Top 10 Best Snowboard Helmets in 2020 – Buyer's Guide

There is that equipment that one must have or save up for this winter. We recently took a look at ice traction cleats and saw how the benefits of owning a pair, could essentially make your life easier and more comfortable.

Another winter safety measure, especially for individuals or households that tend to partake in sports, mainly ice-related sports, is owning a snowboard helmet. Helmets are among the top priority safety equipment that people use globally, and so today we are going to have a look at a few of them.

List Of Best Snowboard Helmet in 2020 Reviews:

10. Giro Surface-S Best Snowboard Helmets

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  • By: Giro Snowboard Helmets

Sometimes we just don’t have a choice; anything that is related to our safety should not be anything short of reliable quality. The Giro Surface-S Snowboard Helmet comes to you constructed in a hard shell manner.

It has the ASTM F2040/CE EN1077 compliance and has high compatibility with a large number, if not all, tune-up systems in the market. I have uses this snowboard helmet on several occasions and can attest to its excellent design and construction. If you want to stay safe, look fashionable and stay warm, then this would be an ideal choice for you.


  • This snowboard helmet is available in 3 different sizes.
  • The Giro Surface-S Snowboard Helmet weighs a total of 2.4lbs.

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9. Smith Optics Maze – Asian Fit Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet

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  • By: Smith Optics Snowboard Helmets

I can’t stress enough on how you shouldn’t settle for less when helmets are concerned. This snowboard helmet from Smith optics has an EPP liner that will shield you in cases where you have multiple impacts. This is also made possible because it has a bombshell Plus type of construction.

The two descriptions that I have just mentioned should be more than enough to make you feel even safer. The adjustable construction offers a snug fit which means that you won’t have to worry about things like feeling uncomfortable due to a tight or loose fit.


  • The Smith optics snowboard helmet comes with a fit system that allows you to adjust it according to your needs.
  • This snowboard helmet is also compatible with beanies.

8. Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet, Acid Blockhead

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  • By: Smith Optics Snowboard Helmets

By now you must have figured out that Smith optics offers nothing but high-performance equipment. With this particular snowboard helmet, you get a total of 14 vents. Its construction is very lightweight and it has ear pads that are snap-fit SL.

Regardless of the location, you use them in, you will be in safe hands because its climate control regulation can be adjusted. If you have been disappointed by some of those cheap and flimsy snowboard helmets whose performance is inferior, then you need to pick this helmet and experience great performance.


  • The snow board helmet has a goggle lock that can be removed.
  • The certification of the snowboard helmet is ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B.

7. Giro Seam Snowboard Helmets

  • By: Giro Snowboard Helmets

This helmet provides decent protection while playing or working on the snow. It boasts of a tough material and construction to put up with impact, abrasion, bangs, and knocks. Additionally, it has a nice fabric to keep the wearer comfortable. The interior padding also contributes to this. Thanks to being antibacterial, the padding protects the wearer from bacteria, germs, and other things. Wearing just like removal is easy whereas the good air circulation prevents excessive sweating.


  • The interior of the snowboard helmet is EPS shock- absorbent.
  • It offers sufficient regulation of temperature for its users.

6. Demon Faktor Ski and Snowboard Helmet

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  • By: Demon United Snowboard Helmets

No one loves feeling suffocated or generally hot when wearing a helmet. It is usually a very uncomfortable and awful experience. The Demon Faktor snowboard helmet gets rid of such problems for you. It has been constructed with a sufficient number of events both at the back and even front of the helmet to keep you feeling cool and relaxed.

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  • It is great for music lovers since it has built-in earphones and a cord for volume control.
  • You get a Balaclava face mask for free with your purchase.

5. Smith Optics Unisex Holt Snow Sports Helmet

  • By: Smith Optics Snowboard Helmets

Coming in matte black, this snow helmet is what you like other adults are likely looking for. The unisex item is ideal for men and women and is easy to use. This is due to the practical design and good size. It measures 59-63cm and should fit well with many people.

It’s built of tough plastic to handle any impact, bangs, abrasion as well as re to the elements. Furthermore, it has a smooth finish for extra appeal and an AirEvac system for ensuring there is good airflow. In addition to offering good ventilation, this system together with the Dual Regulator ventilation system prevent fogging or a stuffy interior.


  • The snowboard’s regulation has been upgraded to tough quality materials.
  • It can fit a high percentage of people.

4. Lucky Bums Multi Sport Helmet – Snowboard Helmet

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  • By: Lucky Bums Snowboard Helmets

This is yet another snowboard helmet meant for our sporty individuals out there. If you are working on a budget, you could definitely start with this Lucky Bum multi-sport helmet. Reason being, you will be able to use it for many other sports and it also comes with a great bonus feature. This helmet’s ear padding will include an antibacterial and hypoallergenic treatment too.  You are definitely not going to regret making this purchase.


  • The Lucky Bum multi-sport helmet is stylish.
  • It also comes in a variety of colors.

3. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

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  • By: Smith optics Snowboard Helmets

Sharing is caring, especially when matters of safety are in question. I like this particular helmet because it can be used by anyone in the household, which makes it a must have the equipment. It has an independent ventilation system that dually regulates the front and back sections of your helmets vents. This is done by using the rear ventilation to push out heat while keeping the front sealed.


  • This snowboard helmet has a buckle type of closure.
  • Your purchase will get you a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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2. Traverse Vigilis snowboard helmet

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  • By: Traverse Snowboard Helmets

The Traverse Vigilis snowboard helmet, features as another one of our multifunctional snow board helmets on the list. It’s the perfect choice for all the snowboarders, skaters, and even biking enthusiasts out there. All you will have to do is simply switch out the earmuffs and fleece cap and put in a traditional helmet foam pad.


  • The Traverse Vigilis snowboard helmet is S/M (54-58 cm) L/XL (56-60 cm) in size.
  • It is light in weight.

1. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet – Snowboard Helmet

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  • By: Lucky Bums Snowboard Helmets

Helmets are critical when it comes to snowboarding. Having to put our safety first should not be something that we should pay dearly for. The Lucky Bums Snowboard Helmet brings you quality packaged in a very affordable price.

It’s not usually in all cases that affordable or better yet cost-effective tools and equipment equal to lesser quality. With the two protective layers, you won’t have to worry about accidents since the two layers offer added comfort and safety for you.


  • The lucky bums snowboarding helmet has two layers that are protective.
  • If used for downhill activities, the snowboarding helmet has goggle loops specifically meant for that feature.

Factors to consider before buying any snowboard helmet:

The best snowboarding helmets are ones that should have the below factors taken into consideration:

Warmth: during this time of the year, you should choose snowboard helmets that have features that will keep you extra warm, such as earmuffs and the likes. Of course, snowboarding means that you get exposed to cold weather. For that reason, snowboard helmets need to offer added warmth for you to feel comfortable.

Ventilation: A good snowboard helmet will make sure that you get adequate ventilation and have great air circulation at all times. You need ventilation as you move down the snow. For that reason, you need to pick something whose level of ventilation is great.

Construction: It’s important that the snowboard helmet you buy will be of a quality construction to enhance your safety. The construction determines several things since it will make the difference between you being safe or you being in at risk of sustaining injuries in case of an accident.

Fit: make sure you get a snowboard helmet that will easily adjust to fit you so that it won’t come off accidentally and keep you fully protected all through. You have to consider the size so that you don’t end up with a snowboard helmet which is either too large or too small for you.

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