Top 10 Best Shower Transfer Benches and Chairs Reviews In 2021

There is nothing more blissful than a nice hot bath after a long tiring day. It makes you fresh and recharged immediately. However, it is essential to maintain a posture and balance on the slippery floor of your bathroom while getting into your bathtub to avoid any kind of accident. Though it does not seem impossible for a normal person, it is very difficult to get on the tub and maintain balance on the floor for old or injured people with mobility issues. So, is there anything that can make this process relatively easy? Well, there is and it goes by the name of the shower transfer benches.

The shower transfer benches help you to maintain balance on the wet floor and it makes it very easy to get in the bathtub without hassle. Just sit on the bench positioned outside the tub and swing your legs into the tub to get in without any trouble. Now, comes the most important question; which transfer bench do you need to buy? Well, there is nothing to worry about since we have already prepared a list of best shower transfer benches to help you choose only the best.

Table of the Best Shower Transfer Benches Reviews

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Platinum Health is one of the most recognised names in the market due to its quality and efficient products which are used in various hospitals. The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat is nothing different. It comes with a professional grade construction thus it makes it very easy to slide or pivot in and out of the tub. Furthermore, it comes with padded seat, back and armrests, unlike the cold slippery plastic chairs. Thus, it makes you feel really comfortable when you are taking a shower. Above all, it comes with a swivel seat which is not only safe but it is also space saving and convenient to use.

9. Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Shower Transfer Chair

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Obviously a best-selling shower transfer bench, this chair promises to make the transfers from walkers or wheelchair to the tub or shower very convenient. This chair from Duro-Med reduces the back strain to a minimum and offers unparalleled safety. Furthermore, it comes with a durable and very lightweight aluminium frame. Thus, it will never be a problem to carry it around. The plastic textured non-slip seat with nylon strap locks to keep it in place is also better than the cold slippery seats that make you feel uncomfortable.

8. Medmobile Bathtub Transfer Bench and Bath Chair

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The best thing about this transfer bench from MedMobile that captivates everyone instantly is the size of its seat. The 24inch x 15inch seat makes it really comfortable for you to transfer from the walker or wheelchair to the bath. The seat height can also be adjusted as it comes with five different levels of increment. The seat height increases by 1-inch with every increment. It also comes with a comfortable backrest which can also be adjusted as per your need. Bring home the MedMobile Bathtub transfer bench and make your life much easier.

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7. Drive Medical Folding Universal Sliding Shower Transfer Bench

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Drive Medical has always been a popular name amongst the people due to their high-quality products. And this transfer bench from the company is no different. It is one of the best ones that you can choose for yourself. Perhaps, the best thing about the bench is the fact that it can easily slide from left to right to make your entry in the tub much easier. So, if you are using this bench then you will not have to do any hard work. Furthermore, it can be folded flat to make the storage much easier. Plus, this bench is also equipped with removable soap dish, safety belt as well as a safety net to prevent you from dropping any personal items.

6. Drive Medical Gray Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

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Here is another great shower transfer bench from Drive Medical. This transfer bench has been specially designed to help people enter and exit the tub without any hassle. Manufactured from blow-moulded plastic, this bench is highly-durable and it is very convenient since it can fit any bathroom. Most importantly, it has firm legs which help to keep it steady even if the floor is very wet.

5. Aquasense Adjustable Bath & Shower Transfer Bench

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Constructed from blow moulded plastic, this Aquasense adjustable shower transfer bench is long-lasting and has a great longevity. It comes with nine-seat height adjustments which make it perfect for any type of bathtub. Plus, the transfer bench has a removable push-button armrest which provides you with a firm support while entering or exiting the tub. The latex-free textured seat and backrest do not allow you to slip and most importantly, it provides comfort.

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4. Healthline Trading Lightweight Shower Transfer Bench

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Being one of the best transfer benches available on the market, the Health Line Trading Transfer Bench with adjustable height makes your life very easier. With its robust construction and stable posture, it becomes very easy for you to enter or exit the tub. The bench has been designed in such a way that it can accommodate any bathroom. Also, the backrest is reversible too to help you adjust properly.

3. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Gray Transfer Bench

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It seems like Drive Medical has some of the best transfer benches on the market. This heavy-duty bariatric plastic seat transfer bench is actually reversible. As a result, it can accommodate perfectly in any bathroom. Moreover, the A-frame of this bench provides it with extra stability while the Euro clip ensures that you fit securely. The height is adjustable and the legs have interlocking as well as suction cups in their ends. So, you will not have to worry about tripping over while using this bench.

2. ZCHSBH06 – Transfer Shower Bench

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This transfer bench from Cardinal Health is undoubtedly one of the best ones available in the market. The long and wide seat of the bench makes it easy for you to get in or get out of the tub without any hassle. Moreover, the shower bench has a firm construction which provides it with extra durability. Plus, this bench is reversible to fit any bathroom. Lastly, this product from Cardinal Med has firm legs with suction cups in their ends. Hence, you will not have to worry about slipping while using it.

1. Drive Medical Gray Padded Seat Transfer Bench

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The padded seat transfer bench from Drive Medical sits atop our list and it does so for all the right reasons. It is definitely the most convenient as well as safest transfer bench that you can hope to get. This bench comes with cushioned seats and backrests. Thus, it does not put any strain on your back rather it makes the transition very comfortable. The bench has A-frame construction which increases its stability greatly and its height can also be adjusted easily with unique dual-column extension legs.

Hence, for a secure positioning, these shower transfer benches are life-saving. Before choosing the perfect product, check out the list to decide.

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