Top 10 Best Touch Lamps in 2020 Reviews – Buyer's Guide

The fact that you are searching for the best touch lamps, indicates that you are ready to kick your décor up a notch. It is important to make sure that our homes reflect our style and even personality. Decorating schemes should not be compromised on, because of this reason. Even the smallest items or change to your household can contribute to providing a lasting impact to your home.

Nowadays, the best touch lamps have made it on the list of items that people take into consideration in interior design.To be more descriptive, touch lamps are lamps which are activated by touch.In order to turn them on, all one needs to do is touch the base of the lamp. The same action is required if you wish to turn them off.

Previously, people had a tendency to overlook things such as lamps. The emergence of touch lamps has been quite the game changer. Compared to their predecessors, the best touch lamps are considered to be trendsetting pieces. Aside from that, they have proven to be unique and very practical as well.The public opinion is that they look even more classy and sophisticated. All of this can be accredited to its lack of a light switch.

List of Top 10 Best Touch Lamps in 2020 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying the best touch lamps:

The following factors are important to consider before making a touch lamp:

The theme of the lamp: It is vital that the touch lamp you buy is relevant to the room you place it in. For example, if the theme of the touch lamp is bedroom related, then it would not be proper to place it in the living room. When you match the theme of the touch lamp and the room, the result will be stunning.

The design of the touch lamp: The design that you choose should also complement your décor. It should be able to blend in with your other household items. When you take note of this, achieving the results you desire will be quite easy.

The shape and shade of the touch lamp: Such factors come in after you have decided on the location where you will place you lamp touch. This is because of the shape and shade of the lamp, impact the lighting. If you will require the light coverage to be small, you should buy ones with shades that open at the base. For a wider light coverage, a recommended example would be a cup-shaped shade.

10. Blue Flower Shade 18″ Touch Lamp High Touch On-Off Accent Table Lamp

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  • By: Regency Hill Touch Lamps

This touch lamp is 18 inches high. When you purchase it, it will include a G9 halogen bulb which is 40watt. I would recommend it for individuals who are looking for an accented touch table lamp.The metal base is made of a touch brass finish and it has a 3 setting control. Your 3 setting options will include; on-lo, on-high and off. Before using it, you should first make sure that you assemble the shade.


  • The touch lamp has a glass panel shade.
  • The glass panel shade of the lamp has a blue flower pattern.

9. OK Lighting OK-606-4G 14.25-Inch Touch Lamp with Tiffany Glass Floral Theme, Gold

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  • By: OK Lighting Touch Lamps

If you are looking for a gold touch lamp, you should take a look at this one. Not only will it suite your color preference, but it also has a Tiffany glass floral theme. It does not get any better than this! You will get a 3 way touch feature with this touch lamp. When you buy it, your purchase will include a 40 watt light bulb as well. One other thing that gives it an upper hand is its clear and simple instructional guide.

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  • The panel of the touch lamp is made of glass.
  • The touch lamp is 14.25 inches in size.

8. Crystal Table Lamp Touch Control Dimmable Accent Desk Lamp Bedside Modern Table Light

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A uniquely constructed touch lamp is what you will get with this purchase.110 pieces of k9 crystal have been wired together, in order to keep it intact. The metal frame is very sturdy and it has 4 settings in total. The settings are; off, Low, Medium and High.

This particular touch lamp can be used as a bedside, nightstand or buffet lamp. Your home will definitely be more elegant, thanks to this contemporary and modern crystal table lamp.


  • The touch lamp’s power source has been UL-listed.
  • It has a standard base.

7. Crystal Table Lamp Touch Control Dimmable Accent Desk Lamp

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By: Seaside village

This crystal table lamp features a compact design making it ideal for your home. It comes with an ultra-long power cord, which makes it suitable for use in the bedroom. Additionally, the lamp comes with touch sensor and also offers four intensity settings for a great experience.

It also boasts a fully-certified construction making it an ideal investment for homeowners. Something else, this lamp boasts convenient inner wiring, thus preventing falling off. The sturdy metal frame guarantees stability while the standard base adds to its unique features, making it an excellent investment.

Extra Features:

  • The package includes a powerful 4W LED bulb for excellent lighting
  • The broad compatibility makes it ideal for use.

6. Hummingbird Desk Touch Lamp

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  • By: Collections Etc Touch Lamps

A rare beauty is what is portrayed by this touch lamp. This is also because if it’s hummingbird motif and general design as well. You will get a shade which is accented with a gold trim. The touch lamp’s sweeping arched glass panels are also worth taking note of. When you make this purchase, the company assures you of 100% satisfaction.


  • The touch lamp comes with a 60-day return policy.
  • The dimensions of the touch lamp are 9 1/4″ Dia. x 13 1/2″H.

5. Lotus Flower Table Touch Lamp, Touch Lamps Yellow

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  • By: Collections Etc Touch Lamps

You will fall in love with this touch lamp if you love flowers. It also makes for a perfect gift. The base of the lamp has a trio of blooms, along with a pair of leaves made from glass.Materials used to construct it, consist of iron, glass and plastic. You will also have 3 brightness settings available, for you to customize your experience.

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  • You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The company has a 60 day return policy.

4. Revel Lucerna 13″ TOUCH Bedside Table Lamp + 4W LED Bulb (40W eq.) Touch Lamps

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Revel provides another energy efficient solution for you. Not only will you be decorating, you will also be taking an eco-friendly approach.You will have the option of placing it in the living room or your bedroom nightstand. This touch lamp can be used with either LED, CFL or traditional 60W incandescent bulbs.Your purchase will include a 4W LED bulb


  • The touch lamp has been listed by the UL.
  • The dimensions of the touch lamp are 13″(H) x 5.5″(D).

3. UNIFUN Touch Lamp for Bedrooms Living Room

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Parents often find it difficult to get a good night lamp. This purchase is great for such scenarios because of its Eye-Friendly 360°Light. You will not have to worry about waking your baby ever again. The light it provides is more uniform and delicate, thanks to this feature.

Aside from having a warm white light, it also has red, green and blue color combinations. When using minimum brightness, the battery of the touch lamp is able to last for up to 40hours. Your purchase will also include; a user manual and a micro USB charging cable.


  • You will get a 12-month warranty.
  • It has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

2. Simple Designs LT2014 Touch Lamp -WHT-2PK Valencia Brushed Nickel Mini Touch Table Lamps with Fabric Shades

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This purchase gets you a pair of touch lamps. Brushed nickel was used to make the base of this touch lamps more attractive. They have a modern look, especially when complete with their fabric shades. You will have 4 control settings at your disposal. In order to operate the touch lamps, you will need a 60W, type A15 medium base bulb.


  • The diameter of the touch lamp’s shade is 4.88″.
  • The touch lamp is 11.5″ high.

1. AUKEY Table Lamp, Touch Sensor Bedside Lamps + Dimmable Warm White Light & Color Changing RGB for Bedrooms

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Aukey comes takes the number one position today. It is one of the best touch lamps when it comes to colorful displays. You will have an easy time operating it because of its360° Touch Control Base. The control touch base enables you to power the lamp, switch light modes, color, and even the brightness. Whether you will want a setting which is relaxed and cozy or fully brightened, it definitely has your back.


  • The touch lamp has a 45-day money back guarantee.
  • You will also get a 24-month warranty card.


Having carefully gone through the best touch lamps, the AUKEY Table Lamp is our recommended choice. It is unbeatable when it comes to versatile lighting options. You will not be restricted when it comes to the applications you can use it for. Its performance will not let you down, be it at the office, hallway, living room or even bedroom. If you are looking for the best touch lamp for your home, then be sure to grab one of the options listed in this review.

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