Top 10 Best Jenga Games in 2019 Reviews

Boredom is real, just like death and taxes. In fact, even if you try hard to keep yourself engaged during your leisure time, at some point you will find yourself bored. But did you know that there is a way to kill the boredom in your free time? Actually, different people kill the boredom in a number of ways; some choose to play the guitar, while a large number go for the PC games. But what about if there is no that ‘guitar man’ in you and you don’t love the PC games? Well, there is one more way to overcome the boredom- play Jenga games.

Just before we go deeper, let us start by answering the obvious question; what is a Jenga game? Well, the word ‘Jenga’ isn’t an English word. It comes from the Swahili language which translates to ‘Build’ in English. So, just as the name suggests, this game involves stacking blocks together in order to build a tower. But the fun comes in when you start to pull the blocks from the complete tower without it falling and then replacing them at the top. Sounds fun, right? And the best part of all- it is a game made for all ages.

And since it is a game that has gained much popularity over time, there are a plethora of Jenga games out there coming from different manufacturers. And because you obviously want the best, we are here to unravel the top 10 best Jenga games on the market for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Jenga Games in 2019 Reviews:

How to choose the Ideal Jenga game for you:

  • The quality of the blocks: Ensure that the blocks are made of high-quality hardwood such as pine to ensure that it won’t break when the tower falls.
  • The size:  We have small and giant Jenga games. It all depends on what seems best to you.
  • The price: Be sure to operate within your budget. We have some price-friendly Jenga games out there.

10. Jenga GIANT Premium Hardwood Game (Stacks to 3+ feet. Ages 10+).

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If you are planning to throw a backyard BBQ party, you can get this great Jenga game to maximize the fun. Unlike the standard Jenga games, this comes with bigger build-ups- prepare for bigger crashes. It comes with 54 high-quality and well-polished hardwood which can stack up to over 3 feet.

It comes with a sturdy box which allows you to easily transfer the fun to anywhere you want- you can take it to the beach, play in the patio, your friend’s place, or anywhere you choose. The durable box also provides a perfect storage after you are done with the fun.

Extra features:

  • It is made for people of 10 years and above.
  • The blocks are made from hardwood hence they remain sturdy to offer the much-needed support.
  • The price is great when you compare it to most Jenga games that can be built to the same height.

9. EasyGO Large Stack & Tumble Giant Wood Stacking & Tumble Tower Blocks Game, Stacks to Over 4 Feet Tall!

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Just in case you are operating under a low budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Jenga game. In fact, we have very good Jenga games out there that won’t force you out of the budget. And yes, this is one of the best Jenga games that come with a pocket-friendly price tag. The game starts at 2 feet tall with 24 rows and you can stack it to over 4 feet. Unlike some Jenga games whose blocks are made of cardboard, the blocks of this game are made using a sturdy wooden material that won’t break even when the tower tumbles down.

Moreover, the wooden blocks measure 8.25” x 2.75” x 1.75” (L x W x H) just the ideal length to get the most out of the game. The game is perfect for family, youth groups, party, BBQ, and camping. When it comes to portability, the game only weighs 20 pounds hence you can easily carry it to where you want.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a canvas storage bag which makes it easy for you to store.
  • It is perfect for group parties.
  • Although the blocks are sturdy, the game is portable.

8. Jenga GIANT Family Hardwood Game (Kid Size. Stacks To 3+’. Ages 6+)

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If you don’t want the large and bulky Jenga games, you can choose to go for this small game that comes with sturdy wood construction. The 54 wooden blocks aren’t just sturdy but also crafted with much preciseness to avoid frequent tumbles. The game starts the height of 18 feet and allows you to stack up to approximately 3 feet.

The smaller sizes of the blocks make it a perfect game for any place where there is limited space since the game won’t take much storage space. The small size also makes it a perfect game not just for the adults, but also for the smaller hands.

Extra features;

  • The wooden blocks measure 5.5″ long x 1.9″ wide x 1″ high hence smaller in size for easy transportation and storage efficiency.
  • It is perfect for ages 8 and above hence perfect for the family fun.
  • The hardwood material provides playability and durability.

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7. Jenga GIANT JS7 Hardwood Game – Jenga Games

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Now if you want to enjoy the largest crashes with your friend, either during the BBQ party, at the beach, your home patio or at your friend’s place, this remains an ideal option for you. Unlike the smaller Jenga games that go up to 4 feet, this game starts at 4 feet and goes up to a double height (8 feet). This means that you now enjoy better balance and decreased tumbles.

The large height also means that the game is perfect for people 12 years and old. And when it comes to the material, we know that most of the large games are made of soft wood that can’t provide the much-needed durability. But when it comes to this game, the case is different since the blocks come with a durable wooden material and are perfectly crafted with much preciseness to ensure maximum stability.

Extra features:

  • It comes with 54 blocks each 15X the size of the classic Jenga games.
  • The large size of the blocks ensures more stability to allow you to play for longer.
  • The handy carrying bag comes with 2 strong handles that won’t snap

6. Seville Classics Premium Giant Block Tower Game/w Heavy-Duty Storage Bag (Stacks to 4+ ft.)

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  • By: Seville Classics Premium Jenga Game

Seville Classics has been in existence in the market for over 35 years. and with the company embracing innovation, its major target is to bring innovative products not just to your office, but also home. This time, Seville Classics brings this outstanding Jenga game that will keep you and your family or friends engaged during leisure time.

Just from the name, this is a premium Jenga game on the market. The game comes with 54 blocks which are smoothly finished to provide consistent and competitive play- you can now compete with your friends, the last person to stack before the tower tumbles emerge the winner!

The game comes with a large heavy-duty bag featuring double-stitched handles for worry-free carrying.

Extra features:

  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is easy to assemble and starts at 1.5 feet tall and grows up to 4 feet as you play.
  • The carrying bag has double zippers increase convenience and makes it easy to clean up.

5. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers – Jenga Games

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  • By: Yard Games Jenga Games

Playing the PC games is not the best way to kill boredom since it isn’t good for our health. Wondering how? Well, the light coming from the screen may affect our eyes. And because Yard Games care for your health, they have brought this amazing Jenga game to you as a healthy way of beating the boredom.

Other Jenga games come with 54 blocks, this comes with 56- 2 extra for the for the bottom row). The game starts with 19 rows and can grow up to 5 feet before tumbling. It is versatile since it can be played both indoor and outdoor. The premium-quality and high-strength carrying bag make transportation easy.

Extra features:

  • It is easy to set up.
  • The hand-sanded pieces of wood allow for smooth play.
  • No age restriction hence anyone can play this game.

4. GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower Jenga Games

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This giant Jenga game is a guaranteed hit at the parties, weddings, or even at the beach. The game starts the tower is completely set up at a height of 2.5 inches and can grow to a height of 5 feet depending with the skills of the players.

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The knot-free blocks are made from premium-quality pine for a smooth playtime. The robust carrying case allows you to easily transfer the fun.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty to boost your confidence as you buy.
  • It comes with a whiteboard just in case you want to assign rules to the game.
  • The price is a bargain compared to the quality.

3. Hasbro Jenga – Jenga Games

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This is the blockbuster of all stacking games. It is perfect for all ages hence your whole family can play. The rule is simple; the last person to take their turn before someone else makes it topple is the winner. The game comes with 54 blocks made from genuine hardwood for durability and a manual clearly laying down the rules of the game and the setup procedure.

The game can be played by 1 or more people, be sure to invite your friends to join the fun.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a sturdy cylinder box for easy transportation and storage.
  • It comes with the best price on the market.
  • It is perfect for indoor use.

2. Jenga Classic Game – Best Jenga Games

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This game combines friends, skill, laughter, suspense, strategy, and maybe a little lack. It is super easy to play: after setting up the tower, pull the loosest block from the top and continue to grow the tower. As the game continues, the tower grows taller and unsteady, suspense builds up, and fun dominates the game. But to emerge the winner, keep on pulling the right block, although the tower might sway, you are still in the game provided that luck is on your side.

The game comes with 54 hardwood blocks, each perfectly crafted and smooth enough for easy pulling out so that you enjoy a smooth game.

Extra features:

  • It comes with clear instructions on how to set up the game and play.
  • The hardwood blocks are sturdy hence won’t break
  • It is a perfect game for everyone.

1. Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game – Best Jenga Games

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This is the crowd’s favorite; not just because of the price, but because of the fun, suspense, and the premium quality of the blocks. Leave alone taking part in the game, spectators too enjoy the fun! It is easy to set up, and starts at the height of 22 inches. But as the game goes on, the tower grows taller, to a height of the 4 feet depending on the skill and luck of the players.

The 54 blocks are oversized and crafted with much precision. It can be played by a single player. But just in case you have some friends around, be sure to gather them around the table for a challenge.

Extra features:

  • It comes with high-quality blocks.
  • It is perfect for people 8 years and above.
  • It perfect for outdoor events e.g. backyard BBQ, get-together party, wedding, or any other party

Final thoughts:

Although there are plenty of Jenga games out there, not all are made to give you the best gaming experience. And because it may not be easy to pick the high-quality ones from the pool, we saw it necessary to do a research to find out the top 10 best Jenga games in 2019. So, if you want to share in the unsurpassed fun, be sure to grab one from the list.

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