Top 10 Best Time Clocks For Small Business In 2019


Here comes the device that works well for all your purposes. We would recommend this product to all companies who want to upgrade with improving technology. The Best Time Clocks For Small Business will give you a great experience and are very easy to setup and use giving you peace of mind. We have a seven-day everyday support team that deals with all mechanical problems in case they occur.

Table of The Best Time Clocks For Small Business!

10. Pyramid Multi-Purpose Time Clock

Pyramid Multi-Purpose Time Clock
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It doubles as a time clock and document stamp to perform payroll tracking, job costing and document stamping. Side loading time cards and documents feed with easy alignment indicator and left or right-hand printing.

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There is no employee limit for maximum flexibility of the device. It has left or right-hand printing to accommodate any of your documents. The side loading time card and document feed with easy alignment indicator. Multi-lingual printing allows you to choose Spanish, English and French printing formats.

09. Lathem Time Clock System

Lathem Time Clock System
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Lathem time clock system has a fully automated time tracking system for 50 employees, and it’s expandable to 1000 employees. For pin entry employees use proximity badges or full-color touch screen.

The clock system allows department transfers, tip entry, viewing hours and punch editing. It includes window-compatible software that helps in editing, reporting, exporting as well as storing records. Interfaces directly to QuickBooks and payroll applications.

08. Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
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The time clock is the most cost-effective time and attendance system that is available anywhere. It connects effortlessly to any network and transmits all data to the internet. The system allows employees to punch in and out from the clock as determined by the system administrator.

Management systems combine internet ready devices with powerful web-based software. This gives you flexibility and the accuracy you need to manage employees’ time and attendance.

07. Time Trax Elite Clock System

Time Trax Elite Clock System
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Time Trax elite clock system instantly records employs arrival times, lunch, breaks, and departure times. This eliminates costly buddy punching and keypad for optimal supervisor approved card number entry.

It is efficient for payroll editing, reporting and exporting software and there is no monthly subscription fee required. The clock accommodates 50 employees and can be expanded using software upgrade and time clock terminals.

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06. Atomic Time Clock

Atomic Time Clock
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Atomic time clock provides a precise and exact time. It automatically calculates worked time between punches and accumulates totals on the card for active employees. You can automatically calculate and set the time clock to support automatic break deductions from daily totals.

It is fitted with an internal lithium battery that maintains the time, card totals and program settings for many years. It can transfer card totals to another card and automatic differentiation back and front of the double time card.

05. Proximity Time Clock

Proximity Time Clock
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This is an ideal solution to those bosses who need an easy way to track employees’ arrivals and departure times. It is the time tracking solution you have been looking for because it has no complicated set ups. Very easy to use as you simply need to enter your clock rules for up to five shifts and uploads to a clock.

The clock is ideal for remote offices or other locations that don’t have an available network port nearby. Your employees can always clock in and out using an enrolled fingerprint scan. This is an economical solution that can accommodate up to 500 employees.

04. Tru-Align Time Clock and Stamp

Tru-Align Time Clock and Stamp
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It synchronizes time via radio wave to the US atomic clock boulder. The clock and stamp come with a super-bright LED light that illuminates a print area for easy viewing. It also has a Tru-align option that provides fast printing and perfect punch alignment.

The perpetual calendar in it until 2099 that changes year, month and date automatically keeps time during power outages. With this product, you can choose between 18 preset formats of the time clock.

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03. Universal Employee Time Clock

Universal Employee Time Clock
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Universal employee time clock comes with everything that a business needs to begin collecting punch data. The business immediately starts saving money and time. The universal time clock is user-friendly and brings automated solutions that are easily scalable to suit varying business needs.

Employees easily clocks in with a unique ID number that differentiate them. It keeps employees informed and shows them the number of hours they have worked for that day.

02. Bundle Time Clock

Bundle Time Clock
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Bundle time clock easily tracks employees start, break, lunch and finish times making the working of your company perfect all the time. It features an automatic card feed that aligns punches precisely to track weekly, semi-monthly as well as monthly pay periods.

We back up this product with two-year time clock warranty and seven days a week lifetime customer support. It will always fulfill all your needs as that was our key goal during a production of the product.

01. REGULAR and OVERTIME clock

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Get this product that is made and designed to calculate regular and overtime daily or weekly work hours. It comes with when complete such that there is no need for connection to PC. With the device, there is no buttons to press or time card to align.

This helps employees to drop in the card for punching and time management simply. Optimal rounding rules and automatic lunch break deduction that requires time cards are available.


The perfect clock for both large and small companies is what we offer to you. They help companies to avoid calculating time cord manually without spending a fortune. This saves time for other activities for the boss because these clocks perform all the functions. They calculate working hour for all the employees and also their pay rolls hence convenient.