Top 10 Best Facial Pore Cleansers in 2021 Reviews

A face with clogged pores is unsightly and can even make your face appear dirty. Cleansing your facial pores can be very rewarding because it will bring the glitter back to your skin.

There are many facial pore cleansers out there, so this 2021 top 10 facial pore cleanser review is aimed at helping you to make the right choice. We will do this by going through the top 10 facial pore cleansers in 2021.

List of Top 10 Best Facial Pore Cleansers in 2021

10. Vikeepro Electronic Vacuum Facial Pore Cleaner

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This product has many functions. It can be used to remove blackheads, or acnes, and to exfoliate the skin as well, making it regenerate new tissues and to look fresh. In addition to that, you can also use it to remove facial mite and grease. It works by using a vacuum to suck out unwanted items in the face. This vacuum is provided by suction caps, which are attached to the head of the tool.

There are 4 suction caps in this package, and this allows you to use exactly what fits best at any time. You can use the micro-crystalline head to exfoliate your facial skin. The second head is a big and round hole, which is perfect for removing blackheads and to make the face firmer. The third head is small and round, good for jobs that require weak suction, like sensitive skins. There is also a fourth hole, which is elliptical and perfect for skin-firming.

To get the best results, you should steam or bathe your face beforehand. When using the unit, always move slowly, and do not hold it too long on a single spot. The suction power is also adjustable in 5 levels. Avoid using it on scarred skin and wash and disinfect it after use. It is made from high quality ABS material, it weighs just 250 grams, has a built-in 5 Volt rechargeable battery, and is recharged via USB.

9. Olay Regenerist Pure Scrub 2-Pack Pore Cleanser

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This is a 2-pack offering of the Olay Regenerist Gel formular. Olay specially designed this formular to detoxify, deep-cleanse, and even exfoliate the face. What you then get is a brighter and younger-looking face. It does it all, while maintaining a good moisture level for your skin. Its anti-aging feature also helps to increase cell-turnover, which makes your skin smoother.

The Olay Regenerist Gel is suitable for all skin types. Normal skin types, oily type or any skin type combination will benefit immensely from this gel. Using it is quite simple and straightforward. Just wet your face with water first, then apply the gel and work it into a lather across the face. Take your time, and gently massage it over your face, taking care not to let it get into your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, you can rinse it with water. When you are done, rinse everything thoroughly with water.

This Gel formula contains many ingredients, which include Sorbitol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Panthenol, Glycol-Cocoate and many more. If your skin should react with an irritation, it is recommended that you discontinue its use.

8. Sky Organics Facial Pore Cleansing Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Referred to as the fountain of youth, mud from the Dead Sea is well known to provide a lot of health benefits. It is packed with plenty of healthy minerals and vitamins, in addition to cleansing facial pores. This gives your face the vibrancy and elasticity of a youthfully glowing face. Sky Organics specializes in providing organic skin care and beauty products, and this one is no different.

Using it is simple, just wash your face clean, then apply a thin layer of the mud. Avoid application on areas around your mouth and eyes. Leave the mud on for about 15 minutes, then gently wash it off with warm water in circles. It is intended for external use only, and should as well be kept away from children. Avoid using it more than once per week, and discontinue use if redness occurs.

Extra ingredients include organic sunflower oil, organic Shea butter, Xanthan gum, organic eucalyptus oil, organic Aloe Vera juice, and many more. Sky Organics sources this mud directly from the Dead Sea in Israel. The formula will absorb toxins and excess oil from the skin. It will also remove dead skins to reveal a fresh and younger skin layer. It does this by sticking to, and pulling out all these waste substances.

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7. Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial Cleanser

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This facial pore cleanser from Clarisonic gives immediate results by quickly minimizing pores. It then removes impurities, sebum and the dead skins that usually clog pores. Its foamy and powerful formula achieves this cleansing without irritating the skin or drying it out in any way. This deep pore cleanser from Clarisonic is designed most specifically to remove excess facial oil and shine, as well enlarged facial pores.

To make the best use of this formula, moisten your face first with some water. Apply the formula and massage unto the skin in a circular motion. You can either use your fingers or a compatible brush like the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing brush. Take care to avoid coming in contact with the eyes or lips. When completed, gently rinse the foamy formula from your face.

This formula includes Salicylic Acid, a substance which reduces the size of the pores. With Zinc Gluconate, the face’s oil-shine is reduced. It also contains a fruit acid trio, which helps in loosening dead skin cells and leaving a fresh and younger-looking skin behind. The last key ingredient is peppermint extract, which helps in calming and soothing your skin.

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6. Meinaier Charcoal Mask Facial Pore Cleanser

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Using activated charcoal as a major ingredient, this formula takes a totally different approach to facial pores cleansing. Notwithstanding the black charcoal color, this facial mask does an amazing job. This cleanser will absorb the dirt in facial pores, and remove all blackheads on the face. It is designed for people with oily faces, blackheads and strawberry noses.

Using this Meinaier formula to cleanse facial pores is straightforward. Wash the face with water first to moisten it. After that, use a hot towel to steam the face for about 5 minutes. This step is important to enable the pores to open. Apply the mask evenly across the face, keeping away from the eyes. After 15 to 20 minutes, use warm water to gently wash-off the mask, or simply peel it off.

This formula includes Rosemary extract, which gives it anti-oxidant properties, keeping the skin brighter and younger for longer. It also includes Calendula extract, which is anti-inflammatory and keeps the skin clean and soft. It is advised to test this formula on a small area first, before applying it on the whole face. If any discomforts or reactions should occur, then discontinue use.

5. Aria Starr Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask

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If you need a highly rated Dead Sea mud mask formula, then pay closer attention to this one. It will remove acne, blackheads and clear oily skin, leaving you with a long-lasting fresh skin. It also removes dead skin cells by hardening after application. This attaches the mud to dead skin cells, toxins e.t.c. and peels them off when being washed-off.

The Aria Starr mud mask is designed for initially cleansed faces. After prior cleaning of the face, and drying with a towel, apply the mud mask in a thin, even layer. Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and work its magic. Use warm water to wash it off, using circular motions. To get the best results, it is recommended to repeat this procedure 1 to 2 times per week.

There are many ingredients included in this formula, such as potato starch, vegetable Glycerin, Beeswax and Sunflower Oil. It also includes Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, which all combine to keep the skin naturally young.

4. SZCTKlinik Electronic blackhead & Facial Pore Cleanser

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With this electronic facial pore cleanser, you rely on suction power to get your facial pores clean. It will suck out acnes, dirty and blocked pores, blackheads and strawberry noses. You can also use it for face-lifting, skin peeling and wrinkle removal. It uses a rechargeable battery to work, which means that you don’t have to worry about power cords or changing batteries.

This device comes with 5 caps, including a small and big circle head, diamond, and oval heads. There are 3 suction power levels, depending on your needs. Simply pressing and holding the switch button for 3 seconds, switches off the device entirely. Using it is quite simple. Just add the desired head, select power level, and gently move it across your face, or the area that needs treatment.

Charging is done per USB, and the package includes a USB charging cable, a user manual, cotton buds and 2 rubber rings. It is an extra-silent device, so you can use it at home, without disturbing anybody. In addition, you can also use it for dermabrasion, which is the process of gently peeling off old and dead skin cells, to allow a new, younger and fresher layer of skin to shine through.

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3. Biore Deep Facial Pore Charcoal Cleanser

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Biore’s facial pore cleanser contains activated charcoal, a naturally occurring substance, which loves to draw impurities to itself and trap them. Charcoal is one of the best desiccants in the world. With this solution, not only will you rid your face of toxins, blackheads and excess oil, you will also prevent their accumulation.

It is oil-free, great to use on oily skin, and dermatologist tested. It is recommended to be used daily. This way, you prevent the build-up of toxins and dirt in your facial pores. You should first wet your face, then pump a little bit of the solution into your hands and work it into a foam. Massage this foam evenly into your face for a while, and then rinse thoroughly.

Avoid contact with the eyes during use. If contact should accidentally occur, then rinse the eye with water. The solution contains Glycerin, Ethylhexyglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and a lot more substances, which help the charcoal to do a great job.

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Innolv’s micro-dermabrasion and pore cleansing device is first of all, a very beautiful system. Available in pink and blue, it features lovely curves that makes it an absolute pleasure to look at. In addition to aesthetics, it’s also shower-proof, and will help you get rid of blackheads, acne, wrinkles, skin and nose dirt.

In order to make the best out of this machine, you should first use a hot towel or steamer to steam your face for a few minutes. This opens the pores. Once open, fix the appropriate probe and switch it on. Select a suction power level and then gently move it around on your face. It is recommended to keep each session under 5 minutes, and to repeat the procedure about 2 to 3 times per week.

With the micro-dermabrasion attachment, adding vibration gives the best results. Micro-dermabrasion will help you to get rid of old and unsightly skin layers, revealing a healthy and younger looking layer underneath. The package includes a USB charging cable, 6 probes and silicon rings, 5 filters and a travel bag for your convenience.

1. Aztec Secret Indian Deep Pore Cleansing Clay

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Featuring 100% natural calcium betonite, this clay does not contain any additives, fragrances, or animal products of any kind. Used since over 4,000 years, including by historic personalities such as Cleopatra, this healing clay continues to offer a wide range of helpful benefits up till this day. It will remove acne, reduce oily-faces and make your face younger and fresher.

To use it, mix the clay with equal parts of water or apple cider vinegar, or both. Avoid using a metal bowl or other utensil during the mix. Slowly stir the mixture until you have a smooth paste. The application should be about 1/4 to a 1/2 of an inch thick. Leave the paste to dry, then wash out out with warm water. The drying should take 5 to 10 minutes for delicate skin types, and up to 20 minutes for normal skin.

You should discontinue use of this clay if there are reactions or an irritation of any kind. It is also advised to be used only externally, so you should avoid eye and mouth contact. A 1-pound container of this clay is enough for 10 to 15 applications. Recommended usage is once per week, but you could use it more often on teenagers with facial pore issues.


We have come to the end of this top 10 facial pore cleansers for 2021 review. As you can see, there is a variety of choices. You can either choose clay, mud, gel or the electric suction systems, the choice is yours.

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