Top 10 Best Suitcases in 2021

If you are planning to travel, you should be looking for a high quality luggage that is durable and suits your needs best. That’s why we come up with this list of the top 10 best suitcases in 2021 to let you travel in style and in the most convenient way possible.

List of Top 10 Best Suitcases in 2021

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10. Goplus

This is a good and quality carry on suitcase from Goplus. Featuring shiny purple color, it looks good on both male and female. It comes with 3-size pieces. Another great feature beside the look is that it has a very tough shell that is able to go through pressure. Built with ABS materials, it has an ability to protect any of your items inside regardless of how strong the pressure is. Moreover, it is also lightweight which helps to save a lot of weight for you to put more items in.

Thanks to its water and scratch resistant design, this suitcase can be there for years of use. This product also feature spinning wheels that can move to different direction. It is also smooth which offers extra assistance to your traveling.

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9. Rockland

While some people prefer to buy a single suitcase, others may want to get a set of 2. This is a set of 2 pc suitcases from Rockland that we would like to recommend. It comes with a 20 inch suitcase that serves for carrying on and a 28 inch suitcase for checking in bag. Therefore, you get an incredible set enough for the whole trip. Both of them are nicely made of ABS materials which is tough, firm, and lightweight. It has a expandable zipper system which you can zip off for extra space of packing.

At the same time, it also comes with smooth spinning wheels that allows you to pull the suitcase with convenience. Also thanks to its its telescoping handle, it is very ergonomic on hands.

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8. Flieks

Flieks is a brand that you can trust when it comes to purchasing the best suitcases for travel. It presents you this blue set of 3 suitcases which is enough for a family trip. It consists of both traveling bags and flight suitcases which you can easily choose for different kinds of trips. Made 100% from ABS materials, this promotes durability for years. It features push-button handles which requires no effort for pulling or pushing movement at all. Every piece comes with additional front pockets for more storage space.

Every pocket and compartment are built with smooth and strong zipper system to ensure higher security to your belonging. As for flight suitcases, they are constructed with smooth maneuvering wheels that provides a free flow of movements.

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7. Coolife

Coolife is one of the best suitcases brands to consider firstly when you want to look for traveling suitcase. It also brings to you this 20 or 24 or 28 inches carry on suitcases that is ideal for both local and abroad trip. It is built with 8 wheels in total. Every wheel will runs silently and smoothly on every type of surfaces. Furthermore, it features a very simple design and simple yet sleek black coloring that looks good with every airport outfits you wear. More importantly, it has a very ergonomic telescoping handle that allows you to push and pull with convenience. It also comes with two charging ports built externally to assist your charging needs during traveling.

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Besides, it has a TSA lock system to ensure greater safety to your valuable belonging. As made of ABS materials, this suitcase can handle water, scratches, and high pressure like nothing at all.

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6. AmazonBasic

AmazonBasic has always been a brand that everyone can trust. Likewise, this suitcases from this brand also offers a great value that is worth the price. It is a 24 inch suitcases that is nicely finished in dark blue color. It has a simple design hard shell that is able to deal with any high pressure for luggage storing and preparing at the airport. Made of thick ABS materials, this can keep every inside belonging safe while also maintaining a very lightweight for ease of transporting. For interior, it features 150D polyester construction which stays durable.

There are also dividers to make it easy for organizing things. Furthermore, it comes with 3 solid zippers to keep every items safe in place. Not to mention about expandable zipper, this allows you to expand more space for additional storage.

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5. Samsonite

Samsonite might be a very expensive product, but you will never get disappointed at all with its quality. It has a brushed anthracite construction that looks very professional. Coming with a 28 inch body, this one is ideal to use as a checking in luggage when traveling abroad. On the inside, this suitcase comes with interior divider that helps to keep your belonging organized. On top of that, it features 10 oversized zipper that securely keep your things in place.

Another thing that you will definitely like about it is that it has a multi directional spinning wheels that travels with you as far as possible. Coupled with a push-button handle, it helps to assist you even better traveling from one place to another.

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4. DELSEY Paris

Then, let us draw your attention to see this one from DELSEY Paris. It has a glossy black design which is very attractive. This product is well constructed from polycarbonate materials which guarantees greater durability. Aside from that, the interior is made with soft polyester fabric which makes sure to greatly protect your belonging.

Moreover, the main compartment is also attached with expandable zipper which allows you to make larger space for storage. It is also built with side handle so that users can have better time lifting and carrying when needed.

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3. Travelpro

This Travelpro suitcase serves you best during local and overseas traveling. It is a product made with quality as it is constructed with ballistic nylon fabric that can withstand high density. This one provides so many carrying options for users as it comes with leather top, ergonomic side carry handles, as well as a bottom handle cup. It also has secured zipper system that helps to protect your items from being stolen as well as damages.

To assist your traveling to the fullest, it is also engineered with dual spinning wheels which roll smoothly on any kinds of surfaces. Paired with PowerScope aluminum extension handle, it eliminates wobbles.

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This is a set of three high quality suitcases from COOLIFE brand. This is one of the very best affordable suitcases which you can own in 2021. It comes with 3 different size suitcases which include a 20 inch, 24 inch, and 28 inch. Totally made of ABS materials the suitcase is lightweight yet very durable to use during both high and low pressure. Built with secure and strong zipper system, this make it safe and easy for users to store any belonging with feel of ease.

More than that, it can be put inside one another for fast and greater storage once it is not in use. The rolling wheels are designed with multi directional spinning style which go with you to anywhere and on any surfaces conveniently. In addition to that, its telescoping handle never leaves out wobble at all as it can be pulled and pushed smoothly.

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This is the top best suitcase in our review list which comes from SHOWKOO brand. It comes with a set of three red suitcases that consists of 20 inch, 24 inch, and 28 inch suitcases. The first great thing about this set is that it has a very affordable price and also top quality. This product is constructed with ABS materials which is great at withstanding pressure and is also lightweight to carry. Built with impact-resistant, waterproof, scratchproof, and also heat proof, these make the suitcase remains durable and new now matter how many times it is used.

More interestingly, each of them feature 3-step telescoping handle which you can pull at stop at different level to meet your convenient maneuvering. The wheels are also highly lubricated so that all of them can roll smoothly regardless of how dumpy of the surfaces.

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Buying Guide for Best Suitcases

Size: there are different sizes of suitcases available on the market. You need to think about the size to make sure that when you purchase it, it can serve you right. For example, if you are looking for a suitcases to carry on, it is best to get the one with 20 inches or below. However, if you have a couple road trip, getting 24 inch or 28 inch suitcases allows you to have more space to pack.

Design: design is also important because you would never want to carry an old style luggage traveling to any fancy places. One of the very famous designs these days is the one coming with rolling wheels, telescoping handles along with different side handle, and featuring an expandable space.

Wheels: wheels do matter because you do not want to have problem carrying a very very heavy suitcases when the wheels are broken. It is recommended that you should look for the one that has a durable and big wheels so that it can handle your heavy packing. Other than this, it is also good to find the one coming with multi directional wheels as it can turn as fast as you turn.

Handle: handle is also what you should be concerned about because bad or broken handle can cause you trouble for carrying and getting into places. Telescoping handle that can be stopped at different height becomes very famous recently as it allows people at different height to be able to conveniently carrying the suitcase.


We have walked you through many types of luggage already. These are all the very best among the best suitcases on the market today. We do hope you have found the perfect suitcase that can be your travelling companion on your next journey.


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The very first recommendation that we would like to give to you is the stylish and attractive set of luggage that comes in 3 pieces. The dimension of each luggage is 20inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. It is very durable and strong since it is made by the top quality yet lightweight and durable ABS materials. This is one of the best luggage sets that is very user-friendly because of the sturdy ergonomic telescoping handle that allows the users to pull and push easily.

On top of that, this hard case luggage is also equipped with the multi-directional spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability. We bet you would fall in love with its great design and attractive bright color like we do!

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9. CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Sets

Here comes another sturdy and elegant luggage set, CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage. This vintage suitcase is made of PU with hand crafted stitching that makes it sturdy, elegant, lightweight; plus easy to clean. You don’t have to worry if the wheels will get struck as this vintage suitcase comes with 4 heavy-duty spinner wheels that allow the luggage to move around effortlessly.
Adding to that, this luggage also has the perfectly organized pockets inside suitcase for better storage and security for your valuable things. Please be noted that this luggage comes with one suitcase, and one hand bag.

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8. Travelers Choice Expandable Upright Suitcase

This is a great expandable rolling luggage, Travelers Choice Expandable Upright Suitcase. This luggage is made of superior and durable 2-tone polyester, so it can last for a very long time. This great rolling suitcase also has push-button locking internal retractable handle system and the multiple front pockets that allow you to store your stuff freely.

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Additionally, this product also has a good handle that provides the comfortable grip for users too. The special feature of this rolling luggage is this set includes 3 upright cases and a travel tote for toiletries.

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7. Coolife 3 Piece Luggage Set with TSA Lock Spinner

The next recommendation goes to the innovative and classic luggage, Coolife 3 Piece Luggage Set with TSA Lock Spinner. This is one of the coolest luggage sets that come with 3 pieces of different luggage that has the dimension of 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches. Though it is lightweight, this luggage is very durable as it is made by ABS materials.

Besides its sturdiness, it also has multi-directional spinner wheels that provide the smooth and silent 360° mobility. One special note about this product is that it has the TSA combination lock with resettable code for secured travels at all time. With such great features and security, you should definitely put this luggage sets into consideration.

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 6. Explore Land Travel Luggage (*out of stock)

This is another hard case luggage which is made of durable 250g material, 15% spandex and 85% polyester. This Explore Land Travel Luggage also has many invisible zippers at two sides offering the perfect and easy storage for you. If you love the colorful luggage that has vivid and bright color, this travel luggage is the right choice.

As it comes with the protective cover, it can effectively protect your suitcase against dirt and scratch making your suit case instantly recognizable. The special feature of this great luggage is it has double-stitched all over, ensuring that your suitcase stays shut during the trip.

5. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

Here comes the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner. This luggage is 100% made from Polycarbonate which is extremely resistant to cracking or breaking, making it becomes light yet durable. The double spinner wheels also do its great job by assuring exceptional maneuverability and keeping zero weight on your arm.

This luggage has the total dimension of 19.5 x 12.5 x 29 inches, which is spacious enough for packing additional things like souvenirs on your return journeys. Last but not least, it also offers you the maximum comfort in carrying this luggage around, too.

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4. Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion Luggage

This is the Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion that 100% made of Polycarbonate and fabric lining. This luggage also has the full-zip interior divider that is good for organization pockets. Adding to this, this product is guaranteed to be very durable as it is designed for the full storage capacity.

This suit case is highly recommended for those who need to pack much stuff since the luggage is expandable allowing the extra packing space. Last but not least, the luggage cares about your security by offering the side mounted TSA lock, too.

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3. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

The next recommendation that you are going to hear from us is the rolling luggage called Rockland Luggage. This is a luggage that is made from 100% ABS materials. This luggage has the height of 28” and the width of 12”. This product has received many good reviews on its durability and lightweight.

Besides, this luggage also comes with the multi-directional spinner wheels and the sturdy ergonomic telescoping handle, which will surely give you the best travelling experience. Lastly, it is expandable, too.

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2. U.S Traveler Rio Lightweight Expandable Rolling Suitcase Set

Here comes the top 2nd product in our list. This is the U.S Traveler Rio carry-on lightweight expandable rolling luggage suitcase set. . It features an interior deluxe retractable push-button and thr self-locking handle system which guarantees high security for you. This luggage has top, side, and bottom grip handles making griping much more convenient. Adding to that, it also has the elegant fully lined interior with tie-down straps and large interior meshed zipper pocket that can easily provide extra room for you.

On top of that, this rolling suitcase also has the solid metal hardware that protects your things and the EVA padded front panel that is designed to provide extra durability.

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1.Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

Since we like to save the best to the last, here is the beautiful 2-piece expandable luggage set, Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set. This heavy-duty product is especially designed from 100% polyester. It has the dimension of 20.87” (H) x 8.66” (W). This product comes with the inside retractable handle and EZ-Roll in-line skate wheels. Moreover, for the security of your property, this luggage also has back zipped secured pocket that comes with lock and key, too.

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