Top 10 Best Steel Jack Stands for Car & SUV Reviews In 2021

Jack stands are a safety device used to support cars by lifting them whenever you’re working underneath. If you have ever changed a car tire, then you probably know the importance of a jack stand. Getting the best jack stand is not a forthright and one has to select the best. You don’t want to overlook your safety when underneath the car.

In some instances, you will need more than just one jack stand to lift two different parts of the car. So, what constitutes good jacks stand? There three basic things to consider when choosing the best car jack. These include the height of the jack stand, weight-volume, and the materials used. Jack stands come in different sizes, and one must choose a tall one that gives you an ample working space. The material used should also withstand the weight of your car. Lastly, the ideal jack stand should carry more weight than the car you possess.

This article looks to help you get the best jack stand in the market currently by reviewing the best rated and recommended. Read on and select one that best suits your needs.

Table of the Steel Jack Stands for Car

10. Torin Big Red Jack Stands – 2-ton capacity

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The Torin Big Red Jack stands starts our list and rightfully so with great features. Constructed using the high-grade steel, you have nothing to worry when it comes to durability and quality. These stands are outstanding and will give you an ample working space underneath your car.  The saddle area is large enough to provide better contact with your car. Lock it firmly and adjust the position with ease. The frame of the jack is further welded for added durability. More: Best transmission Jacks reviews

9. Torin Big Double Locking Red Steel Jack Stands 3-ton capacity

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This is a much stronger Torin Jack stand with a three-ton capacity and one that can support more weight. The construction is all the same with other Torin Jacks. It is made of the durable steel that will last for long and withstand heavy weights. The stand uses a single self-locking that holds firmly in whatever position you choose. Precise adjustments can be made the forged iron ratchets. Overall, this is a quality jack stand that meets the ASME PALD standards.

8. Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands – Sold in Pairs

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The Cartman gives you two heavy jack stands at a very affordable price. The set of two ensures you don’t have to borrow a jack stand when looking to lift two parts of your vehicle. There is a ratchet bar that gives users several positions to lift their cars. With a capacity of three tins, you have a high-quality jack stand that meets and exceeds ANSI requirements. The adjustment mechanism is pretty fast and allows you to change position without problems.

7. Performance Tool W41022 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

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The Performance Jack Tool is another strong and durable choice with a capacity of three tons. This stand has a good lift range of 12-inches to 17.5-inches giving you ample working space. These two stands are made of the heavy and durable steel. They come to you at a meager price giving you good value for money. The broad base and sturdy frame provide users with stability and strength to work under the vehicle without any worries.

6. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand 3-ton capacity

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The ESCO gives you a maximum lift height of 21.5 inches which is good enough to work under the load without with ease.  This is a well-designed stand that is well-built and will get the job done safely. The straightforward design makes a stand remain stable in all grounds and assurance of safety at all times.  A unique flat top and removable saddle further enhances stability and ensures the jack remains in contact at all times.

5. Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stands, 3-ton capacity

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Made from aluminum, this Torin jack stand is another great addition to your car tools and one that will come in handy.   The stand comes with a 5-hole adjustment to securely lock the stand as you work underneath the load. An extra-large aluminum base ensures stability and improves safety. This combined with a maximum height of 15plus inches, you are assured of a great jack stand that comes in a set of two and at a very affordable price.

4. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands for SUV/Extended height

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If you’re looking for something bigger for your SUV, this Torin is an ideal choice for you. It is heavily constructed using durable high-grade steel to withstand huge weights of up to 3 tons. The teeth design locking pawl allows for a smooth position adjustment. The saddle and base are also large to help maintain stability even with the largest loads. Overall, this is a quality jack stand that is tested for safety and reliability.

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3. Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stand 3 tons

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The Strongway double locking jack stand comes to you in a set of two to help lift two different parts of your car at once.  It is nicely constructed to meet those high standards of quality and safety through the use of a high-grade steel metal. The finish of the stands is also great, lead-free and long-lasting. It will never rust even when forgotten outside. It is dirt resistant due to the use oil pain. The welded frame adds to its durability and stability. Extra safety is assured through the patented double lock technology and safety pin designs.

2. Craftsman 9-50163, 4-ton Pair Jack Stands

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The Craftsman jack stands can lift up to 4 tons of loads which is quite good. They are a strong, sturdy and durable option with a stamped steel construction. The smooth height adjustment mechanism ensures you can lift the load in different heights with ease. For added security, pawl locks have been added. Craftsman is a good choice weighing just 18 lbs. They meet and exceed the ANSI and PALD standards for jack stands.

1. OTC Stinger 3 Ton Pair Jack Stands

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The OTC is the best jack stand of the year and comes in a pair giving you the freedom to lift two parts of your load. The base is welded and formed to add to durability and stability. To resist rust and corrosion, the stand is finished with durable baked enamel. It has a self-locking ratchet handle that can NEVER be released when under load further ensuring safety. The OTC meets and exceeds the PALD and ANSI standards and will be a great fit for most cars.


You will never go wrong picking any of these jack stands as they are currently the best in the market. They are factory tested before shipment and ensure the high levels of safety and quality.  You will never have to worry about lifting heavy loads when you have one of this.

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