Top 10 Best Plastic Toddler Beds Reviews In 2021

Your small bundle joy will soon outgrow that crib and require a bed. This transition from a crib to bed is a very big step towards the development of a baby.  On the toddler bed, they will find a new home away from the comfort of their small crib. The baby will need to adjust accordingly to sleeping in a large space alone. Sleeping on the plastic toddler beds helps the baby acclimatize to sleeping on their bed soon although features of toddler beds are quite different from regular beds.

These are beds made with the safety of the baby in mind. They usually have a low profile and rails all-around to prevent the baby from falling. The bed come in different designs and shapes that babies love, and as parents, we need to buy quality while at the same time considering the taste of the baby.

Today, we give you a review of the ten best toddler beds of the year to help you make a choice on the ideal beds for your small one. Read on carefully and make sure you select one from the list.

Table of the Best Plastic Toddler Beds Reviews

10. Delta Children Plastic Toddle bed Disney Minnie Mouse

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The Delta plastic Toddle bed is a classic beauty and a great pick for the little angel.  It is a bed designed for children from the age of 15 months upwards with capabilities to hold up to 50 lbs. The assembly of the bed is pretty easy. You can be assured value for your money with the sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction that will last for ages. This toddler bed further features two guardrails and a standard crib mattress for comfort.

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9. Delta Children Plastic Toddler bed Pixar Finding Dory

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The Pixar Minnie Dory is another high-quality Delta Toddler bed with a great design and capacity to hold up to 50 lbs. It can hold children from the age of 15 months upwards. Two guard rails ensure your kid is safe in the bed at all times while the standard crib mattress ensures the baby sleeps comfortably. Like most Delta beds, the assembly is pretty easy and the construction a sturdy one made of steel frame and durable plastic.

8. Delta Plastic Toddler bed Disney/Pixar Cars

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This bed will make the dreams of your babies come true with their favorite colors and character all over. The bed has a sturdy plastic and steel frame to withstand the increasing weight of your child and jumps on the bed. Guardrails on both sides ensure the baby stays in bed at all the time. The bed is JMPA certified and a good pick on the list.

7. Delta Children Deluxe Disney Frozen Toddle bed

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The Disney Frozen Toddle bed is another classic pick by Delta made with the durable plastic all-around. It is a quality bed that will serve you for years and gives you good value for your money. With the capacity to hold babies from 15 months and older, you can watch as your small ones grow and develop in this amazing bed to a teenager. The design is quite safe with the guard on both sides to ensure your baby is safe at all times.

6. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

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This is a toddler bed that looks more like a tent but is a bed. It is a great bed especially if you want to introduce your small baby to the adventure world. Let the baby imagine sleeping in a tent by getting this that holds weight up to 50 lbs.  It comes with a standard crib mattress for comfort. The sturdy frames and high plastic constructions give it a long lifespan. You can see all your kids outgrow this bed and live to become teens.

5. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed, Disney/Pixar Cars

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If your small boy loves cars, then this Disney/Pixar cars Delta toddler bed will be a great fit. It nicely designed and looks beautiful with two beautiful cars drawn at the back.  Boys love colours making this a great fit for boys 15 months and older. Like most Delta beds, this one can hold up to 50 lbs. The guard rails on both sides secure your child and prevent falls.

4. Delta Children Canopy Toddler Bed

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This one actually comes with a canopy on top which prevents excess light and insects entering inside. The frames holding the canopy also hold the net making sure your child sleeps in a protected area from mosquitoes and other insects. There are two standard guard rails and mattress for safety and comfort. The sturdy steel frame and strong ABS plastic construction ensure you get a good value for your money. A little assembly is required setting up the bed without the use of any tools.

3. Race Car Toddler Bed

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Do you like racing cars? Well, whether it is you or your baby that likes racing cars, this is the perfect bed to make your kid dream of racing in the field. The bed is a great pick for small boys who love cars. You will be surprised how your child will fall in love with this unique design. The need fits most crib mattresses and is quite low on the ground giving easy access to the kids. Bed rails on the side help keep the child safe and sound. Racecar art is great, and the coloring is quite impressive. There is a bench at the foot of the bed where the child can sit and play with the toys before getting to bed.

2. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed Disney/Pixar Cars

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This is probably one of the best-rated toddler beds online and a great choice to take the number two spot on our list. The bed is quite sturdy and is well made. It is of great size and quite stable that teens can sleep in without any worries. You can have your child sleep here up to teenage age. The guard rails help the baby stay in bed while the standard crib mattress ensures comfort.

1. Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

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This is a versatile choice and remains the best toddler bed of the year ideal for children of all ages. The bed is made from a durable molded plastic that will not degrade with age. It will serve you well for long and give you good value for your money.  The biggest win for the bed for me is the great design that resembles the Turbo race cars and one that your child will love.  Low design mattress ensures safety and ease of access for the small ones.


If your small little angel is outgrowing that crib, then it is time to get one of this toddler beds here and make that transition great. Your child will love these great designs and remain safe inside their new sleeping place. More: Best lumbar support pillows

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