Top 10 Best Quad Canes in 2020

The fact that you are reading this review, shows that you are interested in gathering information about the best Quad canes. Some people tend to confuse quad canes with standard canes. As much as they may seem to perform the same function, the two happen to be different. Both of them come in very useful as they help in providing the support to walk and also for mobility.  What differentiates a quad cane from a standard cane, is their base. A quad cane has 4 small feet at the base, which extend from its metal base.

People who prefer the best quad canes, feel that they are easier to maneuver around with. The fact that they have such a base makes them more stable. Even when you are outside, you will immediately notice the difference when you use both of them. If you were keen enough to observe users of both walking aids, you would be able to note which one is more superior. Their versatility is what makes quad canes more and more popular, as time goes.

List of Top 10 Best Quad Canes in 2020:

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Adjustable Sit and Stand Quad Cane – Lightweight Stand up Walking Stick with Small Base for Men &… Buy on Amazon
Essential Medical Supply Large Base Quad Cane, Black Buy on Amazon
HealthSmart Quad Cane, Sit To Stand Walker, Adjustable Quad Cane, 4 Foot Base, Foam Handles, Black Buy on Amazon
Beyoung LED Cane Walking Stick, Adjustable Height Folding Walking Stick Cane with Pivoting Quad Cane… Buy on Amazon
Medline Aluminum Quad Cane, Small Base, Chrome Buy on Amazon
NOVA Medical Sugarcane, Walking Stick with Rubber Quad Tip Base and Carrying Strap, Maui Flowers Buy on Amazon
Ez2care Adjustable Small Base Quad Cane, Black Buy on Amazon
Vive Quad Cane – Walking Stick for Men and Women – Lightweight Adjustable Staff – Comfortable Right… Buy on Amazon
Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Cane Tip, Aquamarine Buy on Amazon
Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use, Rose, Small Base Buy on Amazon

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Factors to consider when buying a quad cane:

The quad canes weight limit: you should first check how much weight, the quad cane you want will be able to support. Get a cane that’s within your weight limit, so that it can offer you the support you need. Otherwise, if it can’t handle you, you may end up injured.

The height adjustments of the quad cane: this is important because if the height is wrong, it could cause you a lot of damage instead. Your posture is something that should not be interfered with. Always check the maximum height adjustments, of the cane you want to buy.

The design of the quad cane: there are a lot of varieties when it comes to quad canes. From the color to the folding capability. Ensure that you get one that you find appealing and will suit your personal needs as well.

10. Adjustable Sit and Stand Quad Cane

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By:  BrightCare

Sometimes people who have mobility issues, have a little trouble when getting up from their seats. BrightCare has designed one of the best quad canes for that. It has double grip, which eases the process and makes standing somewhat effortless. The cane is built to support individuals weighing approximately 300lbs. You will get 4 impact points which are slip resistant. So you can be confident that you will get more than enough stability.

You will be able to adjust the quad cane’s height from about 28-37 inches. This way you can set it in a way that will be most comfortable for you. When you personalize the cane, you will have a better experience when you use it.


  • The frame of the quad cane is light.
  • The cane can be used by both left and right-handed people.

9. Essential Medical Supply W1302bl Large Base Quad Cane

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By: Essential Medical Supply

Your quad cane should be comfortable to handle. As you use it to support yourself, your hand should also feel at ease. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it for long due to the discomfort. With this quad cane, your user experience is taken in to account in different aspects. It was designed with a foam comfort grip handle design.

The best part about it is that you can rotate it, depending on the hand you want to use. The Essential Medical Supply quad cane is well constructed. It has the capability to support up to 360lbs. Rest assured that you will be handled with care.

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  • The quad cane’s base measures about 12″ x 8″.
  • It has a welded steel base.

8. Health Smart Quad Cane, Sit To Stand Walker, Adjustable Quad Cane, Black

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By: Health Smart

Health Smart presents you with a quad cane which is FSA eligible. To provide you with a firmer footing, the cane has been designed with rubber tips to prevent slipping. The company’s main objective is to improve your mobility in every way possible. You won’t ever find yourself bending awkwardly when you use the cane. It is very easy to adjust and can go extend from 29 to 38 inches. If you have been having trouble going through the stairs, the Health Smart quad cane will relieve you of that. It will also help get you through spaces which are narrow.


  • Your purchase comes with an Amazon Exclusive Limited warranty.
  • It can support up to 250lbs.

7. Beyoung LED Cane Walking Stick – Quad Canes

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By: Beyoung Quad Canes

Beyoung has ensured that this quad cane is ergonomically designed, to offer you additional benefits. Compared to the rest, it is really something. It is capable of doing a 360-degree free rotation. The cane can stand on its own because it has 4 points of contact. On top of all that, it has a built-in 6LED light. You will be able to illuminate your path as you walk. It has a 20-meter brightness range and can be adjusted to different angles as well. The quad cane is can be folded for easier portability. This makes it easier, especially when traveling. It can be placed and removed from your bag conveniently. Storage space will not be an issue for you at all.


  • It has 5 levels of adjustments.
  • The handle is made of anti-skid sponge.

6. Medline Aluminum Quad Cane, Small Base, Chrome

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By: Medline Quad Canes

If you are looking for a quad cane that will help you achieve a faster pace, then this is it. It has been designed with a small base to achieve that. The cane has a long useful life since it has non-skid rubber tips. The Medline cane is available with either foam handles or contoured vinyl hand grips. You get to choose the one that will be most comfortable.


  • It can stand alone.
  • The quad cane is stable.

5. NOVA Sugarcane with Offset Handle, Maui Flowers Quad Canes

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By: NOVA Medical Products Quad Canes

On flat surfaces, the quad tip base enables it to stand alone. Thanks to this design, you will be more stable when you are on sloped and uneven terrain. You will get sufficient pivot and traction, under such circumstances. What most users like about this quad cane, is that it also helps lessen the strain on your hand and wrist.


  • It has an offset handle with soft foam grip.
  • The cane is chip resistant.

4. Ez2care Adjustable Small Base Quad Cane

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By: Ez2care Quad Canes

This quad cane was constructed with your safety and maximum comfort in mind. Anodized aluminum was used to make its body and the handle is an offset from the handle. The quad base may be small, but don’t let that dishearten you. Quad Cane is capable of providing maximum endurance and safety, regardless of its lightness.


  • Your purchase comes with a cane strap for portability.
  • The cane can support 250lbs.

3. Vive Adjustable Quad Cane – Lightweight Walking Stick for Men & Women

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By: VIVE Quad Canes

Quad canes can also be stylish, this particular one is the best example. It has been designed to maneuver through hardwood, laminate or tile floors and uneven surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel or plush carpet. The cane is revered for its versatility. It is also durable and has durable security features. They include a brass locking pin and a locking knob which is easy to grip.


  • It comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
  • The handle has a wrist strap.

2. Hugo Mobility Quad pod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Cane Tip, Quad Canes

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By: Hugo Mobility Quad Canes

If you happen to be tall and have a hard time finding a quad cane, worry no more. Hugo Mobility designed this particular one, for individuals with a height ranging from 5′ – 6′.5″. You can easily adjust the cane’s height from 71 to 99 cm. Compared to a larger base, the cane tip is ultra-stable, 54% lighter and 80% more compact.


  • The cane handle is shock absorbent.
  • It has push buttons for height settings.

1. Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use

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By: Drive Medical Quad Canes

Much like our number 2 product, this quad cane can also accommodate most people between 5′ – 6′.5″. This is probably one of the most thoughtful options I have come across. To provide additional safety at night, the handle has a reflective strap. You will get a total of 11 height precision settings. This will be an easy task since it has push buttons for that. It also has a shock absorbing cushion-top handle.


  • The quad can support 300lbs.
  • It’s made using heavy-gauge anodized aluminum.

Buyer’s Guide:

We opt for the Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane, as the best among the Top 10 Best Quad Canes in 2020. It is very user-friendly and has been designed with the user in mind. From its shock absorbency to the buttons, and is ergonomic features. Drive Medical has simply outdone itself!

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