Top 10 Best Hard Shell Luggages in 2020

Luggage is plentiful on the market; online and offline. They come in varying types, patterns and style. Yet, among all options, hard shell luggages have soared in popularity the most. This kind of luggage can absorb shock, reduce the chance of facing potential damages, and more.

Looking for a hard shell luggage for your needs? Having a hard time distinguishing between low quality and high quality picks? We have simplified the hassle for you. Below you will find the top 10 best hard shell luggages and their fantastic features. They will guarantee a worthy investment for you. Have a look.

List Of Top 10 Best Hard Shell Luggages in 2020 

10. Delsey Paris

Delsey Paris will give you peace of mind when it comes to the best hard shell luggage that brings to the utmost convenience and satisfaction. Colors come in 9 choices such as silver, black, pink, red, blue, teal. orange, purple, etc. Yet be noted that some colors come in softside only. It is lightweight without compromising on quality; the quality is just as desirable — thanks to the Polycarbonate material used. This material is known to resist cracking impressively. For the finish look, the luggage is coated with metallic.

Featuring 4 units of 2 spinner wheels, moving the luggage is made simple. The main compartment expands 2 inches more in case you need extra storage space. Each of them is carefully lined. Locking can be done in 2 positions. Coming with many pockets, you can organize your items neatly. Plus, it helps reduce wrinkles on clothes as well since the suitcase has webstraps. And, Delsey Paris backs each of these luggage with a 10 year warranty.

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9. Samsonite

Samsonite has always been reputable for their superb quality bags and suitcases. This pick is no different. The suitcase is available in 8 adorable colors. It features 10 big zippers and neat dividers on the inside for tidying up your belongings with ease. It is light in weight and has a handle that locks. This handle is the push-button type of handle. The wheels are of multi directions and can roll easily. The pattern it comes in can hide scratches as well. And, it can greatly absorb shock, too.

Being a TSA-approved luggage, you can rest assured knowing that the luggage has enhanced security and only you and the TSA agents can check it. When fully expanded, it can get 1.5” bigger for added packing space.

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Another baby offered at a phenomenal value is this one from BEBE. It is a copper, glamorous-looking luggage. It features 6 wheels which can rotate 360 degrees and a handle that locks with just a push of a button. The handle is made of aluminum. This one does not add weight to your load thanks to the Polycarbonate material used. Its durability is superb. The interior is lined as well for long lasting use. Its size is of 21”. That makes it a good carry on size.

The suitcase also features tie down straps which are made for securing your belongings tighter. Plus, coming in rose gold, this one surely is a timeless piece. If you’re looking for a stylish luggage that does not sacrifice on its quality, opt for this pick.

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7. Rockland

This Rockland hard shell luggage has a lot to offer and plenty of write about. But, we’ll keep it short to just the main features. This baby is light in weight yet tough as it is crafted from high-strength ABS material. The wheels are of multi directions. The handle can be retracted with ease. The handle also gives a comfortable grip. And, the luggage can withstand drops quite impressively.

This is one of the best hard shell luggage sets that includes 2 units of luggage; one in the size of 20 inches and another is in the size of 28 inches. The 20 inches one is great for the packing weight of 6 lbs while the 28” one is ideal for 10 lbs of packing weight. The zippers are well-made. The interior is fully lined. Pack more with less with Rockland.

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6. Steve Madden

If you look to replace you old family luggage set with a new one, do check out Steve Madden. This luggage set with the designers’ brand is available in 2 color choices/patterns – diamond and spikes. Each one of these items are lightweight yet carefully crafted. The largest one barely weighs 9 lbs. The wheels come in the 8 spinner system that provided easy rolling always. They are all durable thanks to the ABS shell equipped. This shell is great at keeping the contents well protected as well. The handle is telescopic and allows you to lift the luggages with ease.

The 3 sizes are carry-on, medium and large with the packing capacity of 29 liters, 60 liters and 84 liters respectively. The pop of colors will distinguish these suitcases from the other ones at the airport, and stand out amongst the crowd. And, each of them is backed by a 5 year warranty. Plus, the price tag is a great bargain.

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5. AmazonBasics

Packed with features, we have another outstanding pick from Amazon Basics. With this one, you can choose one among the 7 colors available. These luggage sets come in 2 quantity options — 2 luggage and 3 luggage. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees for smooth rolling. 2 handles are equipped (a side handle and a pull handle). And, indeed, they come with a desirable pice tag.

Each suitcase features 3 zipper pockets on the inside. The durability is awesome. Give this pick a try because they are one of the most affordably-priced options out there. Plus, we think Amazon Basics will never fail their customers.

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4. American Tourister

Up next, let’s feast your eyes on American Tourister. The design of this luggage is not any less appealing than the previous ones. The color/pattern options include rose gold, purple storm, popsicle, and marble. On the inside, you will find a mesh compartment and cross straps that enable you to neatly organize the contents. It comes in a book opening case style with ease of access to the contents. The wheels guarantee smooth rolling every time. Plus, made from ABS, these ones are light yet tough.

For the main compartment, it can expand 1.5 inches more for you to pack more. The handles can be locked and unlocked with push of a button. That makes moving the luggage simpler. Best yet, American Tourister backs each one of these babies with a 10-year warranty.

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3. Merax

One of the best hard shell luggage brands has got to be Merax. This set from them lets you choose between 9 dazzling colors. It comes in the material that is not ABS. It is PET material. PET is FDA-approved and can resist impact so well. And, it can withstand the extremest of weathers, too. This set has been tested with drop tests rigorously and they still hold up great.

As anti-UV luggages, the set will serve you for years to come. Both the inside and outside are beautifully made. Each of them is light in weight for ease in maneuvering. Each set includes 3 pieces. Each piece is backed by a 5-year warranty. Besides, the company is very responsible for their products especially on defects.

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If you are not satisfied with the above options, here is another selection from you. This one is from Coolife; the suitcase comes in 6 classic color options and 3 sizes. This guy sure can keep your things safety to your destination and from there to your home. The luggage is crafted from ABS + PC hard plastic outer. This contributes greatly to its high strength and toughness. The interior is spacious and well lined as well.

For added security to your belongings, the luggage features TSA lock. The handle lets you retract it in 3 levels. The handle also makes moving the luggage from place to place simple. There are many pockets for you to arrange stuff into its own category. And, the company offers a 2-year warranty for this model.

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Are you excited to know what tops the list in our hard shell luggage reviews? It is this set of 3 suitcases that come in 4 color options of blue, black, orange, rose gold and purple. These babies are of 20”, 24” and 28” respectively. And they can fit into one another when you need to store them. Made with TSA lock, you can rest assured about the luggage’s added security. Each piece is crafted from ABS material entirely.

The 4 wheels that can move 360 degrees affirms the ease of transporting these suitcases. These wheels still move smoothly even if the content inside the luggage is heavy. Featuring cross belts, your belongings will never be messy. For more care, the company attaches fabric to the main compartment. The 2 other net compartments are very handy as well. Plus, be noted that these guys come with a combination lock.

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We have just rounded up some of the well reviewed and top rated hard shell luggage for you in our curated list above. If you are out and about a lot especially if by plane, you sure need a hard shell luggage. And, as avid travelers ourselves, you can assure you that these ones are all worthy investment. Now, for you to make an even more informed decision, you should look at our buying guides for hard shell luggages as well. Here are the tips:

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Material: Most hard shell luggage are made from ABS for its shell. Some are made from PS hard plastic shell. These 2 materials make the luggage light and durable. It may also contribute to making the shell scratch-resistant. So, choose wisely.

A Set of a Single Unit: Just like most merchandise, each luggage is more affordable when purchased in a bundle. Hence, if you know you’ll need more than 1 suitcase at the mean time or in the near future. Consider this aspect.

Compartments: As of compartments, luggage can come with multiple pockets, mesh pockets, cross belts, etc. These elements help you keep your things tidy and neat. That also means more packing capacity.

Wheels: Luggage can come with 4 wheels or 2 wheels. With 4 wheels, indeed, that ensures a smoother rolling. Yet, we recommend that you get wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and in multi directions. Otherwise, moving the luggage around at the airport or other places will be a disaster.

Lock: Luggage today are lockable. Most utilize combination lock. Some use a seperate padlock. Hence, if you find yourself needing to pack valuable belongings or you just feel like wanting to keep your content safe all the time, consider a hard shell luggage that comes with a lock. And, get the type of lock that is best suited for your needs and preference.


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For any traveling, you always have that one best friend to go with which is your luggage. That is why choosing the best luggage that will not easily break apart is very important.

To help you find the best and durable luggage for both near and far distance traveling, we have gathered the top 10 best hard shell luggages in 2020 that will definitely protect your belongings very well.

Ultimate List of Top Rated Hard Shell Luggages

10. Galaxy Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase

Coming to the first travelpro luggage that we would like to introduce to you os Galaxy Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase. The outer shell of this luggage is basically made of ABS together with PC shell with is strong, hard, durable to use, and capable of going against breaking. Other than this, it is also lightweight which allows you to have easier time carrying it to any places. On top of that, it also comes with special features of heat resistant, scratch repellent, hard pressure and water protection which allow you to take it under any conditions.

More than this, the external design of this luggages is very smart as it has a spinner wheels that allow you to spin it 360 degrees angle, combination lock which offers higher protection to your luggage, good telescoping handle and soft sided handle which make you carry it comfortably. Furthermore, the internal part is also designed with many pocket and large space which offers wider place for your belongings too.

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9. Coolife Hard Shell Luggage

Another travel bag that is added to our review is Coolife Hard Shell Luggage. As coming with 3 luggages in one set, this travel bag allows you to choose between 20 inch luggage, 24 inch luggage, and 28 inches luggage for your traveling. Moreover, the external part of this travel bag is well made with PC and ABS hard shell which is durable to use and also lightweight to carry. More than this, the telescoping handle can also be adjusted in 3 steps which is very convenient to the usage. Furthermore, it also comes with spinner wheels which you can spin it to many directions silently.

On top of that, there is also a TSA accepted lock coming with it which provides higher protection to your belonging too. Other than this, the inside of this travel bag is designed with many pockets that allow you to put as many things as possible.

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8. Coolife Expandable Suitcase Set

If you are also looking for a rolling luggage, we believe it is better to have a look at this Coolife Expandable Suitcase Set. The shell of this luggage is well made of ABS hard materials which offers greater durability and lightweight. That way, you can have a great time carrying it along. More than this, a set of this rolling luggage comes with 3 pieces which is a 20 inch, 24 inches, and 28 inches luggages. Therefore, you can have more choices choosing the most suitable one for your trip.

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Moreover, the telescoping handle of this luggage is also sturdy, strong, and durable which allows you to drag your luggage comfortably. With 360 degrees spinner wheels, you would experience the best, smoothest, and silentest rolling of your luggage of all time.

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7. Luggage Set Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase

This Luggage Set Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase is another rolling suitcase that we believe is a good quality product. The outer shell of this suitcase is hard which is made of ABS and PC materials. Therefore, it provides greater durability to the usage. Other than this, it is also designed in light weight which is easy for you to carry. More than this, it also has special features of heat and scratch resistant, and also pressure and waterproof protection which would be more durable to use.

The exterior part of this suitcase also comes with smart design including spinner wheels, high security lock protection, good quality telescoping and sided handles. On top of that, the interior part also have many pockets which allow you to store your belonging without any problems at all.

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6. Merax Afuture 3 Piece Set Luggage

In addition to previous luggage mentioned above, this Merax Afuture 3 Piece Set Luggage is also a hard luggage to review as well. Coming very light in weight and also has a ABS hard shell, this luggage ensures higher durability and safety to every kinds of usage. More than this, the wheels of this luggage can also be spun which is great to drag to any direction.

On top of that, the handle of this luggage is also design with ergonomic system which would offer comfort to the holding. Other than this, it also has a protection system of 3-digit lock which is capable at protecting your important belonging very well.

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5. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece Set

This Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece Set is a luggage online for sale that is highly made of polycarbonate materials. That way, this luggage is very durable to use and can withstand hard pressure too. More than this, it also has a feature of scratch protection which is a result of micro diamond texture. Therefore, you would not have to worry about it getting scratched anymore.

Other than this, this luggage is also lightweight and comes with spinner wheels which allows you to easily transport the luggage from place to place. On top of that, with its very large dimension of 28.5″ x 20.5″ x 13.5″, this suitcase provides big space for you to store many of your belongings.

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4. Delsey Helium Aero Spinner Trolley

Another travel pro luggage that we also want you to have a look at is, Delsey Helium Aero Spinner Trolley. This luggage is very lightweight and durable to use as it made of polycarbonate materials. That way, your luggage will not easily crack or break at all.

Other than this, it is also built in a spinner wheels which you can mobilize it to any places easily and silently too. On top of that, this travel pro luggage also has a large storage capacity and comes with many pockets inside which you can store as many things as possible.

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3. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

If you are also looking for a 29 inches luggage for travel, we would like to recommend you this product which is Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley. This luggage is designed very lightweight which is very convenient for you to carry. Other than this, it is also well made of Polycarbonate material that is durable and strong to use for years.

More than that, the good spinner wheels of this luggage will assist you with mobilizing it from place to place. On top of that, it also comes with a comfortable handle which lets you carry it conveniently without any pain.

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2. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage

This Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage is another product which is made of polycarbonate materials which is perfect at anti any cracking or breaking. Other than this, it comes with zipper closure to ensure higher safety to your belonging as well.

On top of that, the wheels of this luggage can move from place to place very smoothly which will never you let you feel heavy at all. More than this, it also comes with a telescopic handle that can be locked in place. That way, you can hold the luggage with fullest comfortness.

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1. Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set

Coming to the top product on the list, we would like to recommend you this Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set. With a hard shell made of ABS materials, this luggage is strong and durable to use yet very lightweight to carry. Other than this, it comes with 3 pieces of luggages which you can choose any one to fit your packing requirement for the travel.

With a good telescoping handle, secure lock, and silent spinner wheels, this luggage is very safe and convenient to use. Besides that, the 3 luggages can be stored easily by putting them in one another which also helps save your space too.

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From what you have seen, all of the luggages above are well selected in terms of good quality, and higher durability. Therefore, if you are planning to get one from the list, we highly encourage you to do so because any purchase from the list will not going to disappoint you at all.

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