Top 10 Best Rechargeable AA Batteries in 2021

From an environmentalist perspective, the world is in harm because people dispose large amounts of waste to earth. Some sorts of waste are harmful to health and have long-term negative impacts to future generations. Therefore, it is important to recycle any product that we could.

One of those products could be rechargeable batteries. Therefore, we bring you to take a look at the top ten best rechargeable batteries. The Best Rechargeable AA batteries can help save you from consuming new batteries when the old batteries run out of power.

List of  Top 10 Best Rechargeable AA Batteries in 2021

10. Tenergy

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Tenergy is one in our list for some reasons. The rechargeable battery pack comes with a size of 50.05mm x 14.5mm. You could charge the battery up to 1000 times. At the same time, it also reduces disposal of batteries because you recycle your battery. Additionally, you could use the battery for various types of devices including TV remote control, wireless mouse, cocks, portable electronics, wireless keyboards, radio, and more.

Furthermore, the AA battery has is as powerful as 2600mAh. Lastly, you could charge the battery anytime you want. You could charge it even if the battery is fully-charged. There is no side-effect.


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EBL AA becomes the ninth-best in our rechargeable batteries reviews. The product could be recharged for 1200 times and less. In addition, even if you do not use the battery for three years, the capacity still remains 75% of its full capacity. The product is safe while shedding heat is also its qualified feature.

Furthermore, the product will stop charging automatically if it runs up to 3.4 V. Lastly, there is also a detection system for input voltage.

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8. EBL 8 Bay

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EBL 8 Bay is one of the most highly recommended rechargeable AA batteries. The product comes with a number of qualities. The product brings about storage box so that you could keep the batteries in the box during travel. Additionally, you could charge the batteries up to 1200 times. If you don’t use the batteries for three years, the batteries still remain 75% of full capacity.

Furthermore, the product comes with input of Ac100-240V so that you could use the batteries worldwide. Lastly, the package includes 8 packs of rechargeable batteries while there are two storage boxes.

7. EBL 8 Pack

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If you are still making considering, you could also include EBL 8 Pack into your consideration process. The product comes with a number of features. The product comes with two storage cases and eight batteries. Furthermore, you could charge the batteries for 1200 time. What is special is the fact that you could use the batteries right after you get it because the batteries are already fully charged.

Lastly, you could use the batteries for various devices including but not limited to remote control, radios, toothbrushes, music players, and more. If there are other of your devices required the batteries, but we have not mentioned here; there is no worry. You just need to make sure it is the same type of AA batteries.

6. EBL 2800mAh

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Here you could also go with EBL 2800mAh. The batteries have some qualities that you could consider. The batteries are 2800mAh, a sort of batteries with the highest power. In addition, the package also includes storage cases. Each storage case is for four batteries. Furthermore, there is a detection system for input voltage while the batteries stop being charged automatically if the voltage reaches 3.4V.

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Lastly, the input standard for the product allows it to be used worldwide. It is important that you know your purposes before getting a product. If you are a travel bug, you might consider the types of batteries that you could bring around.

5. EBL 16

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EBL16 is a remarkable name for rechargeable AA batteries for some reasons. The batteries are 2800mAh, a sort of powerful batteries. In addition, you could charge the batteries for 1200 times. There won’t be side-effect on your batteries during charging process. At the same time, the batteries are qualified because it gives voltage on a constant standard.

Furthermore, if not use, the batteries could still retain 75% of its full capacity. Lastly, the batteries are also eco-friendly. We know that you like environment. That’s why you are looking for rechargeable batteries.

4. Energizer CHRPROWB4

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Besides EBL 16, you could also consider Energizer CHRPROWB4. The product got a few features that you could take into consideration. You could charge the batteries conveniently with the technology equipped in this product.
Furthermore, the batteries will stop charging themselves automatically if they are fully-charged. Lastly, the batteries are the product of China.

3. Energizer Recharge

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The third-best rechargeable batteries go to Energizer Recharge. The batteries got several qualities that you could recognize. The package includes eight packs of batteries while each battery is 2000 mAh. In addition, the product is made of recycled batteries. The material is composed of material from old batteries for 4%.

Furthermore, the batteries are fully charged once you get it so that you could use the batteries immediately. Plus, the battery life is five years. Lastly, if you use the battery for your gaming handheld, it could support your device for eight hours.

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2. AmazonBasics

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If you have not made decision yet, you could also consider AmazonBasics. The product has many advantages that make it qualified as one of the highly recommended battery. The package comes with eight packs of battery. Furthermore, if you do not use the batteries for three years, the batteries could still retain 65% of its full capacity.

At the same time, the battery’s power is 2400mAh. Lastly, the batteries are already fully charged from manufacturer. AmazonBasics is the product of Japan. If you are curious about AmazonBasics, you could communicate with us for further information.

1. Panasonic BK

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The wait is over. Panasonic BK is the first highly recommended product in our review. It is a good rechargeable battery for some reasons. The eneloop battery could be recharged for 2100 times. Additionally, if you do not use the battery for ten years, 70% of its full capacity is still retained.

Furthermore, the AA battery capacity is 2000mAh. For pre-charging, the battery is supplied with solar energy. Lastly, there is no side-effect even if you overcharge this eneloop pro battery.


If you are a fan of environmental protection, then a rechargeable battery is your choice. However, there is a checklist you should do so that you could make a right decision to get a good rechargeable battery. There are various questions you need to answer. First, what is the capacity of the batter? You need to know the battery’s capacity to consider whether it fits your devices. Second, is the battery durable? You should make sure the battery is durable, or else you are going to waste your spending.

Third, how long does it take to recharge the battery? Therefore, you have some ideas about how much time you would spend for each time of charging. Lastly, what is the voltage standard required for the charging battery? It is important if you need to travel abroad. If there are any questions you could not answer about those best AA batteries, you may contact us.

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