Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2021 Review

With time each field gets more and more innovative. In photography, photo light boxes have now become integral. Lighting is essential when it comes to taking pictures which are mind-blowing. The photo’s overall beauty even comes down to this. The best photo light boxes have managed to give inexperienced photographers the ability to produce great quality work. That is why their popularity has surged over time and more people are becoming aware of them.

List of Best Photo Light Box in 2021 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying a photo lightbox:

Backdrops: Some photo light boxes come with more varieties of backdrops. If this is essential for you, make sure you check out how many and what type the photo box you want comes with.

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The size of the photo lightbox: keenly think about the purpose of the photo lightbox you want. This will help you determine the proper size you need. The items you want to be taking pictures of should fit perfectly inside it.

The construction of the photo lightbox: The way a photo light box is constructed will play a large role in determining its stability as well.

Lighting: Some photo light boxes are merely well lit, while others are super bright. The level of lighting will affect your photo quality.

10. AWlux, Portable light box (softbox), Photo Light Box mini photo studio (lightbox)

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By: AWlux Photo Light Boxes

One of AWlux’s selling points is that their photo lightbox is brighter. This is because the lightbox comes with a pair of LED light strips which are very bright white. Because of them, shadow won’t affect your photos. The same goes for reflections as well. The lighting emitted will definitely be at an even level.  With this particular photo lightbox, you won’t worry about the sides of the box ending up on the photos.

It has been designed to be wide enough such that it doesn’t interfere with your work. It measures approximately 15.7″x15.7″x15.7″, so super-close-ups won’t be necessary. Even post image processing won’t be a thing to consider anymore. The AWlux photo lightbox wasn’t constructed using the traditional magnet design. The reason behind this was to make it more stable. That is why the company opted for the 3 button design.


  • It has the latest button design.
  • You will get 4 backdrops.

9. Portable Photography Studios, Zenic Mini Portable, and Folding Photo Light Box

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By: Zenic Photo Light Boxes

Zenic offers a photo lightbox solution for both beginners and seasoned photographs. Using it leads to nothing short of professional-looking photos. I would recommend it for use with small items because of its size. What I like about it is its portability. Compared to the traditional photo studios, you can carry them wherever you wish. All you have to do is fold it and you have your studio with you. The photo box is actually 45x44x43cm/17.7×17.3×17 inches in size but has dimensions of 45x44x4cm/17.7×17.3/1.6 inches when it’s folded.

The Zenic photo lightbox is powered via USB. All you have to do is to ensure that you have a USB port powered via a USB cable and control the power supply. The box is actually made from the finest PVC. It is very light but will last you for the longest time. Your purchase will include; an LED light box, a USB cable with a switch, four background cloths and a storage bag.


  • The installation process is easy.
  • The photo lightbox is waterproof.

8. Mini Photo Studio Tent Jewelry Light Box Kit

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By: SENLIXIN Photo Light Boxes

If you want good variety in the background, then this is the photo lightbox for you. Purchasing it will get you 6 color backgrounds pads. That is much more than what other boxes have. This is the kind of photo box you need even when you aren’t using professional cameras.

It has been designed to ensure that your output will always look high quality. This is also thanks to the high end LED beads included in its construction. The beads are 20 in total and produce about 550LMS. The brightness they provide is exceptional. This lightbox can be powered using; a power bank, computer, laptop and AC charger, among others.


  • It has a Color Temperature of about 6000-6500K
  • You will be able to shoot from multiple angles.

7. XPRO 36 inch Studio Photography Light Tent

  • By: XPRO Photo Light Boxes

Measuring 36 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches high, this tent creates the perfect studio environments for photography. The XPRO 20 comes in form of a translucent lighthouse and is suitable for different kinds of photography and camera work. It has a front screen with a slot and is lightweight for easy movement. It folds to a more portable size and comes with a carrying pouch. The tough construction prevents tearing and wears while the 4r-color backgrounds allow you to choose the best theme for your photography.

  • It comes with a Photography Adjustable Table Top Mini Camera Tripod Stand.
  • The photo light box has a Cell Phone Clip Holder.

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By: Zecti Photo Light Boxes

Zecti has given you the capability of adjusting the brightness up to 10 levels. The LED strips in the photo light boxes can be controlled by a switch. The total illumination that you will get will be 700LM.  What I liked about it was that you can re-position the LED strips as you wish. They have removable magnets, to give you full control.


  • The dome on top of the photo light box can be detached.
  • 4 Velcro is used to hold the dome and box together.

5. Professional Photo Light Boxes 24”x24”x24” Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

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By: Elviros Photo Light Boxes

With this photo lightbox, the maximum size of the objects you take pictures of should be about 50x50x50cm/20”x20”x20”. Unlike some of the other photo boxes, this one has about 13000lumin. This is also because of the double 60 LEDs light bands, which are responsible for the box’s super brightness. It doesn’t have a strobe, which makes it easier to use different types of devices. The installation and uninstallation don’t require any tools.


  • It has paper boards which are water resistant.
  • They are also wrinkle resistant.

4. Photo Light Box for Jewelry and Small Items (Size 9 x 9 x9.5″/ 22 x 22 x24cm)

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By: Cofunia Photo Light Boxes

The level of the uniformity in lighting in this photo lightbox is beyond average. The interesting thing about it, is that it measures 9 x 9 x9.5″/ 22 x 22 x24cm. However, after it’s folded down, it’s no bigger than an A4 paper. Its compactness makes it easy for you to set up quickly whenever you need to take pictures. Your purchase will get you two backdrops.


  • It has built-in LED lights.
  • The company offers excellent customer service.

3. Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio, Photo Light Box

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By: Amazon Basics Photo Light Boxes

This Amazon Basic photo light box comes with a pre-installed removable bright-white backdrop. It has lights which are quite well positioned. That is why the contrast they provide is optimum. The LEDs are 5600k daylight balanced and have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) for consistent color. You will also get extra lighting; it is what will ensure there is directional light modeling.


  • You will get 1-year warranty.
  • It has a front 3-door system which maximizes image angles.

2. Neewer 32×32 inch/80×80 cm Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube

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By: Neewer Photo Light Boxes

Neewer offers you Red, Dark Blue, Black and White backdrops with your purchase. The front opening is removable to make your work easier. White nylon fabric which is translucent and light diffusing was used to make the photo lightbox. You will get a custom carrying case. It has both shoulder and hand carrying straps, to make the box easily portable.


  • There won’t be any shadows or reflections.
  • It has dimensions of about 32×32 inch/80×80 cm.

1. LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Photo Light Box

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By: LimoStudio Photo Light Boxes

When you buy this, your entire purchase will include; a Mini Stand Tripod, a White Photo-shooting Tent, 16-inch Cubic with Color Backdrops, a pair of Table Top LED Light and a Cellphone Clip Holder. The light you will get will be soft and neutral. The hot spot and the shade will have minimized contrast thanks to the photo box. The table top mini camera stand can be adjusted to suit your needs.


  • The camera stand’s maximum height is 8-inches.
  • The screw tips are 1/4-inch standard screw tip.

Buyer’s Guide:

We recommend the LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting, Light Tent Kit in a Box. It has emerged as the best, among the top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2021. It comes with other essential items for your photography and has great user feedback.

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