Top 10 Best Portable Recorders in 2021

Do you have a lot to record everyday and need to make sure all the information you record daily is exactly consistent with its sources? Then, you should be looking for a good quality of portable recorders.

List Of Top 10 Best Portable Recorders in 2021

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10. Timeqid Recorder

This computerized voice recorder is an incredible apparatus to record lessons, gatherings, interviews, notices, hints of winged animals singing or your infant playing, or any account needs. With Timeqid voice recorder, you will never miss a solitary word that is critical to you. Our Recorder have the ability to reduce the noisy background in your environment.

It is designed to be very thin, simple to put in your pocket or to carry along your business travels in a simple way. Once it is low in power, it will automatically save in your memory which can avoid the missing of your record. The best thing is the rechargeable power of its battery which you can easily refill the battery its power anywhere and anytime by using USB plug in.

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9. Hauppauge portable recorder


If you are a game player, we recommend you this type of recorder. You can just record you game playing activities by just plugging in the microphone. The recording resolution is up to 1080P30 which you can record with clear voice and image.

The recorder itself is very small that you can easily bring along to everywhere. This standalone recorder is best to record and upload your video and audio to your YouTube channel very quick.

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This is a pen camera recorder in which the recording system is built in a real pen look. It allows you to use as two functions at the same time. The hidden camera supports the quality of 1080 high definition lens. You can just record without anyone notice. Among other portable pen recording tools, this one is known for its best quality of battery life. The capacity to record is up to 3 hours in day time and 90 minutes at night time.

With modern technology equipped, you can start the recording with just one click. You may use this as your spy partner as you can effectively record every scene in night vision.

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7. Phenyx Pro


This recording accessory is more advantageous than the previous one as it comes with set of recording materials. If you purchase this one, you will get one hand microphone, one headset, one main receiver, one power adapter and audio cable. The hand microphone and headset has also got its ON/OFF and MUTE button which are flexible and easy to use. You will also be provided with 4AA batteries.

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With all these equipment, it is great for using in meeting, interview, guidance or lecture, or gathering occasion.  Plus, you will also get a one-year warranty for every purchase.

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6. EVISTR Voice Recorder

Another useful digital portable for voice recording is a brand from EVISTR which can record voice or music distance far away up to 40 feet. This portable voice recording instrument is made from hundred percent metal that very durable for long term use. It is designed in handheld style which you can put it your pocket or place anywhere that comfortable. It also equipped with many tasks such as auto recording system where you can set up or schedule time for recording and ending, track on system where it will auto save your recording once it has no voice detected and many more.

The recorder comes with a memory of 8GB and the power source is from the lithium battery. Moreover, you can also connect this portable recorder with your computer or phone which is very easy for files transferring.

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5. Roland

One of the smallest but very useful voice recorders is from Roland brand. This one will take your voice recording experience to another level. Featuring remote tuning in and remote control, that  means you can record with less wires in more places. The design color is black which looks so cool for modern people. It could do more than what your smartphone can do for recording.

With its Bluetooth abilities, that means you can control, screen and tune in back remotely utilizing cell phones, smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers. In addition to this, the voice recorder is also flexible according to your scene where you choose to record voice as well means that it will automatically switch to the suitable setting upon your location.

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4. Dansrueus Cassette


This one is called cassette because at first glance it looks like an old cassette from 60s but it is a voice recording tool. It has a solid, light small design which is very comfortable and easy to carry anywhere with you. The power source  is from either battery or USB connection with other devices. It is more than a recorder as it can also convert your mp3 as well as allows you to tune in on your stereo, headphones, or other speaker framework.

The recorder lets you play and exchange music in anyplace. With Bolster 3.5mm AUX jack, you can use it to your vehicle speaker, or simply connect it with a headphone to listen to music.

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3. NEEGO Voice recorder

Here comes another digital voice recorder system which is a brand from SONY. This modern portable voice recorder is designed in a very cool shape and color, plus it is built in with a memory of 4G and can support up to 32G that you can have lots of space for your files. The recorder includes Sony’s Intelligent Noise Cut capacity, which is capable of eliminating annoying voice when you do recording.

The battery inside is rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about the recorder running out of power when using. What is also special about this one is the recording time which allows you to record up to around 40 hours and plus another hour with just 3-minutes of charging time.

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2. Zoom recorder


This type of recorder is a brand new model from 2021; it comes with such a great design that seems so different from the other types of recorder. This is the H1n model with a handy recorder style. It also works in X/Y stereo mouthpieces for catching top notch stereo sound. The mic itself covers a wide region while accentuating the focal point of the sound field, enabling the recorder to record completely clear sound in practically any setting. It can support up 32G od SD card. With its one button controlling system, you can replay any sound you want to recall back.

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1. Movo H1n Recorder Kit


The Movo H1n recorder kit is also a brand from Zoom, but this one comes with set of recording gadgets. The add on Movo kit consists of wind interference fur material, one handgrip to maintain stability when you do recording with video, plus one camera protection and microphone grip.

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With all these kinds of additional accessories, you will get another level of recording experience. The main gadget is the recording H1n style which comes the same as a Zoom recorder H1n in number 2 as well. This one will be able to record all sorts of sounds with excellent quality.

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Buying Guide for portable recorders

Recording has been one of the commonly practiced activities at work or for personal use. That is why portable recorders become more popular every day; especially, when it comes to recording lectures, interviews or any meeting. Therefore, in order to get a portable recorder best suited for your needs, you should consider with following criteria.

Size: In modern world, everyone keeps asking for smaller recorder which they can bring anywhere with them. So, the size of your recorder is very important. You should look for those that made in smaller size but got well function for recording any important notes. It can be a handy style of recorder or in pocket style of recorder. 

Power consumption: As of power consumption, we refer to how long should your recorder stay in action. Things you should choose is the battery quality and how long it allows you to record. Moreover, its battery should be rechargeable and fully charged in a short period of time, so that you can put it back to use without wasting too much time.

Memory Space:  People nowadays always seek for products with a bigger memory space; this enables them to store files without worry about memory space shortage. So, a recorder with a bigger space; for example, like 16 GB or 32GB or up will be the most demanding one on the market.


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 10 best portable recorders. If you have any feedback, please feel free to write us. We are looking forward to reading your comments.


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10. Tascam

Are you looking for a portable audio recorder? There are different choices that you can get. However, there are not many good choices. Tascam has got the tenth-best place for several reasons. It is lightweight; therefore, it is convenient to bring it along. It’s also compact and small. There is no wonder that the product got the tenth-best place.
Additionally, it can record as much as 24-bit/96kHz. Moreover, the machine uses micro SD and micro SDHC as the memory cards. Lastly, the package also comes with black headphones.

9. eBright

There are several reasons that eBright got the ninth-best digital recorder rank. It comes with a big LCD screen while the design interface is convenient for users. Moreover, it is highly recommended if you plan to get the product to record lectures. Additionally, with a rechargeable battery, you can use it to record for up to forty hours. Furthermore, with 8GD memory capacity, you can record up to 581 hours. What’s more, the recorder has a high quality of 1536 kbps for recording.
Plus, it comes with a repeat and delete button that you can control the function easily. Not at all, you can also set the password to secure your privacy. Lastly, eBright has a sixty-day warranty. You should not wait anymore.

8. feifuns

Do you still hesitate to get one? Feifuns can be your favorite choice. It is a compact handheld digital recorder with such great qualities. The weight is also light; as a result, you can bring it anywhere you go. Additionally, the product comes with a one-touch button to start recording while there is another one-touch button to stop recording. After that, the file will be saved automatically. Hence, it is not difficult to use it for recording lecture or interviews. Furthermore, there is a 8GB memory. Rechargeable battery allows the machine to power up to 90 hours even if you record non-stop.

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The recorder also has an auto-off function so that if the machine isn’t active for two minutes, it will shut itself off automatically. Lastly, the recorder is of high quality. You shouldn’t miss a chance to get this one.


Are there any other options? Yemenren can be a good option. There are several reasons that the best field recorder got the seventh-best rank. The recording’s quality is as much as 3072Kbps. Moreover, there is a function to reduce background noise so that you can make sure the voice you intend to record is clear. Additionally, the product has an 8GB memory that you can store recordings up to 576 hours. The rechargeable battery allows you to record non-stop for ten hours. What’s more, the recorder is automatically activated where there is voice it could detect.

Plus, you can also set time for the machine to function by itself. Lastly, you just need a USB cable to transfer the recordings to your PC.


Evister is the sixth-best portable audio recorder. There are several reasons that make the product deserve such reputation. The recording adopts a cutting-edge technology that allows you to have a recording’s quality as high as 1536 Kpbs. At the same time, the technology also brings about reduction of background noise. What’s an ideal recorder? Furthermore, with just one charge, the battery allows you to record up to 15 hours. The 8GB memory could make up the records for 300 hours.

Moreover, the voice as far as 40ft could be recorded. Therefore, it is highly recommended if you want to record lecture, speech or interviews. Not only that, the audio recorder can also function as a MP3 player.

5. Trustin

Do you still hesitate to make a decision. Then, Trustin might clear your doubt. It deserves the fifth rank for a number of reasons. Once the sound is detected, the recorder will automatically function. Moreover, you can also set timing for when and how long the machine can operate. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery makes the recorder function for 18 hours.

The product also adopts the latest technology so that it could guarantee the recorded voice is clear. What’s more, the 8GB memory could record for 560 hours. Lastly, you don’t want to miss this product.


The fourth-best product goes to DGFAN. There are several qualities that make the product one of the best portable recording devices. The product is small and lightweight. Therefore, you can keep it in pocket and bring it where lecture or interview is. With the latest technology, it can guarantee a clear recording. Moreover, the product also adopts one-touch-and-go function. The device can operate in just one touch, and stop recording in just another touch.

Furthermore, the 8GB internal memory allows you to record up to 560 hours. The rechargeable battery, additionally, allows the device to operate up to ninety hours. What’s more, there are other various functions including alarm clock and auto-off function. Lastly, the device is durable.


The third-best audio recorder goes to Evistr. There are several qualities that make Evister one of the best products. It brings about 384 kbps recording quality. As a result, you don’t need to worry that you won’t get a clear recording. Moreover, the 8GB internal memory allows you to save files up 560 hours of recording. Furthermore, the battery allows the device to operate for 11 hours per charging. As a result, it is highly recommended to use the product to record lecture, meeting or interviews.

What’s more, there is an auto-save function that the device will save the recording every five hours to avoid power off. You can also use the device to listen to music. Lastly, the product comes with a 15-month warranty.

2. Dictopro

The second-best audio recorder goes to Dictopro. There are several features you would admire. The product comes with an aluminum body. Hence, it is durable. There is also a LCD display that you can read the information easily. Dictopro, additionally, brings about cutting-edge technology to reduce background noise and make sure the voice you intend to record is crystal clear.

Furthermore, the device activates automatically when it could dictate the voice. Lastly, the 8GB memory allows you to save the recording up to700 hours.

1. Tascam DRO5

The last and best audio recording device goes to Tascam DRO5. There are several qualities that you would admire. It brings about VSA technology that allows you to adjust speed between 0.5 and 1.5 times. Furthermore, 2 AA battery is adopted in the device while it also has a 4GB Micro SD card. Lastly, the product also comes with a manual booklet to provide you more information about how the device functions.

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