Top 10 Best Floor Polishing Machines Reviews In 2021

Floor polishing isn’t a new concept. However, the way it’s done is what makes all the difference. When talking about floor polishing, most people tend to think of dusters and other conventional scrubbers. But why do it the old way when there are machines specially designed to take care of that? Floor polishing machines leave your hard floors shiny and squeaky clean. Some even come with microfiber pads that can be used to clean carpets.

There’s a lot to explore in the world of floor polishing machines. You’ll discover that there are some differences in the features that come with each machine. That said, you need not rush in case you want to get the right polisher for your home. But where do you start considering that each manufacturer has something good to offer? Well, don’t worry since we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the best floor polishing machines you might want to try out.

Top 10 Best Floor Polishing Machines Reviews

10-Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter

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This floor polishing machine comes in handy to keep your hard floors and carpets sparkling clean. It’s a commercial grade machine powered by a 3/4 hp motor sporting a speed of 175 RPM. You get a cleaning path of 13 inches that makes easy work of tough chores. The brush head glides with ease to keep your floor free from any marks and gouges. This multi-floor polisher is best used on carpeted, vinyl, and tiled floors.

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9-Long Lasting Performance Bundle – Bissell 2039A

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Cleaning of hard and sealed floors is made a breeze with this floor polishing machine. The machine gives your floor a good scrub with its powered mops. It comes in form of a long-lasting power bundle comprising of 4 replacement pads. 2 pads come soft for gentle cleaning of hardwood floors while the other 2 scruffy pads take care of tough, sticky mess.

8-Koblenz P-2600 Commercial Floor Shampoo/Polisher

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This machine packs enough cleaning power for large commercial floors. It’s equipped with a 4.2 amp long-lasting motor; one of the most powerful on the market. This motor provides the convenience of a 2-speed setting to match your pace and the type of floor being cleaned. The speed is adjustable via bronze gears that are built to last. A flow-thru design comes in handy to deep clean most types of floors and carpet. There’s a 144-ounce tank that holds any type of cleaning solution. This polishing machine has a cleaning path of 12 inches.

7-Koblenz P-620A Upright Floor Machine Polisher

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This is among the lightest floor polishing machines weighing at just 6.6 pounds. That means you get easy maneuvering. The machine doesn’t come with a tank, therefore, eliminating the mess associated with using dispenser tanks. It’s equipped with a 4.2 amp motor made of lightweight polycarbonate material. The machine combines a high-speed mode and 12-inch cleaning path to let you clean more in less time. This polishing machine is an ideal option for scrubbing, waxing, and buffing all types of hard floor surfaces.

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6-Koblenz Floor Scrubber Model P1800A

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The cleaning performance of this machine is quite superb and has a quality that matches its price tag. It comes in an upright design with a construction that’s built to last. The machine makes quick work of any kind of floor. It’s equipped with compact 4.2 amp motors that provide incredible power while managing to minimize the bulk in the machine. Each of the two motors powers a scrub brush. The dual brushes combine to increase the cleaning area achieved with each pass. The cleaning solution is held in a 144-ounce tank, which is safe for use with any solution.

5-KBZP2500A – KOBLENZ P 2500 A

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This machine leaves dirt to no chance. The polisher is housed in aluminum; a lightweight yet durable material that provides improved portability. Like most of the brand’s floor polishing machine, this polisher is powered by a 4.2 amp motor also designed of lightweight material for added convenience. The motor is adjustable to 2 different speeds to let you work at your own pace. This machine sports a 120-ounce tank that holds the cleaning solution. It comes with a scrub brush, shampoo brush, tan pads, and lambswool pads.

4-BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules Scrub

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Get a Herculean cleaning power in this compact floor polishing machine. The motor rotates the brush at 2,200 RPM; a speed higher than most standard floor polishing machine. With such a speed, you get faster cleaning and hence less strain. The cleaning path provided by this machine is 9 inches and the handle comes in a telescopic design that adjusts to your height. This machine is specially designed for cleaning hard and tiled floors. It comes quite light at 8.5 pounds.

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3-Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine

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This polisher comes in handy to tackle heavy duty cleaning tasks, both at home and industrial settings. A heavy duty construction provides a reliability you can depend on. It combines with a 1.5 hp, vibration free motor to provide a whisper quiet cleaning operation. With a 17-inch cleaning pad, this polisher covers a larger area with each pass. This polisher sports double ball bearing wheels that roll smoothly to protect your floor. There’s a bumper guard that provides extra protection to your walls and furniture. The power cord is a generous 50 feet designed to clean a larger area without having to move the machine around.

2-Pullman Holt B200752 Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber

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Polish your hardwood floors without much strain using this lightweight polishing machine. At 7 pounds, this machine gives you an easy time to push hence minimizing drag. The machine makes use of nylon brushes to provide deeper cleaning power. Microfiber pads are included so you can use the polisher to clean carpets. The motor comes to life with a simple push of the pedal, a feature that eliminates the need for bending.

1-WorldGoodsCorp Floor Cleaning Machine Cleaner

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Small spaces, especially in homes will do great with this mini buffer. It’s a portable machine weighing 7 pounds. The buffer can be used on any kind of floor ranging from hard floors, tiles, to carpets. The machine comes on via a foot-activated power pedal. It rolls on heavy duty wheels for hassle-free transportation. The buffer comes with 2 microfiber pads, 2 buffing pads, and 2 carpet bonnets.

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