Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2021

Did you know that Halloween is meant to remember the dead? Well that time of the year is around the corner and kids will get to enjoy a variety of activities such as trick-or-treating, Halloween costume parties, pranks and telling scary stories among others. To make these activities fun and a memorable kids need Halloween costumes often modeled after supernatural figures and fiction characters.

We have reviewed the top 10 best Halloween costumes for kids in 2021, which will make this year’s activities funnier and memorable. Ranging from werewolves, unicorns to fiction characters such as batman, these costumes are the top trending and will stand out in any Halloween costume party.

Table of the Best Halloween Costumes For Kids

10. California Costumes Toys Howling at The Moon

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This child werewolf costume lets your kid howl at the moon just like in popular folk tales. It is made with polyester, acrylic and vinyl which not only only give a real werewolf look but are also comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the plaid shirt is tattered with the arms and chest being covered in faux fur to enhance this Halloween costume and for the best performance.

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09. Fun World Unicorn Kids Costume

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The unicorn is one of the legendary folk tale animals that once roamed the earth. Let your kids indulge in this unicorn costume to not only show how unique they are but also very special. Made from 100% polyester and faux fur, this costume is comfortable and breathable. It features a metallic interlock on the white flannel bodice and sleeves that are fastened with Velcro at the back.

08. Disguise Disney Carlos Deluxe Descendants 2 Costume, Multicolor, Medium (7-8)

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Depicting the character Carlos from the popular magical TV series Descendants 2, this Halloween costume allows your kids to practice the magical skills and have plenty of fun during Halloween. It is made of premium quality polyester and includes; shorts, a pair of gloves and a jacket top.

07. FunFill Child’s King Crab Halloween Costume (Medium 7-10)

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This king crab costume forms an ideal sea animal costume for Halloween costume parties. It is a 1- piece costume made of foam with a fabric cover to depict a crab. Moreover, this costume comes attached with a gold king crown to make it the king crab. It is not only educational but your kids will have plenty of fun playing with this costume during Halloween.

06. Rubie’s Costume Boys DC Comics Deluxe Batman Costume, Small, Multicolor

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Featuring DC comics’ fictional superhero, Batman, this costume is a classic for any Halloween costume party. It features a muscle chest jumpsuit attached with 3D gauntlets, a belt, cape, mask and boot tops. This costume will not only stand out but will your kids are also likely to practice their life saving and hero skills for a fun and memorable Halloween.

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05. Morphsuits Zalgo Kids Monster Urban Legend Costume

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This monster urban legend costume will let your kids perfect their scaring tactics with its creepy look; in a fun way. It features high quality printing with 3D fingers to make it make it perfect for Halloween parties. Additionally, it design is ingenious as you can see, breath and even drink through making it the perfect disguise.

04. InCharacter Costumes Tween Kids Hooded Huntress Costume

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These hooded huntress costume will make a perfect appearance on any Halloween party. It features a hooded cape, chain closure, shoulder strap, lace-up front and tunic dress for stunning disguise. Made from 100% polyester, this costume also comes with a cord for lacing up the dress, printed cinching belt and gauntlets.

03. Fun World Girls Zombie Costume

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Intrigued by zombies? Then this fantastic zombie costume will let your kids terrorize the neighborhood. This costume features a tattered, frayed dress made from 100 % polyester with worn edges and EVA foam gore pieces that help complete the look. Designed for girls, this dress has a long sleeved pullover style which fits comfortably and allows your girls to act as one of the undead.

02. Fun World Fade In And Out Unknown Phantom Kids Costume

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The legendary grim reaper kids costume fits not only for Halloween costume parties but for scary story telling as well. This costume includes a robe, hood, belt, glasses and gloves. The fabric is made from premium quality polyester and is designed and styled to fit comfortably enabling your kids have fun dressing and acting as the grim reaper this Halloween.

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01. Rubie’s Super Mario Brothers, Mario Costume, Large

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Designed to depict characters from the popular video game Super Mario bros, this costume allows your kids to act as their favorite character in the game. It features a jumpsuit, blue overalls, a big yellow button, an attached long-sleeved shirt, hat and moustache. It is made from 100% polyester except the trim and is ideal for Halloween parties.


These top 10 best Halloween costumes for kids in 2021 will bring out the fun and creativity of your kids this Halloween. Whether you want to go for the legendary creatures or fiction characters, your kids will enjoy playing their favorite characters with uniquely designed and created costumes which will make them stand out.

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