Top 10 Best Speed Skates in 2020 Reviews

Skating has a lot of benefits; more than you can imagine. For example, did you know that skating provides skaters with fluid motion, thereby, preventing them from damaging their joints? Or did you know that skating helps promote good moods? Other benefits of skating include improving balance, agility, and coordination, working the arms and legs, strengthening the heart, and improving endurance. With all these benefits, you may want to start skating as soon as possible.

But wait; you cannot skate without speed skates, can you? Apart from making skating a breeze, speed skates will help you get the best out of your skating sessions. However, you need to get the best ones if you want to enjoy skating. After all, premium quality speed skates have thick wheels to improve stability and support. They are also comfortable to let you skate for a long time. In this compilation, we have only talked about the best speed skates in 2020. So, be sure to read it.

Table Of The Top 10 Best Speed Skates Reviews

10. WeSkate Adult Outdoor Inline Skates

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There is a lot to talk about this inline skates. First, these outdoor inline skates are adjustable, meaning you will not have to worry about whether your feet are smaller or bigger. They come in two sizes, which are the medium size (4 – 7US) and the large size (8 – 10US). These outdoor inline skates have a good quality sponge liner, which makes them look beautiful as well as ensuring that they are easy to take on and off.  Besides, they are lightweight to help enhance your performance in skating.

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9. Roller Derby Men’s Viper M4 Quad Skate

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Made to perform as well as it looks, this speed skate is exactly what you need to enjoy skating on a daily basis. It has ABEC-5 bearings and RTX Pro chassis that work together to ensure that you get the maximum out of your skating. Unlike most speed skates, this particular one is man made to help eliminate any flaws that are caused by machining. We also love the fact that this skate comes with padded collar and reinforced support to give you comfort while you are skating.

8. Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

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We have included these speed skates on this list because we feel that it is different from the rest. It displays a low profile that enables it to blend perfectly with any of your skating outfits. It also has ABEC 5 bearings to ensure smooth skating. What’s more, the roller skate has man-made upper and lining, which help contribute to comfort, so you can skate for quite a long time. Other features of this skate are PowerDyna Thrust nylon plate and Dart 62mm/93A with matching hub.

7. Riedell Skates R3 Roller Skate

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Although the price of this speed skate is a little higher than the prices of speed skates we have reviewed before, we think that it is worth it. The roller skate has a durable PowerDyne plate that promises to withstand anything the environment throws at it. In addition, it has been equipped with Radar Cayman wheels that have an integrated Speed Groove to let you pass other skaters in style in your quest for glory. The skate also features Kwik ABEC 5 bearings and Midi Gripper toe stops.

6. Pacer Mach-5 GTX500 Quad Speed Roller Skates

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Customers who have used these skates have praised their performance. And that’s why we are left with no choice but to include them on this list. These skates are comfortable, and this means you will be able to skate in them for an extended period of time. Besides, their plates are lightweight and have double action trucks to help you get the most out of your skating. And their Mach-5 63mm x 35mm wheels are all-purpose to let you skate in a variety of terrains.

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5. Roller Derby Men’s 5500 Roller Skate

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Those who love skating can consider this roller skate because it offers performance and comfort. It also displays a stylish design that makes it look great on feet. Moreover, this skate has ABEC-9 race bearing, which enables it to roll smoothly regardless of the surface. The RTX 6000 Pro Frame and the 5/8” adjustable toe stop also help improve the performance of this skate. In addition, the speed skate comes equipped with a 58mm by 40mm urethane formula speed wheel, which moves perfectly and at a high speed.

4. Epic Skates 125mm 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates

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Epic Skates has designed these inline speed skates with pure agility and speed to give you the best performance ever. They have also equipped it with a fashionable appearance to let you cruise the street with pride knowing that you will be turning the head of everyone who meets you. Another stunning feature that we would like to talk about is the air-craft grade aluminum frame, which is lightweight yet very sturdy. As such, it enables these skates to offer both support and comfort.

3. Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates w/Pink Laces

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Those who are just starting to get into skating are advised to go for these roller skates. These comfortable boots have a lot of padding to let you skate for long hours. They are also made of a sturdy frame and boast oversized Mach-5 wheels to give you ultimate looks and performance. In addition, these skates come with solid racing bearings that will keep you rolling around with zero difficulties. Despite their incredible performance, their price tags are not exaggerated, and this makes them perfect for people on a budget.

2. Riedell RW Volt Rainbow Skates

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Riedell Speed Skates are preferred by many people because they help give an incredible performance. One of these skates is the RW Volt Rainbow Skates, which feature rainbow laces for enhanced visual appeal. They are also comfortable, and, therefore, will let you skate for a long time without fatigue. What’s more, these skates are available at a competitive price despite promising to give you the best. And their plates are made of lightweight nylon, which has double action trucks for optimum performance. We are sure that you will like these skates.

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1. Chicago Skates Black Men’s Speed Roller Skate

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Comfort is a priority when looking for a speed skate. That’s why the Chicago Skates Black Men’s Speed Roller Skate is equipped with a durable and dependable vinyl to give you a comfortable fit. It also features a lace closure system, which will allow you to make correct adjustments conveniently and easily while you are skating. We find the wide 62mm urethane wheels quite handy, as they have premium fixed axels and precision bearings for ultimate stability and control. Moreover, there is a power strap and a padded collar featuring heel pull loop to help add comfort.

That’s all for these reviews. We hope that you were able to grasp one or two things that are helpful. We also believe that you were able to identify one of the speed skates in these reviews. This is because we have done everything within our reach just to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Benefits of a Speed Skate

Skating has several benefits. But these benefits can only be realized if you have a top quality speed skate. This is because a well-crafted speed skate has the following benefits:

Improves Performance

The main reason why people go for speed skates is that they help improve performance. And this goes down to their stunning features such as bearings, thick wheels, and light yet sturdy frame. These features combine to let you skate at a terrific speed and with more agility.


Speed skates have lots of padding to make them comfortable. Most of them also come with laces for a customized fit, which in turn, brings comfort. Besides, most manufacturers have made their speed skates with lightweight frames to contribute to comfort as well.

Works in any Terrain

If you are keen, you will notice that most speed skates have four wheels or three wheels. Ideally, most of these wheels are super thick and made of urethane materials. For this reason, they offer unrivaled stability not to mention being strong enough to withstand pressure on any terrain.

Brings Style

Modern speed skates display vibrant colors that enable them to bring style to the game. Also, there are some that come with stunning laces to enhance customization. Mix their contemporary styles with your modern outfit and you will amazingly stand out in the crowd.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we believe that having the best speed skates is a must. This is because of the benefits these pieces of gear are likely to bring to your skating activity.

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