Top 10 Best Leather Desk Pads in 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

If you are having trouble writing or noting down your important information against the hard surface of your desk, here we can introduce you some desk leather pad to ease the situation. Leather pads are very well-known among office workers and students because the item allows them to write very smooth handwritten letters by just placing them on the desk underneath your hand.

Actually, there are many types of desk pads available, but today we only talk about the leather type of pads which look very classic and are of high quality. So, below you will find our top 10 best leather desk pads in 2021 and how you should choose your best options of those leather pads.

List Of  Top 10 Best Leather Desk Pads in 2021 

10. Artistic

Our number 10 suggestion for today list is the Artistic leather pad. It is made out of super fine grain and high quality of leather. It is designed in black color which looks very simple but very classic for modern people to use. The size of this artistic leather pad is about 24 inches in length and width of 38 inches. It has additional flip on both sides with a little storage to place your name card or business card which very convenient for business people.

This type of desk pad is very good to use since it can shelter your desktop from any unexpected scratches because it made with soft fabric at the back.

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Another top rated leather pad is from MONYES. This leather pad is a mat protector for your desk. It has two best functions which are waterproof and oil proof for your desk. The size of this leather pad is 24 inches x 14 inches which is best used as a big desk pad, mouse pad and writing pad.

It would let your mouse slide very well as a mouse pad. Moreover, it would let your hand rest very comfortably while writing upon this noting pad. This mat pad is also easy to clean up by just using wet tissues.

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8. TOWWI dual size Desk Pad

This super cute style of desk pad is made differently from other type because it has pink color which is very shining. This purple/blue mat pad has come in three sizes allowing you to choose preferentially. More than this, both surface of the pad can be used. Towwi desk pad is sufficiently vast to accomodate your laptop, mouse, keyboard and glasses with smooth delicate surface.

More than that, this can be used as dual sided pad, either you can use with pink color or gray at the other side. Noting down on this pad will provide you with smooth quality of writing with no distraction.

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7. Yikda Desk Pad

This type of microfiber leather pad is invented very efficiently for using everywhere either at your office or at home. It is large enough to use for many purposes. By having this one on your desk, it makes you look very professional at work. Yikda desk pad comes in various colors giving you choose according to your preference. This desk pad also gets its water proof function so once you spill water on it, you can easily clean it up or you can clean it with wet tissue if it is filled with dust. For this pad, the company packaged it very well in a velvet bag which makes it super cool and attractive.

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6. Office Desk

This is a 2-in-1 deskpad. You can either use this as a deskpad or just flip it over and use it as a mat. The PU leather pad was made in variety of colors with unique design of rectangular shape. The size of this one is large enough to protect your desk from scratches as well as to use as note pad. It is guaranteed that this artificial leather pad won’t be slippery while you are writing, typing or using mouse.

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This mat type of pad also comes in many sizes that you can choose to match with your wooden desk in the best way. The pad is also resistant to water, and oil-proof. Many customers are very satisfied with this one.

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Another suggestion from us is a black super cool desk pad for office use. Is it true that you are concerned of your delightful glass work area or wooden work area will be scratched amid utilize the mouse, console or different things? If that’s the case, please consider this BUBM desk pad. The pad is made with such a very durable material which means it can stay longer than other simple pads.

Even if you place or move your laptop, your hand or your desktop above this pad, it wouldn’t hurt your table and it wouldn’t scratch at all. It can be very easy to clean up dirt or spilled water. BUBM can make your desk and your work area looks very neat and professional.

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4. Imagine Desk Pad


We bet that at the first glance of this desk pad you would be very confusing but if you take another glance, the imagine desk pad is very creative and so unique than the other pad. With this one, you can decorate your desk in any style or pictures by just putting this type of pad on your desk. It comes in many styles for you to choose but the only type we bring today is the world time zone style of desk pad. The design contains a big picture of world time zone on its surface.

It is  made in very huge size but super thin and very sticky for any purposes either for writing, typing or placing your office materials. It can make your working area look very attractive to another level with this superb desk pad.

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3. Teather


Another black leather pad from this list is the Teather pad. This one is available in four sizes to choose from – you can go with small, medium, large or extra-large. This black pad will offer you with a very smooth space for writing, noting and do your work very comfortable without any slippery.

This thickness of this pad is only 3mm which is very thin but it has its water proof function just like another pad and it is also very protective and washable.

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2. Nekmit

Here comes to our second best pad of the list which is Nekmit type of desk pad. This one is also painted in black color and the leather itself is very high quality even if it is only made from an artificial leather but it looks like the real deal. For each purchase, you will get a 12 months warranty.

The fantastic materials it chosen won’t harm your work areas, tabletops, or the items set over the tangle. It is so flat and smooth that can allow you to write and note very pleasantly.

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1. Dacasso


This is the last pick of our best desk pads list. It is a Dacasso desk pad designed in chocolate brown color of leather. This one is big enough to keep your office stuff like laptop, notebook, pen, scissor, cups or more.

It is crafted from top quality grain leather which you can rely on without any concern. If you are having trouble with writing on the hard surface of your desk, you should check out this one as well because it will provide you with superb mood of writing.

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In order to take you aid your selection even further, we are now introducing you to some of the guiding tips to keep in mind when shopping for the right desk pad for your office desk. By doing so, you don’t need to worry if you are going to regret your money after you purchase your desk pad. So, you have to look for some more tips to add extra confidence in picking the best one.

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Size & Sticking: If you are looking for the right choice of desk pad, you have to calculate your work area and your desk size. If you choose something so big or so small, it can make your pad looking too awkward with your desk to use.

Choose that matches with your desk size. Moreover, best desk pad should be a sticky one so that it won’t get slippery while your write down or while you move your hand and your stuff above it.

Comfort & Protection: You should opt for a desk pad that can deliver a comfortable situation for writing; for example, you can choose the one that is made from soft fabric or leather. More than this, the pad should protect your desk from the scratches, water spills or dirt. It should also be waterproof, oil-proof, and resistant to heat.

High Quality of Leather: When buying your desk pad, you should go and see for yourself the skin of the pad. It should be the one made with high quality leather or any other material that is  as soft as possible. Also, it should be from any specific well-known brand or model that could guarantee the long-lasting quality.


All in all, a leather pad is one of the necessary stationary items that we should have in our office or at home since it can protect your desk, function as a smooth writing provider and make your work area looks cooler than ever.


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We are fully aware that choosing the best leather desk pad that can be functioned as desk pad/ mouse pad and surface writing at the same time is a hard decision. On top of that, selecting the leather desk pad that can add beauty to your space and office is even harder. Since we truly understand your concerns, we have come up with a list of top 10 best leather desk pads in 2021 for you to choose from.

Top 10 Best Leather Desk Pads Reviews

Preview Product
Dacasso Wood & Leather Desk Pad, 34 x 20, Walnut & Black Buy on Amazon
Computer Leather Desk Pad, Stylish Mat Cover, Reversible Color Design Black to White, (16 x 24… Buy on Amazon
Dacasso Classic Leather Side Rail Desk pad, 34 x 20, Chocolate Brown Buy on Amazon
Artistic 20″ x 36″ Sagamore Executive Desk Pad with Padded Flip Side Rails, Black (5133-6-1) Buy on Amazon
Dacasso Classic Leather Side Rail Desk pad, 25.5 x 17.25, Mocha Buy on Amazon
KINGFOM Desk Pad & Mat 24″ x 18″ Protector Large Mouse Pad PU Leather for Desktops and Laptops… Buy on Amazon
LOHOME deskMat_Brown Desk Pads Artificial Leather Laptop Mat with Fixation Lip, Perfect Desk Mate… Buy on Amazon
Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter Pad 34 x 17 Inches, Flat, Non-Slip, Waterproof, Black Buy on Amazon
Modeska 24″ x 14″ Leather Desk Pad – SKIDSTOP Ultra Smooth Executive Blotter and Protective Mat… Buy on Amazon
Satechi Desk Mat & Mate 24″ x 14″ Desk Pad & Protector Mouse Pad – Compatible with Desktops and… Buy on Amazon

10. Dacasso Walnut and Leather Desk Pad

If you are looking for a fine leather desk pad for your desktop, we would like you to take a look at this smooth top-grain leather desk pad with walnut side-rails. It’s not only a desktop pad, but also a fantastic writing surface. This size of this product is 34 x 20 x 0.2 inches, and it comes in the classic grey color, complementing any office decor.

Gift yourself and your love one this awesome leather desktop pad today to add the elegant look to your space while keeping your work more productive.

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9. Computer Leather Desk Pad

Have you ever failed to have a neat handwriting due to the blemished surface of the desk? If so, give this leather mouse pad a try. This pad is not just an authentic leather desk pad; it also functions as a smooth writing surface. Additionally, this leather mouse pad will allow your mouse to glide across the surface easily. This incredible stylish leather mouse pad has the dimension of 24 x 16 Inches, and it features a reversible color from black to white. With this reversible colored leather desk blotter, you can change it based on your mood of the day!

Now, you can have the product that enhances the beauty of your house with added practicality, what are you waiting for?

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8. Dacasso Chocolate Brown Leather

The next recommendation from us goes to the classy and professional looking clear desk pad, Dacasso Chocolate Brown Leather. The color of this clear desk pad is chocolate Brown, and this pad has the size of 34 x 20 inches. It is 100% made of genuine top-grain leather. Besides its beauty, it also works as your desktop protector and smooth writing surface.

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With such a trendy and elegant look, choosing to try this clear desk pad is the definitely a smart choice.

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7. Sagamore Executive Designer Flip Side Panel Desk Pad

Here comes another leather desk blotter of executive design, the Sagamore Flip Side Panel Desk Pad. This desk blotter is indeed specially designed for the customers who wish to use it as a writing pad. With an anti-scratch bottom, we guarantee that this pad will allow you to produce beautiful handwritten letters.

Plus, the side panels of this leather desk blotter serve as a convenient storage for business cards and papers, too! On a side note, this product is available in 3 different sizes that you can choose based on your own preference and needs.

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6. Dacasso Mocha Leather Desk Pad

If you like the set pad that can work as a superb writing surface, why not give this Mocha Leather Desk Pad a try? Available in a lovely mocha color, this pad is a stylish leather mouse pad/desk pad that measures 25.5 x 17.25 inches.

It is carefully well-made – thanks to the top-grain leather, which is the smartest way to keep your desktop protected and alleviate the beauty in your office. Please take note that, the side-rails of this pad also allows you to use it as the blotter paper.

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5. KINGFOM Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad

We would like to give you a recommendation on a desk mat, which is not just a mouse/desk pad,but also a reading and writing surface. It is perfectly made by the synthetic leather texture that is strain-resistant. This top-grade leather surface is durable and stylish. The size of this protected mouse pad is 24 x 18 Inches.

If you are looking for a leather desk pad of elegant textured surface with a variety of color choices, this desk mat is one of the best options.

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4. LOHOME Desk Pads Artificial Leather Laptop Mat

Standing in the top 4th on the list, it is the unique design of LOHOME Desk Pads Artificial Leather Laptop Mat. With the unique lip design, this is such as effective way to wrap the edge of the desk so as to protect your clothing from scratching with the desk edge. This computer desk pad can be used as a mouse pad and writing surface. One significant feature of this stylish product is the Water-Proof TPU material, meaning that water will never stay on this pad’s surface.

Moreover, the company of this product is willing to give a 30-day money back guarantee and another 180-day limited product warranty.

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3. Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter

With the size of 34 x 17 inches, this leather desk blotter will give you enough space for keyboard, desktop, and mouse. Since this leather desk blotter is made by a specially made texture, the product can also be used as a mouse pad. If you find typing the computer for long hours tiring, this product will give you a whole new experience.

With its superb design, this leather desk pad also provides wrist support, helping to reduce your stress and pain when you’re stuck with typing for long hours.

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2. Modeska Top-Rated Leather Desk Pad

As the name of this desk pad suggests, this is one of top-rated leather desk pads on the market. This item comes in 5 gorgeous colors for you to choose. The size of this desk pad is 24 x 14 inches. Being different from the other desk pads, this pad is made of ultra-smooth synthetic leather, which makes typing and writing on this pad more relaxing than ever.

Another special note for this pad is the use of anti-skid backing; this will stop your desk pad from moving around. If you want to renovate your office into the modern looking one, this desk pad will give a good re-touch. On top of that, with such an unbeatable price tag, it is a rare find to come across a product like this one.

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1 Satechi Desk Mat & Mate Desk Pad

After hearing many recommendations from us, here comes the top 1 in the list. With the dimension of 24 x 14 inches, this shiny and smooth desk pad can protect the wide area of the desk from scratches. A desk pad of this size can also provide enough room for a keyboard, mouse or even a sketchbook. Moreover, the surface is well made by the synthetic leather texture, which provides a non-glare and stain-resistant surface.

This superb product is suitable for all sorts of computer use and design work. It has many bright colors options, which is guaranteed to add an elegant look to your workplace. We bet you are in love with this, so wait no more; it’s about time you give yourself a chance to try this awesome product!

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We have just introduced to you the top 10 best leather desk pads in 2021. Hopefully, you have found at least 1 leather desk pad that suits your needs and price preference. With its individual uniqueness and high functionality, you can never go wrong with any of these awesome products.

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