Top 10 Best Emergency Fire Escape Ladders Reviews In 2021

We spent most of our time in buildings and the maximum time period in our entire day is planned inside our house. It is of utmost importance that every house and every building has the fire escape ladders in close reach as no one knows when a crisis hits. None can predict what the future holds, so an escape ladder is extremely important for quick escape response in any events of unfortunate fire.

In many past scenarios, we have witnessed how people fail to chalk out a proper escape route in case of a fire in tall and multi-story buildings and to avoid that situation; an escape ladder is what you need. But what is the proper way of choosing the right escape ladder that will work efficiently well in times of crisis? Here, we have picked the best fire escape ladders that can save you in times of misery and help you flee away from unavoidable dangers.

Table of the Best Fire Escape Ladders Reviews

10. First Alert EL 52-2 Two Story Steel Fire Escape Ladder

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This First Alert model of escape ladder is exceptionally durable and is tested to ASTM standards that ensure safety along with reliability at its very best. It features a strong steel construction capable of carrying 1125 lbs with ease, the ladder measures 14-foot long which enables a dependable way of escape from any two-story building. The steel stabilizers used in the construction keeps the ladder away from the walls and prevent excessive swaying thereby ensuring a more stable climbing down experience. It also has a fully assembled design that folds right back up after every use and can again be put to use in less than a minute. Totally reliable when you need it the most, it has nylon strapping for ensuring great strength.

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9. Kidde KL-2S 13-Feet Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs

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It has a design that is extremely easy to use and it fits almost every window sizes without any hassles. The design also guarantees a faster and easier deploy in times of dire need and comes with anti-slip plus zinc-plated steel rugs for better stabilization when in use. Moreover, it is constructed out of materials that will withstand any damage from the fire and also tested to hold weights up to 1000 lbs for a better convenience. The tangle-free design with a length of 13-foot works extensively well in getting you and your family out safely in case of an emergency. Have this two-story flame resistant as well as lightweight escape ladder at your home to save yourself from tough situations.

8. Emergency Fire Escape Ladder by American Ladder

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A portable design that comes with top-notch efficiency and durability is what you require in times of emergency. The Easy Escape ladder is built to last and enhances workability when it comes to the application as the design features an easy to use a three-step process for quick deploy and fast action. It has a total length of 13-ft which is ideal for any two-story house and this strong ladder can hold weights up to 1000 lbs without any risk. Furthermore, it has a very compact design and comes with a storage bag to keep it safe and within reach without any second thoughts about space.

7. X-IT 2 Story 13-Inch Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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The emergency situations require you to act fast and effective without any wastage of time on unwanted thinking. The X-IT features an escape ladder that is extremely light in weight and can be easily used in any need. The advanced design and application of the X-IT ladder have been rewarded with multiple awards from different forums on the basis of safety, ease of usage and functionality. It is one of the smallest and strongest of the escape ladders and designed to fit all window sizes by securing a strong fit with the window sill. Moreover, it exceeds the safety standards of ASTM F2175 making it one of the safest ladders in the market. The presence of a storage bag adds to the advantage and it also can be used multiple times for a safer practice.

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6. Premium Two Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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A smart and innovative design is what comes extremely handy in times of emergency. The Always Prepared Emergency ladder has a unique design which can be used in most of the windows as it will hook to the frame or sill for a more stable application. A small weight of 8.4 pounds and fast deploy means it can be used at any given point in time without any worries. Furthermore, the ladder can carry a distributed load of 1000 lbs and as it is 13’ long, it is extremely workable for 2-story buildings. The enhanced stability and hook design allow you to properly execute the escape plan with ease without excessive swaying.

5. Kiddle 13 and 25 Feet Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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The Kiddle Escape ladder is constructed out of steel which enhances the durability of the ladder and measures around 13’ which is suited for every 2-story building. It has a design that attaches quickly and easily to almost every window frames. Plus, it is constructed of anti-slip as well as zinc-plated steel rungs at the base for a more stable and safe application. The red nylon straps are flame resistant and the ladder can carry a load as much as 1000 lbs with ease. In times of emergency, the easy design ensures quick deploy without any requirement of tools. Certainly a user-friendly and reliable escape ladder for the home, you can blindly trust on this.

4. ResQLadder 4 Story Portable Fire Escape Ladders

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An escape ladder that measures as long as 35-foot is certainly a model that you can trust and use in any case of fire emergencies. The long ladder is suited for 4-story buildings and works efficiently well to help you and your dear ones escape through the window in times of need. It features a portable design that requires no installation before application and fits well to almost every standard window sill. The ladder is also provided with added stability for each rung and the absence of standoffs allows you to face wall obstructions while coming down. It is durable and safe and 1000 lbs limit allows your whole family to descend down at the same time.

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3. Saf -Escape 2 Story Portable Escape Ladders

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If your building is 2-storey, the Saf-Escape is an ideal choice to make as it measures 15’ and also comes with wider hooks that are easily usable in the thicker type of walls. It also comes with standoff incl that will help you keep the ladder away from the building while you are descending and you can also adjust the standoffs to avid obstruction from the windows below. Besides, it features 18 gauge steel construction that has a chain tension of 1000 lbs for a more secure approach. Practice the drills as it can be used for more than one time for required safety during emergencies. Even if your building is old and has thicker walls, the Saf-Escape works fantastically well.

2. Kidde 468093 13 feet Emergency Escape Ladders

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Kidde is a trustworthy name in the market of fire escape ladders and it is yet another model from the brand that has high functionality and workability in any incidents of fire breakouts. It features nylon 6 straps and heavy gauge aluminum rungs that are long-lasting and works well for distributed weights up to1000 lbs. The 13-ft length is suited for any two-story building and the anti-slip base ensures you get down in the most secure manner. Besides, it has a compact design for easy storage and does not take up much space in your house.

1. Saf-Escape 4-5 Story Portable Fire Escape Ladders

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A model that sits at the top has to have supreme functionality and long-lastingness and must work well when you are in desperate need of it. The Saf-Escape ladder is as long as 45-ft in length which is ideal for 4 to 5-story buildings with ease. Also, it is a smart design that can even work well in thick walls up to 10” and includes 15 pairs of standoffs in the ladder which keeps it away from building as well as lowers obstacles while coming down. The heavy-duty 18 gauge steel construction is totally tangle-free and can be deployed quickly for enabling a user-friendly experience. Use it for drills and practice, so that in case of the emergency you do not face any trouble.

Have a look at the best models that are available in the market and have a clear head while you sit down to choose the fire escape ladder. These exceptional fire escape ladders are your true companion.

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