Top 10 Best Folding TV Trays Reviews In 2021

Folding TV trays are more than just a piece of furniture where you place your TV set. Thanks to advances in technology, folding TV trays can be put to many uses not to mention saving you a lot of storage space. Gone are the days of the flimsy TV trays on wobbly legs. With today’s models, you get something that gives you peace of mind when watching TV, eating, or typing on a laptop. Ever asked yourself what the best models are in the world of folding TV trays?

Well, this is a question that calls for some research. You’ll agree with me that these TV trays aren’t made the same. You get them in different materials, sizes, and designs. But at the end of the day what you want is something that’s sturdy, durable, and much easier to maintain. To help you achieve that, we have come up with a list of the best folding TV trays you might want to give a deeper thought on your next purchase.

Top 10 Best Folding TV Trays Reviews

10. Winsome Wood TV Tray Set, Walnut

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This folding TV tray set comes in 5 pieces made up of four snack tables and one storage stand. The unique Oblong tops give plenty of space to accommodate a large meal with some room to spare. They sit on X braced legs designed to provide increased stability. These tray tables come with a storage stand to hold the tabletops when not in use. Made of solid composite wood, this TV tray set is sure to last for years. The set comes in a rich walnut finish.

9. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray

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This versatile folding TV tray provides a good platform for reading, working, or dining. It’s fully adjustable both in height and angle. The tray can be set to 6 different heights and 3 different angles so you don’t have to strain a lot. There’s a built-in cup holder on one end where you can store your drink. The tray is made of polypropylene material and sits on metal legs.

8. Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set, Natural

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This is a set of 4 folding TV tables and a storage stand. The set is made of solid beechwood and left to retain the natural wood grain finish. The tabletops come in a rectangular design having rounded edges that add a touch of style. Slender X braced legs hold the tabletops in place. A top handle is included for easy transportation.

7. PJ Wood TV Tray Single in Natural Wood

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This is a wooden tray table made of solid rubberwood. The surface is left untouched to display the natural wood grain. It’s sanded to a smooth finish and rounded at the edges. The tabletop comes in a rectangular shape and is supported by scissor-shaped legs designed to fold with ease. No assembly is needed as it comes with the pieces already put together.

6. PJ WOOD TV Tray single in Mango

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PJ Wood folding TV trays come in many different finishes. This one here comes in a warm, dark mango finish that adds a sweet rustic touch in your living space. This tray table is fabricated from plantation solid wood for improved durability and structural integrity. It has a rectangular top with stylish rounded edges. A scissor-shape folding leg supports the tabletop to provide increased stability and a comfortable working height.

5. Above Edge Folding TV & Snack Tray Table, Marble

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The marble finish used on the tabletop of this folding TV tray gives it a luxurious look. The smooth finish makes cleanup a breeze. Powder-coated metal legs provide plenty of support for the tabletop. With a scissor-shape design, the legs give you an easy time to fold in place when not in use. Non-slip feet safeguard the floor and keep the metal legs from scratches.

4. Table-Mate TM011104 Folding Table, White

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This folding TV tray is designed to slide to you. It can be adjusted to a comfortable height or angle you find perfect for watching TV, eating, or reading. There are 6 adjustable height positions and 3 angle settings. A built-in adjustable cup holder holds your drink place. This tray table is made of powder-coated steel for increased durability. The top sits on L legs that slide with ease over any surface.

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3. Atlantic 2-Pack TV Tray, Park Place in Black and White

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Atlantic TV tray adds a modern touch to your home or office. The tabletop has vibrant patterns that come in black and white for a chic finish. Made of a smooth laminate surface, the tabletop wipes clean with ease. It’s a durable tabletop that stands on durable polished metal legs. The scissor-shape design of the legs allows this TV tray to fold flat for easy and compact storage. The feet are padded to keep off scratches and protect your floor finish.

2. Mainstay Wooden Portable TV Tray Table Brown 5-Piece Folding TV Tray Table Set

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This folding TV tray provides a good level of stability and durability, thanks to its solid wood construction. The two parts of the scissor-shaped legs are fitted with horizontal braces to guarantee a sturdy, wobble-free built. The tabletop comes in a nice rectangular design that has rounded edges. A water-resistant coating is used on this TV tray for fast drying and easy maintenance. The smooth white finish brings a fresh and crisp look to your living space.

1. Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut

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This is an oversize folding TV tray set designed to give plenty of space for working, watching TV, or eating. The set is made up of four tray tables that have a warm antique walnut finish. The tabletops have a slight bulge on the sides to add style and extra working space. A storage stand is included so you can easily store away the tray tables when not in use. These tray tables are made of solid composite wood to give a refined durable construction.

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