Top 10 Best Leather Satchels for Men in 2021

Leather bag has been around for decades, and it still remains top on the fashion trend until today. With leather bag showing no sign of backing down from the fashion world, this is why we are here to present to you our curated list of top 10 best leather satchels specifically for men in 2021. Without further ado, let’s get started!

List Of Top 10 Best Leather Satchels for Men in 2021

10. Lifewit

Our top ten list for today starts with Lifewit briefcase for men. This type of men briefcase is made from leather which has its size big enough to fit a laptop size of 15,6 inches. Even the quality of zippers is also selective in order to ensure durability. At the bottom of the bag, it has preventive metal feet to avoid any scratches. It is designed in dark brown color which looks so vintage and cool for office use. It seems much suitable for many men to carry this satchel to work every day.

This one has very flexible functions to use either to carry by hand with its handle or you can wear it on your shoulder. Talking about inside of this Lifewit briefcase, there are many part of storage that you can put your stuff in. It has one big main space, 2 additional zipping pockets at the front, plus 1 zip pocket at the back, also both pockets at right and left side and many more.

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9. Vaschy

Vaschy is a very high brand that provides a modern lifestyle for many men. From Vaschy, this is the all black leather satchel recommended for classic and cool men. You can use this one for office use or school purpose. It looks very neat and simple in its design. It has a zipping closure style at the main pocket. You can place your 15.6 inches laptop within this briefcase very easy.

Since it is made out soft fabric as well as high quality leather, you don’t need to worry about any scratches. You can find may pockets and spaces inside this Vaschy bag so that you can carry lots of stuff with you.

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8. Wowbox


Our Wowbox briefcase brand is a little bit smaller than the previous two but the quality of this is somehow noticeable just like them. It is made in gray color mixing of top premium soft fabric with cowhide leather. Many customers rated great for its durability of its leather. Moreover, it can be carried in handle style which carry by hand or carried with cross-body style with its beautiful strap.

The size of this bag can put only a 14 inches laptop but it also has many more pockets and small bags inside it including 9 pockets in one bag. This uni-sex bag can bring a stylish and fashionable life.

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7. Manificent


Another magnificent satchel for men is a brand from Manificent. This messenger bag is design specially for modern and stylish men for many purposes. You can choose this one for office use, school bag or traveling bag as well. The size is very big that very suitable for your 16 inches laptop. In addition, this is also made for water proof leather bag where you don’t need to worry about spilling water or raining season.

What is special about this one is material that it is made of. The Manificent bag made out of real leather material which can protect your belongings from getting wet or soaked because of those rainy days. You can access to your stuff very easily from those buckles and zip line pockets.

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6. Rustic Town


The number six highly-recommended briefcase from us is from Rustic Town manufacturing. This rustic bag designed very simple but look good in its own style. Our rustic town can used by both men and women because it made for universal use. It covered in brown leather. With not many pockets within this bag, you can easily access your belonging very quick.

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The leather material basically comes from goat and buffalo skin which add another unique point to this bag. Either you go to office, traveling or go anywhere you can just bring this one along because it is very easy to carry with not much weight. It can put up to a 15 inches laptop inside the big pocket.

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5. Viosi


Just with a first glance at our Viosi satchel, you will find that it look very attractive because the design and style is very neat cool. This leather bag is made in super shiny brown color which you can easily notice. This type of satchel is very superb because the color of leather won’t fade away easily and it won’t transfer on your clothes like some material.

This Viosi satchel also gained its credit from German quality which everyone should know that German products are very great compared to others. You can find around eleven pockets inside this one satchel which mean you can carry many belonging with you while traveling with this kind of briefcase.

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4. Komal’s Passion Leather


If you are looking for a fairly big size bag, this one can be one of your choices since it can cover your 18 inches of laptop very good. This KPL satchel is a handmade product made by many creative craftsmen in a very simple manufacturing process. This brown bag has one big zip pocket as a main space with the only one small buckle pocket at the front.

The strap of this bag is very reliable and strong which mean it can endure a lot of heavy stuff inside it. You can bring many style with this KPL satchel because you can carry it in your own way either carry by hand with its big handle leather or to carry it on your shoulder with its adjustable strap.

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3. DHK Vintage Bag


Our DHK bag looks a bit older than the other style of bag but you still can find vintage and cool in this one. The big zipping pocket can place a laptop size up to 18 inches along with many sizes of tablets. However, beside that one big slot you still can have many small pockets to put many more accessories.

The leather is a mixing of goat hide skin and other pure leather which made it very strong and super durable. You can ensure your belonging a great safety because this kind of bag has very soft fabric inside plus thick leather that can cover your screen in a very good way.

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The NEWHEY leather satchel is our number 2 of today list is very modern and stylish for its look. Any age of men can use this one in a very confident way. This color is made a bit lighter brown than the other types. It supports your 15.6 inches tablet and its accessories.

The leather material is a mixture of horse skin and cowhide leather as well as the canvas. The external canvas  is designed best to be water resistant.

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1.Handmade World


Here comes to the best companion of leather satchels for prestige men. The handmade world briefcase invented genuinely for many purposes either you choose to carry this to work, to study or bring along on your holiday.

Inside of this brown handmade satchel contains 3 big rooms for your tablets, book, accessories and many more pockets. It is very accessible by buckle and zip line. It has leather handle and one adjustable strap to play around with your carry options.

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So, we want to suggest you with some more tips and guide in order for you to choose the right options of leather bag for your everyday use. If you only consider on one factor, you cannot determine whether you can rely on the bag and choose the right bag. Our purpose is to guide you through more factors for you to consider of which style, material and quality of a leather satchel that you should take home with.

Spacious: Talking about space, we refer to the size of the satchel itself. You should look for a satchel that is spacious enough to put alot of your stuff into it neatly. When it comes to travel or work, we always have many things to pack and documents to bring, so the bags that have a big size can help you with that.

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Moreover, the consideration should be about the pockets built-in inside the bag as well. If that satchel has many pockets and all are spacious enough to hold your tablet, you may want to pick that one.

Leather Quality: Coming to a leather satchel, first thing first, we have to take a look and examine the quality of the leather itself. Those bags that are made out of real and pure leather are the best choice. We can see that most leather used are cowhide, goat skin or horse and at least high quality canvas. The real leather will endure heavy duty use better than a fake one. You should look for any brands that indicate the high material of production which resists potential damages well.

Water Resistant: We cannot predict the weather or the future, so if you bring your leather satchel with you every day, you have to make sure that yours has water resistant properties to shielf it from the rain or from getting damaged in case you or some else accidentally spill water on it. This means that you can protect your documents and other important accessories inside your briefcase without any concerns wherever you go. Don’t pick the ones that let water soaks into your stuff very easily or you end up with disappointment.


With this list in mind, you can choose your perfect leather satchel bag with confidence. This top 10 list of ours will definitely guide you to the right product you will not regret spending your cash on. Grab it now and be the first among your friends to own one of these awesome leather satchel bags!

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10. Jaald Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Highly based on the classic simple look of ancient Satchel, this brown bag sure knows how to work its charm on men fashion and practical use. Indian Artisans have put a great craftmenship and efforts on this handmade bag with their traditional crafty skills by using Eco-Friendly material like “Vegetable Tanned”. The external dimensions of this bag is 13 inches (Length) * 10 inches (Height) * 4 inches (Depth). It has 3 inner compartments, 2 zipper pockets, inner canvas lining, and adaptable straps.

For quality check, the brass fitting and buckles are super durable along with high quality zippers and olive green heavy-duty canvas lining that will stay intact for years. Whether it is for work or casual wear, this one will never go wrong!

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9. APG Men’s Brown Leather Single Shoulder Cross

This one deserves to be in every man’s bag collection. Coming in the size of 3.5″(Width) x 8.26″(Length) x 10.2″(Height), any 9.7-inch tablet or smaller can fit in this leather satchel very easily.

Made of top-level canvas with bronze-colored hardware, this cross-body leather satchel for men is suitable for every situation such as hiking, studying, working, travelling etc. The bag firmly wraps around your body to prevent itself from swinging around while riding. Thinking about gifting this to someone? Definitely a great idea!

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8. RusticTown Leather Vintage Messenger Satchel Bag

Not having enough space for everything you need to have with you? Let us introduce to you the 15-inch men saddle bag. With this bag, you can rest assured that what you own is 100% Authentic. Using genuine goat leather as the main material, this handcrafted bag’s dimensions are 15x11x4 Inches with 3 compartments, 2 zipped pocket inside and 1 external zipped pocket.

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To make it more durable, the bag features brass fittings & buckles, YKK zippers, olive green heavy-duty canvas lining and the quality stitching is used to put this satchel bag in one fantastic piece. For more protection to the content, the bag has heavy-duty canvas & Velcro strap with an easy adjustable strap to make it more comfortable for either shoulder or cross-body wearing.

Get one Rustic Town bag means you have helped Indian people from being unemployed, help the poor, get it now!!

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7. Handmadecraft Leather Unisex Real Leather Messenger Bag

Who can resist this incredible handcrafted leather messenger bag? Suitable for both men and women, you can use it for carrying documents, laptop, notebook or any smart devices like iPad. For a greater detail, the shoulder strap is attached with a mobile pocket from the inside. This leather satchel also has small pockets for holding pens, mobile phones, and the padding for laptop.

There is no doubt about the quality as the bag is made of genuine goat leather with canvas lining on the inside. Be the owner of this brown leather bag for a more elegant and productive lifestyle!

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6. HLC Leather Unisex Real Leather Messenger Bag

Another unisex messenger bag to be considered! The overall dimension of this mens shoulder bag is 15x11x4 inch, big enough to let your laptop, tablet, or any documents to fit it in perfectly. The inner surface has 3 large compartments, and 2 zipper pockets for storing valuable things. Enjoy the long-lasting quality with real goat leather and canvas lining on the inside. Do whatever you want with this bag as it flexibly can serve as a messenger bag, golf bag, laptop bag, camera bag, etc.

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5. Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Satchel

How about buffalo leather this time? Here, you are looking at the 15 inch Handolederco messenger bag made of Buffalo skin! The strap is easy to adjust, and it can also be removed from the bag in case you only want to carry it by hands. The 15-inch leather men saddlebag gives you one big pocket at the front, a padded laptop compartment, and the backside zipper pocket.

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4. KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather

What a sensational leather bag we have over here! It surely catches everyone’s attention with its ancient yet classic rustic vintage look. Derived from the finest hunter buffalo leather along with high quality canvas, this bag is made by artisans who spend decades around leather. This leather satchel is more accessible than ever with its concealed snap closures and versatile shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

The size of the bag is 15.5 “x 11″ x 4”. Therefore, this guy provides spacious laptop storage in the padded compartment, built in to fit up to 15-inch. 2 big pockets can be seen at the front for carrying various things like mobile phones, wallets or small books. Komal Chaudhari (komal’s passion leather) absolutely knows what they are doing!

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3. Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel

This leather satchel bag is among the very best you can find on the market! The bag is well-made from full grain crazy-horse genuine cow leather and antique brass on the top handle. You can feel the sturdiness that this bag has already after knowing all the materials they have used.

The design is simple, featuring 2 buckles at the front together with push button closure. The storage space can comfortably fit a 16″ laptop, tablet or any document with A4 files. If this is not enough for you, don’t worry it has another zipper pocket at the back for more storage. Reasonable price with top-notch quality, couldn’t ask for more!

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2. Handmadecart Men’s Auth Real Leather Messenger Bag

HandMadeCart invents another great messenger bag to the market. The dimensions of the bag are 13″x10″x4″; not that biggest capacity you will have, but this one surely fits any 13″ objects or smaller easily. It has 3 inner compartments, 2 zipper pockets, adaptable strap, and canvas lining to keep everything you have with you comfortably and secure. Specially designed to keep your laptop safe, the walls are padded with soft material.

Attention: only purchase this bag from the authorized seller of HandMadeCart brand store to avoid wasting your money on the counterfeit one.

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1. Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag for men and women

We are finishing this list off with the Wowbox Satchel bag; the number one leather satchel for men at all time. There are so many details on this bag, but we will begin with the material they have used on this one. Made of cowhide genuine leather and canvas fabric with double stitched design to add more toughness, this sure is a sturdy bag. It has multiple pockets on both inside and outside with different designs. Some pockets are widely open, while some are attached with zippers or magnets.

The biggest compartment fits 14-inch laptop, and other 2 large pockets at the front can store items with the size an iPad Mini. 1 zipper pocket and 4 inner wallop pockets are here for smaller things such as wallet, ID card, or smaller devices like cellphones and chargers. Adjustable and removable strap make it more convenient for user.

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