Top 10 Best Speaker Stands in 2021 Reviews

When you look at the back of a small satellite speaker, you will notice that it has ports on the back. As we all know, these ports are designed to improve bass response. And many speaker manufacturers recommend that small satellite speakers be mounted about 1 – 2 feet away from the wall to allow these ports to work properly. While there are many ways to achieve this, the use of a speaker stand is undoubtedly the best.

Speaker stands are sturdy and securely support the small satellite speakers. Furthermore, most of them have adjustable heights that allow you to mount your speakers in an ideal personal position. They are also a great addition to any contemporary décor, considering their sleek, low-profile designs. However, getting a sturdy, top performing speaker stand may be an arduous, given the numerous brands available on the market today. For this reason, we bring you the top 10 best speaker stands in 2021 reviews. Have a look.

10. VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Mount

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The VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Mount Set is designed to accommodate satellite surround loudspeakers. Their heights can be adjustable from 26.5 inches high to 47 inches high for customized preference. Furthermore, these stands have adjustable screw-in rubber feet that keep them level on hard floor or carpet. They also boast a stylish, black steel finish that supports weight up to 30 pounds. The unit’s top plate can pan 180 degrees and tilt +/- 10 degrees for level adjustment.

9. Atlantic 77305018 Black 2 Speaker Stands

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Make sure your surround or satellite sound speakers are at the right height. Well, it is easy; all you need is the Atlantic 77305018 Black 2 Speaker Stands. Constructed with durable and sturdy cast iron, the 2 speaker stands feature sleek profiles that will undoubtedly add a modern touch to your home theater setup. Furthermore, their heights are adjustable to make sure all your listening needs are comfortably met.

8. Sanus HTBS Speaker Stand

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Sanus is so confident of the HTBS speaker stand that it has decided to back it up with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Ideally, the stand boasts an adjustable height, meaning speakers up to 3.5 pounds can be positioned 28 inches to 38 inches from the floor depending on your personal preference. Also, there is a heavy-gauge offset steel pillar that features integrated wire channel for optimum performance. This stand also includes L-shaped brackets, top plate, and keyhole adapter.

7. Sanus HTB3 Black Speaker Stands- Best Speaker Stands

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Sanus knows what it means to listen to quality music with great sound. That’s why it brings you an innovative speaker stand which is sturdy enough to accommodate speakers up to 4 pounds. Moreover, these speaker stands have adjustable heights from 26 to 39 inches to suit your personal needs. They also boast a stable black steel teardrop base that features carpet spikes and rubber feet for superior stability on any surface. Other features include a QuickMount adapter for speakers with keyholes on the back, L-shaped brackets, and a top plate.

6. Monoprice Black Speaker Floor Stand (Set of 2)

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Mount your speakers in an ideal location, away from the wall. Well, all you need is the Monoprice Black Speaker Floor Stand Set. Featuring an adjustable height from 26.8 inches high to 43.3 inches high, these stands allow you to mount satellite speakers at your ear height when seated. They are sturdy and can hold speakers up to 5 pounds. Remember, stand tubes are hollow, meaning you will be able to hide the speaker wires within them.

5. Mount It! MI-1210 Black Speaker Stands (1 Pair)

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With the MI-1210 Black Speaker Stands, you will be able to install your home theater satellite speakers at a perfect location, which is away from the wall. These stands feature a sleek, compact, low base design that will fit into any location while enhancing the appearance of your living room. In other words, these speaker stands are ideal for any room, especially a living room or home cinema. They also feature a built-in cable management that discreetly routes cables for a clean installation.

4. Mount-It! MI-1214 Speaker Stands (2 Pairs)

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One great thing about these speaker stands is that they are compatible with innumerable speakers on the market. Some of these speakers include Panasonic, Bose Acoustimass, Lifestyle Speakers, Samsung, Yamaha, JBL, Bose Cinemate, Polk, and Jewel Cubes, among others. Poles of these speaker stands are adjustable from 26.8 inches high to 43.3 inches high, meaning you will be able to place your speakers at an optimal height for surround or stereo sound.

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3. Sanus BF24B 24 Inch Speaker Stands (Pair)

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Constructed with medium density fiber core, these speaker stands minimize resonance. Ideally, they feature furniture-grade appearance with upscale performance, and their twin contoured pillars give rigidity and support. The fact that they boast a sleek profile means these stands blend perfectly with any A/V furniture or home theater décor. They also have a concealed wire management that ensures a clean installation. They are a perfect set that should not miss from your living room or cinema room.

2. Sanus WSS2-B1 Black Speaker Stand (Pair)

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The WSS2-B1 Black Speaker Stand Set is designed to work with both SONOS PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 speakers in any orientation. Stands are highly functional and help position speakers as recommended by the speaker manufacturer. They are also sturdy and will securely support your speakers, thereby, ensuring an optimal bass response. The column and base have wire channels that make the cables disappear for a cleaner installation. These stands are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for protection against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

1. OmniMount High Gloss Black ELO Speaker Stand

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OmniMount is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home theater furniture and accessories. Today, it is proud to introduce to you a top performing high gloss black ELO speaker stand for 100-percent satisfaction. These speaker stands boast a height adjustability that allows them to place your speakers in perfect positions. They also feature an effortless design that will undoubtedly blend with any décor, making them a contemporary solution to any home.

A speaker stand is an important unit that should not miss from your living room or cinema room. This compilation brings you the best speaker stands that have everything you need for an optimized music-listening experience. Best of all, speaker stands listed above are all within an affordable range. So, don’t wait to see one in a friend’s house; not when these speaker stands are available on Amazon.

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