Top 10 Best Monoculars in 2021 – Reviews & Benefits

Bird watching and hunting are among the best outdoor activities that you can indulge in during your free time. However, these activities require that you have a monocular. Simple to operate, a monocular is very convenient not just for birdwatchers or hunters but also for hikers and even sports enthusiasts. Besides, most of them have objective lenses with wide diameters that gather more than enough light. They also have powerful magnifications, which bring images much closer for clear viewing.

Monoculars make work easier, meaning they are advisable to have one if you are an outdoorsman. But what are the criteria to follow to make sure that you get nothing but the best unit? Well, we have a simple solution; go through our top 10 best monoculars in 2021 reviews. In this piece, we have talked about the best products and even wrapped everything with benefits of monoculars with the hope that you will get something out of it.

Table Of The Top 10 Best Monoculars in 2021 – Reviews & Benefits

10. Gosky 12X50 Prism Monocular and Quick Smartphone Holder

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What makes this monocular one of the best is the 12X50 high power magnification, which is so powerful that it will give you the best view during your outdoor adventures. It lets you see 12X closer with its 50mm objective lens. For this reason, you can depend on this monocular for birdwatching, watching wildlife, ball games, scenery, hiking, climbing, and hunting, among others. Another great feature that makes this gadget worth spending on is the smartphone holder, which is compatible with several devices including Samsung GALAXY S8, S6, S6 Edge, S5, iPhone X, 8plus, 8, 7plus, 7, 6, 6s, 6plus, 5, 5s, 4s, SE, HTV, LG, Note, Sony, and many more.

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9. Occer 10X42 Monocular Telescope

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The Occer 10X42 Monocular Telescope will allow you to see 10X closer with its 10X magnification and 42mm objective lens. With it, you will be able to effortlessly gain an incredible viewing experience and enjoy the beauty of the distance. It boasts broad view field of 128m/1000m (419ft/1000yds) to offer the farther scenery in your eyes. The monocular also features an adjustable eyecup that fit more people including glass wearers. It is compact, waterproof, and can be used by one hand.

8. MiluoTech 16X52 Monocular Telescope/Monocular Scope

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Hunting, camping or surveillance should not be an arduous task, considering that this gadget is now within easy reach. Its field of view is 98m/8000m, while its magnification is 16X and the diameter of its objective lens is 52mm. As such, expect this monocular scope to give you clearer images. The unit is also equipped with multicoated optics that guarantee superior brightness and light transmission. Plus it is rubber armored, so you can confidently use it outdoors knowing that it will stand anything the environment throws at it.

7. COSBITY 12X50 Monocular Telescopes

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It turns out that the Gosky 12X50 Prism Monocular is not the only brand that comes with handy cell accessories. The COSBITY 12X50 Monocular Telescopes comes with the latest quick alignment cell phone adapter as well as a Wireless Camera Shutter Remote Control for cell phones. The cell phone adapter and remote control work with iPhone, Sony, HTV, LG, and Samsung, among others. Besides, this monocular telescope will let you see 12X closer with a bright and clear image. It also has a 50mm objective lens that gathers light generously to help make images clearer.

6. BUDDYGO 12×50 Monocular Telescope

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With 131m/1000m as its field of view, the BUDDYGO 12X50 Monocular Telescope is no doubt one of the best devices for birding, hunting, watching wildlife, and hiking. It has a fully 12 multicoated green film, which works with the 50mm objective wide lens to give clearer images. What’s more, this monocular telescope comes with a smartphone adapter that is compatible with all brands of smartphones. Plus its innovative design is slip-resistant to prevent damage. Despite its performance and durability, this monocular telescope is one of the most affordable brands.

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5. Vortex Optics 10×25 Solo Monocular

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Very few manufacturers bother to include an adjustable eyecup to their monocular. That’s why those who have included the feature, like Vortex Optics, should be lauded. The adjustable eyecup will let you view comfortably, making sure that you are able to use your monocular for an extended period. Another thing that Vortex Optics has done is to seal the gadget with o-ring and then purge it with nitrogen to make it resistant to waterproof and fog, so it can be used in any environment.

4. Wingspan Optics Explorer 12X50 Monocular

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Many believe that this monocular delivers very clear and bright images. And who are we to deny this when its 12X magnification and 50mm lens tell it all? This monocular is powerful and very easy to operate, given that it is handheld. Furthermore, it has durable external armor, which offers a secure non-slip grip as well as ensuring that the gadget is strong enough to stand up to extreme outdoor conditions. We believe that it has everything you need; hence, we will be surprised if you do not go for it.

3. Bushnell 10 x 42-mm Ultra HD Monocular

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Not all monoculars you see around are made of 100-percent waterproof construction. Therefore, the thought of having one that’s completely waterproof and fog-proof is something to smile about. Bushnell has also gone an extra mile to make sure that the monocular is not just sturdy but also powerful enough. And they have achieved that by equipping it with 10X magnification and 42-mm objective lens. This is the gadget to go for because it is ergonomically designed, durable and powerful. It comes with a Picatinny rail and a carry clip for added convenience.

2. Roxant High Definition WIDE VIEW Monocular

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One thing we can assure you is that this monocular will not slip in your hands while you are using. And this is because it is made of comfort molded grip, which is resistant to slips and also offers less shake, so you can hold the monocular steadily with only one hand. Additionally, this monocular has convenient 6 x 30 viewing, which makes it perfect for a wide range of activities such as water sports, concerts, archery, target shooting, boating, climbing, and more.

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1. DOKRO 12X50 Monocular Telescope with Phone Adapter

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Using this monocular telescope is very easy. Well, all you need is to mount your phone on the holder and then align lens before putting your monocular on the holder. Besides, the monocular is made of a durable construction since the manufacturer understands the extremity of the outdoor environment. It is waterproof and fog-proof, meaning you can use it in any weather. Additionally, this telescope comes with a phone adapter, which works with iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTV, LG, Note, and many more.

If you find outdoor activities fascinating, you probably know the importance of having a monocular. But if you didn’t have any idea about these benefits, we believe that this compilation has helped you big time. It has touched on all the keys areas, simply to make sure that you have everything you need to identify a suitable monocular.

Benefits of a Monocular

Owning a monocular will give you a chance to enjoy a number of benefits, which include:

Improved Viewing Experience

You have noted that monoculars in this post have higher magnifications, mostly of 12X, to bring images closer. They also have wider objective lenses, which gather enough light. Well, these features help improve viewing. In addition, there are some monoculars with adjustable eyecups to make viewing more comfortable.


Monoculars can be used for a wide range of activities. They are perfect for watching birds and wildlife, hiking, watching sports like football, and hunting. So, if you buy one, you won’t need any gadget again, as they cater for nearly all your outdoor needs.


Despite their performance and versatility, most monoculars are within an affordable range. In fact, they are more affordable than binoculars. And this means that you will not have to break your budget in order to get one. They are also durable; hence, you will not be visiting Amazon every now and then for a new one.

Easy to Use

Most monoculars come with Phone Adapters, which are designed to hold phones. Their lenses are also easy to align for quick setup. Moreover, most monoculars are ergonomically designed and even have such features as adjustable eyecups and comfort grip to let you use them for long hours.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for monoculars. We hope that you find one which suits you in all areas.

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