Top 10 Best Lightweight Vacuums in 2021

Do you find it challenging to keep your house clean when you do not have much time to clean it? Do you want to clean your house in the easiest way possible? In this regard, a good vacuum should be your best solution. It is a time saving appliance that allows you to clean your house efficiently and effortlessly.

We know that it could a tremendous amount of time for you to search for the perfect vacuum to meet your needs. That is why we hope to save you some time by arranging the following list of lightweight vacuums.

List of Top 10 Best Lightweight Vacuums in 2021

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10. Black & Decker

Here comes the one of the best lightweight vacuums on our reviews. This sleek Black & Decker lightweight vacuum is a now-essential for every modern home. The vacuum comes in white highlighting with aqua blue. As of its lightweightedness, the vacuum weighs less than three pounds. The size is quite compact as well. That makes carrying and keeping the item when not in use simple and easy. To make all corners and narrow spaces spotless, this vacuum swivels can move and clean like a pro. The dust tank is of 0.65 liters, letting you clean quite a big space uninterruptedly.

The upright vacuum features an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold. Also, it is suitable for cleaning hard floors as well as carpet. Be noted that this vacuum comes with a cord. Plus, this baby requires no complicated maintenance – all you need to do is empty the dust tank and wash the filter when needed.

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MOOSOO will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your house dust-free. This baby is ideal for all sorts of hard surfaces – tiles, marble, hardwood floors, etc. It can collect not just dust but also pet hair, crumbs, cat poops, and more. Weighing around 4.11 lbs, the vacuum is easy to carry, move and store. It does not strain when you carry it.

The machine features a simple-to-keep-clean dust tank. Its power cord comes in 23 feet. The HEPA filtration technology assures the machine’s effective performance. Indeed, the vacuum is also capable of cleaning hard-to-reach areas (like under tables) impressively – thanks to the crevice nozzle attached.

For every purchase, you will get a 24-month warranty on the product. Keep your family members safe from harmful bacteria and allergies with this low-maintenance light vacuum from MOOSOO.

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8. Amarey

Amid our lightweight vacuum reviews, here is another top rated pick that can’t be missed out. It is a feather-light vacuum from Amarey. This performer is smart and handsome. It comes in 2 color options (black and white). The baby features a super strong suction power (1400Pa); hence, every piece of pet hair will be out of your sight. That also means this one is suitable for using on both hard surfaces and carpet.

There are 4 cleaning modes built-in to the machine. Those include single room, edge, spot and automatic. So, you can choose the best suited option for different needs. In addition to cleaning, the vacuum will contribute grating to making the hair in your home safe to breathe and bacteria-free.

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As of noise production, this one barely makes any sound – 58dB only. Featuring a cleaning schedule that you can preset, we also love how time-saving this baby is. Coming in a sleek look, the vacuum will never look boring even after time passes by.

As of its slim profile, the vacuum is only 2.7 inches high so it can go under furniture without an issue. On the innovation side, the vacuum can avoid obstacles and will not drop from a high place – thanks to the anti-drop sensor and 360 degrees anti-collision technology equipped.

Per full battery charge, this lightweight vacuum for carpet and hard floor can power through about 100 minutes. If you want a lightweight vacuum that is smart and will be at your service for long, opt for Amarey.

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7. Onson

Another option that comes with an eye-catching design is from Onson. The vacuum is feather-light yet of  dynamic performance. We are also impressed by this vacuum’s quiet operation. Suction power is of 120 watts. And, the suction power is of 7Kpa. Hence, it is capable of picking up dust, crumbs and hair quick and effortlessly.

Featuring a cordless design and the weight of only 5 lbs, you will find the vacuum very easy to hold and clean carpets, hard floors as well as ceilings and furniture. So, you won’t miss even narrow or high places. The filter used is HEPA filter, which is

With a flexible head, deep cleaning is always possible. Besides, it can be converted into a handheld vacuum in a snap as well. Anyways, in case hair gets stuck in the cleaner’s brush, you can just cut the hair off with scissors.

Along with the vacuum, within the package, you get also get one more sweeping brush, a dusting brush, an extra HEPA filter, a crevice tool, and a charger. What a deal!

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6. Sanitaire


Another much-loved lightweight vacuum that offers unrivaled performance is Sanitaire. This guy comes with 6 height adjustment for the user’s ease in using the machine according to various situation. It features a handle made of chrome steel for enhanced durability. The whole body of the vacuum is also well-built and sturdy. The power cord is 50” long. With this length, this one is ideal for commercial use.

To clean, simply shake the dust bag and get waste off of it. Besides, customers have commented that the item is low maintenance and simple to operate.

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5. Roomie Tec

Rommie Tec is one of the top rated picks that won’t break the bank. As a 2-in-1 unit, this baby can be used as an upright vacuum or a handheld vacuum with just a push of a button. The handheld option is great for cleaning bigger areas while the crevice option is better with tackling narrow areas. Equipped with 2 motors of dynamic power, this baby sucks. It sucks all sorts of dust and debris off of your floor or carpet. When the Turbo mode is activated, the vacuum becomes even more powerful. What’s more, this baby can rotate 180 degrees for superior performance.

The dust bin’s capacity is 0.5 liters. The battery is of good quality, which can power through 23 minutes continuously after each charge. Be noted that the vacuum can recharge by itself by just placing it on the charging base. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

It is an economical choice because the vacuum has the ECO mode feature. Rolling on 4 wheels, the vacuum will keep your floor scratch-free. To store, simply fold the vacuum down. The vacuum is attached 6 bright LED lightning as well, which is great for using under cabinets as well as other furniture.

Per package, you will find the vacuum, charging accessories, crevice nozzle, and a useful 1-year warranty card.

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4. Hoover

Your space will become spotless with Hoover. This pick is a cordless one, which offers you a great freedom when cleaning. Equipped with the WindTunnel Tech, the vacuum will work its magic not just with easy-to-pick-up dirt but also tough dirt. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. And, it is suitable for cleaning both hard floors and carpets.

The opening of the vacuum is quite wide, so you can finish the cleaning task faster. The vacuum comes with high-performing bristles that are great at removing dirt near corners. As of clean up, simply empty the dirt cup at the bottom.

The handle can recline very well; therefore, you can clean hard-to-reach area hassle-free. For the battery fuel gauge, you can easily tell the remaining battery life during operation. Each item is backed by a 2-year warranty.

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3. Shark

Another mighty vacuum that we love is from Shark. This baby has an eye-catching design. For its slim profile, this one is one of the best lightweight vacuums for stairs. The total weight of the item is only 4.6 lbs. It features the advanced DuoClean Tech,  which is a pro at deep cleaning all sorts of surfaces (hard floor and carpet). What’s more, people have commented on the vacuum’s superb ability in collecting high piles of dirt as well.

As of multi-tool, this one is ideal for picking up pet hair. There are LED lights attached for you to effectively clean dark areas and hidden dirt. Operation is easy as well; simply attach accessory and let it work.

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2. Bissell

Bissel is a simple and effective solution to vacuum cleaning your home. This baby has a lot to offer. It is available in 3 colors – green, maroon and purple; with the option of bag or bag-less. It works in a cyclone motion a long with super strong suction to achieve thorough cleaning. With a push of a button, you can choose to clean hard floors or carpets with ease. Besides, with the suction control setting, you can always adjust the suction level to your preference.

Featuring post-motor filter and dirt cup filter, this one is capable of capturing even the smallest particles. Be noted that these filters can be washed and reduced. The cord is 15 feet long. As of the item’s weight, that is 8 lbs, which makes transporting the item quick and easy. Plus, emptying dirt is hassle-free – thanks to the bottom tank equipped.

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1. Shark

Keep your home dust free with our ultimate pick, the shark rocket lightweight bagless vacuum. This baby is feather-light at less than 8 pounds. It can convert into a handheld vacuum in a snap. When converted, the tool is ideal for ceiling cleaning. Micro tools are given as well in order assist you in cleaning car interior or other narrow spaces alike.

Able to move around furniture, the vacuum’s swivel steering ability comes in very handy. To switch from cleaning carpet to cleaning hard floor, a push of button is all it takes. To store, you can either snap the vac to its want or mount it to the wall.

Operation is very quiet. The long cord lets you clean across the room without having to plug and unplug multiple times. If you are opting for the best lightweight vacuum offered at an exceptional value, do not miss out on this baby.

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Highlighted above are the top 10 best lightweight vacuums of the year. We hope these picks and their description can offer you a piece of information that can aid your selection for the best lightweight vacuums ideal for your needs. Speaking of shopping, buyers should also have some shopping criteria in mind before making the decision. That said, here is our roundup of a lightweight vacuum’s buying guides.

Cord or Cordless: Some buyers prefer a cordless vacuum while some prefer the ones that come with a cord. Cordless vacuums tend to be more expensive. And, if you opt for the one with cord, we suggest you get one with a longer cord, so that it can go around the room hassle-free without the need to replug thr cord multiple times.

Power : Decide how powerful you want you vacuum to be. Lightweight vacuums come with various power. The ones we have got here have the power of 7kPA, 1400 PA, etc.

Suitable Cleaning Surface: Not all vacuums can clean both carpet and hard floor. Therefore, you should shop carefully.

Swivel: To achieve optimal cleaning even in narrow spots, some vacuums are made with swivel ability. It may swivel 170 degrees or 180 degrees. Hence, know if you need the one that can swivel.

Battery: You should never forget to know the details of each vacuum’s battery. The battery should be of good quality. It should be rechargeable. It should be able to run for at least 20 minutes after each full charge in order for you to perform the cleaning task well. Also, make sure the package comes with the accessories or charger adapter you need to charge the battery.


After going through these top 7 best lightweight vacuums in 2021, we strongly believe that you now can decide which one is your best option that serves your need and preference best. Do not feel that buying vacuum is a cost; yet think of the purchase as an investment for you and your family to have a hygienic and clean home. Let’s create a healthy environment by purchasing any of these top-rated lightweight vacuums from the list!

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Top 7 Best Lightweight vacuums

7. Ewbank HSVC3 Chilli 3 Vacuum

The first vacuum on the list is this amazing Ewbank HSVC3 Chilli 3 Vacuum. It is a combination of a traditional and handheld vacuum, which is capable to be utilized both as handheld and also stick vacuum at the same time. This vacuum is perfect for cleaning stairs, corners, hallways and rooms with its powerful 1000W motor. It is a super light vacuum that weighs only 3.5 pounds which allows you to move it around your house, upstairs or downstairs very easily.

This lightweight commercial vacuum comes with a new and improved air powered rotating brush and an extra-long 7-meter power cable, 8-millimeter waste tank capacity, one washable filter and a reusable filter. This vacuum is guaranteed to keep your house clean incredibly easy.

6. Dirt Devil SD20010 Lightweight Vacuum

Do you have difficulty with cleaning your furniture, counters, or shelves? If so, we highly recommend you to purchase this Dirt Devil SD20010 Lightweight vacuum. It specializes in removing dirt, dust and crumbs. It is also an ideal cleaning tool for rugs, and hard floors because of its innovative feature. This particular vacuum has an onboard crevice tools that allows you to clean in tight spaces, such as corners and along the edges incredibly easy.

So, get your house fresh and clean with this amazing Dirt Devil SD20010 Lightweight Vacuum! Great product at a great price!

5. Dirt Devil Swift Stick Bagless Stick Vacuum

Here is another vacuum from Dirt Devil. It is a type of small stick vacuum made for everyday quick pickups. It gathers all little things and dirt very easily. This model comes with a swift stick’s versatility which perfect for multiple uses. This small lightweight vacuum has crevice tool, durable metal handle with dimension of 7 x 9.5 x 40 inches.

Dirt Devil Swift Stick Vacuum is masterly at cleaning all of your under beds, tables, chairs carpets, bare floors and small spaces with just a fingertip on the switch!

4. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to discover more options of vacuum, take a look at this fantastic product. It is Dyson Ball Multi Floor compact upright vacuum, which is a twin to the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright. This model comes with beautiful iron and purple colors. It is also the most advanced cleaner that Dyson has ever manufactured, which took them 3 years to develop. It has 2 radial cyclones that allow the air to travel very fast in the cyclones meaning it can extract more microscopic dust from the air.
This floor vacuum features the new carbon fiber brush bar that combines nylon bristles and antistatic carbon fiber filaments so that it can vacuum carpets and hardwood floors efficiently. What are you waiting for? Get this Dyson Floor vacuum now to ensure that your place is absolutely aseptic!

3. Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum

Next is this Dyson V6 Absolute cordless heavy duty vacuum that you should consider! This item comes with two Dyson-engineered cleaner heads. It is perfect for vacuuming hard floors; its soft roller cleaner is capable of removing large debris and dust simultaneously. More than that, it is a must have piece for pet owners because it consists of HEPA filtration that purifies air and captures allergens on the hard floors and especially, carpets.
The purchase will come with two cleaner heads, extra tools, and innovative technology on the bristle that can deeply clean into the carpets with its dimension: 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches.

2. Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum

What else can be your best option? Well, let us introduce this Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum. It is a cord-free, hassle-free meaning there is no cord to unravel, plug in, or drag around that restrict your reach. Especially, it has detachable wand designed for handheld cleaning that makes it possible for you to clean quickly and easily wherever you need to.

It is perfect for cleaning floors due to its motorized cleaner that is able to remove dirt from all floor types, and its full width is fantastic for edge-to-edge cleaning. Let’s get one to make your house clean!

1.Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum

Now, it is time to show off the number one item on the list. It is this incredible Bissell Clean View Bagless Upright Commercial Vacuum. What is so special about this item is its OnePass technology that provides powerful, nonstop suction for deep clean. It comes with TurboBrush tool, bottom Easy Empty Dirt Tank, Washable Foam Tank Filter, and crevice tools.

This commercial vacuum has multi-level filtration that can reduce allergens at your place. Thanks to its cyclonic system which makes this item durable for long-term usage. Therefore, you only spend the money once, and you will get a very high quality and powerful lightweight vacuums immediately arrives at your door!

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