Top 10 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2020

There is no better way of signaling that your dog has an owner than to let he/she wears a collar. In order to make the best out of your collar purchase, the collar should also be comfortable, and can resist wears and tears. You can also go extra by getting a beautiful collar that can elevate your dog’s look as well. Below is a list of the top 10 best leather dog collars on the market in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2020

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10. Tellpet

First of all, let us introduce a top-rated leather dog collar which is the product from Tellpet. This one is suitable for extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large dogs as it comes with 5 sizes. Those sizes are XS (neck for 8.5-11 inches), S (neck for 11-14.5 inches), M (neck for 14.5-17 inches), L (neck for 16-20 inches), and XL (neck for 19-23 inches. It has 3 colors, such as red, brown, and black. Moreover, it has eyelets that allow you to adjust the collar as you want. Featuring with full genuine leather, it has no harmful chemical that can affect your dog. This one is so strong and sturdy. Also, this one is very convenient and soft for your dog’s neck. You can use it with alloy D-ring for leash or with another ring for ID tag. Additionally, this collar allows you to control your dog safely from running loss.

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9. Warner Manufacturing

Here is another high quality leather dog collar that is made for dogs with medium to large sizes. This is a 1-inch-wide collar that made from genuine leather. Warner Manufacturing offers you 5 sizes of collar which are 19″ that fits 15-17 Neck, 21″ that fits 16-19 Neck, 23″ that fits 18-21 Neck, 25″ that fits 20-23 Neck and 27″ that fits 22-25 neck. Moreover, it is a well-made and high quality product that is pretty durable and sturdy.

Furthermore, it has a classy design and it looks so great for your pet. Plus, it comes with a soft padded leather that makes your dogs feel so comfy and soft.  Also, its buckle, D-ring and rivets are solid enough for you to control your dog well. Everywhere with Warner Manufacturing; you will feel safe to walk your dog outside.

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8. Ellie Dog Wear

This is the best quality leather dog collar by Elite Dog Wear. If you prefer a collar with a luxury design for your dog, this one is highly recommended for you. For your information, this one is designed with full grain leather, Saddle Leather Wax Coating and Brass Hardware. Therefore, it is pretty soft, comfortable, sturdy, and durable. This collar is very resistant, so it will not corrode easily.

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What is more, various sizes are available for your small, medium, and large dogs. With multiple breeds and sizes, this dog collar offers the perfect length and width for all types of dogs. For example, the medium size comes with the width of 1 inch, and the length is ranging 12-18 inches. With its strength and durability, this one will stay for a lifetime with your dogs.

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7. Beirui

Here is another top quality leather dog collar that is well-made with top layer genuine cowhide. This one is very durable for a long term use. With its strong craft, the collar by Beirui is super sturdy. Moreover, it is constructed with high quality alloy buckle, and solid D-Ring; thus, it will not break easily. Also, the D-Ring and others extra ring are so supportive for leash attaching. For the size, this one is recommended for medium and large dogs. More specifically, it has three sizes. For S size, it is designed for dogs with width 1” and neck size 15-19”. For M, width is 1.1” and neck size is from 16-21.5”. Lastly is L size that is for width 3” and neck size is 18.5 to 24”. However, each size is adjustable because the collar has 6 eyelets. So that, you can make the adjustment on the collar that is properly fit with your dog’s neck. Hence, you will not hurt or make them feel irritated by wearing this collar.

What makes the leather dog collar from Beirus outstanding from others is its golden nameplate. The dog collar allows you to place the identities of your dog on its collar. You can put the name, ages, address, or whatever you want with the limited words of 70 characters. With this one, any outside activities with your dogs will be so much fun and convenient.

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6. Logical Leather

Here, we would like to introduce to you this stylish collar dog from Logical Leather which is the real genuine full grain padded leather collar. You will surely love this one because it comes with soft padded leather lining. Its softness will impress your dog by reducing the irritation feelings. But this collar will offer the comfortable feeling around their neck with its padded sheepskin leather.

Furthermore, it is not only designed with an elegant look, but is also quite thick, sturdy, and durable. It is ensured that it will stay strong and look good even after using for long enough. Additionally, there are two leash rings that allow you to make the attaching leash easily and quickly. Plus, there are plenty of colors available for you to choose.

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5. Perri’s

Here is Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars that is designed with classic styling for dogs. Featuring extremely soft lambskin padding, it is one of the best leather dog collar that get many positive reviews from previous buyers. This is one is the handmade leather dog collar from USA that is well-known by its premium quality as it is made from only top quality leather. Moreover, the stainless steel hardware that is assembled with this one is high quality that help ensuring that this Perri’s collar is pretty strong and durable.

There is a wide range of colors for you to choose; that is nearly 20 colors. For black collar, it comes with stainless steel hardware, while brown collar features hard-rock brass hardware. Thus, those collars look so luxurious and amazing. We believe that this one will be so gentle for your dog’s skin.

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Moving up next, this one is also highly recommended for those who are looking for extra-large dogs’ leather collar. Highly quality genuine leather is used to produce this incredible collar, so that it provides great gentleness to your dog’s neck. Supreme solid alloy hardware is used to make bright buckle and sturdy D-ring. Hence, its strength and durability are guaranteed for you.

Moreover, it features a double D-ring that make you feel more convenient in walking your dogs out. This one is the best ideal for medium dogs as well. Plus, three size are available, which as M, L, and XL. This one looks so luxurious and beautiful for all types of dog. Also, with its well-made build, DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar comes with perfect flexibility, highly secured, safety, and durability. Also, this one has a very attractive look that will help your dog look prettier.

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3. Gaucho Goods

Gaucho Goods Leather Dog Collar is a unique design item that you will ever see. This one is best made for medium sized dogs, with the neck size from 12 to 15 inches. The collar comes in light blue highlighted red-and-white stripe, which colors is visual and eye-catching, even if your dog has dark hair. with The sturdy full grain leather that is the best leather are used to make this perfect collar. It is exceptionally strong and durable that enables you to control the dogs easily without making them feel frustrating.

What is more, this dipped-in-wax collar is also easy to clean. This one looks both stylish and also extremely resistant with any weather such as rain, water, and mud. With the highest quality for heavy duty use, this one is surely worthy of your money.

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2. Custom Catchf

If you are looking for the best leather collar dog that is both cute and high quality, this one is what you really need to look at. This brand is available in tons of colors. This one is highly recommended for small to large dogs. Actually, there are 3 size options for you which are XS (8.5”-11” neck), S (11.5”-14”), M (14.5”-17.5”), and L (18”-22”). Not different from the previous collars, this one also comes with a ring for the leash.

Moreover, its quality is being guaranteed 100%, so you can feel more confident in getting one for your cutie pets. What so special is that you can choose to add many lovely text styles in the collar too. You can customize name, address, age, phone number and so on. Overall, this collar is lovely, comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

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1. Soft Touch Collars

Lastly, you will get to see the super luxury and elegant leather collar dogs. This Leather Padded Dog Collar will be the right choice you make for your beloved dogs. This one has four size options, including S, M, L, and XL. It is so soft and comfy for dog’s skin. You do not need to worry that it is heavy or inconvenient for your dog’s neck because this problem will never happen with this collar.

Besides providing great quality with perfect gentleness, there is also a warranty for its durability. So, there is nothing you need to worry about.

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There you have it – top 10 best leather dog collars in 2020. Quit hesitating because we can guarantee that any of your purchase from this list is always a worthy investment. Happy shopping, and bonding with your pet!


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List of Top 10 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2020

10. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

First off, let us introduce to you a rolled leather dog collar that is handmade and available in a ton of colors. This collar is designed in 7 sizes, suitable for dogs of 6 ½”, 8 ½”, 11”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 22” neck sizes. To ensure the perfect match, it is recommended that you measure your dog’s neck girth with a soft measuring tape before purchasing.

And, as a rolled leather dog leather, this item is most suited for longhaired dog breeds, preventing tangling and damaging dog’s fur. In addition, this collar is, overall, comfortable, well made, durable, light, and elegant-looking. This is a worthy investment for your beloved pooch indeed!

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9. Logical Leather Padded Leather Dog Collar

Available in 6 classic colors – black, brown, pink, red, and tan – this is a padded leather dog collar that we adore. It is made of genuine full-grained padded leather that is thick and durable. It will never fray or collect hair like nylon collars. And, it will not snap or freeze shit like plastic buckles, too. Comes in 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL – you can pick the size that suits your canine the most.

The loop of this one is pretty sturdy for using with leashes or ID Tags. Whether it’s going for a walk, training or just chilling, your dog will be comfortable with this collar at all time.

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8. Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collar

Once again, this is a leather dog collar that also impresses us by the wide range of colors and 4 size options. Made of leather and alloy, this is a strong and durable high quality leather pet collar. It has 5 adjustment holes and a heavy duty D-ring to help protect the dog’s neck. With a touch of gold, the design looks very appealing. Classy piece at a great price point!

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7. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Indeed, a real leather padded dog collar can be a luxury! Looking so fashionable, this dog collar is also a comfortable piece. It is handmade, hand-stitched, and softly padded, protecting your dog’s neck from rubbing and irritation.

And, if you ever need to attach a dog tag or leash to the collar, this collar has a built-in small ring next to the buckle, and a d-ring on top of the collar. With this piece, dog training will become much easier, too.

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6. Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar

Another recommendation from us is this Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar. Suitable for dogs of 9.4” to 20” neck sizes, it is a softy-padded collar, giving your pooch a comfortable, and irritation-free feel. It is handcrafted, yet very strong, durable and beautiful. What a way to make a fashion statement without letting go of the quality!

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5. Berry Pet Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collar

Next, this is a high fashion rhinestones dog collar from Berry Pet. We love this one for, of course, the design, the thick, but soft durable PU leather material, and the price! This leather stud dog collar is studded by bling bling rhinestones that will make your pet receive so many compliments.

You may worry about the diamond studs falling off. But, the rhinestones of this collar are inlaid by alloy, so it is a rhinestones sturdy collar. On a side note, it is recommended that you measure your dog’s neck precisely before buying.

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4. Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Dog Collar

If stripe is a pattern you adore, you should check out this Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Dog Collar. Available in a ton of gorgeous color combinations, this is a lovely leather dog collar. It is non-stretch, and guaranteed to leave only 2 fingers space between collar and dog neck. This collar is properly fitting, so that there won’t be any room left for your dog to chew the collar.

With the matt grey-coated metal D ring attached, this leather dog collar does receive an added durability. Outstanding product at a very affordable price!

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3. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Moving to the very best ones of the list, we would like to present to you this sleek leather dog collar from Perri’s. It is a top quality piece with a variety of colors to choose from. The lambskin padding is incredibly soft. And, the black color has stainless steel hardware while the brown collar has solid brass hardware.

This collar is a work of art from beautiful craftsmanship. It is always an ideal and affordable way to style your pet with this item!

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2. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

This one is a superb padded dog collar that has received a ton of positive reviews. Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, you can pick the size that suits your pooch the most. This collar provides a place for a dog tag as it has a small ring next to the buckle.

And, the buckle as well as the d-ring are made with solid brass hard that’s lacquered, preventing rust and corrosion at all time. We strongly recommend this leather dog collar for any types of dogs!

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1. Personalized Dog Collar Engraved Soft Leather

As always, we are saving the best for the last. This is a personalized dog collar that you can use to engrave your dog’s name, your phone number or any text of your choice. It has beautiful color options, lightweight, and high durability. Similarly the previous collar, this one also comes with a small ring for the leash. Custom design and fast service! Plus, the price is just unbeatable!

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