Top 10 Best GPS Trackers For Kids In 2021

As a parent, you often faced with the difficulty of monitoring your kids’ movements without being overbearing or too controlling. Freedom is important for kids to discover their true potential and make their own friends. That’s where these top 10 best GPS trackers for kids in 2021 will come handy in giving you peace of mind by knowing exactly where you child is at any given time. With compact and wearable designs, these GPS trackers fit unobtrusively with your child’s clothes and provide instant location services among other features that will enable you to track your child’s location conveniently.

Table of the Best GPS Trackers For Kids

10. Owl Cole Smart Watch for Kids

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This is a touchscreen smart watch with an integrated GPS and LPS positioning and calling function. You can reach your child anytime or track real time movement and location around the city. Moreover, this smart watch features a camera and flashlight for taking pictures. You can activate the camera and voice monitor remotely to monitor your kids’ activities and they can contact you instantly with an SOS message by long pressing on the SOS button. This smart watch also has an app which can be used to manage its use and view other functions.

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09. TickTalk 2.0 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch

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This smart watch uses Wi-Fi, GPS and LBS for location services providing accurate locations to help track your kid anywhere anytime. It supports 2-way communication for up to 13 contacts allowing you and close family instant communication with your kid. Furthermore, this smart watch has a reminder function with up to 50 reminders which helps parents create tasks and routines for the children teaching them about time management.


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Using GSM/GPS dual mode positioning, this tracker offers real time location services with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. It has geo-fencing, over speed, voice monitor and low power alarm features all which ensure efficient and effective tracking. Additionally, this tracker comes with an ultra-large capacity and rechargeable battery with up to 90 days standby time. It is also IPX6 waterproof, delivering full functionality even when rained on.

07. Rijian GPS Tracker Mini Portable Real Time gps tracker

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With a compact and portable design, this tracker provides real time tracking enabling you to know your child’s location and movement patterns. It has a SOS button and a geo-fencing alarm making it ideal for use for multiple tracking services including pets, elderly and even for vehicles. Besides, this tracker comes with Google maps for quick tracking and is waterproof.

06. LEMFO Q528 Kids GPS Tracker Watch

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This is a smart watch with integrated GPS tracking which gives parents peace of mind by providing location services. It supports voice calling and micro chatting ensuring parents can get in touch their kids anywhere and at any time. In addition, this smart watch has a SOS button allowing your kids to contact you instantly when in distress, a geo-fence feature and app control for to prevent the kids from playing with the watch when in class.

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05. Jelly Comb GPS Tracker Locator for Kids

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Designed to provide accurate location services, this tracker can be used for pets, teens, vehicles, movable assets and the elderly for convenient monitoring. It has a compact portable design that fits easily anywhere without drawing undue attention. With features such as SOS calling, remote monitoring, route tracking and geo-fencing, this tracker brings much needed peace of mind in tracking your young ones or assets. It also comes with a built-in battery which delivers up to 4 days of battery life for each single charge.

04. KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable for Kids & Children”All in One Security Solution (Black)

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This is a multi-function device with calling and GPS features that provides location solutions in tracking kids. It offers real-time location features with location history, geo-fencing as well as remote voice monitoring. In addition, this device supports SOS calling with up to 4 numbers allowing kids to contact any one of them instantly when they are in distress.

03. KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable for Kids and Children “All in One Security Solution”, White

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In addition to offering cellular services, this cell phone doubles up as a GPS tracker providing real time tracking and location services. It has multiple features such as location history, geo-fencing and SOS emergency calling which allows parents to monitor and manage their children’s movement. Furthermore, this cellphone has parental control with parents managing all the incoming and outgoing calls.

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02. KidGPS Tracker

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This KidGPS tracker provides on demand location services allowing parents to track and monitor their children’s movement. It also has geo-fencing feature with push notification when children are in a certain location and panic alerts to alert parents when they are in distress. Additionally, this tracker allows for location sharing with trusted adults who can also monitor your child’s movement when you are available.

01. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Featuring a compact, lightweight and portable design, this tracker attaches even to the smallest space to provide real time location tracking. Ideal for multiple applications, you can use this track for the elderly, spouse, teens, vehicles or other movable assets to monitor and track their movement or location. It has geo-fencing features and a SOS button to help you know when your kids are in distress.


You don’t have to micromanage your child’s movement anymore to have peace of mind. Use one of these top 10 best GPS trackers for kids in 2021 to manage and control their movement. With geo-fencing features, you get alerts whenever they are in a certain location and they can easily contact you when in distress using a SOS button. Furthermore, these trackers have location history and some even support calling and micro chat to ensure you are connected at all times. Compact and lightweight, these trackers are barely noticeable and provide accurate location services you can you not only to know your child’s location but also rescue them if they get lost or are in distress.

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