Top 10 Best Corner Shelves in 2021

There is no better way to enhance the aesthetics of your living space than to introduce the best corner shelves. Compared to an ordinary shelf, the corner shelves occupy much less space through storage ability of corner utilization. Most of them are durable, lightweight, and sturdily built to offer long-lasting performance. The best thing about corner shelves is that they are tastefully crafted and come in numerous designs to meet varying fashion sense. What’s more, they are easy to assemble, as they come with instructions and hardware. Corner shelves are also very affordable.

Today, there are tons of corner shelves out there, and this is something that is perfect for everyone. As such, it is very important that you consider how big your space is and the things you’d want to store on the shelf. This is because they vary in sizes and have various weight capacities. You might also want to consider your budget, the design, and color of the shelf to make sure it will perfectly blend with your current home décor. To help you find your own corner shelf, we bring the following top 10 best corner shelves reviews. They are the best performing corner shelves in the industry right now and we strongly believe that you’ll find one or two to add some touch to your home.

Checkout Top List of The Corner Shelf:

10. Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelf

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Give your kitchen, room or office a new look with the Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelf. Measuring 7.75″ L x 7.75″ W x 48.5″ H, this shelf isn’t just big enough to cover your entire wall space, but also it is spacious enough to hold a few decorative items. It is easy to assemble and mount, as it comes with all the necessary tools and instructions for the same. Made of durable MDF laminate, this shelf is strong and sturdy but it can only hold enough. Therefore, do not put in so many heavy items if you want to get the best out of it. Moreover, the shelf boasts a stylish espresso finish which is not only beautiful but also will suit any décor. Plus the price isn’t bad; it’s highly affordable for a shelf in its class.

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9. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

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For rooms needing vertical storage, consider the Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf. This is an open display rack that will provide you with easy storage and display of decorative accessories. Crafted from particle board and PVC tubes, this shelf is sturdy, durable and stable to withstand heavy weight. The PVC tube has been tested for durability, so rest assured this shelf will serve you longer. It is easy to assemble, with the twist-turn-and-stack mechanism only taking about 10 minutes. Measuring 11.6 x11.6 x57.7 inches, this shelf is compact and will fit nicely in your space. It is affordable and comes in stylish multiple colors to suit almost any décor. To get the most out of this shelf, clean by using a clean and wet cloth.

8. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3 Tier Corners Shelf

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If you are looking for a mini storage and organizational shelf, the Furinno 3 Tier is your go-to product. With an open display rack design, this is a good combination of function and decoration. It is spacious and sturdy enough to hold several items without wobbling. Made from medium density composite wood, particle board, and PVC tubes, this shelf is strong and durable enough to deliver optimum performance for years to come. It is highly affordable and comes in numerous color options that will match almost any décor. Measuring 11.6 x 11.6 x 29.6 inches, this shelf occupies little space, and, therefore, will fit perfectly in your space. Besides, it looks so nice and welcoming that you won’t be disappointed with the purchase.

7. Love-KANKEI 3 Tier Corner Shelf

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Add some touch and storage space to any room using the Love-KANKEI 3 Tier Corner Shelf. Featuring a rustic style with torched finish wood and industrial metal brackets, this shelf provides a stylish way to add some feel to your home. It is compact, decorative, and offers a creative way to store books, some plants, collectibles, and pictures, among others. Made from real wood boards and powder coated metal, this shelf is lightweight yet very sturdy to give you durable performance for several years to come. It is easy to set up and each wood piece is capable of mounting in two ways; simply follow the instructions included. Furthermore, the shelf measures 5x4x17 inches; hence, it is compact and will not take up so much of your wall’s space.

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6. Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

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Make use of the corner space by introducing the Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase. Featuring 5 shelves of retracting lengths, this model is perfect for storing books, collectibles, pictures, and many more. It is constructed of solid wood, which is durable and strong enough to withstand heavy weight over several years of use. It also boasts a rich espresso finish to accentuate your décor with elegance and boldness. With a dimension of 17x6x16 inches, this unit is large enough to hold several items at the same time without wobbling. What’s more, this shelf is easy to install and comes with instructions that are simple and straightforward to follow. And the price is unbeatable for a shelf of this quality.

5. Greenco Zigzag 2 Tier Corner Floating Shelves

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Greenco Zigzag 2 Tier Corner Shelves are decorative and functional units for your bathroom, kitchen or office. With a dimension of 7.75” x 7.75” x 24″, these units are compact as well; therefore, will not take up so much of your wall space. Yet, they remain large enough to accommodate a few decorative accessories. Constructed of durable MDF laminate, these models are sturdy and strong to accommodate heavy weight without wobbling. They are stylishly designed with an espresso finish to add some feel to your living space. Plus they are easy to install because they come with straightforward instructions and hardware. Moreover, these shelves are reasonably priced, so you do not have to dig deeper into your pockets just to have them.

4. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 4 Tier Corner Shelf

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Add some feel and elegance to your space with the Furinno Turn-N-Tube 4 Tier Corner Shelf. This shelf is not just beautifully crafted; it is also an open display rack that will help you with easy storage of books, pictures, and collectibles, among others. Putting up this shelf for use is as easy as pie; it will only take you 10 minutes or less. The shelf is built with durability and longevity in mind, and that is why it is constructed of medium density composite wood and PVC tubes. It measures 11.6 x 11.6 x 43.5 inches, meaning it is very compact and will fit perfectly in your space. Moreover, this model comes in numerous color options; thus, you can choose the one that best suits your décor.

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3. Lifewit 5 Tier Fan Shaped Corner Shelf

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Constructed with a 90-degree corner design, the Lifewit 5 Tier Shelf will easily fit any corner of your room. Each of its shelves boasts a maximum weight capacity of 40kg, meaning it can hold several items without becoming unsteady. Additionally, it is constructed of strong carbon steel with chrome and varnish finish to give you stable and long-lasting performance. The stainless steel is rust-proof and easy to clean. This shelf boasts rubber-ended feet that will help you stabilize and balance it even on uneven floor. Similarly, the height of each shelf is adjustable, and, all you need is to snap the anti-slip clip onto the desired position then overlay the shelf over the clip to secure position. Furthermore, the shelf is easy to assemble and will not take up a lot of space.

2. WELLAND Zigzag 4 Tier Corner Wall Shelf

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Turn any corner into an elegant useful storage and display space with the WELLAND 4 Tier Corner Wall Shelf. Measuring 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 x 40 1/4 inches, this model is compact to take up little space on your wall yet spacious enough to accommodate a few decorative items. It is easy to install and mount onto the wall; thanks to the detailed instructions and included hardware. Crafted from laminate and composite wood, this shelf is sturdy and durable to offer optimum performance over time. It is cleverly made and has nicely curved lines that will attach firmly to the wall. Furthermore, this shelf comes in color white, which is not just aesthetically appealing but also will blend nicely with any home décor.

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1. Coaster Home Furnishings 4 Tier Corner Shelf

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The Coaster Home Furnishings Shelf is a great storage solution for tight spaces and corners in your home. It is equipped with 4 open metal shelves that are ideal for storage and display of your favorite items. This shelf is built for longevity and durability; as such, it is constructed of metal tube wires that are sturdy and durable. With a dimension of 19.5 x 70.5 x 15 inches, this unit is compact, and, hence, will fit well into a corner, hallway, kitchen or anywhere. The shelf is aesthetically built with a copper finish, so it can blend well with any home décor. Also, setting up this unit is very simple; it will take less than 30minutes.


You might think that corner shelves are the same and any can do. But this isn’t true, as they are very different and the type of corner shelf you purchase can either make or break the whole room. That is why we think the above reviews will help you get the right corner shelf that will not only enhance the appearance of your room but also will help you keep a few decorative items. So make sure you read it.

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