Top 10 Best Reacher Grabbers in 2021 Reviews

Are you too short to reach the top shelf? Do you struggle reaching high places because of an injury or disability? Or are you scared of scaling ladder or stepping on a stool? If your answer is yes then I have the solution for you, and it comes in the name of a reacher grabber. Trying to reach an item that is placed on a high shelf is not only a challenge and an inconvenience but risky too. Other than straining your body, you may also fall down or the object may fall on your head. Such things will not happen when you are using the best reacher grabber. It extends your reach while ensuring the object is firmly held.

List of Top 10 Best Reacher Grabber in 2021

#10 DMI Reacher Grabber with Rotating Claw, Black

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By: Duro-Med

Why do we pick this one?

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Works seamlessly
  • Requires minimal effort

Picking trash, litter, and arranging items is more productive with this grabber reacher. It has a good length to suit short and medium-height users, the elderly, and individuals with a disability. It can handle different shaped objects including bottles, cans, contains, boxes, trash, light bulbs, garden tools and much more. The rotating claw provides all-around access whereas the magnets help pick metal objects. The lightweight and compact nature boost handling while the grabber maintains a solid grip on the object. The nonslip nature enhances this and stops the object from slipping or falling.

#9 FitPlus Premium Grabber Tool, 32 -Inch

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By: FitPlus

Why do we pick this one?

  • It makes reaching far objects easy
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • Doesn’t require lots of effort
  • Maintains a firm grip in the object

The reacher grabber is perfect for the home, garage, office, and other places. It is useful for short people, the elderly, the sick, injured, or a person with a disability. The 32-inch device has a good length to suit most situations and is very light for improved operation. Although light, it is very sturdy and it doesn’t wobble or shake when holding an item. The handle is very smooth on the hand and the conveniently placed trigger makes pressing and releasing easy. The grippers can hold small and medium-sized objects whereas the smooth surface cleans easily.

#8 VIVE Reacher Grabber, 32-Inch

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Why do we pick this one?

  • It has a practical design
  • Works flawlessly
  • It’s very versatile and suitable for small and medium-size object
  • The grippers maintain a firm hold on the object

With this grabber, you will soon forget about climbing ladders or stepping on objects, chairs, or stools. The long device enables you to get things from the top kitchen shelf, high office cabinet, and in many other places. It features a rigid and light handle for a perfect hold and nonslip grippers for preventing the object from falling. The trigger works seamlessly with the gripper and doesn’t require lots of effort. The handle has the right size and is very comfortable.

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#7 RMS Featherweight Original Grabber Reacher 32-inch (2-Pack)

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Why do we pick this one?

  • It’s very simple to use
  • The length is very good
  • It works well without hitches
  • The unit can last for a long time

If you still use poles, sticks, or umbrellas to reach distant objects, then you need to stop. Acquiring this 32-inch reacher grabber gives you a better and safer reach. It has a long pole that is suitable even for very short people and is also among the lightest accessories on the market. The handle has a good size and is also very comfortable to minimize tiredness especially when handling a large object. The grips tightly hold the object although you only exert a fair amount of pressure. When handled properly, this accessory will last for a long time.

#6 Sammons Preston Reacher 26 Inch

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By: Sammons Preston

Why do we pick this one?

  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Simple to operate
  • The handle is very ergonomic
  • The gripping jaws open wide

Removing a light bulb, picking trash, arranging objects, picking a garden tool and other tasks are easy with this reacher. The 26-inch long accessory is suited for the elderly, short people, physically challenged individuals, and many others. The lightweight claw improves the handling and reduces the effort needed to hold on to objects. The aluminum pole is also lightweight for added convenience whereas the serrated jaw and rubber foam deliver a firm grip. The ergonomic trigger is very easy to use and doesn’t need lots of effort to activate the grasping jaws. It folds easily for better carrying and storage.

#5 VIVE Reacher Grabber, 32-Inch

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Why do we pick this one?

  • It’s strong and reliable
  • It’s very stylish and simple to use
  • Works well with small and large objects
  • The grip is firm and tight

This reacher grabber is 32 inches long and is a perfect mobility aid. The heavy-duty unit grabs a range of things including cans, boxes, tins, bottles, iPads, phones, and containers and it’s recommended for weights of up to 5 pounds. The nice grippers are also fit for small objects like coins, oils, jewelry items, and crafts. The rubber materials prevent slippage and also protects the objects. It’s a handy tool for organization, picking trash, retrieving objects, retrieving gardening tools and more. The long extender minimizes the effort required and also suits short people.

#4 RMS Handi Grip Grabber Reacher, 26-Inch, Blue

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By: RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.

Why do we pick this one?

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The grabber is suitable for different objects
  • The handle is ergonomic and comfortable
  • It offers a nice reach

You don’t need to struggle when trying to get an item placed in a high position. With this grabber reach, you’ll easily access it as you stand. It has a good length for easy reach and is very lightweight for improved handling. Although it’s slender, the device is strong to handle different objects. The wide grabbers maintain a strong grip on the object to prevent any slippage and you also don’t need to exert lots of force when using it. The soft-grip tips prevent ruining the objects while the ergonomic handle improves handling and comfort.

#3 Ettore 49036 Grip’n Grab Tool, 34-Inch

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By: Ettore

Why do we pick this one?

  • It’s easy to use and lightweight
  • The rubberized jaw maintain a firm grip
  • The length is great
  • It’s resistant to rust and corrosion

Using this tool helps you access objects that are too high for you. It’s made of a lightweight aluminum for easy operation and reliability. The accessory is suitable for the indoors or outdoors and won’t rust, corrode, stain, or tarnish because of exposure to the elements. It features a sensitive trigger and gripper that respond instantly. The nonslip jaws tightly hold the object and will only let go when you decide to release the trigger. The 34-inch length is ideal for most situations whereas the 90-degrees turning angle improves versatility. It features a slim profile for use in tight spots while the comfortable grip minimizes fatigue.

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#2 Unger Professional Nifty Nabber, 36-Inch

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By: Unger

Why do we pick this one?

  • The gripper has a good length
  • It’s very light and comfortable
  • Using the unit is easy and simple
  • The grabbers maintain a tight hold on an object

This Nifty Nabber makes accessing objects places on the high shelf easy and convenient. The device is 36 inches long and comes with very responsive grippers. You only need a little squeeze on the trigger for the grips to hold firmly. It’s made of lightweight weight aluminum for improved handling whereas the rubber tips ensure the object doesn’t slip and fall. It includes built-in magnets for holding metal objects like coins, ornaments, bolts, nuts and more. The smooth surface is easy to clean and doesn’t become dirty easily.

#1 RMS Handi Grip Grabber Reacher, 19-Inch

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By: RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.

Why do we pick this one?

  • It has good length
  • It’s simple to operate
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • It’s lightweight and strong

Reaching objects placed high up is easy with this grabber reacher. It’s made of a lightweight material for improved handling and comes in good length. The simple mechanism minimizes the effort used whereas the ergonomic handle minimizes stresses and fatigue. It features a rotating head for added versatility whereas the flexible finger-like tip grabs even small objects. The smooth grabber tips prevent damaging objects while the sturdy construction prevents breakage. This device is suitable for the elderly, injured, short, as well as physically challenged.

Final Thoughts

A reacher grabber may look basic but it does play a vital role. It allows you to access objects placed too high without stressing yourself. It also reduces the possibility of it falling on you or you being injured because of straining your body. The device also saves you time and effort. I have reviewed the best reacher grabbers that I believe will serve you well. They have a nice reach, deliver a firm grip, are made from sturdy material, and are ergonomically designed. Furthermore, they have a good and simple grasping mechanism, feel solid, durable, versatile, and are easy to maintain. With any of these devices, nothing will be too high to access.

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You really know how it can be frustrating when you drop your rubber fuel nozzle cap down into a deep bulk kerosene fuel storage tank then you don’t know how to retrieve it. You don’t even have to waste your time retrieving it without having the best tool and that’s why we come to help you since we have the best reacher grabber that will help you get what you want. You will be using them for your daily needs and packing glasses and other small items that are unsafe to your bare hands. They’ll enable you reach just about anything and safely pick up everything that are hard to reach easily. These tools are yours just order them and you’ll never have painful bending or using unsafe stools.

10. PRO Litter Pick-Up Tool

This reacher grabber will work better that the way you expect. It is strong and sturdy and you can pick up a pin off carpeting. It is well made tool that has great trigger handle. It has strong solid construction and ability to grip and works great than fingers. It has rustproof stainless steel fingers and also strong aluminum shaft to ensure that your grabber is durable.

9. Stick Back Saving Extended Grabber

If you have back pain including knee, arthritis, spinal injuries, hip and joint pain, this is the tool that will improve the quality of your life. It is easy to use and perfect for young and old people. It has reliable smooth mechanism which is made from high-quality precision component and your grabber will never make you bend, climb or strain your back.

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8. 32″ EZ Reacher Pro Plus

It features narrow pistol grip which is easy to hold. The stainless steel finger is strong and it will never rust and the lock can be activated with your thumb. The handle can be twisted up to 90-degree for easier access into tight spots like between dryer and washer. The silver satin finish aluminum is lightweight and the use of lock is optional.

7. 72″ Outdoor EZ Reacher Pro

This reacher pro will safely pick up things that you don’t want to handle. You can use it indoors or outdoors at home or at work. The tool can pick up everything from brick to broken glass without making you have painful bending or unsafe stools or ladders. It has strong rubber cup grip and sturdy rust-proof construction. It is lightweight and has ergonomic design and has collapsible joint.

6. 48″ Ez Reacher Outdoor Standard

This tool is great for getting leaves from the bottom of your pond. The tool is sturdy and has no rust construction to ensure that your device will last longer. The strong rubber cup grip will ensure that you enjoy cleaning without bending or using unsafe ladders and stools. It is lightweight yet sturdy and durable and the original rubber cup will pick up tool.

5. Telescoping Skylight Pole –  Best Reacher Grabbers in 2021 Reviews

This skylight pole is used for opening and also closing the retractable awning as well as operators. It has adjustable pole to enable you meet your needs. It is the best grabber that has open-hook design to make it easy t slip over the operator crank. It works great and you’ll never bend or expose yourself to dangerous stools and ladders.

4. Reacher Outdoor Pro Collapsible

This is a professional reaching tool that has been designed to give you unbeatable performances. It has locking feature turns on/off with flick of your thumb. It is very simple to operate and it lightweight to enable you use it for longer time without hand fatigue and you’ll love the ergonomic design and its sturdy construction that will never rust and the strong rubber cup grip for your comfort.

3. 20″ EZ Reacher Outdoor Standard

This tool will enable you to reach just about anything. You can now safely pick up things that you don’t want to handle with this tool or even things you can’t reach easily. You can use it indoors or outdoors at work best at home or work. It will pick everything even broken glass to brick and you won’t have to bend or using unsafe stools.

2. Reacher Outdoor Pro Collapsible

This tool will enable you retrieve your lost items and you’ll like the locking mechanism to enable you keep a firm grasp as the reacher is raised vertically. You will be pleased with the features of this tool. . It is very simple to operate and it lightweight to enable you use it for longer time without hand fatigue and you’ll love the ergonomic design and its sturdy construction that will never rust and the strong rubber cup grip for your comfort. This is the tool to give a try when you want the best results.

1. Telescoping Skylight Pole

The telescoping hand with a hook will make your enjoy your tool and it is very easy to operate it and the telescoping pole can extend from four to six feet. You can use it for opening/closing retractable awning and skylight operator. The open-hook design will make it easy to slip-over your operator crank. The adjustable pole will make it ideal to access hard to reach areas.

Don’t ever find yourself in a situation of picking things which are unsafe to handle when you know that these are the best tools to rely. on They’re functional and have solid construction and they’ll never rust. They are better than handling broken glass using your bare hands. You can use them indoors and outdoors and pick everything you wish without having painful bending. These tools are best for young and old people and they will improve the quality of life especially if you have spinal injuries, joint pain, hip, knee and arthritis. Order these best reacher grabbers for your daily needs.

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