Top 10 Best Thermaltake PC Cases in 2021

Every PC is not the same

Different brands focus on different computer aspects to provide you with the best internet and computer tools you need. Turning to one of the top 10 best Thermaltake PC in 2021 may be the smartest computer move you make.

These PCs are designed to provide you with the optimum computer versatility possible. You get all the ports, expansion slots and other vital computer areas you need with a Thermaltake PC.

If you are not sure which Thermaltake PC made our top 10 best Thermaltake PC in 2021 list, just continue to read our review, it provides you with their identity and gives you the information you need to make a better choice.

Having the best PC at your disposal is the way to enhance your computer and internet time.

Our Best Thermaltake PC Cases In 2021 On Amazon

10. Thermaltake Level 20 Full Tower Vertical Gaming Computer

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People seem to love tempered glass. It looks good on a PC. With 4 sides on this modular compatible PC, you can get a good look at what is happening inside your computer. Along with the tempered glass, you get a 3.0 & 2.0 USB port as well as headphone and other connection ports.

Then you can use the 2.5 GPU float brackets for mounting options. Also, you get a lot of fan support. 140 and 120mm fans make sure your interior works remain cool. Selecting a motherboard shouldn’t be too much hassle as this PC case works with a variety of 6.7 by 6.7” motherboards.

There should be enough space in this approx. 23 by 23 by 12-inch PC case to fit all your computer systems. One drawback is that the LED light system is controlled by software, not you.

Another drawback is that the case does not support 5.25 drive bay.

9. Thermaltake View 31 Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

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You get a great LED light show as you play your computer games on this Thermaltake PC. 4 USB ports cover your connection needs. You also get headphone and mic ports for audio and video work.

The 3 140mm cooling fans have removable filters for easy cleaning or replacing. Plus, the PC case will support liquid cooling options. Its tempered glass panels are 4mm thick, helping to keep them from breaking through accidental bumps and other impacts.

Also, you can use the GPU bracket to do your vertical mounting and it will support a mini ITX, micro ATX, and an ATX motherboard. The RGB color system makes sure you get a great light show when you use this PC.

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The first drawback is that the tempered glass panels are not securely fixed and are held by only 2 screws. Another is that there may be gaps between panels.

8. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Cube Gaming Computer Case

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You can choose the type of motherboard you place inside this computer case. It will support both the Mini ITX and the M-ATX versions. You can also choose the position to install those motherboards. Either vertical or horizontal will work.

Only 2 3.0 USB ports are included in this case, but it does include the usual headphone and microphone ports. Also, you can use either 2.5 or 3.5 internal bay. In addition to this, you get 1 200mm cooling fan. There is some good news, though. This PC case will support additional and alternative cooling systems.

Also, the cable management system is up to par. You can make sure your cables are out of the way and last you a long time with this system.

There are some drawbacks to this computer case. First, you are limited to 120mm or smaller size cooling options. Second, it is too large to sit on a desktop. Finally, the installation of different parts may be a bit difficult.

7. Thermaltake View 37 Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

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When you look for internal computer parts you want to be able to have the case support the finest pieces. This case will work with Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX Motherboards to help your gaming experience be top-notch.

Also, 3 140mm RGB fans make sure your internal parts keep their cool. Plus, a built-in PCI controller lets you be in charge of the RGB fans, their colors and their speeds. In addition, the gullwing designed acrylic glass lets you see in the side and keep an eye on what is going on.

Every piece of computer equipment you place inside can be done without tools. The modular style construction makes installation nice and easy.

There are a few drawbacks. First, you cannot store programs to the RGB system. Second, there were some technical issues that would not allow the program to work right. Finally, set up can be a bit difficult to design and implement.

6. Thermaltake Tower 900 E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Gaming Computer Case

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When you are gaming you need the right case to hold all your vital internal parts. This case should handle the demands you have for a good gaming computer. It supports a variety of motherboards and is made to work with high-end gaming systems.

Also, you can use both a fan and a liquid cooling system. The tempered glass panels make sure you can see what is happening as you play. Plus, the modular capability lets you be creative in your set up.

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The case is LCS certified, so you can put the best dual loop liquid cooling system inside. Then the tempered glass sides are 5mm thick to protect against accidents. Vertical mounting is enabled.

One drawback is that the case may be damaged when it arrives at your door. Another is that the plastic clips and other parts may be a bit fragile. Finally, it is difficult to build in and it is a bit heavy.

5. Thermaltake Versa N24 Gaming Computer Case

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Add to your fierce gaming look with this uniquely designed black colored, mid-tower gaming case. All the ports you need are top mounted, and they include 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports. As well as headphone and mic ports.

Plus, you get options for your cooling system. The case will support 120 or 140mm fans along with a 120mm radiator. Also, you can add in a 415 mm graphics card in its large interior. The case will handle a 5.5 external bay and 2 2.5 or 3.5 internal bays.

The cable management system will hide your cables behind a cover to keep them out of the way. This also makes your interior look cleaner.  Expandability is a possibility.

There are a few drawbacks to this PC case. First, the USB port may be covered by extra plastic making it impossible to put your USB inside. Second, the backplate for the motherboard is not there. Finally, not enough drive slots were included in the construction of this case.

4. Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered Glass Edition

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You get a good view of your internal works with this tempered glass version of PC cases. The glass is 4mm thick to protect against any accidents that may happen. In addition to this, you get 2 3.0 and 2 2.0 USB top mounted ports to handle your connection issues.

The standard headphone and mic jacks are also a part of this PC case. A GPU mounting bracket is included to handle all your vertical mounting options. Plus, its modular compatibility lets you design the interior the way you want it done.

Also, this case will work with the following motherboards- Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX; as well as support the 278 or 420mm VGA card. This depends on if you use the HDD cage or not.

One drawback that comes with the system is that the screws are badly threaded. Another is that there is no filter on the rear fan. Finally, there were some quality control issues.

3. Thermaltake Core P90 Mid Tower Open Frame Gaming Computer

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This very uniquely designed gaming PC case provides your room with a very modern look. The two glass sides not only protect your internal parts but look good doing it. There are top mounted ports to make connections easy.

Its unique shape allows you to have placement options and still access your internal parts. The PC will support fan and a liquid cooling system. What is special about this design is that it gives you creative and innovative build options.

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Also, its extended hardware support makes it possible for you to find the right motherboards, HDD and other equipment you need. You can use 4 120mm fans, 3 140mm fans or one 480mm radiator to cool your system.

One main drawback is that the included hardware does not necessarily fit the holes. Another is that the threads will strip quite easily. Finally, this PC case does not support all motherboards.

2. Thermaltake Core P5 Open Frame Gaming Computer Case

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Convenience has been the key for many years now.  This open frame PC case gives you a lot of conveniences when it comes to building or repairing your internal parts. You have a variety of mounting options available to you. Either wall mount, mount it vertically or horizontally.

The PC case is compatible with a variety of VESA sizes ranging from 75 by 75 to 200 by 200. Also, 4 USB ports are front mounted along with other needed ports. In addition to all of this, you can use the modular design to build as you please.

The system also supports the use of fans or a liquid cooling system. Your choice on which one you will install.

There are some drawbacks to this design First, the internal parts are left somewhat exposed and are vulnerable to accidents. Second, the back plate of the motherboard has no spot for it to go. Third, wall mount brackets may not be included with your purchase.

1. ROSEWILL ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case

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It is back to the basics with this PC case. There is nothing wrong with that as some people just want a simple case for a simple build. You can add two more 120mm fans to the already installed 4RGB styles if you like.

Or you can opt to use a 240 mm radiator to provide liquid cooling. Included LED light system makes the PC case look a lot better. Also, you can use the cable management system to keep cables ab dower cords out of the way and safe.

Top mounted ports keep connections simple as well as neat.  You only get 2 USB ports though. Plus, a tempered glass side lets you peek in once in a while to make sure everything is okay.

One drawback that comes with this PC case is that the plastic parts are not as strong or as durable as they should be. Another is that the space for your graphics card may be a bit short. Finally, everything may not be measured to standard size.

Some final words

When you are getting ready to upgrade your current PC to a more sophisticated done, some of the things you should look for are found in the top 10 best Thermaltake PC case in 2021.

These cases provide you with a lot of options including modular builds. This enables you to tap into your creative or innovative natures. You can design your PC the way you want it to look.

Also, you get cooling options to help you extend the life of your vital computer internal parts. Keeping your motherboard, graphics card or your HDD cool is important to your computer experience. Thermaltake lets you use fans, liquid cooling systems or both. It is up to you to decide.

When you opt for one of the top 10 best Thermaltake PC cases in 2021, you are opening up new computer worlds for yourself. Using the best means that you will get the best experience and the best design possible.

Your computer and internet time will be better as well.

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