Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Gardens and Outdoor Security in 2021

The Best Solar Lights for gardens are used for lighting up a garden path at night or decorate and multi-color your balcony to make it look bright and welcoming. To charge, they are placed under the sun during the day away from shades or obstructions.

However, other types of solar lights for garden come separately with a solar panel for charging. Solar lights store their charge battery which enables them to light up during all night long.

The bigger the solar panel, the brighter the light and the more vivid the sun, the more charge stored hence last longer. Brighter days are more useful for charging than grey days. Solar lights batteries are long-lasting consequently no expenses to replace them.

List of Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Gardens and Outdoor Security in 2021

10. SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights

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SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights is ideal for your garden as it requires no wires. All you have to do is put them under the sun away from shades where the sun can hit them directly. On a bright day, the LED charge can last for more than 8 hours during the night. You will love these lights as they give that beautiful look to your garden, flowers, or anywhere you put them in your yard. Lastly, they are water-resistant and stainless and can lightwell during the snowy or rainy period.

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  • 100% solar-powered; you will save money on electricity when you use the sun. Additionally, the batteries recharge themselves through the day.
  • All weather resistance in addition to stain resistance hence it is ideal to work well under the rain.

9. InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light

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This solar garden light comes with more sensitive sensor ball head and bigger size solar panel compared with other solar lights. It is wireless and easy to install, just mount to the wall with the screws included. Durable design makes the product suitable for all weathers after full sunshine charged. Additionally, outdoor solar light is fantastic for decorating and lighting your garden, patio, decks, docks, fences, stair, and pathway automatically at night.


  • It is 100% solar powered and high efficiency producing 450 lumens of light for a more extended working time.
  • InnoGear Upgraded solar light has three types intelligent energy saving modes which are; auto on at dusk and off at dawn and bright when motion is detected.

8. Solar Lights, URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light Landscape Light

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URpower comes with the latest technology ideal for beautiful and high-tech landscaping for your garden. During the daylight, they are retracted absorbing solar energy. At dusk, they pop up and automatically light up, giving you lights along a pathway, driveway, deck or dock that aren’t on your way during the day. Finally, it includes installation hardware, wholly wireless and powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s solar-powered – each light illuminates via 4 LEDs which is also completely weather resistant.


  • No wiring required making it easy and straightforward to install and enjoyable to use.
  • It has two modes of lighting- high light mode and dim light mode.

7. Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR 24 LEDs, Super Bright Motion Sensor Lights

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Compared to other solar lights, this divine motion light just shines brighter due to the 24 powerful LED lights, which is far more brilliant for your garden. It comes with 3 LEDs setup on both sides of the solar rays which create a more extensive range of luminosity. The lighting angle can reach maximum of 270 degrees. Lastly, it is water-resistant and can perform well during rainy conditions which make it durable and long-lasting.

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  • Has a unique lighting of maximum 270 degrees which is relatively wide.
  • Super easy to set up and no wires needed.

6. Solar Lights, URPOWER 20 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights
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The URPOWER outdoor LED solar light is charged directly under the sun, so you never need batteries or power cords, only in the case in minutes with no wires or switches. They glow with a gentle low light unlikely to wake up others who may be sleeping in the area, and they automatically reset to the next motion activated turn on. Also, they are waterproof and durable.


  • It comes inclusively with a wall mounting hardware and instructions.
  • Lights can be positioned 7 foot away from each other.

5. Zookki Upgraded 28 LEDs Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Light

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By choosing this solar light for your garden, you will get many benefits inclusive of easy installation, super brightness and super sensitive and a full range sensor. This solar light has a fast charging rate and long working hours, a minimum of 5 hours when fully charged. More so, no cable or wire needed and it is waterproof for durability.


  • It is entirely waterproof and durable to last long with no wires or cable needed to install.
  • This solar light has a fast charging rate and when fully charged can last for 5 hours.

4. Solar Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor

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This solar light has inbuilt PIR motion sensor, able to stay in the bright mode for 60 seconds when the motion is detected, then turn off mode. It converts solar energy into electric energy to light up your garden paths. The two lamps can be rotated 360 degrees each which produce an illumination which lasts for 8-12 hours.


  • It is has a 5V/3W 6”X6” solar panel and 4500mAh lithium battery.
  • The charging time is 4-5 hours and a working time of 9-11 hours.

3. GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights for Your Yard Path Lawn and Landscape Lighting

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Do you want the most easily solar light to assemble? Then you have no option but to go for the GardenBliss solar light which is constructed and working in less than a minute. No wires or cable needed to install. You only have to push the stake into the soil and will turn on automatically at night and off during the day. To add to that, it is waterproof and durable made to last for long.

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  • Energy saving: it is 100% eco-friendly and uses solar energy to charge during the day.
  • Super easy to install and operate as there are no cables required.

2. Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light, 2X-Brighter, 8-Pack

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Moonrays 91381 solar powered garden lights do not require electricity, saving you money on electricity costs. Also, the hardwired LED bulbs also never need to be replaced, keeping you replacement bulb costs. Solar power is the environmentally friendly lighting choice for your garden. They are easy to install as you only have to push the stake into the ground.


  • 360 degrees display of light covering a distance of 12-inch area each.
  • Easy to install with no cable or wiring needed.

1. Solar Lights 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight

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Are you worried about taking night walks around the garden? Then, this is the best solar LED light solution for you. With innovative solar-powered motion activated light you can provide your garden with the best lighting ever. The solar panel can convert 17% of the solar energy into light energy. Lastly, it is easy to install and manage.


  • It has an inbuilt PIR motion sensor with three modes of light modes: robust Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, and Strong Light Sensor Mode to suit all your requirements.
  • Eco-Friendly: it uses natural solar energy, and the battery can provide 12 hours of light energy.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Solar Lights for Gardens:

Eco-friendly: You should always think of the environment effect of the solar light for the garden. Never purchase an environment-hazard solar light for your garden as this may produce environmental pollution for your garden.

Size: Always consider the size of the solar light for your garden as this can affect the area which the light should cover. A small-sized solar light for your garden will include a small portion of the enclosure while a large-sized solar light will light a significant area of your garden.

Full Range of Styles: solar lights for your garden are available in many colors and styles, suitable for a different range of uses, which may include temporary or permanent installation decorations. They are pleasing, and you should find the method that is suitable for your needs. More: Best sola generators

Buyers’ Guide:

The best solar lights for your garden will not make your garden compound look lightly but also serve as security to your garden. You will come across different types of solar lights which may end up leaving you in a pool of confusion. With our understanding of the problems some of you go through, we have outlined the reviews above. You will find that it is essential for you to identify which types suit your garden most. Therefore, look at the research we have done above-involving features and comparisons to come up with a perfect decision.

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