Top 10 Best Elite Fitness Inversion Tables Reviews In 2021

Staying upside down while counteracting the effects of gravity seam quite a difficult feat for any exercise. Inversion tables make this a reality and help to stretch your back and joints. Other forms of inversion tables even come with massage therapy that relieve stress and makes the joints more relaxed. You probably have a hard time selecting the best inversion table for you. Well, that’s quite expected considering the many different styles and features that count.

Selecting the right table starts with deciding the type you want, either a manual or motorized inversion table. And it doesn’t end there since you’ll have to match the weight capacity, structural strength, comfort, adjustable positions, and safety with your need. Those willing to pay more can enjoy an inversion table wit massage benefits. After taking the time to research the market, we’ve come up with the best inversion tables that provide ultimate home exercise experience.

Best Elite Fitness Inversion Tables Reviews

10. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

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This table lets you invert your world in a safe and comfortable way. The table is made of heavy gauge steel tubing to provide the stability and sturdiness you need. It’s strong enough to support users weighing up to 300 pounds with a height range of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. There are 5 inversion angles to make the inversion gradual and a whole lot simpler. The backrest support comes extra long and extra wide and is fully padded for maximum comfort. This inversion table is designed to fold easily making it an ideal choice for homes with limited space.

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9. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Inversion Table

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This is an inversion table that takes a sturdy built to a whole new level without sacrificing user comfort. It’s made of a heavy-duty tubular steel frame that’s powder-coated for extra strength and durability. At 350 pounds, this table provides a lot more support. It fits most users, thanks to its adjustable height that can be set to a maximum of 6 feet 6 inches. The adjustments are made via an easy reach palm activated ratchet and lock system. The backrest is padded in memory foam and covered in an easy-to-wipe vinyl. An ergonomic cushioning molds onto the ankles to provide a comfortable and secure hold. This inversion table comes with a waterproof PVC mat for floor protection and noise reduction.

8. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

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Get an ideal alternative to massage therapy with this therapeutic inversion table. It provides the convenience of heat and vibration massage to soothe and relax the muscles. There’s a multi-mode massage setting that lets you choose between auto and manual for a more complete massage experience. The table is adjustable to 5 inversion angles and has an adjustable headrest that’s padded for extra comfort. Strapping systems come in handy to hold the user in position. This table has a weight limit of 300 pounds and fits users with a height of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches.

7. Exerpeutic Inversion Table/with Comfort Foam Backrest

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This table comes in a strong steel frame powder coated for strength and scratch resistance. The frame supports up to 300 pounds without a hitch. The head and back areas are padded and covered in vinyl. The inversion angle is adjustable to 180 degrees, a feature that makes this table an ideal choice for strenuous exercises. There’s a height adjustment feature that accommodates users who are 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. Ankle rollers and cushions are included to comfortably hold the ankles in place.

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6. Teeter Inversion Table/with Back Pain Relief Kit

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The premium features in this inversion table make it one of the best choices for inversion exercises. It’s designed with maximum precision, control, and user comfort in mind. There’s an angle tether that locks at inversion angles of 20, 40, and 60 degrees. Unmatched comfort and support are provided by wrap-around ankle cups that provide an ergonomic hold. The frame is made of heavy gauge steel while the backrest comes in a ventilated design that allows the body to breathe. This table supports users who are 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

5. Invertio Adjustable Folding Inversion Table w/ Padded Backrest for Back Fitness Therapy Relief

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This table provides a back therapy relief that you’ll love. It comes strong in heavy-duty steel construction to support users up to 300 pounds. Height adjustments are included to provide a perfect fit for users who are 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 6 inches tall. The inversion angle can be set to 8 different positions. The adjustments use a bolt design that proves much safer than the strapping system. This inversion table is fully braced to keep it from rocking.

4. Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology With Vibro Massage & Heat

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Get the full benefit of an inversion table with the extras of a vibration and heat massage with this table. This is a table that’s been designed to comply with performance and safety standards. It provides great cushioning with a 3-inch foam padding. There’s a hand controller designed for easy massage adjustments. The controller lets you adjust the heat, time, and intensity of the massage. Inversion angles provided by this table are 20, 40, and 60 degrees. The table fits users who are 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 5 inches tall and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

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3. Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Tables with Ultra-Thick Back Support

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This is a comfortable inversion table that’s given a boost in the cushioning area. You get a versatile design that lets it double as a vibration and heat massage platform. Such an excellent combination works to relieve stress and back pain at the same time. The table is durable and supports 300 pounds. It provides height adjustments to fit those with a height range of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 3 inches. The padding used on this inversion table is of super-thick high-density foam.

2. Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

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Add some extra crunch to your exercises and relieve back pain with this inversion table. Made of heavy-duty steel, this table supports 275 pounds and has comfortable cushioning for back and head support. Adjustments are made using a tether strap to help you reach the desired inversion angle. This table is a great option for users who are 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s designed to fold to a compact space-saving size.

1. Innova Fitness ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Tables with Ankle Relief and Safety Features

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This table makes a true balance system for inversion exercises. It comes with ankle and safety relief features that add more comfort to every exercise. There’s a 5-position adjustment set to a maximum inversion angle of 85 degrees for those moderate exercises. The frame construction is sturdy and strong to support up to 300 pounds. Those looking forward to using this inversion table should be in the height range of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. Read more about punching bag stands

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