Top 10 Best Snowboard Pants Reviews In 2020

Snowboarding is among the most demanding, high-action outdoor sports. Makeshift gear just doesn’t work for such a sport. That said, you need a special set of gear that’s unique to snowboarding. The same goes for the clothing, particularly the pants. Snowboard pants are not your ordinary pants. They’re crafted to withstand the extremes and whatever the weather has in store. But that doesn’t mean that the level of comfort and protection you get from snowboard pants are the same.

To be frank, getting the right pair of snowboard pants isn’t a walk in the park. You need to do your homework well by factoring in the level of waterproof, warmth, and breathability. For instance, you’ll do well with a waterproof, well-insulated pants in colder and wetter areas. The same can’t be said for backcountry skiing, which needs a lightweight pair of snowboard pants optimized for breathability. But at the end of the day, quality, durability, and a high level of protection are the things that matter the most. And to ensure you get these, we’ve got a list of the best snowboard pants you might want to check out.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Pants Reviews

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ARCTIX Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants, Khaki, Medium/Regular Buy on Amazon
ARCTIX Men’s Essential Snow Pants, Black, Large/Regular Buy on Amazon
Arctix Men’s Mountain Premium Snowboard Cargo Pants, Black, Medium (32-34W 32L) Buy on Amazon
ARCTIX Women’s Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Large/Regular Buy on Amazon
Burton Womens Society Pant, True Black 3, Small Buy on Amazon
ARCTIX Women’s Snow Sports Insulated Cargo Pants, Black, Medium Buy on Amazon
ARCTIX Men’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, Large (36-38W 32L) Buy on Amazon
ARCTIX Kids Snow Youth Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat, Black, Medium Buy on Amazon
Duofold Men’s Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Pant, Black, Medium Buy on Amazon
Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant, Graphite, Large Buy on Amazon

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10-Arctix Men’s SnowSports Cargo Pants

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These snowboard pants come in handy to match all your outdoor winter sports. They have a 3-layered construction: water resistant outer shell (600D ballistic nylon), flexible insulation (85 grams), and inner breathable mesh. Such a construction creates pants that let you stay warm, dry, and cool all day long. The pants have critical seams designed to provide strategic protection against water and snow entry. Roomy leg pockets come in handy to hold smaller ski essentials. Articulated knees let the pants conform to the natural flex and bend of your knees. These pants come in a regular fit that provides plenty of room needed for layering.

9-Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants

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These pants hold up well to the high-action cold weather sports. They’re rugged, insulating, and provide enough room to move. The shell is fabricated from 600D ballistic nylon that can handle whatever is thrown at it. Insulation is provided by a polyester fill that locks in warmth to shield you against the cold. Ankle zippers are included to let the pants adjust to the size of your boots. These pants are available in a regular fit; one that provides enough room for movement without having a baggy appearance.

8-Arctix Insulated Snowsports Pants

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Specially designed for men, these pants fit true to size. They sport a 2-layered construction without having that bulkiness to them. The shell is made of 600D nylon finished in a thermalock coating. With it, you get unquestionable durability, waterproofing, and warmth. The lining is fabricated from polyester taffeta that adds an element of breathability to the pants. You get leg pockets for storage and an adjustable waist that provides a custom fit.

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7-Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant

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The feminine population has a chance to slip in these snowboard pants. The pants cut straight through the leg to provide a regular fit. The outer shell (600D nylon), insulation layer, and breathable mesh create a multi-layered construction specially engineered to cope with any weather condition. The waist comes elastic to fit snug with some room for adjustment. You can ditch your backpack for storage and instead settle for the roomy leg pockets.

6-Burton Women’s Society Pants

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These are snowboard pants with a higher price tag to them. That’s no surprise since the pants sport a superior quality you can depend on regardless of the terrain and weather condition. These pants do not come with a mono-layered shell construction, but rather a rugged, waterproof 2-layered durashell. The outer layer has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm; a feature that lets it keep out water even under pressure. Underneath is a breathable 5,000 grams fabric ideal for backcountry trekkers. There’s a 40-gram lining to provide the insulation you need in cold weather. These pants sport a medium to regular fit.

5-Arctix Women’s Cargo Snow Pants

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Get the comfort and flexibility you need with these snowboard pants. Flexibility is provided by a tough yet stretchy 600D nylon fabric that makes up the shell. Sandwiched in between is an advanced insulation layer that keeps you warm throughout. A breathable mesh layer comes on the inside to wick away sweat and moisture. With all the layers, these pants still manage to stay lightweight. You get leg pockets for storage and articulated knees that naturally conform to every bend of the knee.

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4-Arctix Men’s Essential Bib Overall

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Looking for an extra more coverage and protection? These snowboard pants might just be what you’re looking for. They come in a bib style that’s more reminiscent of an overall. Adjustable suspenders come in handy to adjust to your fit. These pants come tough in 600D nylon bordering a lightweight insulation layer underneath. There are boot zippers to ensure that the bib gets in and off easy without having to remove your boots. It’s got zippered pockets for storage and sports a regular fit that doesn’t have a baggy look to it.

3-Arctix Youth Snow Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat

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These snowboard pants are designed to accommodate the ever active, energetic youth. The construction is of 2 layers: tough 600D nylon shell and a lightweight insulation lining. The shell keeps you dry and you get the warmth of the insulation lining that traps in warmth. These pants pay particular attention to the most critical areas: seat, ankles, knees, and cuffs. These critical areas have an extra reinforcement designed to withstand daily wear and tear. There are two zippered pockets to keep your small essentials safe and within easy access.

2-Duofold Men’s Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Pant

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These snowboard pants are designed to be as lightweight as possible while allowing for maximum breathability; a feature that makes them an ideal option for backcountry skiing. These pants are unlined, only sporting a two-ply cotton and polyester blend designed for improved moisture wicking capacity. The pants hug close to the skin providing that tight fit that’s got a stretch to it for extra comfort.

1-Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant

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These pants come warm, roomy, and comfortable. The shell comes in 100-percent waterproof nylon fabric designed to let you stay dry even in light showers. A warm, cozy feel is provided by a polyester insulation. These pants come with a lightweight lining made of nylon. Multiple pockets mean you get to pack plenty of small essentials. These pants easily adjust to the size of your waist to provide a custom fit.

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