Top 10 Best Double Curtain Rods in 2020

To hang 2 curtains, an interior and exterior one, a double curtain rod is a must-have. Yet, the shopping for the perfect double curtain rods can take forever. Hence, today we are going to present to you the top 10 best double curtain rods in 2020 for you to sift thorugh. Below, you will see different types of double curtain rods that are so durable, functional, and well-designed. Let’s look for your favorite picks.

List Of Top 10 Best Double Curtain Rods in 2020

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A&F Rod Decor – Deena Double Curtain Rod 48-84 inch – Satin Nickel Buy on Amazon
Urbanest Ball Adjustable Double Drapery Curtain Rod Set, 5/8″, 28″-48″, Glossy White Buy on Amazon
Beme International North Branch 3/4-Inch Crackle Glass Knob Telescoping Double Drapery Rod Set, 36… Buy on Amazon
Rod Desyne Ornament Double Window Curtain Rod Set, 48 to 84-Inch, Satin Nickel Buy on Amazon
Decopolitan Leaf Ball 5/8″ Double Curtain Rod Set, 26 to 48 Inches, Vintage Bronze Buy on Amazon
Bali Blinds Double Curtain Rod, 28-48″, White Buy on Amazon
Sun Zero Bronn Wrap Around Window Double Curtain Rod, 66-120″, Matte Black Buy on Amazon
Decopolitan Beme International Urn Telescoping Double Drapery Rod Set, 72 to 144-Inch, Brown Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics 1″ Double Extendable Curtain Rods with Round Finials Set, 72″ to 144″, Nickel Buy on Amazon
Umbra Cappa 1-1/4” Front and ¾” Back Windows-72 to 144” Double Drapery Rod, 72 to 144-Inches,… Buy on Amazon

10. Umbra

Umbra double curtain rod would be the first product in our top 10 list for today. This one comes with a modern and stylish design that is what most customers you want. Its design help add more attractiveness to your curtains. This Umbra Cappa double curtain rod is well-built for an adjustable length design.  Moreover, it perfectly fits with any styles of curtains with light to medium weight. What is more, it can support the maximum weight up to 22lbs. This product is quite durable as it is made from high quality metal for the long lifetime of its use.

What is also important, the fashionable design of Umbra Cappa makes the rod appear to be one of the best double curtain rods for many decorations such as at office, at home, at bedroom and so on. Additionally, it is very easy to set up just in the minute. The installation of this product is not the problems anymore because this package also includes everything of what you need in order to install it up. Those elements consist of matching metal finials, screws, adjustable wall-mounted curtain rod brackets, and drywall anchors. Following by the clear setting up instructions, you will be able to install them easily and quickly. Plus, 30-day guarantee is included to back the product as well.

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9. AmazonBasics

Coming next, the adjustable-length double curtain rod by AmazonBasics is also what you should take a look at. The length design can be adjusted from 72 to 144 inches. This one is very sturdy and durable, and it can support the total weigh of the curtain up to 21 pounds. Thus, the light to heavy weight curtain is quite suitable with this curtain rods. Coming with the decorative round finials that are assembled on the end of both side of the rod, AmazonBasics double curtain rods work greatly to make the curtain stay in balance. Also, the wall mount makes the width adjustment become easier, and it further works to provide extra space between window covering and the wall.

For easy and quick installation, everything needed for the set up is put in the box for you, including mounting hardware (screws and anchors). Plus, there is an instruction for easy installation as well. Just follow the step, you will finish the set up in a minute.

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8. Beme International

This Beme International double curtain rods is sturdy, elegant, and also adjustable. Not different from others, the length design of this one is also adjustable. There are three adjustable sizes available, including 18-36″, 36-72″ and 72-144″. Thus, it is super convenience and flexible to get one for your curtain decoration. This durable curtain rod is built from premium quality steel with the dimension of ¾” diameter.

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Importantly, the overall design of this Beme International double curtain rods is modern and beautiful for any window and door decorations. It features with the glasses end on either side of the rods. This set contains mounting hardware. For installation task, it is very easy, and you can complete it quickly of you follow the steps in the instruction.

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7. Sun Zero

This is a wraparound design double curtain rod by Sun Zero. With the diameter of 3/4″, this Sun Zero Bronn curtain rods is best design to make your curtain look more stylish, and at the same time, it performs its functions excellently with the curtain in order to cover the window frame fully. Thus, it ensures that the sunlight will be blocked and the noise from outside will also perfectly reduce to provide you the peaceful moment ever. Plus, your privacy is highly secured with this Matte Black. Besides, its 3/4″ diameter make it suitable with the larger size of the window.

In addition, this sturdy steel double curtain rod is made for super durable and strength. Its telescoping rods are adjustable; the length is ranging from 66 inches to 120 inches. With its matte black finished steel telescoping rods, this one is suitable to support the hanging of medium to heavyweight curtains. For better decoration, you are suggested to place the heavier and decorative curtain on the front rod, and light curtain on the back. Moreover, one center support, screws, drywall anchors, and installation instructions are included; thus set it up will be easier.

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6. Bali Blinds

If you want to make the best layered look on your window, the well-structured double curtain rods from Bali Blinds is what you are searching for. This one is simple, durable, and easy to use. It comes with two projections options, which are 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″. The length design is also adjustable for flexible use.

Additionally, this package consists of all mounting hardware you need for the installation. This Bali double curtain rod is heavy duty and it is quite solid that can carry medium to heavy curtain weight perfectly every day. Its solid and simple design will make you so impressed to use this to blackout curtain since the rod wrap around both sides of the curtain greatly.

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5. Montevilla

We are excited to introduce you another well-designed double curtain rods that are so functional and stylish. The Montevilla comes with two adjustable options for the users. One is 26-48″, and another is 48-86″. Thanks to the 5/8″ diameter of the rod, this one seems to suit with larger window at home. Also, it is best designed to be great quality product that could make your curtain look more elegant for long-lasting time.

It is simple and easy to install in the minutes. You will probably enjoy your room slider decoration with all the mounting hardware stuffs that are included for you. Moreover, this product is really supportive for weighty curtains. For beautiful and perfect design for your room, The Montevilla double curtain rod is totally worth your money.

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4. Rod Desyne

Here is another set of adjustable curtain rods that come with two choices to change the length of the rods. These two options are available from 48” to 84” that is the great extension for your window room decoration. Rod Desyne double curtain rod will impress you with the super stylish and gorgeous design. Featuring two end caps on each side of back rod, and other two finials, this product work perfectly to make your curtain hanging look more attractive and balanced. Plus, the three double brackets and other mounting hardware also help support the structure. For each size of finial is W 2-7/8 inch, H 2-1/2 inch, D 2-1/2 inch.

What is more, the two projections of them are 2-3/4 inch from the wall to the back, and 5-1/4 inch from the wall to front rod. They are not only easy and fast to install, but also last for long time as well. Its satin nickel color makes it more attractive that is the best ideal for various decoration at home in 2020.

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3. Decopolitan

This one is not only the well-constructed double curtain rods that come with modern look, but it also features with additional elements such as holdback pair and clip ring set. The holdback pair is included to make the long curtain open in beautiful style. Moreover, the set of seven clip ring set make the drawing open and closed become easier for you. Both holdback pair and clip rings are steel construction that is very durable

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Plus, this curtain rods offers you two option to use whether you want use them as a single rod set or double rod set. Its single rod set comes with the diameter of 1” that is the perfect fit for every room decoration. Their length size is adjustable at three choices, including 18-36″, 36-72″, and 72-144″. If you prefer the double rod set, it is best for maximum light and your private control. Besides, the size is adjustable within two ways which are 36-72″ and 72-144″. Furthermore, you will find it very easy to install because all the mounting hardware things are included in the package for you already.

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2. Urbanest Ball

If you like double curtain rod with a simple but nice form, here is what you should consider now. This glossy white curtain rod is the popular ideal for contemporary design at home, offices, and other needed places. They work greatly in making your window’s curtains look more beautiful and wonderful in your daily decoration. Moreover, this set comprises of 2 sets two finials, and also double brackets. The length design is also adjustable easily. You now can adjust the front curtain rods to the size of 5/8″, and the back to the size of 12” diameter.

Moreover, the extension of the either curtain rod is ranging from 24″ to 48″. With the inclusion of the mounting hardware, mounting brackets, and well instructional manual for connection, the installation becomes so easy and quick.

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1. A&F Rod Decor

This is another highly recommended double curtain rod because of its popularity in the market. It comes with stylish design that could make your curtain room decoration catching a lot of attention. Designed with satin nickel color, this A&F Rod Décor double curtain rod is the most favorable ideal for room decorations, especially for living room, dining room, and bedroom. Moreover, the curtain rod has the diameter of 5/8 inch; and it is available for adjusting as well. It can be extended from a size of 48” to 84”.

This package also provides you a lot of additional things to make the installment become just quicker and easier. Package include 3 brackets, and other Deena finial. Each of them comes with the dimension of L 2-5/8″ x H 1-3/4″ x D 1-3/4″. They work effectively in helping you compete your set up in the minutes.

What is more, with the bracket projection function, it could make the curtain stay away from the wall to back rod 3”, and 5.25” from the wall to front rod. Built with sturdy metal, this rod is quite durable.

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In conclusion, the 10 best double curtain rods that are mentioned above come with different special features, and they are so popular for modern decoration. However, not all of them come with stylish design; it depends on your different preferences. Some are classic and elegant that is best for living room decoration, while others are simple but nice for home or office decoration.

What you have to make sure is that the one that you choose is suitable with the level of weights of your curtain. But, it is nice to know that if you pick out one or more from this list, your decision would likely be right to make your curtain look more attractive. Thus, your house would be more beautiful too. We are waiting for you to share the feedback from your selections.

Adjustable: It is very important to make sure that the double curtain rods that you will choose is adjustable from one size to others as you want. Thus, you can adjust them to fit with your window size as you need. Moreover, you also need to look at the extension of the adjustable length, make sure that they are not far different from the dimension of the window or door.

Durable: You may choose the one that is made from high quality materials, such sturdy steel. Thus, it can support the heavy weights of the curtain perfectly. Being well-structured with heavy duty materials will make the double curtain rod stay strong for long time.

Appeal to the eyes: Let’s choose the one that would attract others eyes the most. That double curtain rods might come with different designs and features with various type of end structures. You might have the think about the place and pattern of the curtain that you are using the curtain rods with.

Easy to install: Installation would be the boring part ever, isn’t it?. Thus, you might look for the one that come with enough elements for easier and quicker installation. The easy step of instructions should be also included in the box of best double curtain rods in 2020.

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Double curtains can give a chic, effortless look to your house while letting your have 2 different lightings and 2 curtain colors of your choice. But, an item that is as equally important as curtains is a great double curtain rod. We know that it could a tremendous amount of time to search for the perfect double curtain rod according to your needs and preference. That is why we did the work for you and compiled a list of the top 10 best double curtain rods in 2020 below.

Top 10 Best Double Curtain Rods Reviews

10. Rod Desyne Ornament Double Curtain Rod Set

The first item on the list is the Rod Desyne Ornament Double Curtain Rod Set. This set comes with 2 66” -120” adjustable rods, 2 end caps on back rod, 2 finials, 3 double brackets and some mounting hardware. For specs, the rods measure 12/16” in diameter, and 2-7/8” in finial size for each. They are crafted from steel, and resin finials.

And, comes in satin nickel color, this set goes with any house décor. What a great way to add a touch of elegance to any setting!

9. Umbra Twilight Room-Darkening Double Curtain Rod

Simple but chic, this is one of the best seller in the double window rods category. In a set of 2 curtain rods, the purchase includes the steel double curtain rods, brackets, metal screws, plastic screw anchors, and a small assembly instruction manual. The front drapery rod measures ¾”, while the back sheer drapery rod measures 5/8” in diameter.

With a length of 48”-88”, these rods are adjustable to fit a wide range of windows. Plus, both color options, auburn bronze and matte nickel, are just the classic, lovely colors!

8. Montevilla Facet Ball Double Curtain Rod Set

This set has a 26”-48” adjustable facet ball double ret set, available in 2 colors, toasted copper and vintage bronze—all hand painted. Both the telescope rods and the double curtain rod brackets are made of steel. The purchase also includes all the needed mounting hardware. This set is guaranteed to provide you with a beautiful layered look with sheers and curtain panels. Plus, the price is just unbeatable!

7. Montevilla Urn Double Curtain Rod Set

This one is an urn double rod set from Montevilla that is available in 2 colors, distressed white and toasted copper. Similar to the previous rod from Montevilla, this double curtain rod is made of steel, and comes with all the needed mounting hardware. The only 2 differences are the look and the fact that this one comes in a wider range of length – from 26” to 128”. These rods are definitely sturdy, well made, and beautiful. And, installation is a piece of cake.

6. Umbra Diverge Double Drapery Rod Set

Another double curtain rod that is worth your money is the Umbra Diverge Double Drapery Rod Set. It has a metal rod with molded finials. With length extendibility, this rod is designed to fit various window sizes. Indeed, comes in 8 different lengths, you will always find one that suits your window best. The nickel color looks glorious, and this set does not cost a fortune like other ones out there. Plus, assembly is a snap.

5. Beme International Decopolitan Marble Double Drapery Rod Set

At a glance, you may think that this must be a very expensive double curtain rod set. But, in fact, it isn’t. Available in 2 sizes, 36”-72” and 72”-144”, this is an elegant rod that has a 1” diameter and adjustable length design. The product will arrive with all the necessary hardware, making installation much easier. What a nice way to class up your home sweet home!

4. Beme International Montevilla Leaf Ball Double Drapery Rod Set

If you want to browse more styles of double curtain rods from Beme International, take a look at this gorgeous piece. It is a practical and functional rod of 3 brackets. It has 2 adjustable sizes (26” – 48” and 48” – 86”) and 5/8” diameter. Beautiful, sturdy, and installs within minutes!

3. Beme International Decopolitan Urn Double Drapery Rod Set

To highlight some of this rod’s significant features, the rod is available in 2 adjustable sizes (36” – 72” and 72” – 144”), and has 1” diameter. With such a gorgeous, classic design, it will never go out of style. Product will arrive with the needed mounting hardware, so installation can be accomplished in no time. It provides a heavy-duty feel. You will never have to worry about replacing it in the next 10 years.

2. Decopolitan Urn Telescoping Double Curtain Rod Set

Next, this is a fantastic Urn Telescoping Double Curtain Rod Set from Decopolitan. The front drapery rod has 7/8” diameter while the back sheer drapery rod has 5/8” diameter. Once again, this one also has an adjustable length design from the 2 length choices (36” – 72” and 72” – 144”), and it installs within minutes. With a soft satin like finish, any of the colors – bronze or silver – will complement your house. Great product at a great price!

1. Kenney Ball End Double Curtain Rod

Moving on to the very best among all, it is the Kenney Ball End Double Curtain Rod. This rod has 5/8” diameter, and is adjustable from 66” to 120”. Installation is a breeze with the mounting brackets, hardware and instructions included. It is definitely a sturdy, and gorgeous double curtain rod. And, at this price point, you’ll be willing to buy this rod again.


After shedding some light on the top 10 best double curtain rods in 2020, we hope you have found the perfect choice for yourself. Quit hesitating because we can guarantee that, in terms of price, convenience and quality, no other double curtain rods can be better than these ones. Happy shopping!

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