesh construction to keep you cool.

1-YXGOOD Climbing Harness

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This climbing harness holds up well in any rescue, sport or adventure climbs. It comes tough in reinforced polyester and sports a durable frame construction that allows the weight to be distributed evenly for optimized comfort. The waist and the legs come wide and are padded for maximum user comfort. The padding uses a breathable foam that wicks away sweat and moisture to keep your skin cool. This harness has 5 gear loops designed to hold more tools. It supports up to 330 pounds.

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