Top 10 Best Hair Colors in 2021

Beauty matters to every woman. Women like to spend their time going to salons and spend money on dying their hair. However, going to salon and dying hair can waste their time as well as their money. That is the reason why they choose to go to market to get the hair colors product that they can apply to their hair by their own.

Getting the hair color that gives the hair dye results and still keeps the hair safe and healthy is not easy. So, in this article, we are going to introduce to you the top 10 best hair colors that we have found.

List of  Top 10 Best Selling Hair Colors in 2021

Bestseller No. 10

10. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

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The first brand that we are going to review will bring you the colorful hair dye than ever. If you want your hair soft with colorful locks, this one will help you well. After dying, your hair will stay fierce for a very long time. Moreover, your hair will always shine bright and be healthy even if there is no help from any toner.

You can even select either the original colors given in the bottle or creating your color by your own. Lime Crime guarantees that their products are not derived from any animals and no animals are used to test the quality of the product as well.

9. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

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Then, we’ve got the best hair colors product from Naturtint. Naturtint has chosen vegetables as the ingredients to produce this perfect hair color dye out (soya, corn, coconut, wheat). You can actually dye your hair and enjoy the color on your hair without worrying about their health.

Plus, your hair will shine bright and stay soft for a very long time. It comes in 29 colors that allow you to choose your favorite color as well as the suitable one for your hair.

8. Ganier Hair Color

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Ganier has been one of the most famous hair care for the last 100 years that will bring you the natural hair colors. It has many colors that you can choose according to your needs or preferences. It will help you well in getting your desire color since with Ganier, there will be no guess work happen.

You will get the perfect black coverage by using this advanced hair dye. As a result, you will get the hair color you want without worrying about the health as well as the brightness of your hair.

7. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Cream

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This high lift dye are going to offer you the brilliant hair color with its vivid color intensity. It is designed to be best at fighting with fading. Your hair color will never be faded for up to 9 weeks and at the same time, it will always be bright without any support from the toners or developers.

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If your hair is quite long, you could consider using 2 boxes at the same time to keep its best quality. There will be 1 tube of color cream, 1 developer lotion, 1 tube of conditioning treatment, 1 pairs of gloves as well as a guide in a box when shipped to you.

6. Loreal Smokey Blue Hair Color

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Let’s get to know this Loreal hair color that we have found most preferable. This one will produce the multi-faceted look with the smokey blue hair color which is also shimmering that can make your hair looks more attractive. It is very expressive and sophisticated when applying this color on your hair.

The hair color dye is gentle yet provide the deep conditioning so that the color will not fade away in a short period of time. Anyway, it is perfect for the one with light blonde hair.

5. Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair Color Cream

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The next professional hair color brands is from Schwarzkopf. They have produced the most caring hair color products that will protect your hair perfectly during and after using it. It comes with the Ammonia Control

Technology that will let the users experience the low odor coloring and make your hair look more beautiful.

The colors will stay for long without faded very easily so you do not need to worry if your hair color will be gone soon.

For the one who has longer hair, it is suggested to use 2 boxes at once.

4. L’Oreal Paris Hair Color

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Turn back to our professional hair color from L’Oreal Paris. This Loreal color will let you experience personalize your highlights by yourself so that you can choose which colors work well with your hair. It is very easy to use as well as to apply to your hair. First, you just need to choose the colors whether you want to lighten or deepen your hair color and then, you need to dry your hair and sweep on the highlights for high and low.

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After coloring, your hair will shine bright and be healthy with no toner or developer required. Besides, you can do it by your own at home with the help from the guide given in the box.

3. Clairol Nice and Easy Root Touch Up

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Another best hair color comes in line refers to the one from Clairol. It will produce the permanent color that will make you look great with the renewal color which can last for up to 3 weeks. You do not need to find out the leading shade since every leading shade will bring the best color to your hair. There will be a brush to assist you in changing your hair color quickly with the easy application.

Your hair is guaranteed to be healthy and still stay bright with the best color hair match with no support from toner or developer needed.

2. John Frieda Precision Foam Color

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Here is the professional color hair brands, John Frieda, which has brought most powerful hair color to the market. The foam will get into the root of the hair as well as the places that are hard to reach very quickly and easily without irritating your head. Even you do this at home, the quality will still as good as you have done it in the salon as well.

In a pack, there will another conditioner that can help the color stay longer, keep your hair soft and silky without affecting the health of your hair or head.

1. Loreal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color

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Last but not least, we are going to tell you about the permanent hair color from Loreal. It is formulated with the oil, vitamin E and UV filter to make your hair silky and smooth. The color of your hair after coloring will last for long since it can resist well with fade so you can enjoy your colorful hair for up to 8 weeks.
There are over 50 luminous shades which are available for the users to use which shade is the best suitable one for their hair. With Loreal, everything is possible.


All of these best hair colors above are the most recommended ones in the market that we have found. They are all come in high quality with the ingredients that make your hair healthy, shine bright and smooth. If you love our hair and want to get your hair dyed at the same time, choose one and enjoy getting the colored hair with no worry about the health of your hair.

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