Top 10 Best iphone charger cables in 2021 Reviews

IPhones are great inventions. However, like every smartphone that has come out since, they are lacking when it comes to the battery. If the devices were not so handy, there would only be no point in using a tool that has such a weak battery life.

However, things are such that most people cannot do without their iphones, which means most people have no choice but to keep their chargers on hand, just in case they need to charge their iphone.

Most people do not give much thought to the iphone charger cables they buy or use. This is despite the fact that the cable you use to charge your iphone can have a drastic impact on the health of your battery and the time it will take to charge.

If you are on the lookout for a decent iphone cable, one with longevity, consider these, the best iphone charger cables on the market:

10. Aonsen 3Pack 10FT

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When you choose to buy this item, you will get three premium Nylon braided charging cords. Because the high-quality nylon fiber cloth is so tightly wound around the Aonsen lightning cord, you can trust this cable to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

The thickened copper wiring inside will also guarantee faster charging than normal, this along with quicker syncing with compatible devices. You can trust these cables to keep your iphone battery safe.

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9. iPowerdirect Wall Charger

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This cable can charge and sync data for a number of iphone and ipod touch models. What sets this cable apart is the fact that it is specifically designed for heavy use. Bringing a lightning connector to the table, the cable’s intelligent circuit design will keep your devices protected from short circuits, overheating or even overcharging, not to mention over-currents.

8. Xcords Nylon Braided Charging Cable

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The most notable aspect of this cable is the fact that it has a tangle-free design that ensures durability. The strength of the cable can be imputed to the braided nylon fiber jacket that covers it, guaranteeing its sturdiness and durability, especially when compared to a normal lightning cable.

The eight-pin lightning cable boasts anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors. Consumers can expect very fasting charging free of error messages. The cable is primarily compatible with more recent versions of the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

7. SNX Certified Lightning to USB cable

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This six feet/two feet cord is much longer than the average cable and, as such, gives you, even more, reach when it comes to charging. The five pack design is purposed to give consumers, even more, freedom, allowing them to ensure that they have a cable in any one of the five places where they are likely to find themselves with an iPhone whose battery is depleted.

The cord’s eight-pin connector is very studied and ensures that the resulting attachment to one’s device is very firm and secure. You can rest easy knowing that this cable will provide lightning fast data transfers, synching and even charging. It is worth noting that the lightning connector has a very slim design that makes it possible for consumers to use it with devices without removing the case.

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6. Zeus Products Lightning Cord to USB Charging Connector

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You can trust this product to serve you at all times because it has been certified for use by devices like the iphone 6 and iPad mini. In other words, you do not need to worry about receiving error messages telling you that your charging cable isn’t certified for your device.

Additionally, this cable is very seamless in its operations, allowing you to sync and charge your phone with a computer at the same time, or to simply plug directly into your wall or car charger.

The cable has a low-profile that will fit all cases that you might encounter. It is also worth noting that this cord is wrapped in a durable TPU housing that keeps the wires protected.

5. ONSON iphone cable

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Consumers will probably love this cable because it is an extra ten feet long; that means it is ideal for long distances, regardless of whether you are at home, in the office or your car. The product ensures that you never have to worry about not being able to reach your USB charger cable. You can also trust this product because it is a high-quality cable covered by a premium quality braided nylon jacket that ensures its durability and makes certain that it can stand up to wear and tear in the long run. Consumers should expect a seamless performance with this cable.

4. ONSON 6FT 3pack iphone cable

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This cable is six feet longer than the average apple cable. This should give you, even more, reach, especially if you are using your phone while charging it at the same time. The premium nylon braided jacket covering the cord will protect it from wear and tear even in the presence of heavy-duty use.

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Consumers are guaranteed the fastest speeds when it comes to syncing and charging using a computer.

3. AmazonBasics Apple Lightning to USB Cable

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This is a six-foot cable that has been certified for use by the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 models, this along with iPad and iPod touch devices. This product can be used to seamlessly sync your phone to a computer where faster data transfers and augmented charging speeds are delivered.

The lightning connector head is compact and should work with most cases, if not all of them. This cable has an added layer of protection that boosts its durability even while reducing fraying.

2. Syncwire iPhone Charger – Best iphone chargers cable

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This certified lightning cable is superior to most of its rivals, delivering lightning-fast syncing, data transfers and charging. The cord is compact enough to fit most cases. The sync wire cable has an impressive plastic cloth jacket that boosts its lifespan several times over even while augmenting its durability.

The double shielding and tangle free design also provide additional interference protection.

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Along with a compact lightning connector head that can fit most cases and an additional layer of protection that prevents fraying and boosts durability, this charging cable is one of the best on the market, designed to charge your phone using a computer or wall charger and delivering unrivaled speeds when it comes to syncing and data transfer.

Because it is certified, you can trust this cable to operate with your iPhone or iPad or even iPod touch without eliciting any irritating error messages.


Most people have never given their choice of iphone charging cable much consideration; this is despite the fact that a decent cable can make all the difference to your iPhone when it comes to syncing and charging. The cables above are guaranteed to eliminate all the stress you keep encountering with regards to charging and syncing your iPhone.

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