Top 10 Best Leather Backpack in 2021

Keather backpacks are such a hit these days in the fashion industry today. A good leather backpack can be tricky to pick because you definitely want to own something that looks nice and is also handy so that you can keep your things nice and compact. This is the reason why we came up with the top 10 best leather backpack in 2021 as a guide to help you get the best-suited backpack as well as a buying guide to help lead your way in purchasing your fashionable yet convenient backpack.

List Of Top 10 Best Leather Backpack in 2021

10. Kenneth Cole REACTION

The first product on our list is this Kenneth Leather Backpack which is designed in a nice and chic way. This backpack is a unisex backpack although it is usually bought as mens bags which acts as a business backpack and it can also hold an average size laptop nice and safely. It comes in 3 distinct colors and one of the most famous colors is probably black. The front exterior includes a small zipper which acts as an extra space for you to keep your things. The strap of this backpack is patted which makes it comfortable and fits right onto your shoulders.

The dimension of this backpack is 4.5 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches wide. The Kenneth Cole REACTION leather backpack is made with high quality leather which is worth the purchase and moreover, it is extremely durable and it is guaranteed to be comfortable with an up to date design.

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The second product on our list is the travel leather backpack from the brand called OURBAG. It is a stylish backpack for college students as this can hold a whole laptop nice and secured. It is a multi-purpose used backpack as it can be used daily to school and also for day trips because of its supportive and patted strap which you can adjust to your shoulder for maximum comfort.

The bag has 1 front pocket with 2 zippers and 2 side pockets to keep things such as your keys and wallets. It is quite simple to use which makes it easy to take and keep things in and out of your backpack. The dimension of this backpack is 12.6 x 4.72 x 16.93 inches.

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The Coolcy leather backpack is the third product on our list which is made from high quality weather which is soft to touch and it is capable of holding an ipad, ipad mini and A4 size books comfortably. The interior comes with a phone pocket to store your phone nice and safe. There is a top handle so you can use that too if you don’t want to carry it on your shoulders.

The dimension of this cool backpack is 14.3 x 13 x 2 inches wide and it weighs only 1.5 pounds. Meaning that you can carry more things without having to worry about the weight of the bag itself weighs you down. Not only that it is convenient and easy to use, it also gives you extra weight capacity because the backpack is lightweight.

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7. Boasha

This Boasha leather is the fourth product on this recommended list and it is ideal for many college students as its design is nice and minimal. It is constructed with real PU leather high a 100% guaranteed quality and it comes with a lifetime warranty which is unbelievable. The bag is 17.7x 9.8 x 6.7 inches wide and it weighs 2.5 pounds.

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Moreover, it also has nice padded shoulders and back and it is waterproof. This backpack, not only that it looks nice and modern but it is also high quality and filled with convenience which makes this backpack an incredible deal.

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The Coofuit backpack is made with slash-proof artificial leather which makes this backpack looks incredibly luxurious and it is extremely durable as well. It is going to last you a long time . COOFIT is committed to developing and delivering high quality bags in a timely fashion. The dimension of this backpack is 12.6 x 5.9 x 15.2 inches wide and it weighs just 1.9 pounds.

This leather backpack can be used as a school backpack, shoulder bag, casual daypack.  The fact that this backpack is slash prove just makes the consumers feels so much secure for using this bag without the fear of thieves and pick pocketing.

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5. Bopai

The fifth product on our list is the 45 degrees zipper leather bag from Bopai. Because it is a 45 degree zipper bag, it prevents the bag from collapsing when you open them and it holds your properties in place nice and secured. This leather backpack is waterproof which ideal for all year round. The spacious main compartment is suitable for books, A4 documents, clothes and umbrellas. It has a convenient structure, waterproof, invisible card pocket to store your cards and you can easily take them out, soft flannel, and lastly a secured pocket to keep things such as keys and phone without having to fear and you will lose them.

It is ideal for students who live in busy cities where there are many inconvenience moments in the subways and buses. The dimension of this backpack is 12.6 x 7.8 x 17 inches wide and it weighs only 1.7 pounds.

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4. Kenox

The sixth leather backpack on our recommended list is the PU leather backpack from Kenox which is perfect college students as this backpack can hold an average size laptop and A4 size notebooks. It is gender neutral so it would be a great purchase for both boys and girls especially if you are looking for a gift for someone and not sure what style they want because this backpack looks overall nice and classy. This minimal backpack has a sturdy and durable zipper which will not cause any damage or loss to your things if you store them in the bag.

This backpack is not just for schools but it can be used for business meetings and traveling as well; people will go crazy if they see this minimalistic backpack. The dimension of this backpack is 16.3 x 12.5 x 1.5 inches wide and it weighs approximately 1.6 pounds.

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The copi leather backpack is made specifically for women because of its bright and vibrant choice of colors and design. It is simple, cute and a femininely tiny backpack with multipurpose used which is ideal for traveling and this is a fashion backpack, not a student backpack. This backpack is not large enough to hold a binder or laptop. But, it’s big enough for 10 inch tablet. It is a perfect gift to any fashion lover out there and it is also great for a day to day use because it is small and lightweight which literally gives your outfit a whole new touch to it without much effort being put into it.

Moreover, the material is an environmentally friendly material . To give you a clearer idea of it, the backpack’s dimension is 9.5 x 4 x 11.8 inches wide.

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This is the second product from Baosha which is also the second last product on our list. The Baosha leather backpack is ideally designed for men because of its masculine concept. It is made from a material called Faux Leather which is high quality is durable. Moreover, you can store many things inside of this backpack. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well just in case the consumers are doubting about the quality. It is 7.7x 9.8 x 6.7 inches wide and it has two open wall pockets and two side pockets. Moreover, you can store your laptop inside this backpack as it comes with an extra laptop storing compartment.

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1. Estarer

The last product on our list is the leather backpack from Estarer. For those who adores the vintage vibe, this backpack is for you because Estarer is known for its vintage concept. It is a great fit for school, travel and shopping and pretty much anything you wish to use it for.

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he women backpack has plenty OF space to hold stuff for daily necessities such as 15.6 inch laptop,15inch computer, iPad, binder, kindle, books, notebooks, A4 files, cell phone, calculator, umbrella, wallet, clothes, cosmetic, lunch boxes and so on.

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Now that we have presented the top 10 leather backpack for 2021, we are going to guide you through on how you can choose the correct one for yourself accordingly to your convenience. The 3 mains points you should be looking for a good backpack is comfort, convenience, design and resistance / proof.

COMFORT: picking a comfortable bag can be tricky and in order to know whether is the one for you or not is you have to check if it fits your shoulder perfectly or not because we all know that peoples shoulders are not the same. An additional method into picking one which is comfortable is to look for something that is padded especially on the strap and on the back because it will give you extra comfort and less shoulder pain from long term carrying as students can carry their backpacks 3-4 hours a day.

Convenience: Convenience plays a huge role especially is you are someone who lives in a crowded city like in New York where you have to run around back and forth switching subway stations. You should be looking for something which you can pull and put important things easily such as your phone or your business card. To know whether it is convenient or not, you should look at the structure of the bag. If you can find tiny pockets which seems to be easily reached, then that might be the one for you.

Fashion: although some backpacks out there has all the functions, it is important to look for something that is pretty looking and look up to date because backpacks plays a huge role into changing the look of your entire outfit. Therefore, getting one which is good and convenient is just not enough unless the design of the backpack is nice and minimal according to your sense of fashion.

Proof and Resistance: It is necessary to look for a backpack that is weather proofed so that you can carry them all year round without the need to change your bag. Looking for something that is waterproof is ideal for rainy cities and rainy seasons because it can protect all of your things from getting soaked and damage from the heavy rain. Also getting something that is damage resistant will also keep your backpack from getting scratch and it leaves your backpack looking nicer and newer than ever.


In conclusion, we have presented you the top 10 best leather backpack for both men and womem is 2021 as well as a helpful buying guide to act as a guideline into helping you pick out the best one for yourself and your loved ones. Offered at different price points and with different kinds of concept such as minimalism and vintage, hopefully you find one that suits your taste and your consumption.

It is necessary to mention that all of these 10 backpacks ensure great quality and some even offer an entire life time warranty. Many are waterproof, scratch proof and filled with many conveniences which is ideal for college students as they are affordable.

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Whether it’s for travel, leisure, school or work, a black leather backpack is always a stylish piece to go with. Ranging from different sizes to distinctive styles, these top 10 best leather backpacks in the list below are the best bang for your bucks!

Best Black Leather Backpack Reviews

Vintage PU Leather Backpack

First off, let us introduce to you one of the top rated black leather backpacks on the market,

Vintage PU Leather Backpack. It is a backpack that has a lot of space, suitable for carrying clothes, books, documents, laptops, clothes, etc. The leather is definitely genuine and feels very soft. The attached laptop pocket can fit a 13” laptop. And, its straps as well as the overall construction are very well made.
Being comfortable, durable and stylish, this black leather backpack sure looks more expensive than it is. Plus, it may look like a man black leather backpack, but it looks just as flattering on women.

Black Leather Backpack

Next, this is a great womens black leather backpack from Made of good quality PU leather, this is a beautiful bag of simple design with leather drawstring closure. The backpack features 1 zippered back pocket that can fit a smart phone, 1 zippered side pocket, and 2 open-top pockets. The strap is adjustable up to 37”, and the top opening is expandable up to 12.5” wide.
Indeed, it is a fairly small backpack for various ages that can hold you daily essentials easily. And, with classic black color, it goes well with any outfit and occasion.

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8. Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

This is a chic casual backpack from Scarleton. Made of high quality synthetic vegan leather with fabric lining, this backpack is elegant-looking and super soft. There are 4 pockets: an interior cell phone pocket, a small side zipper pocket, and 2 exterior front and back zipper pockets.
It is affordable, yet very sturdy and durable. If you are just looking for a fashion backpack, this is the right one for you as it can be too small to hold a binder or a laptop.

7. Zebella Unisex Vintage PU Leather Backpack

And, if you’re searching for a backpack of a vintage style, take a look at this one. This Zebella PU Leather Backpack is a roomy and lightweight backpack. It has a compartment that fits a laptop up to 13”; perfect for 13” Macbook owners.
There is a total 8 compartments – 2 side pockets, 1 front pocket, 1 back zipper pocket, 2 small pockets, 1 laptop compartment, and lastly, 1 main pocket for storing books, documents, or clothes. Plus, the price is just unbeatable!

6. Wink Kangaroo Fashion Leather Backpack

Another recommendation from us is this fashion black leather backpack from Wink Kangaroo. Looking so sleek, it is a nice bag crafted with high quality PU leather with a touch of gold metal hardware, and durable polyester lining.
The bag seems small, but it has 6 pockets of 1 zippered back pocket, 2 zippered pocket, 1 main open pocket, and 2 slip pockets. Therefore, you have enough room to store your necessities such as wallets, phones, and keys, except a big notebook or tablet. To extend some more space in the bag, simply release the 2 side zippers.

5. Coofit

Women Black Leather Backpack Here is another chic backpack fromCoofit. This womens black leather backpack is a smart and practical bag that has an inner lining oftaslon  drawstring closure. It has 2 sipper pockets in the front and 1 in the back as well as 2 open pouches inside. It is kind of roomy; you can use it to store A4 documents, ipads , or notebooks at ease. Plus, this bag also comes in 2 other similar styles, all in classic black, which you may want to check out.

4. Weekend Shopper Lightweight Genuine Leather Backpack

The next item is the Weekend Shopper Lightweight Genuine Leather Backpack. Comes in 3 shades of black, we believe that you will find the black that you adore. It is made of durable, oxford fabric and genuine leather, perfect for all kinds of uses – school, travel, work, etc. It is lightweight, yet spacious – able to fit a 15.6” laptop.
Interestingly, this man black leather backpack is equipped with a hole for headphone for an easy earphone access/usage. The backpack has adjustable padded shoulder straps, providing you comfort at all time. And, plus, it appears to be a unisex product.

3. Zebella Good&God Pu Vintage Backpack

Next, this is a gorgeous black leather backpack from Zebella. Apparently, it is a backpack that is suitable for both men and women. The bag is big enough to fit a 14” laptop, and it features magnetic buttons for opening and closing.
Being so roomy, this bag can hold a number of essentials such as tablet, umbrella, wallet, cosmetic, textbooks, lunch boxes, clothes, cell phone, chargers,

Ipods , etc. Great product at a great price!

2. HawLander Backpack Casual Daypack

At an awesome value, this is a fashion backpack that is big enough for school, travel or work. The womens black leather backpack has a classic and simple design. With a big main compartment and multiple inside and side pockets, the bag can hold clothes, books, daily necessities, and a 14” laptop easily.
This black faux leather backpack is also water and rain resistant. Fashionable and durable; what else could you ask for?

  1. BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack Lastly, we would like to introduce a classic piece from Bluboon . This black leather backpack has a nice vintage look and feel, and high durability. The multiple interior pockets allow you to store as many goodies as you’d like. It is a fairly large backpack that can hold a laptop up to 15” big. The bag is highly protective, too, due to the tightening drawstring for the main compartment.

Crafted with soft canvas and genuine leather, the backpack is designed to be very comfortable, and resist wear and tear very well. If you look for a backpack that is spacious, and heavy-duty, feast your eyes on this one.


After delving into the top 10 best black leather backpacks in 2021, have you spotted your favorite? Stop searching because these are very best ones you can find, and any of these backpacks will always be one of

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